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The Softest, Most Comfortable Outfit I’ve Found

I want to tell you that Oprah was right. In November, I posted about a Primaloft coat that made “Oprah’s Favorite Things List,” and I decided to try a few other things she had on her list. The best, softest, most comfortable outfit I’ve found was due to her list.

Warning – this outfit is on the expensive side. I’m working hard to try and find a similar option for you because I want everyone to experience this comfort level. I ordered a black V Neck 2 Piece Tracksuit and this Two Piece Crewneck Pullover Tracksuit Outfit in purple, and when they come in, I’ll let you know what I think.

I can’t even begin to describe the fabric of this set. It is incredibly soft and feels like a Ponte knit, except it is almost silky.

I’ve worn this outfit multiple times, even a few days in a row. Don’t judge me until you try this. Lol!

I was trying to get a photo where you could see the fabric better, but black is very hard to photograph, and this fabric is very smooth and silky.

This half zip does not cover your rear, but since these aren’t leggings, that’s fine by me.

This black crossbody is the perfect size, and I took it to Miami with me. It looks similar to the Saint Laurent Lou bag but at a savings of over $1,670! If you missed my post on Popular Designer Inspired Handbags and Shoes for Less, go check that out now.

I love these wide leg pants, but I’ll just tell you that Joe isn’t a big fan. He much prefers me in leggings (go figure), but he understood why I was wearing them once he felt them. Lol! The medium in the half zip and pants fit me great. I was surprised since I usually wear a large in this brand, but these run large, so size down.

The Nike Air Max Dawn Sneakers are a pair that my DIL wears all the time and raves about. So, I ordered myself a pair because they look so good with black leggings, which I tend to wear the most. I was amazed at how cushy they were, and from day one, they felt great. I knew I would be doing a ton of walking in the airports on my recent trip, so I gambled and wore this entire outfit returning home from Miami. Woohoo! My feet were happy, and so was I. These run TTS, and I’m wearing my usual size 9.

Since I loved the black set soooo much, I decided to get another set in classic navy.

I love the half-zip, and I can’t wait to wear it with jeans or white pants. The top is high quality; it is a great weight that isn’t too thick or too thin. I’ll be able to wear this top all the way until it gets really hot, and that probably won’t be until June.

I’ve never seen this sleeve element on any other top. It is a notch instead of a thumb hole. I’m not sure what the purpose of the notch is, but I think it is a cool design feature.

As you can see from this photo, the classic navy color of the top and pants aren’t the same. I’m so bummed that they are different shades of navy. I really wanted to keep this entire outfit, but I will send back the pants since they don’t match. I’ll get a ton of wear from the top with other pants, but I’m not sure I would wear the pants much without the matching top.

I really like the fit, feel, and shape of these pants. I’m thinking about waiting a week or two and ordering them again to see if I get a different color batch. But my bet is that the color will be the same.

This outfit goes under the “treat yourself” or the IYKYK (If You Know You Know) heading. Let me know if you’ve tried the Air Essentials line and what you think.

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  1. I also ordered the Navy Air Essentials and was so disappointed with the color mismatch. I asked if the Black outfit top and bottoms matched and I was told no because that they are manufactured by different vendors. I didn’t want to send them back because they felt luxuriously comfortable but the colors were way off. Does your black half zip and bottom match? They look a little off in your pictures. Thanks

    1. Deb, I think they match fine. I’ve worn the black together as a set. I sent the navy pants back, but I kept the navy top to wear with jeans, etc.

  2. Roberta S says:

    Great outfits for travel or casual wear.

  3. Tana – I am a Travel Agent. If you know a travel agent, I would give them a call. I could get on my soap box, but I will refrain. Since I don’t know your itinerary I can’t check it for you but it matters if it is a “legal” connection.

  4. Are you letting your hair grow back to it’s natural brunette??

    1. No, nothing has changed. But, I’m getting my hair done this weekend, so maybe it was looking a little shabby. Lol!

  5. Chicki Atwell says:

    My little secret for making a fast connection is requesting wheelchair assistance from one gate to the next. It works perfectly! No more missed connections! Also I am handicapped so it’s not cheating the system as some might think! Also you might try my favorite recommendation from Oprah: Cozy Earth. Fabulous soft silky very elevated sweatshirt and pants! I travel exclusively in mine now with On sneaks. So comfy I can even sleep in them.

    1. Chicki, I’ll give those a try. I did call and request a cart, and they offered a wheelchair. But, they told me that I shouldn’t have any problems as long as the plane isn’t delayed. It is supposed to only be a 15-minute walk.

  6. I would love to see a post on Vest for Spring. I have heard they are trending this Spring and would like to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I’m also still looking for Spring dresses for petite ladies I am 5`3″ and so many of the dresses fit very long. I love your blog and appreciate all you do! Have a great day!

    1. Rhonda, I’ve been looking at shorter dresses since a lot have requested those. I tend to favor midi and maxi dresses, so I guess that is why I keep showing those.

  7. I love that red chair in the background.

    1. WHAT???? You still read my blog!?! 😆 It is Joe’s favorite too!

  8. That is a great looking, comfortable – yet put together outfit for travel

  9. Melissa Palmer says:

    That’s crazy that Navy from the same company wouldn’t match! All of those outfits look super comfy.

  10. MaryCarol says:

    Love the outfit but would definitely need to order a less expensive version. I didn’t realize Spanx had so many clothing options.

  11. I’m definitely anxiously awaiting the inexpensive alternative to this outfit. It is cute but not worth that price in my opinion.

  12. Ginger Hiller says:

    I know that you two are not looking forward to having to sprint through an airport. Hopefully you won’t have a carry on bag in tow, which can slow you down. I am not familiar with the brand of the outfits. I wore a pair of cropped wide legged jeans one day and Larry shared how odd he thought they looked, but he likes the full length wide legged Banana Republic white jeans I have. Go figure!

  13. Debbie Titus says:

    So cute! You look so comfortable!

  14. I like the wide leg pants. I wish I could find petite ones. I did find petite bootleg athletic pants at Macy’s.

    I read in the email about your 45 minutes to catch a flight. This happened to my sister and me when we were flying from Germany to US after leaving Israel. I barely made it because I had to make a potty stop. Some of the people in our tour didn’t make it and had to take other flights. Ours was the only straight flight from Germany to Austin TX. Don’t drink much so you don’t have to make any stops. Let us know what happens.

  15. Spanx is too expensive for me. especially for this casual outfit

  16. Maria A Kozan says:

    Those look amazing. I can almost feel the softness.

  17. Vicki Putney says:

    the outfit looks cute and comfy. and honestly, most of your clothes are on the expensive side. But I just accept that your budget is different than mine, and I follow your look and know what I can pair together, etc. Thanks for all the work you put into finding cheaper alternatives.

    1. Vicki, I do try hard to showcase clothing from all price points. I realize everyone has a different clothing budget, and I want everyone to look great.

  18. Love AirEssentials! I got the tapered pants and ‘got-ya-covered’ pullover top in navy. (My navy top & bottom color did match)

    1. Oooh!!! Thanks, I might try them again!

  19. Love the black but you are right about the navy.

  20. Jeanine Kesey says:

    I just ordered the Spanx dresses. Now this! Better wait a couple of weeks. Maybe the colors will be restocked. I would love to try the wide leg crop. I have a set from JC Penney that is so soft and I wear all the time. It’s called Stylus I believe. I love their straight leg jeans and I found the line while getting jeans before Christmas. It washes and wears great. I’ll have to see how they compare. I don’t even know if that line is available anymore.

    1. Jeanine, I love all things SPANX. It is probably because they know how to dress a woman to look her best.

  21. Cheryl Terry says:

    I do enjoy reading your posts each day. Those of us who are still in the office would love to see more casual work outfits that could double for date night. Hugs!

  22. Loving these outfits, and I think that the Amazon ones you ordered won’t wear and launder like Spanx. Loved these so much they are in my cart, with the zip on restock alert, because only the luna color was left. Thank you for such great outfits, you are inspiring me to step up my super casual outfits, so they look really good, but no flashing of logos. Have a blessed week, hoping you get sunshine and spring weather.

    1. I ordered the Luna color one also, but it washed me out. I loved the neutral color, it was about the same as my hair color.

  23. Super cute outfit, especially for travel!

  24. Dana Smithmier says:

    im with Joe-ive never been a fan of wide leg pants!! i do love the half zip ❤️

    1. That half-zip is so comfy.

  25. I too bought this outfit after seeing it on Oprahs list. It is comfy and soft like no other. Just love it. I may just have to try the tapered leg pants because they look great on you! Thats a disappointment about the navy not matching. I would send them back too:)

    1. Judy, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who thought they were so soft an comfy!

  26. Cute, comfy outfit. It is frustrating when the colors don’t match.

    1. Yes, it was so frustrating.

  27. Kris Brass says:

    this is perfect timing. Getting ready to travel in car to Florida from Iowa to visit my Daughter and Son in law. This outfit will be comfortable for a 17 hrs driving.

    1. Kris, you will be traveling in comfort! It is amazing.

  28. Bethany Blanchard says:

    This outfit looks amazing on you!

  29. Carole Pittman says:

    I love my air essentials outfit too! I bought the navy wide leg set as a Christmas present for myself ❤️. I was going to jump on the navy tapered leg until I saw your comment that it was a different color navy.

    1. Carole, I wonder if I just got one that was off. I’ll get the navy wide leg when it comes back in stock.