50 IS NOT OLD | THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Good morning everyone. I hope you have a cup of coffee and are ready to start your day. I am still feeling a little under the weather, so today’s blog will be very short and sweet. I have had a nasty cough for a couple of weeks, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It has kept me awake at night, and poor Joe has even threatened to kick me out of the bedroom because he can’t sleep with me coughing either. I keep cough drops under my pillow so that I can pop one in if I start coughing badly (I am careful not to get choked on one), but they have not stopped the coughing.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I broke down and went to the doctor on Friday, and the good thing was that I don’t have pneumonia or anything like that. But, they did put me on antibiotics because the throat had blisters and the cough seems to be getting worse instead of getting better. They gave me some cough syrup to take at night, and they cautioned that it might make me tired. I was hoping that it made me drowsy enough that I could sleep through the night. I asked for homemade cough syrup recipes on my FaceBook, and I ended up concocting something from Crown Royal, (what Joe had on hand) half of a lemon, and some honey to sweeten the brew. I heated it and drank that. Then, I also took a dose of Nyquil, and I slept almost the whole night long. Joe was so happy when he woke up that “he” had gotten sleep. I don’t think that he was a bit concerned that “I” had been sleep deprived. Lol! He has a coffee cup that says, “it’s all about me,” and there is a reason that someone bought that for him. Hahaha
50 IS NOT OLD | THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I have worn everything in this post before, but a little differently. That is the beauty of shopping your closet. The crossover hem sweater is so flattering with its wrap-around hemline. The gold color has already sold out, but it is still available in black. And, it is on sale for just a little over 15.00. I am ordering the black right now because I will be able to wear it all year round. This sweater that I have on is large, but I am going to order the black in a medium. I feel like this one is a tiny bit too big on me. Here is the link, and here is where I wore this top recently.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I added leopard to my look today. The Frankie magnetic bracelet has just a touch of leopard and several other strands of different beads and tassels. The matching leopard earrings and necklace are the Charleen, and the Rosalynn. I have already worn both of these items several times this summer, and I expect to wear them even more now that it is getting close to fall.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40My olive green Bermuda shorts are from the Loft Outlet also. Usually, when I wear these shorts, I roll the hem up in a cuff, but today I let them stay long so that you could get an idea of how long they are. The Bermuda short is excellent for ladies who don’t want to show a lot of leg, but still want to be cool in the summer. These are also on sale, and here is the link to the shorts. BTW, I am wearing my usual size 10. I probably could have sized down, but I would rather something be a little big on me as too tight.
50 IS NOT OLD | THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40I was so happy last night that I got to talk to two blog readers, Karen and Kelly. They were both interested in hearing more about Rodan + Fields, and what the business could do for them. Will they end up joining me? I don’t know, but at least now they have the information to make an informed decision. Email me at if you want to know more. You know me, I’ll be honest about the fun stuff and the hard stuff. Nothing in life comes easy; you do have to work for what you get.

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  1. OMG I am reading this at 2:30 in the morning because I’m coughing like crazy and can’t sleep! This cough must be everywhere! I love this color combination with the leopard accessories. And always enjoy your stories. Thanks for your good work Tania.

    • Nothing worse than a summer cold! Love the gold and green together; the leopard looks great with it, too!
      By the way, fill me in on your lipstick; I absolutely love that shade.

    • Hope the antibiotics do the trick Tania love those colours on you take it easy for the weekend plenty of sleep best medicine ?

  2. Cute outfit, like the detail on the sweater and accessories really make the outfit pop. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope the antibiotics does the trick Tania love those colours on you take it easy this weekend and plenty of sleep the best medicine ?

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I love the top, and it looks great with the shorts! I wish I could wear the yellows and golds, but don’t feel I can wear it with my gray/white hair. I’m going to order the black. Thanks for the size tip, too!!

  5. Take care and hope you continue to feel better. A nagging cough especially at night is terrible!

  6. This Main Line Life Reply

    Hope you feel better. Cute outfit. Those colors are great for the fall transition.

  7. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I’m glad you got something that will help you. The cough syrup probably has codeine in it. Robitussin DM is good too. I hope you feel better soon. Great that you got some sleep!

  8. That’s a cute outfit. Now stop what you’re doing and rest. We will still be here. Get better soon.

  9. Get well soon; hot toddies work wonders. There’s something to be said for old-time remedies.

  10. You might like to try Elderberry lozenges for your cough. Hope you’re better soon.

  11. Hope you can shake that cough and feel better soon! Take care of yourself and rest! ??❤️

  12. Occasionally I get a cough that won’t go away. I use “Fisherman’s friend” lozenges. Tastes weird…menthol & a little bit hot. But it works. (Probably not for blisters in your throat though.) The ladies at work all tried it one year when we ALL had this cough.

  13. Oh goodness, throat blisters sound terrible! I’ve stayed awake coughing all night before and it’s a misery, so I feel what you’re going through. I hope you get well real soon!!!

  14. aquamarinastyle Reply

    Tania, that is the cutest shorts outfit! I caught that awful thing at the end of our recent cruise!! Ugh. Love the new look of the blog, btw.

    xx Darlene

  15. My husband is fighting it too, its been in the 100’s here everyday for the past 2 weeks, I think the air conditioner is getting to him!! I just found the yellow sweater online in a Medium!

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