50 IS NOT OLD | WHY A SLEEVELESS TOP IS PERFECT FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40It is finally here. I have waited and waited for it to arrive, and now I can start the celebratory dance. Friday with Friends is once again here, and I know you are going to love today’s special blogger friend. I first became aware of Regan because we are both members of the Fierce 50, which is now known as the Forever Fierce Revolution. Then we became Facebook friends, and her smile is so friendly and inviting. I knew that she was a southern gal as soon as I saw some of her posts because she is like me in the way that she speaks. Our southern slang can be humourous if you have never heard it before. I recently found Regan again when Joe and I decided (okay, really me) that we were going to try and cut sugar out of our diet. ?
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY A SLEEVELESS TOP IS PERFECT FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I ordered a couple of books off of Amazon, and Joe ordered the Blackstone Griddle for us to cook our food on. Then I started researching online about sugar detoxing, and guess who popped up? Yep, it was Regan. She has been participating in a sugar detox for over a week, and she has been blogging about her journey. I sat down to read her posts and then reached out to her to see if she wanted to be on this weeks Frida with Friends. I figured that if I was interested in reading all about her adventures, then you might be interested also. Her blog is about more than just kicking sugar to the curb; she has a cute and warm style that matches her personality. Head on over to Nifty 50 and Fabulous by clicking here.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY A SLEEVELESS TOP IS PERFECT FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40Here is another fall transition outfit. Are you tired of this category? You will thank me later for putting all of these ideas in your head. It may not be as catchy as Old Town Road, but it will stick with you. If the weather is still hovering around 90 degrees or more, don’t have a hot flash on me, this isn’t as hot of an outfit as you might think. First off, my gorgeous and incredibly soft sweater is lightweight and also sleeveless. Woohoo! That makes is so easy to wear under jackets and blazers like the one that I have on. The website said: “this is buttery soft and outrageously cozy with a bit of bounce. Warning: You may never take it off.” They did not lie when they came up with that description. This is another Lou & Grey item, and it is still on sale if you are interested, but they only have large and x-large in stock. I am wearing a medium if that helps you any. Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY A SLEEVELESS TOP IS PERFECT FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to wear simple jewelry today and let the cowl neck of the top be the focal point of the outfit. I added the Taelynn earrings that are silver and gold dangles. My necklace is pretty champagne colored beads, and I thought that it was still available for purchase. But, when I went to the website, I couldn’t find it anywhere. The Christine is almost identical, and that is the one I was thinking about all along. I haven’t worn this bracelet in ages, and I bet most of you have never seen it before. It is a By The Book bracelet that I bought from Christianbook.com. It has the symbols for Philippians 4:13, one of my favorite Bible verses. However, I looked everywhere to try and find this bracelet again, but I struck out. Maybe you will have better luck than me.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY A SLEEVELESS TOP IS PERFECT FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40What to talk about next??? My navy, “older than dirt” linen blazer that I can’t find in the stores? My beautiful bright blue Kate Spade handbag that has been discontinued? How about my cropped frayed hem jeans from Old Navy? Or, we could even talk about the cute as a button leopard ballet flats from Isaac Mizrahi, and they too are old. So, basically, everything that I am wearing, except for the top, is old and from my closet. Does that sound like you? Look in your closet, and instead of saying, “I have nothing to wear,” try saying, “how and I going to make an outfit from what I have.” Get the juices flowing, and I bet that you will come up with a lot of ideas.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY A SLEEVELESS TOP IS PERFECT FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40Don’t forget to go and check out Regan’s blog (here) and wish her lots of luck in her journey to get rid of sugar from her diet.

I have been talking a lot to you lately about the business side of Rodan + Fields. I started this blog because I wanted to help women feel better about themselves and to have more self-confidence, and fashion was the venue that I chose. My Rodan + Fields skincare business was not something that I deliberately set out to work as a business; I just wanted better-looking skin. But, when you gurls started asking why my skin was looking different, I started sharing. I realized that this too was a venue to help you feel better about your appearance and if also gave you more self-confidence. It was a perfect fit for my blog, even if it was accidental. Then, my business portion of R+F started growing. Other women wanted an extra income and a little financial freedom, so I started sharing about the business side. I never thought about the business in the same way that I thought about fashion and skincare, but it also is changing the lives of the ladies who have joined my team. I can see it happening before my eyes, they are more confident, and they beam when they reach a goal that they never thought possible. I can read your mind, “I am too old,” “I am ready to retire,” “I don’t know anyone,” “I am not a salesperson,” and on and on and on. I know what you are thinking because I could have said all of those things, but I didn’t. Instead, I thought, “what have I got to lose except for all of these lines and wrinkles?”

Read the story of Natalie: It is a great .getting out of debt story, and this is just one of many success stories. I love college-aged success stories because I believe they have no fear, they have a belief in themselves and they won’t take no for an answer.

$56,441.09! is how much student loan debt 28-year-old Natalie Craig had! “How was this all possible? I’m a 28-year-old entrepreneur – running my own business around my full-time career. I love my busy on-the-go schedule. I attribute my financial freedom ALL to this business opportunity! I started this business 4.5 years ago knowing I had this mountain of debt! It was scary . . . but what’s scarier was the alternative of living on my own with this debt on top of it. I had nothing to lose but debt and acne! ?
I KNEW I could get my money back within 60 days . . . so there was essentially no risk except finding out what this was all about once and for all! I set out to CRUSH the lies that “normal” is being broke in your 20s! That “normal” is living paycheck-to-paycheck or as I so frequently said, ‘another night of eating scrambled eggs for dinner.’ ? I had no idea how to run a business but my WHY pushed me to do something different that I could work in my busy life from my phone. ☎️ I don’t have a business degree . . . and I certainly don’t have a skincare background. But I learned this was legit and had all the tools on the backend along with superior support!” ?
~ Natalie Craig
This is Natalie’s unique story. For more info see the Rodan + Fields IDS.

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    • Tania Reply

      I do still love the blazer, but it is starting to look faded. Maybe I should just try to re-dye it and make it look like new!!!

  1. You have helped me alot to shop in my closet. Love this post! You look nifty!

    • Tania Reply

      Kaye, that makes me happy! Shopping your closet is the key to being able to dress nicely on a budget. Just keep adding something new that keeps the wardrobe fresh.

  2. nifty50girl4237 Reply

    Thanks for being my “Friday Friend”. I am excited to follow you and Joe’s journey to reducing sugar in your life. I am going to have to check out that griddle. Cooking at home is the key to controlling your diet. Love how you reach into your closet and pull out your “old but loved” favorites and make them stylish. Look forward to more fall fashion for inspiration


    • Tania Reply

      We might not go sugar-free, but we are going to try and do a huge sugar reduction. I don’t enjoy cooking, so that is going to be a challenge for me. Thanks so much so allowing all of my readers to follow your journey.

  3. Cathy Justice Reply

    Love the blue, I can’t wait for Fall unfortunately here it won’t arrive for until mid October. Love you posts, you help me remember pieces I have in my closet and give me ideas for styling them.

  4. I have a folder with three women’s styles that look at for inspiration when I’m getting dressed. One is Tania, one is Susan and one is Jennifer. I constantly draw inspiration from you three. Love this look. With the exception of the sweater, I have these pieces. Going to get it when they get the med back in stock.
    Kicked little Debbie along with her friend Blue Bell to the door a month ago. Diet Pepsie followed and that has made such a difference. No longer craving sweets. 🙂

  5. kristin greene Reply

    I love the idea of no sleeves to stay cooler and be able to do layers! That would make the top very versatile for many seasons! Brilliant!
    I went over to Regan’s blog. I enjoyed reading her sugar detox. I have tried to get rid of sugar from my diet as well as white flour. I haven’t bought either of those two things in 5 years. But then when you start reading labels they come into my house in the containers! It’s crazy! Too combat that I went Whole Foods for most things. I also starting making my own things like: I started making my own salad dressing just so that I wasn’t eating a heap of sugar in that! I’ve two high school boys in the house it does make it challenging. I struggle with what to do for a treat! Any suggestions? When we are out and I use to take them for a donut or DQ ice cream, now I am trying to think of alternatives. I of course make them what they want on their birthday (I buy sugar then!).

  6. My biggest regret is parting with a wool blue blazer I had. having put on weight it no longer fit me and so passed it on to the charity shop. Now I have lost weight and really want it back – there is nothing around to replace it. So , i shall just have to keep on looking. Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

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