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The Best Skorts For Women Over 50 And Beyond

I love wearing shorts in the summer since they help to keep me cool during the scorching heat. However, there are times when shorts aren’t appropriate, so I’ve turned to an alternative. Today I’ve rounded up the best skorts for women over 50 in different lengths and styles.

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Skorts For Women Over 50

What Is A Skort

Before I show you all of the beautiful skorts for women over 50 I’ve found, let’s talk about what a skort is. A skort (according to Wikipedia) is a pair of shorts with an overlapping fabric panel that resembles a skirt covering the front and back, or a skirt with a pair of integral shorts hidden underneath. In other words, they look like a skirt but have shorts underneath.

Knee Length Skorts For Women Over 50

What Is The Best Length For A Skort

Mini, midi, and maxi. That’s how dresses let you know the length and how I judge skorts too. They don’t come in the same lengths as dresses, but you still have three basic lengths. Tennis skirts are shorter, and golf or dressy skorts are longer. Pretty much anything goes, but most skorts are between 11 and 18 inches long.

Many skorts are for athletic events such as tennis, golf, or hiking. However, I love wearing shorts at any time, not just when participating in a sporting event. This outfit is one that I could wear to a lunch date, shopping, church, or to a casual dinner.

For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ tall and weigh between 150-155. I wear medium-large tops, a size 8 in pants, and a size 12 in dresses. All the skorts in today’s post are a large.

This casual leopard print shirt will go with a lot of clothing. It looks great with black or white, but it would also go well with bright clothing or jeans. I love this black and white leopard print shirt, but the large is too big for me.

I love the flounce of this skort! It creates a feminine look that would be great for a dressy occasion, but it would still work as a golf skirt. The skort has pockets that could hold tees or an extra golf ball, but I usually prefer a straight skort when golfing.

I wore the same wedge heels to showcase each skort similarly. That helps to gauge the outfit’s overall look and see how the different lengths look.

This knee-length navy skort is also dressy enough to be worn on a lunch date, etc. If I wore this skort while shopping, I wouldn’t have to worry about bending over and squatting down to look at items on the bottom shelf. The shorts that are underneath would keep me covered and worry-free.

I love this blue top that has a v-neck with shirring. I’m usually between a medium and a large in tops, so I sometimes guess wrong when ordering. I ordered a large in all the tops, and several are too big. I needed a medium in this one, and I’m going to reorder a medium since I love this gorgeous blue color.

I love the pleating detail on this skort! Little details like this make a massive difference in the look of an outfit. The pleats make the skort look dressier for an elevated casual look.

A bright pop of color is a little trick I like using in summer. This bright green clutch is adorable, and I’ll carry it a lot this summer. If you have a beach vacation planned, this clutch is calling your name!

What Tops To Wear With Skorts For Women Over 50

You can wear any style of top with skorts. However, to create a long, lean look, a cropped top or a top tucked inside the waist of the skort would look the best.

Depending on your golf club, you might be required to wear a collared shirt. I think this lilac sleeveless top is the only top in this post that fit me correctly. The large size is perfect, and the light purple looks great with the blue patterned skort. This color seems to be out of stock, but they restock often, so check back later if this is the color for you.

This blue skort has zippered pockets to keep your valuables from accidentally falling out. I love the bright blue color and print, but more versions are available. This skort would be perfect for golf since it is a great length, has pockets, and is straight. The skort also has ball pockets in the shorts which could hold tennis balls or a phone.

Golf, Tennis, Date Night…Oh, My!

This is my favorite skort! I love versatile clothing, and this skort outfit could be worn for golf, tennis, or a date night.

This relaxed-fit t-shirt reminds me of a Lululemon shirt I own. The Lululemon shirt is thicker, but this one is more comfortable. I like this shirt’s scoop neck and its high-low hem, which will look great with leggings.

Here is the length of the shirt from the back.

I love this print, and this length is my favorite for a skort. The longer skorts look dressy, but this length helps to make my legs look long and lean, and that’s what I want. This skort is also available in more colors and prints.

Skorts For Women Over 50 When Traveling

It seems like I’m on the road a lot here lately. A lightweight skort is perfect for traveling, and I love the quick-drying fabric of this one.

This navy and white striped tee is soft and comfy but too big on me. It seems like I’ve repeated myself with every outfit since all the skorts fit great, but all but one or two tops are too big.

This skort is a good length and has plenty of pockets. It has slit pockets and cargo pockets also. You won’t have any problem finding a spot for your phone, but you might forget which pocket you put it in. Haha!

Skorts For Women Over 50 Who Play Tennis or Pickleball

My sister is a tennis fanatic, and this skort would look great on her since she has skinny legs. (She reminds me of that a LOT!)

This beautiful blue v-neck t-shirt is part of a 2-pack. I bought the blue and orchid pairing, but there are a lot of different color combinations. I like my tees to fit loose so they don’t show my lumps and bumps, and this one is perfect. It is possible that a medium would work, but I don’t want to feel like I need to be constantly sucking in my belly.

This is the shortest skort in today’s post and is a little short for my liking. However, it would probably be perfect if I were playing tennis or pickleball. I’ll only wear my skorts for other activities such as shopping, traveling, on vacation, etc., so this one will be going back.

It has a cute front flap and a ball pocket, but the 14″ length is too short, even though it makes my legs look a MILE long!

More Skorts For Women Over 50

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  1. Love the longer skort lengths. I like the knee-length navy skort the best.

  2. I have always loved sports and your picks are all great and you look fantastic in all of them. I always forget to look at Amazon for clothing until you post some from there. I don’t know how you find the time to look at all of them.

  3. You have great legs. All of these skorts look great on you. I always feel like people just think I have on a mini skirt and don’t realize it’s a skort.

  4. So should you always tuck in the front of your blouse or tshirt? Some of my skorts are pull ups – I’m wondering if the stretchy top will look alright? Or did you do that so we could see the skort better? Thanks…..

    1. Susie, I do usually tuck in a shirt so you can see the details of the bottoms I’m wearing. Also, tucking in your top will make you look taller, which usually means you’ll look thinner also.

  5. The last (shortest) skort looks great on you! Not to short at all. I think you should take up pickleball so you can wear it 🙂

  6. Ginger Hiller says:

    I am waiting on the arrival of a skort from JCPenney that I ordered earlier this week with crossed fingers that it fits and I like it. You look fabulous in all of the skorts you shared with us, Tania! The houseboat adventure with your siblings sounds like fun, especially if the spouses are included. I do hope that Joe is feeling better!

  7. I love skorts. I tend to stick with a black and white. I might have to branch out to some colored ones.

  8. I love skoets! I’m glad you highlighted them as wearable over 50! They are comfortable as well as stylish! Thanks

  9. Tania, thank you, thank you for this post!!! I love wearing skorts in the summer and the variety you shared is so helpful!!!

  10. The 20” black skort (sort of a ruffle) looks knee length in you but looks several inches above the knee in the picture on Amazon. I definitely don’t want one that’s inches above the knee. What do you think?

    1. You need to measure on yourself the distance between your waist & where you want the skort to fall on your leg. Then you’ll know what length to look for/buy.

  11. Love, love, love a good skirt & these r fantastic!!!! Here in FL, I truly can wear them year round ……& I do! 🙂 Love this post! ‘Add to Cart!’

  12. Love the skort! I adore wearing shorts all summer long but there are times when I want to wear something a little more dressy. I’ve tried wearing casual summer dresses but I just don’t feel right in a dress unless I’m at work. The skort is the answer for me. A nice in between for running errands or a casual lunch out. Great post!