The Best Shorts For Women Over 50

Shorts are something that we all wore as children, and we loved wearing them even in our twenties or thirties. But, for some, a switch gets flipped once we reach our forties, and shorts get pushed to the back of our closets. So, today, showing the best shorts for women over 50 to see if we can get shorts back into your wardrobe.

You might have a different reason for throwing your shorts to the curb, but these were a few I’ve heard from my readers in the past. Let’s listen to our inner voice when it comes to fashion. If a style makes you uneasy, then don’t wear it. If you like a style and want to wear it, don’t let others’ opinions stand in your way. I am going out on a limb here, but I bet none of us have the “perfect” body. Here is another news flash for you, I probably wouldn’t even look at your legs if we met on the street. I might notice your eyes, smile, hairstyle, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbag. But unless your legs were colored bright orange, I probably wouldn’t give them another thought.

Denim Shorts For Women Over 50

I love a good pair of denim shorts in the summer. It doesn’t matter whether it is white, frayed, distressed, or rolled cuff, it doesn’t matter; I love them all. You pick the length you are most comfortable with and then wear them with confidence. I prefer a 5″ – 7″ length best, but I have shorts in many different lengths.

A reason that denim shorts made the best shorts for women over 50 is that they are so versatile. They look great with a white tee or with a satin blouse. I’ve paired the Rolled Hem Jeans Shorts with a linen blend button-up shirt which will be perfect for a casual summer look.

Chino Shorts For Women Over 50

Chino shorts are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. I love their classic style and the fact that they can be dressed up or down. Chino shorts have been a fashion staple for many years, and this classic and timeless style never goes out of fashion.

This pair is a 5″ length, but chino shorts can come in many different colors and lengths. Here is the 7″ option, which comes in several colors.

Paperbag Short

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a blue shirt and yellow paperbag shorts.
Linen-Blend Blazer || Paperbag Shorts || Eyelet Ruffle Top – Sold Out ||

Paperbag shorts are typically made of a lightweight, breathable fabric, which makes them comfortable to wear in warm weather. Most paperbag shorts are designed with a high waistline that can be more flattering for women over 50, as it can help to elongate the legs and create a long, lean silhouette.

Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

Bermuda shorts are an excellent option for women over 50 looking for comfortable, practical, and stylish shorts. One of the things that many women love about Bermuda shorts is their length – they’re longer than other shorts styles, which can be more appropriate for those who prefer a more modest look.

Bermuda shorts can also be versatile. Depending on the occasion, you can dress them up or down, making them a great option for everything from running errands to going out to dinner with friends.

Bermuda shorts are designed with a relaxed fit and are often more flattering than other shorts styles.

Top Sold Out – (Similar Blue Version) || 11″ Bermuda Lake Shorts (Size .5) || Similar shoes

I’ve never been a fan of Bermuda shorts on me until I bought this pair. These black Bermuda shorts are so comfortable and fit like a dream. They have a slim silhouette, and I think that is what I like so much about these shorts. They can be easily dressed up or worn casually, so they are very versatile.

Athletic Shorts For Over 50

Athletic shorts can be a great option for women over 50 who want to stay active and comfortable during their workouts. Athletic shorts are comfortable and easy to care for, making them a great investment for any active woman’s wardrobe. You can wear athletic shorts for various activities, including running, yoga, and cycling, or just lounging around the house, which is my preferred activity.

The Five Best Shorts For Women Over 50

If you didn’t see a pair of shorts you loved, here are more for you. Let me know if you love wearing shorts or prefer to wear something else.

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  1. MaryCarol says:

    I still wear shorts all summer long, just because they’re comfy in the Texas heat. I have a pair of black slimming shorts like the pair you are modeling above. Why do I think I need black sandals or flip flops when I wear black shorts?
    Thanks for posting this. ❤️

  2. I do wear shorts here in the south. I also like short ankle pants in the summer, since I get cold easily. Usually in shorts, 5 inch inseams are my go to.

  3. Roberta S says:

    I’m not a fan of the shorter shorts for women over 50 but a Bermuda short is a classier look in my opinion. I do like the longer shorts that you modeled.

  4. Dena J Burch says:

    Tania, I bought my entire summer wardrobe last year from JCrew Outlet. They have a different website than the regular JCrew and I loved and kept every item I ordered! The linen shorts, cropped pants and the girlfriend t’s were perfect for Texas & St Lucia! I especially love their collectible Girlfriend TShirts- I got 1 in almost every print!

    1. I buy a lot from J.Crew Factory. The quality is great and so are the prices.

  5. Debbie Titus says:

    These are all great choices for the upcoming spring and summer. Thank you!

  6. Though they are all cute and look good on you, I much prefer capris. Maybe you could do a post just about them???!! Since I have more of a belly now, I like the pull-on style with stretch.

  7. I’m a shorts wearer. It’s just too hot not to! I have short legs, so the shorter inseams work better for me. I usually have a couple of bruises visible and veins too. But I’ve never had anyone cringe in horror! Everyone wears shorts here!

  8. Carole McCullough says:

    Chino shorts, white shirt , Denim jacket the perfect outfit for me…….great posts, I think we are our worst enemy when it comes to wearing shorts

  9. I love the look of the paperbag shorts. Unfortunately, they are sold out in all sizes. I have the rolled hem denim shorts and love them.

  10. Maria A Kozan says:

    You look great in all the shorts. Yellow is definitely your color!!

  11. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    Yikes! At 74yrs, I am sticking to bermudas, skimmers or ankle length. Let’s just say my legs are not attractive! You young chicks can still get away with shorts though.

  12. Oh my goodness. I really hate how I look in shorts. Thank you for doing this post. It really helps to see how you look in them. By the way, you look fabulous. The online models are all stick thin and young. I’ve purchased the BR chino shorts in white. I have my fingers crossed. Great post. Thanks.

  13. L❤️VE this post!!!! I live in Florida so it’s pretty much year round shorts for me. Thx for this post the denim, rolled hem shorts r in my cart now!

  14. Roberta S says:

    I really prefer longer shorts. Thank you for showing some of them.

  15. My favourite is the white shorts with the bright orange/pink top…that length is perfect and looks classy and put together. I’m not a fan of the shorter styles. But also not a fan of too long as to right to the knee or just past the knee. I’ve only worn skorts for quite a few years (since shorts always seemed to rub and ride up) but added some denim and white shorts last summer and have been loving them. I think the key was purchasing good quality ones that fit properly.

  16. I wear shorts often. thank you for this, Tania. You look great in shorts!

  17. Love the outfits! And, that Michael Kors bag!! Thanks for the ideas!

  18. The pink Bermuda shorts were my favorite. Shorts are a no for me. I sometimes wear pedal pushers that hit below the knee. Luckily in Illinois we don’t have as many hot days as the south

  19. I like the longer shorts Bermuda shirts.
    My legs are okay but not as beautiful as yours. So the least you see the better for me.
    I have started to wear them a bit more especially if my legs are tan (fake tan). Much more attractive.
    Thanks for all the brands I can try on and of course, the Bible words of the day. 🙏

  20. You look amazing in all of these options. I’m loving the Bermuda shorts with the bright pink top. I live in Canada so still a couple of months away from short weather but fun to dream. Thank you

  21. Cute, cute! I prefer the 9-10″ shorts and love shorts from Talbots. Perfect with cute tops and tees here in Florida… I’ve already been wearing them!

  22. You look nice in all the shorts. I am older, so i really like the Brigitte shorts. I looked for that Michael Kors tote at Dillard’s (they had a version last year), but they didn’t have it. Excited you have it on your blog today. Yay!

  23. Linda Conner says:

    Hi Tania, Thank you for your informative blog! I look forward to reading your posts, and your Bible verses giving God all the Glory!! I am almost 62 now, have shrunk to 5’8″ , and still love my shorts. Thank you for sharing many beautiful options for all of the ladies out there!

  24. I prefer capris. Wore shorts when I was younger but they just don’t feel good on anymore. I have a few pair for times when you just need a pair of shorts but just not my favorite.

  25. You look great in these options! Thank you for showing shorts. Here in GA they are almost a necessity for summer.

  26. Kim Portuesi says:

    This was an awesome post. thank you for sharing it.

  27. Martha Davis says:

    I love the blazer and short set! I am only 5’3 and I wear my shorts 5 inseam. It is tricky, I just have to find the right length to keep it from looking frumpy, lol. I also were capri length pant as an alternative to work in. My job is casual attire.

  28. Carol Rittelmeyer says:

    Love your choices for shorts and tops! I will be trying some of these. Living in Louisiana makes shorts a must have to survive the summers!

  29. Thanks for all options–I feel most comfortable in Bermuda shorts–I am 5ft 9in and nearly all the time other shorts feel too short for me.

  30. I love your blog. I am much older than you and only 5’ tall but I have been following you for about two weeks and have already purchased 4 things (coat, shoes and blouse)you have shown. I have a minor problem since I must almost always buy petites but I can follow your ideas. Thanks for inspiring me to branch out….from #trying to stay current.
    P.S. where do you get most of your jewelry?

    1. Nancy, I’m so thrilled that you are liking the blog. Some stores will carry the same items in Petites, but not all. It is great that you’ve figured out to use my outfits as inspiration on creating your own.

    2. Shelley Miller says:

      I have the same problem. I am 4’11 very small boned, but middle age spread kicked in. I weigh 111# I’m 56 & I feel frumpy lol
      I wish there would be petite short older women modeling. Clothes look different on us short, frumpy, older women

  31. Thank you for all the shorts ideas, several have now been posted to my pinterest board for spring/summer. I am going to wear your chino with olive top and hat to the next music festival. Have a blessed week.

    1. Oooh, that sounds cute, Jenice.

  32. Fantastic post today – thank you for going out of your comfort zone for the rest of us. This was a huge help as a plan a beach vacation. I think I have something from each set of shorts – top, bag, shoes, etc. LOL Thank you! You do such a wonderful job. I’m grateful I found you.

  33. Kathy Hayles says:

    I don’t care for the shorter shorts at all. I wouldn’t be be comfortable in shorts that short, although they looked great on you. I love the Bermuda shorts!

    1. Kathy, it is all about finding out what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

  34. Love the bermuda shorts and the colors are great!

  35. You are right Tania, I know when something doesn’t feel right wearing it. I’ve started wearing golf skirts more because you can style them with tops so they don’t look so “golfy”. They come in some nice, solid colors too and can be longer. Appreciate your post on shorts and validate it’s ok to wear some of the favorites.

  36. Love this blog post, Tania. You look great in all the shorts and you’ve styled them all so beautifully. I wear a lot of skorts in the summer but will definitely give some of these shorts a try.

  37. Thanks for this post about shorts. They all look super cute on you!! I particularly like the pull-on longer ones for myself since I’m older. Love the bright colors and also the yellow shorts and matching jacket!!

  38. I am 58 years old and love shorts. I have become more comfortable with a 7 inch inseam; I am 5’6”. I have worn the J Crew 5 inch inseam chino shorts for years, but I am replacing them with a 7 inch inseam. So happy to see you featuring them because I wondered if I should consider a different short when I rebought the longer length. I love them!
    My question is… when to use a belt for a half tuck shirt? I wrestled with that question in the weather months with long pants. In the summer, I don’t think about using belts but I saw where you were wearing a belt with the half tuck shirt. I would love to know your thoughts on the half tucked shirt and when to include a belt.

    1. Amy, I don’t have a rule for when to wear a belt. Sometimes I forget a belt, but usually, my half-tuck covers that area, so I don’t really care. However, I do think a belt completes the look and makes it look more polished and put-together.

  39. I LOVE the pink and black outfit. I will only wear shorts at that length. I am too self conscious about my legs.

  40. Once again a great post! The picture with the Jean jacket doesn’t let you look at the links thought you may want to know. I love these looks you do such a great job! I love your blog!

    1. Thanks, Rhoda. I’ve fixed the issue now.

  41. Lori Liechty says:

    Great post! I am curious about the woven beach purse from Amazon in the first picture. I actually looked at it last night but wasn’t sure about the quality due to mixed reviews. What is your opinion of it? Thanks!

    1. Lori, I’ve only carried it a couple of times when going out while at the beach, etc. I’ve not had any issues with it.

  42. The shopping links were not available for any of the items in the picture with the jean jacket and 5 inch chino shorts.

    1. I just fixed that, Jennifer. Thanks for letting me know.

  43. Mary Kinard says:

    One of my favorite blogs! Bermuda shorts and frayed denim in longer lengths are my go-tos!

    1. I love my frayed denim shorts. I have them in lots of styles and colors.