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Best Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

Summer brings hot, humid, and sweaty weather, which means it is time to unpack the shorts. In March, I posted on The Best Shorts For Women Over 50. However, many women mentioned they preferred longer shorts, so today, I’m styling TEN of the best Bermuda shorts for women over 50.

What Are Bermuda Shorts

According to Wikipedia, Bermuda shorts, known as walk shorts or dress shorts, are a type of short trousers worn as semi-casual attire by both men and women. Bermuda shorts are generally longer in length, and that is what I’m wearing today.

Straight-Leg Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

These colorful Bermuda shorts are a great length. I love the straight-leg style; this look is flattering for my silhouette. They aren’t too tight or too loose; they are just right. These shorts have pockets and are a pull-on style.

Slim-Fit Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

White shorts are what I wear most in the summer, so I’m styling three different ones in this post. The 10″ slim-fit Bermuda shorts hit just above the knee and look great for most body types. If you are Petite, you can look taller by tucking in your top or wearing a cropped top.

This navy elbow-sleeve henley shirt is casual but still looks polished. Navy is a great neutral and can be worn with almost anything. I love wearing gold jewelry, which looks perfect with the navy top.

These are the same Bermuda shorts as the white pair. Some ladies prefer not to wear white, so I wanted to style a navy pair for a different look. If I wear navy on navy, I would probably add a kimono or a cardigan to add visual interest.

Wide-Leg Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

Pleats seem to be trending in pants, jeans, and shorts. I’m not a fan of pleats since I tend to hold my weight in my stomach area, and I think the pleats draw attention to my problem area. However, since pleats are trending, I wanted to include them in this Bermuda shorts for women over 50 post. I love this gorgeous green color, which looks fabulous with the navy henley shirt.

Denim Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

Denim shorts are hardy and can take a beating. I love wearing shorts like this if I’m outside working or know I’ll get dirty. Of course, you can wear these shorts anytime to run errands, lounging around the house, etc.

If I were running to the store, I’d add a small clutch like this one. It is large enough to carry my phone, keys, and wallet, and that’s all I need.

This is a lighter pair of jean shorts, and I have them cuffed for a slightly shorter length. These jean shorts look more sporty than the other pair so I would wear them to a ballgame, the fair, or the lake.

I changed shirts and added this tie front top to show you how the length of a shirt makes a considerable difference in the look. This shirt is 100% cotton and machine washable. It will look great with any high-waisted pants or jeans you might already have in your closet. This is also a great photo of the charm necklace and beaded hoop earrings I’m wearing. I’ve always loved charm bracelets, and this necklace is fun and colorful.

The straw clutch is more casual than the one I showed with the previous outfit. I bought these strappy sandals last year, and I still love them. The neutral color works great for most outfits, and I especially like wearing them with shorts.

White On White

This is NOT a look that I would wear when working outside. I love wearing monochromatic outfits since they create a long, lean silhouette. White on white is a look I love wearing in the summer months, but I usually add a cardigan, jacket, or cardigan to the look.

These shorts fit nicely and are a bit loose, which I like when wearing white shorts.

This is one of the shortest pairs I’m styling today. You can uncuff the shorts for a slightly longer look. It must be the cuff because these shorts look more sporty than the previous pair.

I added my Jack Rogers sandals to this look to dress it up. I wish I had sized up to 9.5 in this pair, but they still fit me. Have you tried Jack Rogers shoes before? A lot of my friends LOVE this brand, so I’m giving them a try.

Classic Black Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

Bermuda shorts are a classic style. So, I decided to style them in a classic black-and-white look. These NYDJ shorts are a bit too big for me, so I should have ordered my usual size 8. I like the look of the shorts, and that they have pockets.

You can see the matching charm bracelet in this photo. Can you tell that I’m loving straw/raffia/crochet bags this summer? The vibe is casual and chic, and I find myself reaching for them most of the time.

10″ Bermuda Shorts For Women Over 50

I already own these 10″ Bermuda shorts in dark yellow, and I wanted to try the olive ones. I refused to wear Olive for years, and now it is one of my favorite colors. Your taste and style constantly change, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

This white henley shirt is the same as the navy one at the beginning of this post. I always need white shirts to wear, and I like the casual style of the henley.

This tote bag is one I bought early this year, and I’ve carried it a lot since then. It is great for the lake, beach, or pool since bringing near water seems to be OK.

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  1. Kay wolters says:

    love all the shorts but how about for us plus size petite gals

    1. Kay, some of these are available in plus sizes. I’m not sure if they are available in petite.

  2. Love shorts! All lengths….. but no, nope, no thank you to anything with pleats.
    Gave those up years ago. Never a good for older bellys.

  3. Ginger Hiller says:

    I’m commenting again because I just discovered that I have a pair of cuffed NYDJ jean shorts that I also enjoy wearing. I can vouch for the comfort of that brand of shorts.

  4. Pat Burcham says:

    Tania, would you mind sharing the watch brand you are wearing in this post?

  5. Tania, I can’t pull off the Bermuda shorts because I’m petite, but you look amazing in all of these! You go girl ❗️

  6. Ginger Hiller says:

    I am one of the ladies that prefers Bermuda shorts, so I really appreciate you doing this post. I actually have the navy NYDJ shorts and I will say they are a favorite. I really like the style of the Henley top and have it under consideration.

    1. I love all the outfits you put together. You have impeccable taste and style.

  7. Charlcy Green says:

    Tania, I loved this fun post on shorts & you look fabulous!! I sure hope your face pain goes away soon from that procedure!

  8. Susan Lybrand says:

    I love today’s post. The mix and match ideas were wonderful. Great vacation packing ideas. They were every age appropriate for women over 50. Have a blessed summer.

  9. I love that white crop top. and I think you look fabulous in those green shorts with the pleats.

  10. The blue and green color combo is stunning! Great post.

  11. Love your outfits! You always do a great job with your outfits and posts. You put a lot of thought and work in your post and I appreciate such a great job in helping with outfit ideas for everyone. Just ordered the navy top.💕

  12. What’s best for girls with heavy legs? I haven’t worn shorts in years for this reason. Suggestions??

    1. Lori, I would try to wear high waist shorts since they will help to elongate your legs. Try different lengths, but I think something that hits mid-thigh or right above the knee would work. Also, make sure that the shorts have stretch or are loose enough to be comfortable.

      1. Thanks Tania!! I’m on the look out. 😊

  13. Jacque Abell says:

    I am 5″4″ and have found 7″ work well for me. They cover most of the “hail damage” but keep me from looking “stumpy”. 😆 Just type it in your search in your browser. There are also some in 9″. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Hail damage 🤣🤣🤣

    2. I’ve heard (and have) cottage cheese but hail damage is a new one.. LOVE it!! 🤣💕

  14. You look great in the pleated shorts. Very flattering…

  15. Judy Norman says:

    I finished my third session of Morpheus last week. Even though painful, very pleased with the results.

  16. How do you find the link to order or shop the items you have shown.

    1. Elissa, you click on any of the highlighted words. You can usually find them under the photos.

    2. I would love to find the link where I can buy the 10” shorts and Henley shirts. Thanks

      1. Deb, you click the highlighted words, and they will take you to the retailers.

  17. Since you already have the olive ones in yellow, how do the wash? Wrinkles? Shrinkage?

    1. They wrinkles some, but I didn’t notice any shrinkage.

  18. Tania, great post, as always! Would you mind elaborating on the facial procedure you had recently? I’ve never heard of it. Thanks!