The Best Of The Trending Colors For Fall 2023

Every year I get excited to see what the retailers have been buying for Fall. It’s always fun to see what colors are trending although I admit that I’m sometimes disappointed. Not this year! I love all of the gorgeous hues, even one that may surprise you. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see the best of the trending colors for Fall!

Pleated Sleeve Top

This is soooo pretty! Orange is not for everyone, so I’m glad this combines orange AND red. This cotton beauty is from Chico’s and is on sale. Get it while you can!

Linen-Blend Stretch Moto Jacket

Another gorgeous option, also from Chico’s, is also on sale! This is a linen blend and billed as a moto jacket, although it looks more like a blazer to me. This would be great to wear as we transition from summer to fall!

Here are more items in this gorgeous color that I already have, and I love all of them!

London Times Sheath Dress with Button Waist Detail

This is a good year if you like red! Red Dahlia is described as a deep red. I’ve had several comments lately asking for more clothing appropriate for work, and I think this would do nicely! Of course, it would work perfectly for a meeting, church, or even a fall wedding.

Dasein Hobo Purse

It’s not just clothing that shows up in trending colors, handbags and shoes do as well. This Hobo purse would look great for fall! You could wear it with jeans, or with something dressier. It would be great to add a pop of color to your neutral fall outfit. And it’s under $40 dollars!

GRACE KARIN Cardigan Sweater for Women

Now we’re talking! Just in time for the Barbie movie. 🙂 I am a huge fan of magenta! Oh, I can see this with so many cute things. You could wear it with jeans and a solid-colored top or a black jumpsuit. You could also create a column of color with black pants and a black top, then throw this on for a great contrast!

Rekucci Women’s Slimming Tummy Control Dress

If you didn’t get me with the color, you had me at “slimming” and “tummy control!” I love this dress and think it would look good on a wide variety of people, but especially my apple-shaped readers. The V-neck is perfect, and the ruching on the side to help hide a thicker waist is a Must-Have! It’s a great-looking dress to be under $50 dollars!

ECCO Zip Boot Fashion

I had no idea that chocolate brown was trending this year, but I’ve been buying it like crazy. I love the dark richness of the color, and other than camel, this might be my favorite color of brown. These boots look like they will go with so many fall outfits. These are leather and feature a side zipper to help get them on and off.

LYANER Women’s Casual Tunic Top

This is a beautiful fall top! I’d wear this with jeans and ankle boots, but it would also look great with a skirt and a Western-style belt. How about those sleeves? I keep telling y’all that I love a fun detail and these are so feminine! (Don’t tell the fall trending police, but it’s also available in a bunch of other colors.)

I’ve been wearing yellow since almost day one on this blog, so this is a color that I can get behind! I just recently bought these yellow espadrille shoes and a Tory Burch tote bag, and I had no idea they were going to be on trend this fall.

LYANER Women’s Casual Keyhole Back Blouse Shirt Top

This is a lovely, vibrant color of yellow. If you’re going to go, go big! Wouldn’t this be pretty under a plaid or tweed blazer? Even a more somber color, like grey! I love the neckline and the flutter sleeves. It’s a great little shirt for only $20 dollars.

MOSISO PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag for Women

For those of you who don’t think yellow does anything for your complexion, a tote bag is a great option! This bag has over 8,000 reviews and a rating of 4.5, and it’s under $50 dollars! Yellow accessories are one of my favorite ways to wear the color.

I don’t think there’s a color I HAVEN’T worn. When I saw cobalt was trending, I took a look through my archives. I wore these three years ago, but the FIRST outfit that ever appeared on the blog (See Here) was cobalt blue. While I liked both of the pants at the time, I think the ones below are so much nicer!


I LOVE these pants. Talbot’s is one of my all-time favorite stores, and they almost never get it wrong. Cobalt blue is one of those colors you see a lot on news anchors and politicians because it just looks great on everyone! You can wear it with neutrals, or pair it with one of these other trending colors. I think it would look amazing with yellow.


Don’t forget about jewelry! A nice pair of earrings or a statement necklace is a great way to incorporate trending colors into your wardrobe. These are simple and chic, and not too heavy. You can also buy a matching necklace to complete the look.

I’m so glad to know this color is trending this fall! I featured this blazer in 2022, and it was a big hit. The good news is that it’s still available in lots of colors. The bad news is that this color is only available in XS and S. If that’s you, run, grab it! The rest of you can grab this GORGEOUS, and I do mean gorgeous Brahmin handbag which is one I love carrying in fall.

ANRABESS Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Cardigan

This beauty is available in many sizes, (and colors) and looks very expensive. The truth is that it’s less than $50 dollars! I love the deep pockets and the casual open collar. The knit material is lightweight, but cozy enough for a breezy fall evening! 

Open Front Long Lantern Sleeve Cardigan

Now this just says FALL to me. I love the oversized comfy look of this and the loose ribbed knit. I’d wear it just like this model – with jeans and a nice leather bag. It would be perfect for fall nights at the football game, or just hanging outside on the patio with friends.

What do you think? Comment with the color that you are definitely adding to your wardrobe this fall. If you can pick just one, that is!

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  1. With Pink being my all time forever favorite color, I was excited to see magenta! But honestly, I would wear any of those colors! Just curious, do you really keep all of these clothes?!

    1. Hi, Cindy! I do keep some of these clothes, but I also give some away and I return what doesn’t work for me. ❤️

  2. Ooooh, that cobalt. I’ll have to limit myself to keep from going overboard. 😀

  3. Tania,I love your stories,pictures and the beautiful clothes you share with all of us each day!!
    You are so helpful and you have Excellent taste!!

    I look forward to your posts each day!!
    Love your Faith and your Bible verses!!
    You are a Remarkable woman and thank you for sharing your expertise with us!
    It truly helps!!

  4. Valerie McMullen says:

    I just recently started following you and I absolutely love your style! I think I have pinned an entire page of your posts for future reference. Thankful to have found someone who styles beautiful clothes for those of us who are 50+. I’ve started shopping my closet and looking for ideas for future outfits. Please keep those fabulous ideas coming! Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Valerie! I’m so glad your enjoying the posts!

  5. Love the magenta! One of my best colors!

  6. I love all the colors for the fast approaching fall. I especially like the magenta color.

    1. I love wearing Magenta at any time of the year.

  7. Just bought a blouse from Chico’s in that bright red orange color, I love it! Love the magenta also. Great colors for fall.

  8. Loving the sage green and chocolate brown the most with a slice of magenta. 😊

  9. Gina Luebke says:

    Loving all of these colors, and I have a couple of them in my closet already 🤩

  10. Christina Finley says:

    Yay!! I LOVE all of these colors! Especially the cobalt blue and chocolate brown!! Bring on Fall! ☺️

  11. Love the fall colors and the green blazer!

  12. Karrie Knutson says:

    I love Cobalt blue and I am happy it is a Fall 2023 color. As I can’t wear yellow and oranges, typical fall colors.

  13. Janelle Bracken says:

    I enjoyed this post so much! I LOVE the fall colors! I’m not at all afraid of bold colors, and these are some of my favorites. It was one “YES!” after another! There wasn’t one I didn’t care for, though I probably wear the smallest amount of yellow and sage green. And I also wanted to comment on what you said about pulling in color through accessories. To my surprise, I bought a deep red purse on a lark, and I have enjoyed carrying it more than I ever thought I would! My mother would have NEVER bought it, because it wasn’t “practical” or neutral. (How nice, but how boring. 😊 ) Finally, I can only imagine how much fun you had with your sweet mom and sister. Treasure those times. And do it again as soon as you can manage it.

  14. Love these colors! Hard to believe fall is around the corner at least these colors are happy ones to ease into the doldrums of winter!

  15. Hi Tania, love both bags. Heading to Talbots to pick them up !!

  16. Patricia Jubin says:

    Love all these colors!!! Except the yellow doesn’t work with my skin tone.

  17. Susan Anslinger-Sulawske says:

    Love all of these colors! Bring on fall!

  18. A post to remind me that I could add a little color to my clothes! Tend to be a little basic!

  19. I love the colors and I especially like the Cobalt, beautiful color. I was surprised by the brown, in the classic tunic. I don’t recall you doing that much with that wonderful brown color, it would be great with boots and brown bag. I like your mixture of colors.
    Glad your mom and sis had a great time “shopping your closet”, I have a friend I visit for that exact reason, I bring down clothes to her in FLA, and then shop her closet. We have so much fun and there is some outfits I don’t quite like, but when I try them on, they are great..
    Thanks for the awesome ideas.

  20. Hi Tania, thanks for the helpful post on color trends.
    Quick question: do you think the hardware on the Dasein Hobo Purse is “quality” or at least looks like quality? I’ve been quick to purchase quite a few handbags recently, only to be disappointed by the hardware, even on more “investment” bags.

    1. I bought several handbags recently, but not that one. I’m not sure, but it has a good rating. 🤷‍♀️

  21. Love all of these colors! Great post!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  22. I wear warm colors because they look better on me than cool colors. I will definitely wear the reds and oranges. I prefer mustard yellow to a pastel or banana yellow. I’m glad chocolate brown is coming back. For years all you can find is a cognac especially in footwear. My first fall purchase is rust wide leg cotton pants. Today I ordered front pleat trousers in a brown glenplaid. I was surprised you have a small closet. I thought you would have a complete room. 😊

    1. I don’t wear chocolate brown as often as other colors, but I think it’s great for fall. And I can only WISH I had a room for a closet. Goals! lol

  23. Sorry, Tania, I am only seeing one color I won’t wear. The magenta is not good for me, or maybe it’s just the way it looks on my computer. I have most of these other colors in my closet!! I have a sage jacket because when you showed yours last year I went out and bought one, it looks so good on both of us 😉
    My granddaughter asks each day what is my favorite color, haha! I love these colors.

    1. Yes, magenta is a hard color for some people to wear. I love sage green. I’m glad you found it worked for you, too!

  24. The only color for Fall that surprises me is yellow. The crochet sweater from Amazon you show looks adorable. I’m very tempted by it and I can see styling it for Fall with brown or navy. And I can certainly wear it in spring and summer!

    1. Yes! I wear yellow almost year round it is one of my favorites.

  25. Tania, I can only imagine the fun y’all had laughing and shopping in your closet. (You need pics) I am glad you had a great weekend with your sweet mama and your sister. My husband and I were in Abingdon a couple days last week to celebrate his birthday. We saw the production of Footloose at the Barter Theatre, which was phenomenal. We had lunch at Luke’s Cafe one day and dinner at The Tavern that night. We ate at Peppermills the next day for lunch. Abingdon is a very quaint and enjoyable town. Thank you for the info on the fall colors for 2023. My favorites are the red/orange, magenta and I have been adding some chocolate brown to my wardrobe this year as well. I look forward to more of your Fall fashion as it is my favorite season.

    1. I don’t think we took a single photo! You did some fun things. I told my family about the Barter Theatre, and we were going to The Tavern but they had to leave. Hoping they come back soon!

  26. I love the fall colors! I am really happy to see the deep reds and cobalt blue. I am also happy to hear that your sister & mom had a great time shopping your closet!!! It is fun to share.

    1. Those are two of my favorites. You know how much I love color!

  27. Love the colors, too! Some I am more likely to wear as an accessory and some as clothing. Please do a post on how to mix a couple of these colors in one outfit.

    1. Great idea! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  28. Leah Hagedorn says:

    Thanks for the Fall trend preview! I chose the beautiful chocolate brown for my one color to add to my wardrobe.

    Is it just me or other than the red orange are we not repeating Spring and Summer colors all over again?

    Would appreciate your input.

    1. They are very similar. Spring had Robin’s Egg Blue AND Every Shade of Unconventional Blue, and Fall has Cobalt. Spring had Blood Orange, and Fall has Red Orange. The differences seem minor, for sure.

  29. I Love all those Fall Fashions! Especially the magenta sweater! I bet your Mother& Sister will come more often now, after going through your closet 😅

    1. The magenta was one of my favorites, too! I hope they do come back soon. It was a lot of fun.