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The Best Comfort Clothes For Women Over 50

I discovered a new phrase today, Gurls. I know I’m supposed to be up on all things fashion, but while I’ve heard of comfortable clothes, I’d never heard the term “comfort clothes”. Boy, does it make sense! Just like comfort food, comfort clothes make you feel oh so much better. Need to feel a fashion hug? Then check out all these comfort clothes for women over 50!

Comfort Clothes for Women Over 50 – Pants

Casual Linen Pants

To me, comfortable means loose, easy to put on, and no pesky buttons or zippers. I think these linen pants are a perfect example. Even though they have a drawstring, it’s just for looks. You can lounge at home in these, then head out to run errands and be comfortable the whole time.

Vuori Performance Joggers

You are going to have to take my word for it, but these are the SOFTEST pants, ever. My sister called me the other day to complain that I’d told her daughter about them. Now she can’t get her to wear anything else!

I started wearing joggers last year, and I LOVE them. They are great for being comfortable and stylish! If you don’t own a pair, I highly recommend you give them a try.

Lotus and Luna Harem Pants

I’ve had a great response to my recent boho posts, so I thought you might like these pants. They are so much fun. I’d pair them with an off-the-shoulder, soft T-shirt and call it a day.

Comfort Clothes for Women Over 50 – Tops

Batwing Waffle Shirt

Don’t you just hate it when you’re out shopping or at dinner and your clothes are too tight, or pinching? This waffle shirt would be great with a pair of jeans, or even better, yoga pants! It comes in a bunch of styles and is under $30 dollars!

Lightweight Long Sleeve Sweater

I know it’s hot in a lot of places right now, but when I’m at home I love wearing sweatshirts or comfortable sweaters. It’s that time of year when you’re hot one minute and cold the next, so a lightweight sweater is great to throw on over a tank top. There are 25 colors to choose from, and under $30 dollars.

Boho Henley

I think the colors in this shirt are just beautiful. I like the no-fuss neckline. Throw it on and get comfy. You could wear it with pretty much anything. If you want it to be a little looser, order a size larger than usual.

Comfort Clothes for Women Over 50 – Two Piece Suits

Two-piece Ribbed Tracksuit

These two-piece tracksuits work great for those of you who want to be comfortable and still look put together. I think if this as not only “comfort clothes” but “casual chic”! It comes in several colors, and it has POCKETS.

Short Sleeve Pullover Tracksuit

This is another cute look that’s comfortable, but well put together. Pair this with some cute tennis shoes, ( I recommend THESE) and you’ll look fabulous running around the house, or running to Starbucks!

Tank Top w/Wide Leg Pants

I’m not a big fan of crop tops, but I love the look of this two-piece outfit. The high-waist pants add some cover to the tummy area. I’d size up a bit in the top to get it to be a smidge longer. This comes in over 20 different colors and is under $40 dollars. That’s a steal for two pieces.

Comfort Clothes for Women Over 50 – Shorts

Drawstring Comfortable Shorts

You know that I think everyone, regardless of age, can wear shorts! I did a whole post about the best shorts for women over 50 here. These just look so soft and comfortable! They are 100% cotton with an elastic waist and have over 7000 reviews on Amazon.

Casual Summer Jersey Shorts for Women

I know these are on the shorter side, but this is about COMFORT. You don’t have to wear them to a garden party, lol. These would be great for wearing around the house while you clean, watch tv, exercise, or read a good book!

UGG Lounge Shorts

Do you like this length better? You know I’m a fan of Bermuda shorts! I just blogged about them a few weeks ago. These are by one of my favorite brands – UGG. If there’s a brand associated with soft and comfortable, it’s UGG. These are made out of super soft jersey and are a great length for running errands or walking the neighborhood.

Need a little comfort? Put down the comfort food and try some comfort clothing instead!

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  1. The blue joggers are adorable!! Casually elegant and comfy is the best combo. Light weight jackets would be nice!

  2. I am looking for comfy clothes, and more sun dresses, well….Dresses!!

  3. As soon as I get home from work – I change into comfy clothes. They are the best.

  4. Dana Smithmier says:

    im from arkansas and there’s nothing i love more than comfy clothes!!

  5. What a wonderful day it is. Shopping at more places than I can remember on one day.
    My favorite of the items you wore for the Amazon shopping Prime Day, was the sundress with the smocked top and ruffles on the straps. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Cheryl K. says:

    Thanks for all the cute tops you post. They are my favorite!

  7. Why not put these clothes on models over 50 so we can see what they really look like

    1. Joyce, I love showing you the clothing on me, but I can’t possibly order everything I want to showcase. I don’t have the resources to do that, and I don’t have the time. It takes a lot of time to order all the clothing, open, press, photographer, edit, etc., so there are times when I will just show the clothing.

  8. My sister and I have always referred to similar clothes as “comfies!” You found a lot of cute ones. I think the joggers are my favorite!

  9. sue koren says:

    Love the ugg shorts!

  10. Barb Cook says:

    Looking for wide leg pants this summer so it’s nice you shop for me!

  11. Joanne W. says:

    Great selection of comfort clothes! Thanks!!

  12. Mary Kinard says:

    I had no idea comfort clothes were a “thing” but I love them! especially the comfy tops you posted!

  13. Alexia Maben says:

    Hope you have a great day! I didn’t know there were alot of good choices of clothing there. But I found a nice night gown on there.

  14. Love the pink sweater.

  15. Linda White says:

    Now your talking, my favorite, comfort clothes. I love being able to go shopping, go to lunch with friends and hang at the house in comfortable clothes. Thank you for all your fashion ideas.

  16. Susan Brennan says:

    Thank you for the great comfort ideas. I have RA and on some days I need comfort days. These ideas are cuter than old loose leggings and a t-shirt!

  17. Linda Edmondson says:

    I must say I’ve been following you for some time! You look absolutely stunning in everything you try on! Thanks for great ideas! Linda Edmondson

  18. Nancy Moss says:

    You look so good in all the dresses.

  19. “Oooo, that waffle shirt!”…as I look down and notice I’m currently wearing my waffle shirt. HA!!! It went on my shopping list though. 😀

  20. debbie hofstetter says:

    love all of your posts, very helpful…………….keep up the great work!!

  21. Just ordered some Harem Pants and some Spanx pants…could they be more opposite:). Thanks for pushing me to try things that are out of my comfort zone at 62!

  22. Love your posts. I need to try Lotus and Luna, they look so comfy. I would love to see tops and everyday boots. Would love to win a gift card. I never win anything. 🤣

  23. Agree Vuori are the best joggers ever!!! Comfort clothes for the win!

  24. Sally Schaeffer says:

    Soooo much better than PJs all day. Been dying to try Vuori joggers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Sooooo much better than staying in PJs all day when I’m home. Been dying to try Vuori. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Thanks for sharing all your suggestions. So many choices! Jeans, jeans, jeans are always helpful. I would love a gift card❤️.

  27. Patti Smith says:

    Looking for v-neck print tees and comfortable pants. And Bermuda shorts.

  28. Wanda Leale says:

    I appreciate your blog. I get overwhelmed with Amazon shopping!. so thank you for breaking it down. I tell my friends about your blog when they have the same issue. so thank you

  29. Ahh, comfort clothes! I had foot surgery 12 weeks ago and am still having to wear sneakers. It’s hard to get dressed up and then put on a pair of sneakers. These are the types of clothing I feel myself wearing these days. Thanks for the post. Also put in my Amazon order already this morning!

  30. Peggy Lewallen says:

    I love getting these emails! Seeing the clothes you pick give me styling ideas! Thanks! Peggy L.

  31. Have fun shopping the next couple of days! Safe travels back home too

  32. Lisa Loving says:

    I red red the drawstring shorts and the Merokeety sweater in a dark green. Will see how I like them!

  33. Meredith Wiggins says:

    I recently bought a pair of linen joggers for a cruise and I am hooked!! They are so comfortable!! Now I am shopping for a trip to London in October!! I want to be comfortable but stylish!! Thanks for all your tips!!

  34. Ann Willoughby says:

    I have the linen pants! They’re great! Thx!

  35. Love the linen pants! It is all about the comfort for me.

  36. Love , love this post! I could buy each one!!

  37. First of all, you have such an BEAUTIFUL, open smile. It’s really inviting.
    I’m looking non-frumpy jeans that have a little bit of shaping to them. I have a bit of the “mommy tummy” and SUPER wide hips. I’m tired of trying to hide them with big shirts, etc.

    Thank you for your fun posts, the scripture, and advice!

    Cory M

  38. I love the variety of your posts!

  39. Love these ideas! Thanks!

  40. You hit the spot! Comfort clothing! I’m not at the weight I desire to be, but still want to look good. About 25 lbs heavier than my happy weight. I carry my weight in my legs.

  41. Wow, lots of great items here, thanks. I have some already and like them very much but now I see I “need” to add a few more pieces to my collection. Keep up the good work.


  42. I’m looking for tops!

  43. Lynn Kawales says:

    OMG! With Amazon prime days and Nordstrom half yearly sale it is so overwhelming! Thank you so much for all of your help navigating thru these sales! I so appreciate all of your help!

  44. Deanne Evans says:

    I love comfort! Thx

  45. Sally Kiek says:

    Love the flared jeans on you! Just placed an Amazon order! Would love a gift card!

  46. Regina Cocolin says:

    I just get in so much trouble when I read your posts! Look forward to them every day!

  47. Good morning!

    I teach high school and need some good looking and comfortable dresses to add to my wardrobe. I am 69 and do not have a perfectly toned body 😏. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  48. Connie R. says:

    It is hard for me to buy clothes that I can’t wear to work. I understand the principal of comfort clothes but strive to be versatile in wear. Maybe next do comfort clothes for work. I work in a store and would love comfort too. You always teach us new fashions phases. Thank you.

    1. Can’t wait to see your Nordstrom buys. I’m looking for a lighted make up mirror. I’ve tried several and have never been satisfied. Hoping to get one at the sale.

  49. Donna Burr says:

    A little bit of everything

  50. Debbie Shumaker says:

    Woohooo. I hope I win!

  51. Cathy Bentley says:

    well I can’t wait to see what you get from Nordstrom. waiting patiently. hopefully everything will be available on Thursday when I can shop.