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Summer Lipsticks I’m Excited To Buy Now

I love sharing about lipsticks for a lot of reasons. First of all, they’re a product that everyone can apply. No special skills needed! Secondly, they are generally inexpensive. Sure, you can spend extra for all-day wear, etc., but for the most part, they are available for just a few dollars. Should I go on? They’re portable, varied, and colorful! Let’s take a look at some of the summer lipsticks I’m excited to buy now!

Summer Lipsticks I’m Excited To Buy Now – Nudes

Nude shades are good for people with neutral undertones, but you can also choose lighter or darker shades of nude, depending on what looks best. (I’m featuring nudes, but these come in lots of other colors.) I’m trying three shades today: one is lipstick, one is lip stain, and one is lip balm.

Let’s start with a lipstick brand you all know and love. L’Oréal has been around as long as I can remember, and that’s because they have quality products. This hydrating lipstick offers a perfect blend of Argan Oil and Vitamin E. The formula is designed to smooth your lips in just one coat, providing a long-lasting color that resists smudging or feathering. Available in a spectrum of FIFTY-TWO shades across colorful families of Reds, Berries, Pinks, and Nudes, it’s easy to find your perfect shade for any occasion. I’m wearing Fairest Nude.

I typically wear a lip stain instead of lipstick. I don’t like the lip color to transfer to my cups and straws, and I don’t like to reapply the color after I eat. That’s not to say that lip stains don’t have issues. They are usually drying, and depending on the color, you might have to reapply more than once a day.

I like to add a smidge of gloss to keep my lips hydrated. I’m wearing the color Calytrix, and this is a darker nude than the others. You can wipe more of the product off the wand to make it lighter.

The last one I’m wearing is a lip balm. It is very creamy and more hydrated than the other two. Someone mentioned that they think this is more like a moisturizing lipstick than a balm, and I tend to agree. It has great color and stays on for a fairly long time. I’m wearing the color Vintage Mauve, which has a berry tint. I prefer a berry nude over a brown nude; it goes better with my coloring.

You can’t go wrong with Maybelline! Enriched with Shea Butter, it glides on smoothly, providing a creamy finish. I love nude shades in the summer, but of course, it’s available in more. Take a guess how many times this lipstick has been reviewed. With 4.4 stars, a jaw-dropping 109,000 times!

Summer Lipsticks I’m Excited To Buy Now – Corals

Remember when I mentioned lipstick being affordable? This Wet and Wild is under 5 dollars! It’s also meant to nourish your lips and is enriched with Murumuru Butter, Mango Butter, and a blend of Sunflower and Watermelon Seed Oils. Available in 13 vibrant shades, it’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, and fragrance-free! Tip: If you’re warm-toned, go bolder and more orange. Cool-toned complexions should go for more pink hues. Hmmm, I wonder if that means I’m a cool-tone. (I always thought I was a pretty cool kid!) 😉

Here’s a familiar brand! COVERGIRL’s Continuous Color Lipstick locks in moisture and provides a lasting shine that can endure for up to SIX hours. Plus, it has Vitamins E and A to help protect your lips from drying out. Six hours of coverage for under 8 dollars? Yes, please!

Summer Lipsticks I’m Excited To Buy Now – PINK

Did you know that pink is considered universally flattering for everyone? It’s true. Obviously, you might prefer a pale pink to a bold one, but still, you can’t go wrong with pink! Brighten your look with Oulac’s Moisturizing Shine Pink Lipstick, especially in the “Girl’s Power” Bright Pastel Pink shade. Priced at $7.99, this 2-in-1 glossy lipstick and tinted lip balm offers long-lasting hydration, perfect for dry lips.

This is the same Maybelline as above, but I loved this hot pink so much that I thought I’d show it to you instead of making you click on all the different shades. Remember? This has been reviewed over 109,000 times! It’s pretty good for a lipstick under $5. Plus, I appreciate that the cap is similar to the color. It makes checking in a drawer for your shade a lot easier!

Summer Lipsticks I’m Excited To Buy Now – Reds

Remember way back when we thought 109,000 reviews were a lot? lol. This lipstick has over 165,000 reviews and 4.4 stars. That’s incredible! Priced at just $9.18, this high-impact lipstick promises up to 16 hours of vibrant, ruby-red color. The formula is designed to lock in color for a smudge-free, transfer-resistant finish, keeping your lips looking fresh all day. The unique arrow applicator ensures smooth, precise application!

E.l.f is a very affordable brand, and I love this red! For the record, experts claim red looks best on fair-skinned people, but I’m not sure if I believe that. Plus, if you like it, go for it! This is around 9 dollars and comes in 20 shades, so you’re sure to find a shade you like.

Summer Lipsticks I’m Excited To Buy Now – Browns

Wondering if you can wear brown-toned lipstick? If you have fair or light skin, taupe or pink-brown tones will complement you beautifully. Those with medium or olive skin might want to try something with red undertones or go for a richer shade. And if you have dark skin, muted shades would be best—around $10 dollars.

Hello, Revlon! This high-impact lip color offers a creamy texture and pampers your lips with a blend of 80% conditioning ingredients, including Vitamin E and avocado oil. Whether you’re refreshing your collection or trying something new, with seventy-two iconic shades to choose from, you can’t go wrong. That’s a lot to choose from!

What about it, Gurls? Are you ready to rock some of these summer shades?! Try something new. Let me know in the comments your favorite shades.

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  1. Shirley Forester says:

    I love fun adventures with family even though impromptu!
    Love the black dressed!
    Thanks for your hardwork.

  2. Love revlon lipsticks! My favorites are mauvy night, cherries in the snow and a great nude matte is shameless. Thanks for the other options!

  3. Susan in the 'burbs says:

    I just bought a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. Because…I discovered that Revlon still makes the color that Holly Golightly wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”! Pretty in the Afternoon is a gorgeous slightly coral pink, and for under $7 I can channel my inner Audrey this summer. (P.S. She is my style icon.)

  4. Lots of pretty shades to consider. I prefer sheer coverage myself for summer.

  5. My warm skin tone looks best with coral and peach shades. The Cover girl shade may be a shade I will try.

  6. Am anxious to see how you liked the lip stain. I prefer those over lipsticks for the same reasons you gave. I love the Calytrix color. So pretty!!

  7. Tania, these nudes look so good on you being blonde! I love coral myself being a red head! I love the ELF lipsticks and all their products. Thank you for a great post!

  8. Thanks for including the brown… might be a fun one to try’

  9. Your lashes are beautiful. Are they real?

    1. The length is mine, but I tried press on lashes for some thickness. I actually like how they look, but I’m not very good at putting them on yet. https://bit.ly/4a3FntO

  10. sue koren says:

    Love the blue and white top you are wearing – do you have a link to it?

  11. sue koren says:

    I like the nude colors the best

  12. I haven’t bought a new lipstick in ages so I think it’s time to make a trip to the store!!

  13. L’Oréal #117 is a great color

  14. I wear Iced mocha and love to put it on top of other colors too. Browns are very pretty! It surprised me. ⭐️

  15. Thank you for this. My grandson, 3 yrs, decided to try my favorite lipstick, and when he closed the tube he didn’t twist the lipstick down, he just smashed the top on. That went to the wastebasket! LOL. So I’m going to try one of these you showed. Perfect timing!

  16. Just ordered a coral one.

  17. Tania, you and I share the same coloring so I was happy to see all the nude choices. I was surprised how reasonable the prices are! Have a happy week!

  18. I’m so ready for summer myself that I wrote out a big plan of things to do and get this weekend to make it special. When I saw your email about being ready for summer, I clicked excitedly. 😁 You’ve got me ready to buy some new lipsticks now!

  19. I just ordered the Pink Maybelline lipstick. Going on a 2 week trip and that shade of pink is my “color” for the trip. Tried to create a wardrobe capsule.

  20. Louise Logan says:

    Live me some pink lipstick in the Spring and Summer!!

  21. Thanks for this post. Always appreciate your comments/suggestions/recommendations. Plus, it’s nice to see how colors look before buying.

  22. Lipstick is a must for me. I think it makes you look less old and washed out. Never leave home without it. Great values here.