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One Piece Swimsuit Guide for Women Over 50

The season of backyard pool parties, trips to the beach, and days spent at the lake are almost upon us. This means it’s time to begin the search for a new swimsuit. I’ve heard many, many times from women our age how much they dread shopping for a new swimsuit. I used to feel the same way, but over the last several years I’ve developed a deep appreciation of my body. I refuse to let the fear of showing a little skin rob me of the pleasure of making memories with my friends and family, and I encourage you to do the same! So, I hope this one piece swimsuit guide, or try-on haul, will be helpful for you.

When looking at new swimwear, I am shopping for something that makes me feel comfortable and confident. There are so many styles of swimsuits available from bikinis to swim dresses, but today, we are going to talk about one-pieces. These are the swimsuits I packed with me on my recent trip to Miami.

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One Piece Swimsuit Guide

#1 Chico’s Magicsuit Diana Black Embellished Swimsuit

I typically find myself gravitating towards one-piece swimsuits. I find them classic and flattering. I try to search for ones that are not boring (you all know boring isn’t allowed in my closet!), and this Magicsuit Diana Black Embellished Swimsuit from Chico’s is anything but boring. Not only does it have all-over slimming control, but adjustable neckline coverage and adjustable straps.

I also really like the fun embellishments on the suit and the little cut-out on the chest which is a little sassy, but totally modest! I grabbed this suit in my regular 12, and it fits perfectly.

Let’s talk about the real star of the show with this outfit, which is this high-neck open cover-up from Boston Proper. It’s currently out of stock, but I found a similar option here. This coverup brings all the drama, and I felt so chic walking around in it! You could also add a belt to keep it closed if you wanted to wear it as more of a maxi. This pair of oversized black sunglasses completed the look.

#2 Boston Proper Swim Sense Teal Waters Twist Front One Piece Swimsuit

You girls know how I feel about bright and happy colors! That’s why I knew when I saw this swimsuit from Boston Proper that I needed it for my trip to Miami. The ruching on the front in combination with the fun pattern is great for camouflaging any problem areas in the tummy area.

The twist front detail and the sweetheart neckline make this suit feminine and fun. I paired it with this sheer button-down cover-up. I love the lace pattern, plus I think I could wear this over a white camisole as a spring or summer top. It never fails, every time I wear this cover-up someone stops me and asks me where I got it. I’m wearing a large.

When I shared about The Best Vacation Purses and Totes recently, this Beach Please bag made the line-up. This heavyweight canvas tote bag is water-resistant and has ample room for all of your beach essentials. It’s available in several other sayings like ‘Weekend Please’, which is great since it’s the perfect size for a weekend getaway!

#3 Boston Proper Swim Sense Twist Front One Piece Swimsuit

I loved the style of the last swimsuit so much that I grabbed it in a classic black as well. This is such a timeless look and a one piece swimsuit that you can wear from season to season without worrying about it going out of style. It’s such great quality that I can see myself getting use out of this for many years to come.

I love leopard print (are you surprised, haha!) and so this maxi-length leopard print cover-up had to come with me to Miami! I love the duster length, especially if I am feeling like I am getting too much sun and need to cover up. This quilted handbag was great for the pool, but it would also be good for stashing your gym clothes or running errands! I like that it has a handle and a removable strap.

Sun protection is so important, especially when you’re at the beach or the pool, so I put on this woven visor. If you have long hair, visors allow you to still put your hair up in a bun or ponytail and also lean against your beach chair without anything in the way. For this look, I also grabbed my Birkenstock look-alikes. You will catch me wearing these with jeans and denim shorts all spring and summer long!

#4 Chico’s Miraclesuit Jena One-Shoulder Shirred Swimsuit

I couldn’t have a one piece swimsuit guide without including a swimsuit with some drama. The last swimsuit I took with me was this stunning one-shoulder Miraclesuit from Chico’s. It comes in the most beautiful and slimming shade called Midnight. The website says it makes you look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds… sign me up! I am wearing it in my regular size 12, and it fits true to size.

You will want to take care not to get any tan lines in this one, but I love the unique look of the one-shoulder silhouette. The mesh cut-outs add a little interest and sassiness without being too revealing. Who says we have to dress boring just because we are over 50?!

Wide-brim hats are great for keeping the sun off of your face, neck, and shoulders for a long day in the sun. This hat is my favorite for lounging by the pool and at the beach! My hat is old and no longer available, but here is one that is similar. It’s neutral so it can be paired with any swimsuit. I also grabbed this woven vegan leather bag that I included in my recent vacation bag round-up. I can even see myself carrying it this fall, so I know I’ll easily get my money’s worth out of it.

I paired this suit with the sheer coverup that I wore with the colorful Boston Proper suit and these Bay Slide sandals from Sam Edelman. I kicked them off in the sand, but they were so cute for going to lunch, and I can’t wait to wear them with my spring and summer outfits!

Did you like today’s one piece swimsuit guide? Let me know in the comments what you liked the best.

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  1. I love gorgeous cover-ups! My favorite are the white lace one & the leopard print! Both of them are adorable.

  2. Summer Girl says:

    The blue print bathing suit looks great on you! The colors are so flattering for you. The full length black cover up is so elegant and attractive on you. I have some white lace cover ups, too and love how they look on me.
    I agree with your followers about Land’s End suits; they are made so well and the fit is good it is difficult to “stray” to other brands.

  3. MaryCarol says:

    I love the bright blue on you best.
    I have two swimsuits that I love and will have to get me through the summer. Some of these are just a bit too pricey for my budget.
    Trying on swimsuits is not for the faint of heart. Great job!!

  4. I really like the woven bag, and would order in white, but need an option that has a shoulder strap. Taking our two granddaughters on a Disney Cruise the end of March!

  5. They are all nice but I can’t see paying $178 for a swimsuit. My last swimsuit got bleached out from chlorine or whatever chemicals were in pool/spa when I was In Miami last year.

    1. Meg, That’s why I order all my suits (pool owner) from swimsuitsforall.com

  6. Debra Mundy says:

    Loved the Boston Proper suit and the Lilly cover-up!

  7. They were all beautiful on you! Did you find any options with a swim skirt?

    1. Debi, I’ll have more swimsuit options coming soon.

  8. Love the one shoulder swimsuit from Chico’s! Looks great on you. Thanks for showing these. I’m 5’0”, it’s very hard to find a suit that fits lengthwise.

  9. Jan Canapp says:

    Tania, loved all your bath suit choices. I especially like the one shoulder one. I also love love love that vegan brown bag. I have it my Amazon cart.

  10. I had never heard of Boston Proper today but I have a feeling this year’s swimsuit will be from there.

  11. Deborah Leggett says:

    Cute suits and cover ups. I especially like the maxi cover ups.
    Thank you for showing us the different styles.

  12. I like the one shoulder and the first black suit the best!!
    You are very brave to model swimsuits!!!

  13. Thank you for showing the swimsuits and coverups. You look great! I especially liked the blue suit. My favorite swimsuits come from Lands End. I’m 5’9” and they make just about everything in talls. I like them so much, it’s hard to branch out. 😂

  14. Thank you for sharing this collection. My favorite is the leopard cover up. I bought a new black suit and it will a fun accessory.

  15. I had skin cancer a while back.. beacause of that I bought swim suits with sunscreen protection in them. Have been wearing them in Fla. and it really worrks. Also have the swim knee length bottoms which are so cute and cover my lumpy legs! All these were from Lands Ends. They are excellent quality! And I am 79 years old.

  16. Tania,
    These are spectacular! I love the fit and silhouette! You also accessorize so great!
    Thank you for doing all the hard to share your finds with us!

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    My two favorites are #1 & #4 because they are different. I am working on accepting the excess skin & rolls on my back and my tummy bulge so that I can wear a one piece swimsuit with confidence. Maybe I’ll get there in the near future.

  18. you are one classy beautiful lady. thank you for helping those of us that are fashionablely challenged!

  19. loved today’s presentation! so fun!!!!

  20. Roberta S says:

    I like the coverup and the one should swimsuit but both are way more expensive then I would ever pay.

  21. Love the blue one on you! You look fantastic!

  22. Deborah Tillman says:

    Just love the white coverup but too expensive for me

    1. For me too 😧
      I am looking online and cant finding anything else in this lace pattern unfortunately.

  23. Just loved seeing the swim suit cover ups with the suits!

  24. I’m loving the navy blue one from Chicos! Thank you for reminding us all that we shouldn’t worry about our shape at any age and our bodies should not stop us from having fun Life is short and I appreciate your courage to do a swimsuit photo shoot. It inspires me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

  25. You did a good job choosing those suits. Every one of them looked”Mah-velous” on you.

  26. I have been eyeing the Chico’s one shoulder miracle suit-thank you for trying it on and showing me, Tania! Going to keep an eye on that one!

  27. So true to enjoy time with family and friends and forget our insecurities. The Boston Proper blue is beautiful! You gave me an idea to use kimonos I already have for coverups…repurposing!

  28. Any suggestions for us busty gals who “hang low” in swimsuits?

  29. I love the cover ups, however, I really like to have a pocket in my cover up for my phone!

  30. Maria A Kozan says:

    I applaud you for styling the swimsuits for us. They look great!

  31. Love that white Lilly coverup! Just ordered it! Should be perfect for our trip to Amelia Island in April.

  32. You look great in all of these suits! However, the Boston Proper blue one is such a pretty color on you😊

  33. You look great in these suits, Tania. My favorite is the twisted front, then the one-shoulder suit. I have a shorter leapord print in my closet, and never thought to use it as a bathing suit cover-up! thank you for the new way to get more use out of it!

  34. Thank you so much ! I purchased two beautiful bathing suits last year when you posted bathing suit ideas. The quality was unbelievable and I will be wearing again this year. Loving the cover ups today. Always appreciate your ideas!

  35. Loved the Magicsuit swim suit, it’s a little pricy for me but maybe there is a similar less expensive one out there. The crock flip flops are perfect for the beach.

  36. Tania, you look great in all of these swimsuits! My biggest swimsuit challenge is finding complete booty coverage because I don’t want anything showing. Plus, my thighs are so lumpy-bumpy so I always want to cover them up. I always enjoy your posts, so thank you!

  37. Debbie Titus says:

    You really look lovely in all these swimsuits. I love the cover ups and accessories too! Great choices!

  38. I like colorful suits with prints so the blue one is adorable! I also think about what tan lines it may cause. The one shoulder suit would give you a funny tan line.

  39. Jennifer Panter says:

    Love the Boston Proper turquoise one. Do you have to order it or can you buy in a store?

  40. Val Swift says:

    Gosh, at my size, I could never wear those cute suits. I was never built for a bikini, but now I’m built for just staying home🤣
    On the rare occasion that I might take my grandson to a water park (he hates the beach, but loves a pool), my swimsuits are blouson tops with knee length swim shorts. I have so much crepey skin and at least a million age spots and barnacles, as my dermatologist calls them, that I probably need swim pants at this point.
    You are blessed to be so fit and have beautiful skin.
    Have a wonderful day!

  41. Nice post. You look great.

  42. Julann James says:

    You look amazing! I so envy and appreciate your confidence and acceptance of your 50-60+ body. Thank you for the reminder not to miss out on memories and events just because being in a swimsuit makes us feel a little uncomfortable…just find a great coverup😊

  43. Love the swimsuit guide and also the fact that you’re comfortable in your own skin. That makes me feel free to show my 50++ body at the pool!

  44. I like the swimsuits and covers you have chosen. I am one of those women who stresses over swimsuits. I haven’t had the need for one in over 15 years and I don’t see that changing any time soon.