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Swimsuits For Women Over 50

If you had asked me five years ago if I would do a try-on haul of swimsuits for women over 50, I would have told you that you were nuts! I’ve done collage posts or linked to swimsuits that I liked, but putting one on and going online in one is a whole different kettle of fish. However, with age comes confidence and knowledge. Plus, a deep appreciation of what our bodies have gone through and survived. I have dimples, scars, marks, lumps, and bumps that have taken me a lifetime to acquire, and I am not ashamed of them.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul

So, cover your eyes if looking at a woman over 50 in a bathing suit is not your cup of tea.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 1

Okay, I didn’t start with a swimsuit. This is a Shimmer Stripe Caftan Dress, but I wanted to use it as a swimsuit cover-up. Of course, this caftan sold out really quickly, but the Ombre Metallic Caftan Short Dress and the Floral Chiffon Caftan are still in stock, and they are gorgeous too.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul 2

For my accessories, and yes, I always accessorize even at the beach, I am carrying a straw clutch wrist purse that is large enough to hold my phone, keys, and a small wallet. I love this straw clutch, and it will be great to carry with any outfit this spring and summer.

The Raffia Block Heel Sandal (similar) is perfect for summer. I love the material and color, and the block heel is sturdy to walk in. I felt like the strap around the upper part of the foot was a little large. My foot felt like it was sliding through, but they don’t look too big in the photos.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 3

The first of my swimsuits for women over 50 I am showing is a pink One-Piece Twist-Top. I love swimsuits in bright colors, so I thought this swimsuit would be my favorite. Plus, the side ruching is great for hiding the bulges in the tummy area, so I was shocked that this one will probably be going back.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul 4

The suit had ample coverage, molded cups, and I loved the sweetheart neckline, but I didn’t love the suit on me. Depending on the brand and style, I usually wear a size 10-12 in swimsuits. I’m wearing a size 10 in this one, but I don’t think the size is my issue.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul 6

I bought this Modern Straw Tote when I went on my Biltmore trip. We didn’t even have a beach trip planned at that time, but I must have subconsciously been wanting to go. I love the modern style of this tote, and it is plenty big enough to carry everything I need to the pool or beach. Plus, it will look great with all my summer outfits since it is a neutral color.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 7

Bathingsuit number two is also a one-piece. I love the color combination of the La Blanca Tropics of Tropez Keyhole One-Piece swimsuit. This swimsuit is cute and surprisingly comfortable, even though the straps in the back were hard to navigate the first time. I’m wearing a size 12, and I like the fit. I love La Blanca swimsuits, and you can find them here.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul 8

Even my blue aviator sunglasses match my swimsuit. Lol!!! Since they aren’t expensive, I won’t worry about getting them scratched.

Tankinis are Great Swimsuits For Women Over 50

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 9

This wide-brim straw hat has sold out, but I also have this one that looks almost identical.  When I went to the Biltmore, I wore another wide-brim hat that was even larger than this one, but I think I like the size of this one better for everyday use. The oversized one is a DIVA hat, and it is great for photos but not as practical as this one.

I didn’t get a good photo of the leopard print cover-up, but you can check it out on my YouTube video on my Latest Amazon Finds. The video has a different Raffia tote and two swimsuits that I don’t have included here.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 10

Cut-outs are very popular at the moment, so I decided to give this La Blanca One-Shoulder Keyhole Tankini (Links below) a try. I wasn’t that fond of it when I was trying it on, but it doesn’t look bad in the photos.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 11

The One-Shoulder Keyhole Tankini top is long and has plenty of stretches. I actually like the cut-out, and I think it is a cute detail. The Mid-Waist Swim Bottoms have great coverage, and the crisscross design helps to camouflage tummy issues. I’m wearing a size 12 in the top and bottom, and they both fit great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul 12

The white Button-Up Cover-Up (similar) looks great with all of the swimsuits for women over 50. This cover-up is so versatile that I’ll probably be reaching for it the most often. It won’t matter what color swimsuit I wear; this cover-up will look great. I love the 100% cotton lightweight fabric, especially since it won’t be hot this summer. I’m wearing a size large, and this is very generously sized.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuits for women over 50 try-on haul13

My daughter loved this swimsuit, and if it was one size larger, I might have had a hard time keeping her out of it. Lol! Miraclesuit sent me a couple of swimsuits, and I loved all of them. The Miraclesuit Network Jena is sophisticated and chic looking! The draping is beautiful, and the mesh cut-outs are tastefully done. I’m wearing a 12 in this suit, but it is still a tad tight, but that is how Miraclesuits fit.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul 14

The coverage from the back view is modest, and you don’t have to worry about your “cheeks” showing. Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is doing a swimsuit try-on haul15

I bet you noticed this bright and colorful Kurt Geiger Raffia Tote. The colors are gorgeous, but it has already sold out. I’ll tell you the price, and then you might not feel so bad that you missed out on it. It was $145.00, and that’s a lot for a raffia tote to take to the beach. Here are a couple of others, but the inventory is limited on them too.

Kurt Geiger Raffia Tote

Kurt Geiger Rainbow Tote

Kurt Geiger Envelope Clutch

Kurt Geiger Envelope Crossbody Bag

Swimsuit coverup

I hope all of the swimsuits won’t cause you to have nightmares. Lol! Do you know what the worst part is??? This is only Part ONE; I still have another post to finish with the rest of the swimsuits. I bet you can hardly wait. Lol!!!

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  1. Jeanette Johnson says:

    How much do u weigh? I liked to know so I can get the right size of swimsuit. I usually wear an 8 and I am 135 lbs.

    1. I usually order a 12. I’m 5’6” tall and weigh around 155

  2. You look wonderful in all of them!

  3. Liz Strazza says:

    I love the detail you reported on these swimsuits.

  4. You look great and I admire your courage. I bought two of the swimsuits you modeled last year so thank you for making us all braver!

  5. Thank you for showing photos of an actual person wearing actual bathing suits. I’m about to be 50 and it’s so hard to look at posts of people who aren’t real when you are looking for a swimsuit! By the way, you look amazing.

  6. Tania, thank you for sharing your confidence & your beautiful self w us for these swimsuits all look fabulous! I had to order a couple of them! You look AMAZING! GOOD job on the weight loss!

  7. Janie Jessen says:

    Do you purchase from Nina Cloak? when I was reading through your site they popped up over your information.

    1. No, I’ve never heard of them.

  8. Vickie McClurg says:

    Thank you I’m 69 and love what you are doing !

  9. Diana VanWinkle says:

    Thank you for being brave and encouraging us to be brave, too! We only get one life – let’s live it to the fullest no matter how many lumps and bumps!

  10. Anna Penny says:

    After searching for swim suits, it is SO refreshing to see a woman in her 50’s rocking a suit! You look great in all! Nice to know we can be beautiful and not perfect!!!

  11. Love all of these suits. You look fabulous too! 💖

  12. You rocked all the suits. My favorites are the tropical print one, the white one and the 2 pc gingham one. Love your blog – it brings a smile to me everyday.

  13. Gurl! You look fabulous!

  14. You are a very brave woman and your look great in all the suits !

  15. Good for you, Tania! You are so great to be confident and show us how these suits really look on a woman. The print suit, the black, and the white are my favorites, and you look great!

  16. Lisa Olson says:

    You look fantastic in all of them, Tania – I wish I had your figure and CONFIDENCE! That second swimsuit is my absolute favorite, and will be ordering that. Thanks so much for doing this post. You’re a delightful inspiration!

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    Tania, I think you look great in all of the swimsuits. I really appreciate your statement about earning the lumps, etc., and that is the attitude that I need to have.

  18. Sharon F Johnson, John Mark Johnson says:

    You should keep the pink! Although, they all look great on you!

  19. The keyhole tropics was very flattering. Loved the white one on you – so chic. The blue gingham was adorable on you. Thanks for sharing that 62 year olds can still wear a bathing suit AND you look beautiful!

  20. This was great! Thanks for the inspiring messages about how to appreciate our bodies, too. I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite – you made me want to try all of them on. Can’t wait for Part II xoxo

  21. You look fabulous! I think you should keep them all. Those are a WOW!

  22. Love the beautiful Caftan!
    I think you look great in all the swimsuits, especially the gingham 2piece & white 1piece

  23. Michelle McDermott says:

    Way to go — you looked awesome. Thanks for giving the 50+ confidence to do the same!

  24. You look great in the floral and white swimsuit.

  25. You look great! I can only wish I looked as good as you do in these suits. I really like the pink one and the shimmery caftan dress. Thanks for doing this. You should be proud!!

  26. TOTAL kudos to you for posting this, I love when we older ladies feel confident, and you look fabulous!

  27. The tropical one is the best imo. The cut and the neck look great! You ARE brave. I don’t wear any suit at my age that doesn’t have a little skirt. The tankini’s are what I like; to get that upper leg coverage. Maybe you have some of those in your second post?

  28. Gurl! You ROCKED every one of those suits! I bet Joe is smiling! Lol

  29. Karen Ziegler says:

    Hi, loved the LaBlanca Tropics suit. It looked so cute on you. The shimmery caftan was gorgeous.
    Karen Ziegler

  30. Tania, you look wonderful in these swimsuits! My favorites on you are the La Blanca tropical and the white one-shoulder. The white really looks stunning on you! I hope you keep that one. I’m considering the La Blanca for myself. Thank you so much for this post!

  31. Pamela J Gotto says:

    You look amazing!

  32. I loved the pink one and the blue gingham two pice on you the best, but all of them were cute on you. Thank you for doing this.

  33. Rockin the swim suits

  34. Gail Hallock says:

    Girl, you look great! Thanks for inspiring us!!

  35. You are rockin it, Tania. You look fan-fricken-tastic!! You go, girl! These all look terrific on you. Wear the suit!!

  36. Catherine F says:

    Confidence! Confidence! Confidence! You look amazing gurl.

  37. After losing all that weight you should feel confident!!! You look great in all the suits.

  38. So happy you were brave!
    Men never feel this way.
    Why do women?
    Keep living and enjoy everyday!
    You looked amazing.

  39. You look fabulous in ALL the bathing suits!! Thanks for showing us some new brands 🙂

  40. Those are all really good suits and look great on you!

  41. Amy Lynn White says:

    Sooo proud of you and you look amazing!! Thank you for showing what a natural woman looks like!

  42. Tania,
    I love the black 2 piece tankini & the white 1 piece on you. Those are the winners in my book.
    Thank you

  43. Tania! You look great in all the suits! You have a terrific figure! My favorite is the La Blanca Tropez. Really smashing and chic! I think you should keep it! Hugs to you, brave girl! Have a great weekend!

  44. Starla McKinney says:

    I just have to say that you looked AMAZING in those swimsuits, and I loved them all. Proud of you for braving the try-on, and then after seeing you in them, realized you really had nothing to fear! 🙂

  45. Thank you for the swimsuit post! You look fabulous. Nice to see the swimsuits on a normal body! You wear them all very well, but the floral and blue gingham are my favorites.

  46. Yvonne Y Tanner says:

    You look great in all of them. I think I like the tropical one best. I love the white cover up but it’s sold out except in an olive green. To bad.

  47. Loved the suits and your confidence. You are adorable.

  48. Love the print suit on you and the black two piece, love the white front but not the back – you can definitely do the two piece check, head up and wear it with pride!

  49. I love the La Blanca Tropics of Tropez Keyhole One-Piece swimsuit. It’s so cute on you! You are definitely a brave woman to post pics of swimsuits online. You look great! I remember when you could barely show us the back of jeans. 😉

  50. Donna Gustafson says:

    Thank you for showing these swimsuit options, they all look great on you with your smile and confident spirit.

  51. You look AWESOME! I like them all but I like the black one best! Thank you for your blog.

  52. Tammy Mason says:

    Thank you for being brave enough to do what most all of us hate at our age! Now to channel some of your confidence to do the same. ❤️

  53. Thank you for doing swimsuits. I think you look great. I like the white & the two piece

  54. SUSAN MINTZ says:

    You are cute as a button and if I had your figure, I would stay in a swimsuit. The tropical high-neck is my favorite on you!

  55. Nancy Onorato says:

    Tania, Yours is the first blog I read every morning & you always brighten my day! You have the best sense of humor ever. You look great in all of these swimsuits & I love your style!

  56. Pam Augustine says:

    You look great in all of them. I love the 2 piece on you.

  57. Dawn Scheurich says:

    You look fabulous in all of those! Thanks so much for sharing yourself—you’re awesome! I wish I looked as good as you in my swimsuit…

  58. Melesa Garrison says:

    I love them all! You ROCKED them all!!! I think I like the floral one the best, but they are all cute.

  59. Cathy Calabro says:

    The floral suit looks fabulous1 They all look great but that floral is perfect! I just love your posts!

  60. You look amazing! Thank you for being a inspiration for women in their 50’s!

  61. Tania, you look Great in all— but that floral is stunning on you! Looks like it was made just for you 😊. Enjoy your timely posts!

  62. KUDOS to you! We don’t need more pictures of skinny 20 year olds in swim suits! We need real women with aging bodies. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post and you now have a fan for life. Oh, and incidentally…..you rocked every look!!

  63. You look amazing and you are an inspiration! The floral suit was my favorite on you. Very nice choices to share with us.

  64. Wow! You look fabulous in all of those suits. I haven’t worn a swimsuit in a few years now but you’ve given me the courage to give it a go! You are brave and bold.

  65. Thanks for having the courage to model the swimsuits. I am 66 and always disappointed when I try on swimsuits. I keep expecting to look like I did when I was 25..LOL. You look AMAZING in all of them

  66. You look amazing and give me confidence to follow suit and STOP HIDING!! Our bodies can and have done amazing work….what’s to be ashamed of!?? GO LADIES OVER 50!!!!!!

  67. Elizabeth says:

    Bravo! You look great and I like you best in the floral print swimsuit.

  68. You are so brave! Thank you for the post. You look fabulous in all of them, but the colorful keyhole might be my favorite.

  69. You go girl!! You look fabulous! My favorite is the white one. Tell me you are keeping that one!

  70. Lori Tally says:

    You go girl! You look great! Great swimsuit choices. The printed key hole and black are my favorites!

  71. Bravo! You know we needed this post and you delivered. THANK YOU!

  72. You look fabulous! You are ready for the beach. These are all great. Shopping for swimsuits is so daunting. They can look so cute on the hanger but what happens when we put them on? I have bought many from Amazon and have had good luck but my favorite is from Athletica

  73. You look AMAZING in every one of the swimsuits! And BRAVE on you girl because you couldn’t pay me enough to show my skin. I like the floral suit the best. It’s more youthful looking then the others.

  74. You look fabulous! I love, love that tropical print swimsuit! The white is stunning but looks like it was meant for lounging around a pool, not jumping into a lake.

  75. Charlotte says:

    I think you look great! Kudos to you for having the guts to do it. My favorites are the Floral Print Keyhole and the black one shoulder keyhole tankini

  76. Gail Ardiel says:

    I agree with everyone, they are all stunning on you, but my fav is the white swimsuit.

  77. Thank you for doing this post. You look great and woman to woman I know this post probably wasn’t easy to do. Swimsuit try-ons are very hard for me and it takes strength. My favorites are the black and multi tropical print. I like the white one but for me I’d pick another color. You are a positive influence for us gals over 50 and beyond!!!

  78. You look great in all but my favorite Is LaBlanca

  79. Mary Beth Sheldon says:

    Hi Tania! They all look great on you but I do love the tropical keyhole one and the white one best. Stunning! Thank you for showing us all different styles and accessories!

  80. Wonderful article. My favorites were the printed one piece, and totally totally loved the 2 piece blue and white on you. I am turning 65 this summer, and decided to go back to 2 piece suits, no more “slimming” one pieces, no more attempting to keep a tankini creeping up and exposing belly. I am going to let my skin breath. I really enjoy your articles and outfits. Have a great day!

  81. Thank you for creating this post, Tania. Your positive message & photos are wonderful. You look fantastic in every suit, but my favs are the white one and the tropical print. I love how you style w/ accessories! So cute & fun!

  82. You look great! I love the pink one on you the best. I am surprised you didn’t like this one on you. I don’t want to look into my bathing suit container to try them on, make decisions, and see if I want to get any new ones. I shop for Lands End for bathing suits.

  83. Lisa A Weil says:

    Go Tania!!!!
    You look Fabulous!

  84. Holy smokes!! You look absolutely STUNNING in all of these! I think the first suit, pink one, is darling on you…not sure why you don’t care for it. Anyway, huge props to you for “baring” yourself…you should be proud of how fabulous you look. And, yahoo, a two piece suit looks fantastic on you! Great post, I say KEEP ALL OF THEM😁

  85. Bravo ! you look great ! that was a brave thing, I stopped wearing swimsuit awhile go. If I were to get any of them it would the black one i love the shoulder detail

  86. Donna Carpenter says:

    You ROCKED every single one!! Looking good!!

  87. I think you look amazing in all of these swimsuits! My favorite on you is the La Blanca Tropics of Tropez Keyhole suit. That looks fantastic! Looking forward to Part 2.

  88. I love all the bathing suits, especially the white one! Thanks for today’s post and you look awesome, Tania!

  89. pat nelson says:

    You are look ing like one “hot mama”. strut it girl..Love all the suits. I order plenty from your

  90. What a fun post! That gingham two piece is adorable. Loved the tropical print halter too. I used to be self conscious about swimsuits and specifically bikinis until I vacationed in the Caribbean. European ladies vacationing there who were
    much older were lounging in bikinis.They seemed to have a healthier attitude about their “lived in” bodies.

  91. Thanks for this swimsuit post. You look great in all of them!! Gives me confidence to shop for a new suit!!

  92. Tania, thanks for this post! You look fantastic. I now feel brave enough to get out there and look for a new bathing suit.

  93. You look fantastic! I have been reading your blog for a while, and noted your weight loss. Good.for.you!
    And the suits are cute too.

  94. Sally Kirk says:

    You look amazing! Such a cute figure! Even though I am at a good weight, my pear shaped figure does not like swim suits!

  95. You look fabulous!!

  96. Pam Lemmer says:

    You look amazing in all the suits! Love your style!

  97. Karen Kirk says:

    Thank you so much! You looked great in all of them!

  98. Kerry Hall says:

    Love it, confident and classy! You have inspired me to get a new swimsuit this season!

  99. Tanya,you look fabulous in all the suits! There is something to be said for feel good in your own skin. I read your email everyday and order many things you post. Thank you for putting a two piece on here for an over 50 woman. Now I won’t be second guessing myself. LOL

  100. Very cute suits! You look GREAT!!

  101. You look Great!!! So Brave!! 👙🕶 u have worked very hard getting the weight off and u can wear the swimsuits proudly😊 you go GURL!!

  102. Tania, You are one brave gal!!! You look amazing! Work it, girl!

  103. You look absolutely fantastic! Love the tropical print. I worry about weird tan lines when I’m looking for bathing suits. Can’t wait to see the rest

  104. I love the black tankini and the white one shoulder..you look great!

  105. I live on a lake so a bathing suit is my half my summer wardrobe LOL I love most of these particularly the white Miraclesuit. Yes they are tight but they do help put curves where they should be and get rid of them where they shouldn’t. I adore the gingham print 2 piece just not sure I’m brave enough to wear it in public, maybe the hot tub with hubby

  106. I love this post. You look stunning.

  107. You look amazing. These are all super suits. Thank you for sharing.

  108. Cheryl Tollefson says:

    Those are all super cute and great on you! You look fantastic! Thanks for the great ideas and enjoy your trip!

  109. KELLY ANN CASEY says:

    Thank you for doing this post! You look great in all of them but the white is my absolute favorite!

  110. Brave lady! I hardly like trying on swim suits for myself to look at. I hope you find one or just love for your trip!

  111. You go girl! Looking fantastic in all of the suits……so admire you for doing this post!

  112. You look so good in all of them. I especially love #2 but as I’m larger than you on the top, worry they would peek out more than I would like.