NYDJ Review: Jeans for Women Over 50

Today, I am sharing about a brand of denim that you may have never heard of. NYDJ, which stands for “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans,” specializes in creating jeans with a focus on fit and comfort for women of all ages and body types. The brand’s story began in 2003 when a group of women realized the lack of stylish and flattering jeans available for mature women. The brand has gained a loyal following due to its commitment to creating jeans that not only look great but also make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Since I am always on the hunt for the best jeans for women over 50, I decided to try out five different pairs from this brand and give an honest NYDJ review.

NYDJ Review: Jeans for Women Over 50

#1 High Waist Ankle Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans

First up, we have the High Waist Ankle Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans. These jeans have a classic and timeless design with a straight-leg fit. I’m wearing them with these adorable two strap wedges, but I can see them transitioning into the next season easily with a bootie, flat, or a sneaker. Before you order, make a note that the company suggests sizing down one size to get your perfect fit. If your size is sold out in any of the jeans: Amazon also carries a wide variety of NYDJ jeans, so check there.

One of the key features that sets NYDJ apart is its patented “Lift Tuck Technology.” This innovative design incorporates a crisscross front panel in their jeans, which helps to flatten the tummy area and provide a slimming effect. Additionally, the jeans are designed with a higher rise at the back, providing a gentle lift for a more flattering rear view.

I tried all five pairs of jeans on with this beautiful Dahlia blouse from Loft. I love the breezy, flowy feel of the fabric. At the time I’m writing this, it’s on sale for a great price which is always a bonus! I also paired these jeans with this amazing buttery soft tote from AllSaint. The tan is sold out, but you can grab one in black or a beautiful burgundy color for $100 off right now during the N Sale (ending August 6).

#2 Marilyn Straight Leg White Jean

I just did an entire post on my favorite pairs of white jeans, but let’s add another contender into the mix! I felt like these straight leg white jeans from NYDJ made my legs look long and lean which is a tall order to ask from a pair of white denim since they are typically infamous for having the opposite effect. I think it helps that I paired them with the same clear strap sandals from above and nude shoes have an elongating effect.

I didn’t feel as though they were see-through at all, although they were a little less stretchy and a little thinner than the other pairs of NYDJ denim I tried on. I found them to be super comfortable and the fit felt great. If you duplicate a similar-looking outfit, you will have the ability to wear it to so many different places and scenarios. It’s the perfect mix of dressy and casual!

#3 Billie Ankle Slim Bootcut Jeans

We’ve been seeing a lot of kick-flare jeans, and I think these are a happy medium between a straight leg and a kick-flare. They still have a modern, on trend look, but they were definitely easier to style than a full flared crop denim. I love jeans of all different washes, but I think dark denim is so versatile as it is easy to dress up or down.

I may have to do another NYDJ review of their denim styled with cold-weather shoes like loafers and boots so you can see which ones you’d like to add to your fall and winter wardrobe. Today, however, I am wearing the jeans with these cute little black slide sandals from Steve Madden. They also come in cognac, raffia, and white.

#4 NYDJ Marilyn Distressed Straight Leg Jean

This pair of lighter-wash jeans are a little more casual than a pair of dark denim, but boy were they comfortable! They are a touch too long for me in flats, but they will be perfect with boots or heels. It’s a little harder to navigate to find tall and petite sizing on the Nordstrom website, but you can find them easily on the NYDJ website.

Speaking of cool weather shoes, these mules from Steve Madden are a great type of shoe to help transition into fall. They’re perfect for when it’s too cool for sandals, but not cold enough for a boot. I paired it with one of my favorite crossbody bags, but I was sad when I went to link it for you to find that it’s currently unavailable. Here is a similar option if you’re shopping for an affordable neutral crossbody bag.

#5 Sheri Slim Jeans

Last but not least, we have the Sheri Slim Jeans from NYDJ which are right in between a skinny and a straight leg jean. I know some of you gurls are out there gripping onto your skinny jeans tight and refusing to give them up, so this pair of denim is a great compromise! I really liked the cut and fit of this pair as they feel like a tried and true classic pair of jeans that I can reach for to wear with anything from a t-shirt to a dressy blouse.

Don’t forget to order one size down! I know I mentioned it on the first pair, but the company suggests you do the same thing on every pair that I looked at. They are extremely stretchy, and I can see how they would stretch out after a full day of wear. I’m carrying my woven handbag in the color Apricot that has so much room for all of my essentials. I had this bag in brown and loved it so much that I ordered this neutral tan color.

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Have you ever tried NYDJ jeans? Which pair from this NYDJ review was your favorite?

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  1. Sharon U. says:

    You look lovely in every shot. Once again, you’ve given us so many options.

  2. I am 75 5’4″ 145lb and I live in NYDJ jeans and Chico’s My favorite jeans are Sherri Slim
    size 10

  3. Leah Hagedorn says:

    You look so darn stinking cute in everything you put on!

    Love the background bird song in videos 2 & 4.

    My favorite NYDG jean shown is Sheri. But repeat you looked SO cute in everything.

  4. Marge Doss says:

    I like the still photos and the videos. The videos seem more personal but I can pin the stills. I really like your style choices.

  5. Love the option of seeing photos and videos! So impressed with how you take the extra time to keep up with all the changes in technology. I appreciate how challenging this can be. All outfits look beautiful on you

  6. Barbara Proud says:

    I’m really enjoying your post. Feel a little guilty that you’re doing all the leg work! I’m usually frustrated when I shop the stores near me because of lack of merchandise in my size and poor selection. This could be a dangerous partnership 😅

  7. My favorite is the Marilyn distressed jean. I literally went “awwww” when I saw them. Thanks for this review. I’ve worn NTDJ back in the day, but haven’t thought about them in a long time. I prefer pictures.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Joan! It is very helpful!

  8. Katherine says:

    I love and appreciate your blog. I prefer pictures.

  9. yes, a long time ago I had n y d j jeans and I loved them. I absolutely wore them threadbare.
    I am here liking the white straight leg Marilyn.

  10. Thank you, Tania, for showing the videos today. A nice quick glimpse of an outfit in motion! For me, I like the great content you already give us. I like being able to study a picture for whatever feature I’m looking for, and your comments on each item are super informative. I also appreciate that you always share the back view. It’s important to remember that people see us from the front AND the back!

    I love the straight leg white jeans and the Sheri slim jeans. I have yet to buy a pair of NYDJ, but that is on my wish list for fall!

  11. Ginger Nisbet says:

    I have always enjoyed your pictures and still find that to be adequate when looking at different styles. The videos enhance that to a certain extent, but if you’re not going to talk then turn off the mic–street noise and static take away from the message

  12. I have tried on NYDJ, but never purchased them. I think the white Marilyn jeans are my favorite. The Marilyn distressed are a close second. Especially if they are soft!

  13. So glad to see this post…..LOVE this brand of jeans. It is the only brand that consistently fits my body type, I have several pair of jeans along with NYDJ dress slacks for work. Very good informative post, will be ordering more from here.

  14. The video clips are nice. As someone mentioned, seems like a lot of extra work. I like the look of mules as most appear classy. I haven’t bought a pair as the younger women I see wearing them in my town shuffle in them and they walk out of them. Maybe they all bought too big.

  15. All very cute jeans and love the blouse. I like the pictures and your comments. The videos are cute but don’t add much in my opinion so not necessary to me. Seems like more work for you.

  16. Lynn Ballantyne says:

    I love NYDJ jeans! This was very a good post. You can also buy several styles of NYDJ on QVC.

  17. Thanks for showing so many varieties. You asked what was my favorite and I am having hard time picking because liked most. The severe fading is not my thing so it is just something I would pass on. All others are ones I like. The videos are a nice touch! To see what jeans look like in motion. Plus I just love hydrangeas.

  18. NYDJ jeans are my go to (in addition to Talbots). I have several pair of the Marilyn straights in blue, black, and white. They fit my “apple” body well (including my wider waist), and I appreciate that they come in petite sizing!

  19. I find the video helpful for seeing how the garment moves. And I have a pair of NYDJ jeans that I purchased a few weeks ago and have worn several times already. I like them a lot. As you mentioned, Tania, they have a lot of stretch, but they also have great recovery so that they do not lose their shape over the course of the day. I’m a big fan of the brand.

  20. Almost all my jeans are NYDJ. I love them. Some I’ve had more than ten years and they still look great.

  21. I have NYDJ crop straight leg jeans in white and black. They are very flattering and made well. I ordered a long length black pair from Macy’s. I ordered them a size down but I couldn’t button them up so I exchanged. But after wearing a few minutes they get really loose. This was 2 or 3 years ago. I don’t have that problem with the crop jeans which are in my true size. I read all the cute comments about white jeans after Labor day and the fashion police. I thought there is no more fashion police. They were all defunded. 😊

  22. Elizabeth T says:

    The last pair are my favorite on you. I love NYDJ!

    For me I am usually reading this at work so I skipped over the videos but I am sure they are beneficial for others.

  23. Anne-Marie says:

    So I like the video idea, however you should narrate it a bit. Talk about the jeans, how they feel, what you like about them etc.

  24. Amy Schulke says:

    I don’t need videos and much prefer just seeing the pics and the comments.

  25. Linda Shearer says:

    I really do like the video it helps to see all around fit. All of these jean looks look great on you. I never tried these jeans before but I’m going to. Im getting the Loft top and woven handbag too! Thanks for all of these options.

  26. Love NYDJ jeans!! Please keep the cute video snippets coming!!!!!

  27. I like the video. You might even talk a little and point out features you like or not like.

  28. Nancy Steinke says:

    I have never tried NYDJ, but after seeing you model them I think I will
    I prefer photos to videos. I can better see the elements of the clothes.

  29. Love the Sheri slim jeans!

  30. NYDJ’s are my absolute fav! I buy them all the time! You look amazing in them! I purchase plus size and the fit is always perfect. I look for a longer length and that is sometimes hard to find as I like my pants longer. I appreciate you showcasing them today!

  31. I enjoy your emails each morning and your reviews on things! I prefer the pictures to the videos so if I am somewhere other than home reading emails, I don’t have to worry about the sound on the videos.

  32. WOW. Watched the videos. Seems like a lot of work for you. The pictures are just fine to me. 🙂