50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeI hope you are ready to tell me the best ways to manage your time, because I could really use the input. I see some ladies who just seem to manage careers, family, and friends with ease. They never forget things, never seem flustered, and are always put together nicely. Mind you, I can count the number on one hand, but still they do exist. So how do they manage their time so much better than the rest of us?50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeMy daughter-in-law has three children, works from the home as a beautician, and has a husband who is away a large part of the time. She juggles all that with ease. She always looks immaculate, the house is always clean, and she never seems to get her feathers ruffled.50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeI think the part where she gets up early, and works till late, might have something to do with her success. I’m not willing to do either of those things. Lol! So other than getting up early and going to bed late, what else helps with time management?50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeI have one friend who must have the energizer bunny batteries installed in her. I can’t even begin to tell you her schedule, but I will give you some highlights. She has a young child, around 8 or 9, and she works for her husband in his dental office. She preps all their food for the week on Sundays. Are you with me so far? She teaches Zumba at least three nights a week, and she is training to be in the Mrs. Virginia pageant in April. She sells Rodan and Fields, and has recently taken on the role as track coach. And because that is not enough, she runs in 1/2 marathons for fun.50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeShe told me in order to make all that work, she has to be very organized and everything is scheduled. Can you train to be more organized? How do you stay on a schedule? I can’t even find time to make out a schedule, much less follow one. Let’s take today for instance. I go to work like normal, but I had to leave a little early to take the dogs to the vet. The vet is only there till 4:30, so I loaded both the pups up and took them to the vet. When I got home I started working on the blog, what I was going to write, etc. Then my son calls and when I answer the phone, my grandbaby is screaming. I had just taken the dogs outside and she saw me from the window. “I want to come to Nee Nee’s house.” Of course I said bring her over.50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeWe were playing so Joe went for a walk, and when he came back he had a couple we know with him. We sat outside for awhile and Emersyn played while we talked. When they left, I fed her and got Joe’s food ready. It is now 9:20 and I am just now getting to the blog. Cropping and fixing the photos, writing the content, and finding the links. Obviously, I need help. Can you gurls give me any suggestions?
50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeOkay, to today’s outfit. I love this outfit, it has a romantic vibe. The white Karen Kane lace tank is one that I have had for a couple years, and it is so feminine. Lace is a really big trend right now, and most of us can wear lace. You may not like a big lace collar or cuffs, but a ruffle along the shirt hem is easy to wear. The black one is like mine, and the others are similar.

The crepe vertical stripe pants and the cardigan both came from Cato’s. The cardigan was on clearance from last fall, but I think it matches the pants well. Here are a couple other pants that are similar.

I couldn’t find striped palazzo pants in plus size, but I liked these just as good.

The shoes I have on are the same ones I wore here, so the links are there.50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeI haven’t been linking to my jewelry lately, so I thought I would so a few pieces today. My necklace is from Stella & Dot and is called a Zuni layering necklace. I have on a Michael Kors boyfriend watch that was a gift. My very large bangle is a vintage fashion show find from years ago. It is wooden pieces all glued together.

50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeMy purse is a retired Stella & Dot that you might find on ebay. But here is a similar one by Cole Haan. I hope you liked my romantic, flowy outfit. And I am serious about wanting time management tips. Since I have started the blog, it usually takes me at least two hours a night to finish a post.

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Tania, I am not real good at the time management thing either and I feel like it comes down to, just making choices. Do I clean the house or work on the blog? Do I read a book or go to the grocery store? Ha, ha. Well, you get the idea. I have always believed that people come first, so if company drops in, I drop everything else. If my daughter needs me to watch my Grandson, I drop everything else. But that also means, my house is a mess and I have no milk in the fridge…..So if you get a management system figured out, let me know! Love your outfit too! – Amy-

  2. Continued….

    5. Banking and Bill paying – have checks automatically deposited in your checking account then set up automatic bill pay so that all of your set bills for the month are sent out by the bank. All of my bills get paid on the 24th of the month so that everyone receives their money by the 1st. For items that vary from month to month like water and electric they send me an email that it is due and the money gets taken out of the account.

    6. Keep a well stocked pantry with a good supply of basics so you can always throw together a meal without making a special trip to the grocery store.

    7. Have about a two week supply of socks, t- shirts, underwear, etc for each of you so if you don’t do laundry for a few days it’s not an issue. You don’t have to scramble around to do a load of wash cause you’re out of undies or socks.

    8. Laundry – put a load in to wash before you go to bed at night then in the morning toss it in the dryer before you leave the house for work or errands. When you have a few minutes in the evening pull out the dry clothes and fold and put away. If they are a little wrinkled the “Wrinkle Release” cycle on your dryer is your friend.

    9. Kitchen – after dinner wash the dishes and put on counter to dry or run dishwasher. In the morning while you’re making coffee or packing lunches put the dry dishes away, clean the sink, hand wash your coffee cups, bowls from last night’s ice cream or whatever. Your kitchen is clean and ready when you get home from work. Nothing is worse than coming in the door from work to a sink full of dirty dishes.

    10. Let some things go…..perfection is highly overrated!

    1. On this list, I do #9 (at least most of the time). But I REALLY like #10 the best!!! Thanks so much for putting so much thought into this comment.

  3. My best time management tips:
    1. Make lists….at night while I am watching tv I make a list of things I have to do tomorrow. The list usually has sections like places to go, people to call, chores that need doing at home. I make lists for EVERYTHING! Sometimes I think even my lists have lists.

    2. When I have errands to run I refer to my list and plan a strategic route to go everywhere in the most efficient route without unnecessary backtracking.

    3. When you make dinner, especially things like stew, spaghetti, casseroles, etc make a double batch and freeze some so you already have a meal done when you have one of those hectic days. It take no longer to cook a double batch and then when you need a quick meal you can just reheat the second portion.

    4. If you like to send greeting cards for family and friends’ birthdays then buy one of those greeting card organizers and buy all your cards in January for the coming year and file them in the organizer. Then each weekend check your organizer and mail out cards for the coming week.

    1. Well, so far Linda I do #3. I sometimes make lists, but I usually misplace them. I promise I am trying harder.

    1. I almost thought this was Spam. I had no idea what you were having me look up. Lol!!!!

  4. Sheree Ozier says:

    Whatever you do… keep the blog going! I love your honesty and of course the fashion! The outfit today is so adorable, and by the looks of it, I’d say you were very put together! On that note, I believe at our age we’re entitled to some disorganization! I spent many years with my 2 children trying to keep up… sports, dance, work, friends, church, home, oh and house/yard! Now as a grandparent, I realize I should not sweat the small stuff and instead enjoy all the miracles that are in front of me. We are after all 50, and feeling not too old!

  5. I love your look today. Never would have thought to put the tee and pants together. It’s very chic. I love that your clothes come from various stores. It really is nice to see what can be done at several price points and that you can combine items to look nice. I hope you stay with the varied theme. Some bloggers end up committing to one brand to style. I liked it better when they shop several stores as well as use what they already have.
    As far as being organized I like the write it down method. I read “Write it down Make it Happen” by Henrriette Anne Klauser it’s very good. Also “Confessions of an Organized Housewife” by Schofield is excellent. It really helped me when my daughter was younger and I started working. Taking time for your family is the most important. Everything will still be there. And I get the most done when I start with prayer.

  6. Lisa C in Dallas says:

    I’m 54 and work full-time to put things into perspective. I think there are those who are wired to be accomplishers and there are those who are wired to “live and enjoy.” Not that those who live and enjoy don’t accomplish things, they do. I also think we have seasons. When our son was at home, our priority was to eat dinner together as a family every weekday night. If he had soccer, we ate late. I cooked five nights a week after making a menu, grocery list, etc. I cooked and they did the dishes. (Non-negotiable.) Everyone had chores. I grocery shopped the same day every week. Cleaned on the same day. Etc. A schedule was very important. Doing things that made our house run smoothly came before watching Scandal. Now that it’s just my husband and I, it’s more “do it when it needs to be done.” I agree with the commenter about Sundays. God took the seventh day and rested. We should not be doing “work” on the Sabbath (my opinion) as a general rule. If I want to quilt all afternoon, it’s pleasurable. After church we try to enjoy our day. I hope you find what works for you. Playing with a grandbaby would be at the top of my “to do” list!

  7. Bernadine says:

    Well Tania, the first thing you have to do is quit your day job!! Most daily bloggers have their blogs as their main source of income. I don’t know how you do it!

    1. I would quit if I was making enough money on the blog. Since I am just starting out, that might be a while if ever. ?

  8. I think you seem very organized!!!! Working and blogging and being a wonderful grandma! Awesome job!

    1. Awww, thanks Karen. That is sweet???

  9. Oh, I saw the title and thought you had tips for us!! I was just thinking the other day, “How does she do it all?”
    I am amazed at all that you get done. You are an inspiration! As I have gotten older, I find I don’t have the energy I did when I was younger. I do miss that. Now, I just prioritize and know that I can’t do it all. Love your style. I think the bright colors display energy. I look forward to your email each day. THANK YOU!

  10. Tania, you always look great! I just found you a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying your blog tremendously. I would say Tamar has good advise, and I’m in agreement about the More Hours in My Day books and everyone’s suggestion of a planner. I couldn’t make it without my planner – which actually now is a bullet journal. You might want to google bullet journal and see all the ways people use it to help them be organized.

  11. I just love you! Your life is full and you are blessed to live in a small town, where things like sitting on the porch talking with neighbors just happen. I grew up in a small town and miss it terribly.

    What keeps me organized is my planner. Truly, it is not as nearly as full as it was when my kids were growing up, but I still lean on it. Otherwise I end up double booked. Seriously. It’s happened. XOXO

  12. Sneaky! I was hoping you were going to give me tips to better manage my time!! 😉 Wish I had some to offer you. I’m easily distracted, so I know some keys for me are staying OFF my phone, email, FB until specified times. That’s easier said than done, though! I’m gonna keep working on it, though.

    Love your blog and so glad I found you. I won’t be 50 for a year and a half, but I think the clothes and advice apply to me as well!

    Have a super day!

  13. You are so right about lace being a big trend. So are polka dots. I’m not sure about the wide leg trend. I don’t see many women embracing this style. As far as organizing, it may seem simple but get a planner and write down everything you want to accomplish and PRIORITIZE the most important ones. I always start my day with PRAYER and then EXERCISE. The Lord blesses my time and somehow multiplies it. Give the Lord some of your time in service etc. and just like tithing, you won’t be able to out give Him. Crossing things off the list as you do them is a great motivator! It eliminates procrastination. I find I must write things down as opposed to putting them in my phone. You must be doing something right in order to get the blog our every day, Tania!

  14. Nee Nee, I think you did the BEST with your time last night. Oh my goodness, the memories that little girl will have of quality time spent with her grandma. I agree with Julie, “time spent with family and friends is what matter most”.

    I used to be super organized but as I grow older I find I don’t have the energy for all of that anymore and If it comes to cleaning a closet or having some fun I will always go with the fun.

    I am so glad I found your blog. You sure brighten up my day. It’s the first place I go to every morning. Now, I feel like I have hope for my frumpy fashion style. My 8 year old granddaughter told me I need to do something about my “ensemble”. HA HA HA!

    Have a beautiful day, gorgeous lady.

  15. I recently found your blog (within the last two months), I really enjoy it! Maybe because we are about the same age and both Tennessee girls! I wish I had some time management advise but I don’t. I have tried to change my ways but that is hard! I do have days though where I feel good about all I have accomplished and on those days, I wish that everyday was the same – lol! I have a friend that is like the energizer bunny too! I will be watching the comments for some advise.
    Love the cardigan with the lace tank!

  16. I no longer work outside of my home, but when I did, I rose early and did devotions, excerise, and a few chores. About 8 years ago, I found out I had an autoimmune disease much like Epstein Barr. I had no choice but to slow down, because I am exhausted all the time. I am so blessed to have a husband that could provide for us, so we downsized and I stay home now. Being raised that every moment of the day should be spent doing something, caused a lot of guilt. What the Lord has showed me, is that it’s ok, and that time spent with our family and friends is what matters most. I don’t want to be so busy that I can’t take time for what matters the most. This probably did not help you with time management, but it sounds to me that you know what is important when you put your family first!

  17. A routine is what worked for me. Monday clean kitchen. Tues do floors. Wed wash whites. Thurs clean laundry room. Fri clean baths and vacuum. Sat wash darks & go shopping! Sun iron. Not a ridged schedule but it did usually get me to get the important things done. I guess I’m using the formula from the old kitchen towels that my mom had. Too funny

  18. Years ago I read a series of books… More Hours in My Day… tons of organizational tips. They have helped me. Appreciate your looks and plus size options!

  19. your blog is a bright spot in my day. I’m in New Mexico, on mountain time, so you east coast girls get a jump on me. I’ve taught courses in time management. Here are a few tips:
    1) List your daily priorities and the approximate time you need to complete each one. These are non-negotiable …like appointments that cannot be broken. Also list other things you want to do. These are negotiable and can be spread across your day or week. Assign each activity an amount of time to complete. Consider color coding your activities on your schedule so at a quick glance you can plan nod re-group if necessary (reassign something to another day or time). Once you are in the habit of doing this, it becomes second nature. Remember, time is a valuable resource. Once spent…you can’t get it back.
    2) Determine those time blocks on your calendar and plan them in advance. Be committed and ask your spouse to join you in this commitment by honoring your priorities and your schedule. If you’re going out for the evening but still have more to do later, set time parameters around what you can allow to give to the evening, without stress.
    3) Interruptions happen. But if you have made a commitment to yourself and your priorities, you have to navigate those interruptions with the mindset that they will hurt you in the end, especially if they are causing you stress and the loss of sleep.
    4) Learn to politely say ,”No”. Example: “It’s so great seeing you. Let’s make a date soon to get together and catch up because I have to get to an appointment.”
    5) Learn to let go of some things and be realistic in your planning. Consider all the angles for yourself and your family.
    6) Plan for down time. This is so important to retaining your joy and renewing your spirit. Allow yourself to still be spontaneous….or “plan” for fun. This is like leaving empty space in your schedule/calendar, to do whatever you want.
    7) Take a Sabbath. I mean really! REST and do NOTHiNG! This is really hard to practice in our culture, but it is God’s gift to you.
    8) Plan for vacations or mini getaways at least one weekend every three months and one week off once or twice a year. These take some planning and prep time and doing some work in advance so you can truly relax and have fun. It’s okay to tell your readers you’ll be out of pocket for the weekend or the week…but look forward to what is coming next Monday, etc.

    I hope some of these suggestions help. I’ve found these are the practices of highly productive people.

    If you’re going to maintain your blog and your sanity, it has to be treated with the same mindset as if you were clocking in at the office. It’s a job. It’s a priority and a responsibility which is non-negotiable…not something you might just get around to at the end of the day after everybody else’s needs are met and you have nothing better to do. You will burn out.

    1. Love your advice, Tamar! I agree with all of it and I’m working on some of it – that Sabbath one is hard for me. When you are in church leadership, Sundays are not really restful …

      1. I am a bi-vocational Pastor…I also teach Preschool. My husband and I take Fri. night to Sat. night. You’re right! Sunday’s are not restful…they are a work day!

    2. Wow! Such great advice. Thanks so much?

  20. Love your look today! It is very flattering and springy. (Is that a real word?) Your smile lights up your photos and I just love reading your blog.
    As far as being organized…hmmmm..playing with a grandchild, making memories, visiting with neighbors-time you probably needed to enjoy…yes, ma’m THAT is what I call a God moment. I am 61, work full time and only get to see my grands, 3-4 times a year. (they live out of state). I try to “organize” but something usually gets in and I never make it. I just try to remember that no matter the moment, God will make it work out. Thanks for sharing your life with us. 🙂

  21. I highly recommend the book, THE 12 WEEK YEAR. It helps to change our thinking about planning. I also am an early riser, and always start my day with exercise and prayer…

    1. Pa, I am heading to Amazon to see if it can be downloaded. I need it NOW! Thanks!!!

  22. I love the look with the beige cardigan!! I never thought to put it together like that. Thank you for your time to create a wonderful and inspiring blog. As far as time management , put me in your category!!! Lol

    1. Your no help, Leisa! Hahaha?

  23. Diana Pierce says:

    I am an early riser;but also an early to bed person. It’s not unusual to find me in bed at 8 o’clock on a really stressful day. On the other hand, I am up, bright & early at 5 am every morning. I am definitely a scheduler! I work full time & have to travel a good bit for work so i am very time aware ; LOL. I live in Central time but travel to other time zones on a regular basis so using my Outlook calendar to schedule with reminders is something I could not live without! I also use a regular calendar as well. There’s something about seeing my day all neatly planned out each morning that gives me security – 🙂

    Just turning 50, myself I am certainly finding myself with somewhat less energy than I had several years ago. One of my “secrets” is blogs like yours! 🙂 I love your planning & links to outfits that make looking put together so easy! Thank you for that!

    1. I hadn’t thought about my blog being helpful when it comes to planning. That is good to know, at least it is helping someone. Lol! ?

  24. I like your lace top. I’ve steered away from that look but it’s very flattering with the waterfall sweater. I am going to have to seriously consider that look. Someone at work wears Logo with that look but that brand hasn’t called to me.

    Oh dear, as far as organization! I work from home and find it can be a challenge. Not being a morning person, I attempt very little before my first two cups of coffee but am on a solid roll in the evening. Timing can be critical when scheduling. The other factor that impacts my day is letting go of what’s NOT important. Perhaps it’s my age but I strive to enjoy the moment and go for quality time. Doesn’t always work when a spouse, cats, or someone needs my attention but I’m getting better being a priority. I understand you needing to share with your dog and family. Those are the good moments we’ll cherish later.

    It’ll be interesting to read suggestions from your readers.

  25. Thank you for the time you put into your blog for our enjoyment! It is my #1 blog! I have no suggestion for time management. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Sounds like you are a wonderful grandmother!

    1. Thanks Rhonda, that means a lot!!! ?

  26. Look into Alejandra Costello website. she’s a professional organizer and also deals with time management. Love your blog too!

    1. Thanks Joan, I will try to find the time to go to her site. Haha

  27. Annie Bacon says:

    I love reading your blog. You inspire me to look and feel beautiful. You are just beautiful. Thank you.