50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40Today we are starting a small series featuring a capsule wardrobe. According to Wikipedia, a Capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called “Wardrobe” in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.
50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40This is my fifteen item capsule wardrobe. Your capsule can be any number of items that you choose. You can also include shoes and scarves in your capsule, but I am choosing to only concentrate on the clothing items. My capsule consists of the following:

  •  A pair of skinny jeans
  • A pair of bootcut jeans
  • A sailor-style pair of navy pants
  • A pair of skinny black pants
  • A sailor-style navy skirt
  • A bright blue swing dress
  • A white t-shirt
  • A blue/black/white tie-front blouse
  • A blue chambray button-down shirt
  • A white frilly dress blouse
  • A neutral-colored sweater
  • A red open-front cardigan
  • A denim jacket
  • A navy jacket
  • A linen jacket

I chose all of these items to mix and match with each other to be able to get the most number of outfits from the items. The jackets can make the outfits either casual or dressy. The tops will match each of the bottom clothing items. I stayed in the blue, black, and white colors with the only exception being the pop of color with the red cardigan.50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40 On Saturday, we started with a basic white t-shirt and bootcut jeans. Here is that post in case you missed it. Almost all of the items that I am going to show you for the next few days are items from my closet. You probably will not be able to purchase the exact item, but I will make an effort to find you similar items. Today’s look is a classic black and white outfit with a twist. A white dressy blouse is something that you will be able to wear with jeans, dress pants, skirts, etc., so this will be a versatile clothing purchase.

50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40When I travel, I try to take very few pieces of jewelry. I take something in silver, gold, and usually pearls. I figure that something in one of those categories will work for most occasions. The Dallin gold hoop earrings are a pair of my favorite earrings, so this is something that I would include in a capsule wardrobe.
50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40Black pants are a must for a capsule wardrobe. Black is a great neutral that will go with almost anything. I know that some of you mentioned that you have a hard time wearing black and brown together, but that is one of my favorite combinations. I can’t wait to wear these black pants with that neutral sweater above. Also, think about these pants with the blue chambray top and the neutral linen jacket. Then, add a cute ankle boot in a light brown, and you have a cute outfit.

50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40All of you ladies who are deathly afraid of snakes might want to skip this section. Don’t get me wrong, I am scared to death of snakes also, except the ones that are dead. If they are part of a belt, shoe, or purse, then I am fine wearing them. I am not going to be the one who killed it, skinned it, or had anything to do with a live reptile. My boots are probably faux snakeskin if that makes any of you feel any better. I bought these boots last year at this time when I went to Atlanta to visit my sister. This year, snakeskin boots are extremely popular, and you will see them all over Instagram. These boots will take an ordinary outfit and make it special.

50 IS NOT OLD | ITEMS IN A CAPSULE WARDROBE | FASHION OVER 40Gurls, I am on the road today! It is time to head to Nashville, but first…I need to pack. Lol! I am the worst procrastinator when it comes to packing. Do you all remember when I went to Cabo, and I got to go and be filmed for R+F? The little Convention teaser was released on Saturday. I hate the way they did my makeup, but other than that, it wasn’t horrible. Lol! I would love for you to watch the snippet and let me know what you think. I am NOT quitting my day job!!! Hahaha. It is on Facebook, so you would have to view it that way. Here is the link.

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  1. Great video and love the capsule wardrobe though it would never work for me either but might help with packing for a trip.

  2. Love your hair; the boots, not so much! I can’t get past the fact of wearing snake! Whether faux or real, it’s not for me! Thanks for your honesty, humor, and style!

  3. Stacie Kreitman says:

    I agree, you should do your own make up! Love the white shirt and pants .

  4. Great job on the video, Tania!

  5. Charlcy Green says:

    +LOVE this post & LOVE your hair! I’m leaving on vacation tom. & should have thought to do a capsule wardrobe too! But I’ve been packed for 3 days!

  6. Tanya, This is a great capsule wardrobe. Every time someone mentions capsule wardrobe, I think of the French, black, navy, grey, camel and white.
    Well done,

  7. kristin greene says:

    Love this capsule wardrobe series! So handy for packing for a trip! I do tend to overpack this might help keep my suitcase lighter. I am already thinking of what color I would choose to be an accent color!
    I also watched the video. Thought it was great. I agree with previous comment that your makeup looked appropriate and you looked posed while talking.

  8. Love today’s outfit, all of it! Love your shorter hair and I do see a bit of red! Very slimming outfit as well as slimming hairstyle. Enjoy your trip and thank you for the capsule wardrobe, I’ve got a lot of purging to do so I can add some items! LOL

  9. Love your new haircut!!! Can we see it from all angles???

  10. Sandra J Bankhead says:

    Omg, you took my breath away. You are one hot mama today! This outfit looks fab on you and you pull it off very confidently! I agree with others that you look like you lost weight and I do love the hair cut too.
    I would love to wear the snakeskin boots but I can not wear heels anymore, darn old feet, haha.

  11. I agree with Mary! I’m loving the hair as well! Safe travels!

  12. This outfit is so slimming – its a keeper! Perhaps you lost weight when you were ill with a cough? Looking good, Tania, travel blessings!

  13. Love, love, love the snakeskin boots!! I actually love the whole outfit and I love packing a capsule wardrobe too!! The hard part is not taking all the cute shoes!! Have a great time in Nashville!!

  14. I love your top with the ruffles! It’s the perfect amount of ruffle! Not too much and it’s really girly! I love Leopard and Zebra, but I haven’t bought anything yet w snake skin. Snakes really give me the hebejeebees!!!

  15. Lisa Lewis Tyre says:

    You look beautiful! Have fun in Nashville.

  16. Love your hair and your boots!!

    1. Thanks, Johnna! See you in Nashville, we are going to have a blast!

  17. The front of the blouse is very pretty, and I have nothing at all against snake print shoes/handbags/etc…but IMO the large sleeves and tall boots bring a troubadour to mind (minus the big hat).- The shorter hair is very flattering.

    1. I have had that blouse for a long time, but I don’t wear it very often.

  18. I just wanted to say how much I like your hair!! The shorter style is so flattering on you! And the color is perfect! The snakeskin I’m not a fan of, lol.

    1. Valerie, I wasn’t sure if anyone would notice my haircut! I really like it also.

  19. Tammy Kocher says:

    Have fun in Nashville! My daughter lives there and I love that city. I’m enjoying the capsule wardrobe and you rock those boots!!

    1. I love Nashville too!!!

  20. you look so slim today! very flattering outfit.

  21. Aimee Spencer says:

    You did a wonderful job! Everything was fluid, you spoke without any hesitation and clearly made your point. I thought your makeup was suited to your performance because all your features looked precise and flawless! I really liked your dress and jewelry.

    1. Aimee, I could see me struggling to find the words, etc., but it might not show to others. LOL! They had their work cut out for them to find enough to piece together a small video.

  22. Greetings from England, Just want to let you know as a new reader how much your blog is helping me with fashion and lots of other things, this post in particular has been really helpful.
    Normally I struggle with the whole idea of capsule wardrobes as they usually feature items of clothing I have no need for in my everyday retired life, such as a crisp white shirt, or formal clothes I have never liked.
    Today, because you focused on blue items which I love, I finally grasped how to put together a capsule wardrobe and I shall be keeping this post for reference, so thank you very much
    May I also say how much I like your friendly way of putting across information, you come across as someone who I would be very fond of in real life and like to know as a neighbour or friend. Regards Carol.

    1. Carol, don’t think that you have been by yourself in not understanding a capsule wardrobe. It has eluded me also, mostly because I can’t imagine wearing the same items over and over and over again. Lol! I am thrilled that you have joined me from England!!!