pink scarf with faux leather leggingsI bet you are glad to see Friday roll around. I know that you are always happy to see Friday, but this time it means the end of the faux leather legging series. Some of you have probably loved the series and seeing how you can take one item and wear it in several different ways. But, some of you probably hated the leggings, and those ladies are ready to move on to something different. So, bear with me for one more day, and then we will move on to something else.
faux leather leggings with pop of colorI have made it to Nashville, and you will hear all about my fun meeting everyone next week. It is too busy and hectic to write a lot right now, but stay tuned next week to hear how it all went. I admit that I might have stressed when packing my clothing. I have never been to one of these things, so I don’t know what to expect when we go to the classes. Will people be dressed to the nines, or will they be relaxed and comfortable? Since these are all bloggers, it could go either way. I ended up deciding to be casual and relaxed, and I hope that I don’t look out of place. Here my insecurities talking? I can’t help it; when you are meeting the people that you most admire in your profession, you tend to second guess yourself. UGH! I am going to give myself a pep talk, say a few affirmations, and strike a power pose. Maybe that will do the trick and get my mindset in a better place. #iamasgoodasanyoneelse
papillon scarfI wore this beautiful Papillon scarf back in November of 2015. That is almost four years to the day since I wore it last. I called it a thneed because it is such a versatile piece of clothing. Scene Weaver manufactures this, and they have this scarf in multiple colors and patterns. Here is the link where I wore it in 2015, and you can see the instruction photo there. The instruction sheet shows you multiple ways that this scarf can be worn. I am wearing it today in a simple style with the buttons in the back.

black statement earringsI have on a pair of black statement earrings. These are very lightweight black tassels that I think was in a fab fit fun box about a year ago. I am always on the lookout for statement earrings, they are inexpensive, and they make a difference in your outfit. This pair from Baublebar is almost identical to the pair that I am wearing. The black crystal Essie bracelet looks great with the earrings, and it is a simple bracelet to throw on as you head out the door.
faux leather leggings over 40Here is a pair of Marc Fisher ankle boots that have more of an edgy look to them. I have had this pair for over a year, so I am sure that this exact pair is not available. I’ll link to some similar, but if you are out shopping in a store, then look for unique details like the faux zipper and buckles on the side. That makes your boot not look like everyone else who is walking down the street.

holding finger with pink scarfI am wearing a pair of faux leather Spanx leggings. I am wearing a size large, and I love how they hold me in so that no dimples show. Believe me, I have lots of dimples, but you don’t need to see them. I am also wearing the same white button-up that I wore in this post. (here)

white shirt and pink scarfWhich of the looks below do you like the best?
different ways to style faux leather leggings

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  1. I need that pink wrap in my life.

  2. Hello Ms. Tania, my name is Gayle Strangmeyer. I have been a fan of yours from the beginning when you started blogging ‼️ I finally decided after reading your fashion remarks about insecurities to tell you SWEET THING about how I have watched you BLOSSOM ❣️ I also think this is a God Thing. He waited till you were 50 … then in His timing He said “Tania, it’s Time. You are an inspiration to many women with your ” Smarty Pants ” attitude ( I love it ), your advice on fashion & your Christian message on Sundays.
    For the record, I’m 73, loved my fifties, sixties & most of the time my 70’s. I love the ideas I keep learning from you on how to keep dressing YOUNG?
    I think that you & your Joe are sexy sweet things together & I know he’s proud of his “Woman “.
    If you ever get to Ft. Worth, Tx. please let me know, I would love to buy you lunch.
    God bless.
    p.s. I’m sorry this is so long, you don’t have to print it, the message was really just for YOU ?

  3. Hi Tania, Lately your posts have a lot of blank white space between your paragraphs.

  4. I have the same leggings and want the moto ones. This scarf looks cute but looks uncomfortable like it would be sliding down all the time. I can’t stand to have to pull and tug on my clothes. Have a great trip!

  5. I like all of the looks, but this hot pink is the best to me. We all need a thneed! Have a great time at the conference.

  6. This is my favorite look of the week. I adore that pink cover! Enjoy your trip and feel good about being yourself. We all love you and your fellow bloggers will too!!

  7. Tania, I just love your blog! I subscribe to several and have never posted, so you are the first one! You are fantastic and you are very endearing and appealing! Plus, you’re super cute!

  8. How about when you’re 70? I am reluctant to wear leggings because I think I might be too old. You look precious in yours.

  9. I invested in some faux leather leggings last year and have worn them a lot more than I thought I would. They have been great for work in the winter! I really like the middle three pictures the best. This was a great series and gave me a few more Ideas on how to wear mine! Have fun in Nashville – say hi to Cyndi and Jo-Lynne 🙂

  10. I thought I was too old to wear the faux leather leggings and you have definitely changed my mind. I like every single look and will be going out this weekend to get me a pair. Thank you Tania, for showing how to dress trendy and classy!

  11. I have loved this series and every look! Have fun in Nashville!!

  12. I am 60 and still wear them! I love this colour combination! The pink looks amazing on you! Me too!?

  13. I am so glad to know faux leather leggings can be worn past 50. I bought myself a pair last year. I put them on and liked them but ended up returning them because I thought folks would think I was trying to be a hoochie mama, lol! So now I’ve decided to get myself leather leggings and rock them! Tania we are the same size and I’m 54. My favorites this week were the red poncho and the cream sweater. Thanks .

  14. Enjoy the conference, Tania, knowing that your readers love you! I really like the leggings, but are they hard to get on? Thanks!

    1. This may have been my favorite series!!! Love all the looks. To those ladies out there who may have thought leggings are not for them….think again. Look how amazingly versatile they are.??

    2. I’m not Tania but I have these same leggings! They are a bit harder to get on than a standard pair of fabric leggings, but if you kind of gather the leg up in your hands and position the ankle first then pull them up, it isn’t bad. I wear mine a lot, it is well worth it for the look and style of these!

  15. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    This is my favorite look of the week, but then that pink looks great on you.
    Love it and have lots fun at your meetings

  16. Day 3 is my favorite. The black and white combo with the boots just works nicely! Black and white always goes together so nice! I love your blog, Tania, you were my first blogger to follow and continue to be the email I open up first! 🙂

  17. aquamarinastyle says:

    I had to laugh, cause I’m styling the Spanx faux leather leggings again today, too! I like the many ways you’ve styled them, Tania, especially with the plaid ruana and the pink wrap. So cute!

    xx Darlene