Have you ever owned a thneed?

DSC_0010My grand daughter was Lorax crazy last year, and I have watched that movie at least a hundred times. The Lorax, for those of you who don’t have small children around, was a Dr. Seuss book that is about the environment. The Once-ler invented a product that was so versatile that everyone wanted to purchase it. He used all the trees in the land to produce his product. It is a wonderful little story about over consumption and the effect on the environment. DSC_0005The Once-ler’s product was called a thneed. It was a knitted “thing” that could be worn for many different products. It could convert to a hat, purse, scarf, etc. That was the first thing I thought of when I came upon this beautiful fuchsia sweater. I bought this on my trip to Atlanta at the little tea shop on the square in Marietta. It is by scene weaver, and it officially called a wrap.DSC_0022DSC_0011I chose to wear it to the side and put it over a button up shirt. The shirt is dark blue with white chihuahuas, and the occasional fuchsia one. I put on a couple of necklace’s, but just didn’t like anything. The wrap is so gorgeous, I just let it steal the show. I have on  pearl earrings, a couple of pearl bracelets, and a Michael Kors tortoiseshell bangle bracelet.DSC_0012This purse is a Valentina that I bought a couple years ago. After my sister suggested that I was carrying the same purse over and over, I rummaged in my closet and came out with this green beauty. I am so sorry I have a limited checkbook, and have been subjecting her to the same ole purse. I think she has an ulterior motive, she thinks I will hand off my old one’s. NOT! Here is the purse on ebay for a great price.DSC_0008I have chosen to wear my distressed jeans from Cato. I know some people consider me too old for this look. My advice to them is, don’t buy them. I like them, and that’s that. These shoes are from a local thrift store, and I bought them for a coupe bucks. DSC_0016The wrap is shorter in the back the way I chose to wear it. Here is a side view for proportions.  Speaking of proportions, some of you have asked about my size. I am 5’6″, and usually wear a size 10. If the sizes are S, M, or L, I will choose L. I have plenty of bumps and rolls, and you do not want to see them. HahahaDSC_0020You might have noticed that I have on a different pair of shoes. I was afraid the others would bother me, so before I walked out the door, I put on these. They are Fergalicious Alana flats. Two pair of shoes in one post, I wonder if my sister is happy.

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  1. Christine says:

    Love love love your look! My sister wants all my stuff too! I don’t give it to her. Lol Where did you get the chihuahua blouse? We all have rolls and bumps to hide, there’s more to love that way!

    Christine one of the gurls!

    1. Sounds like we are a lot alike, Christine. So glad you are one of the gurls? My top came from Belk.

  2. Cute outfit…I’m crushing over the Chihuahua print shirt.

  3. Love the long jeans and pointy shoes….they make your legs look loooong. Really nice look on you….think I will copy it!
    I’m not overweight but STILL have rolls and a muffin top – ha!

  4. It’s just easier to carry the same purse often. I don’t like switching things over from one into another. Probably why you don’t see me carrying a purse in many of my fashion posts… I’m usually not going anywhere anyway. LOL Stay at home old woman I am. I too buy what I like and the rest of the world can kiss my patootie if they don’t like it. You look fabulous!

    P.S. Bumps and rolls abound on my body too!

  5. Sister is happy! Now that I know you don’t carry that green purse often, there’s no reason for you to keep it. Also, would you consider wearing a smaller shoe? I could use a few pairs of those too.

    You look beautiful as always. xoxo

    1. I knew I liked you Diane????