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50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLACK AND IVORY IN A NON-CLASSIC STYLE | FASHION OVER 40This week is flying by! Here it is already Wednesday, and I need to get packed for the conference. I will need to leave super early in the morning so that I can get checked in, get registered for the conference, and then get dressed for dinner. All of that after driving 6 hours to get to Nashville. Whew! I am already tired, just thinking about it. But, since tomorrow is mine and Joe’s 33rd wedding anniversary, I thought I at least needed to stick around long enough to kiss him before I head out the door.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLACK AND IVORY IN A NON-CLASSIC STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 Talk about time flying, how can 33 years have passed by so fast? I can remember in detail the first few months when he and I started “talking.” But, it is funny how everything from those months until now, are all in a foggy haze. It is funny how our brain works because I can remember a lot of great times, and I can remember the crappy times, but all of the normal everyday times seem to have disappeared. And, let’s face it, there are a whole lot of normal everyday times in our lives. We lived in different states for the first few months of our marriage, and I can remember talking on the phone for HOURS before bedtime. This was before cell phones, and I remember racking up a pretty significant phone bill. Lol! Now more days of long-distance calls, thank goodness. The other day, a young girl at work (17) called on the landline to another landline phone. She looked kind of puzzled and then hung up the phone. We asked her what was wrong and she said that the phone was making some weird beeping noise. We laughed and laughed at her because it was a busy signal. She had never heard one before since she has always had a cell phone only. ?
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLACK AND IVORY IN A NON-CLASSIC STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Here is another example of the big, slouchy, and oversized look that is so popular. I feel like this is a dressy version instead of being something that looks dowdy. I think that ivory and white are such a classy combination, but this look is anything but classic. The sweater is very soft and has a tiny bit of stretch in the material. It is a blend of acrylic, nylon, and wool, with a tiny bit of elastane. I am wearing a medium, and that seems to be the correct size for me. The top is hand washable, and that is a plus. This sweater also has a small variation in height from front to back, but not a huge amount. Here is the link to the sweater.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLACK AND IVORY IN A NON-CLASSIC STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I have on the same jewelry as what I wore in Monday’s post. I had on a multi-strand black crystal necklace, but I ended up liking the sweater without it, so I took pictures both way for you to see. I thought that the sweater looked dressier without the necklace. What do you think? Necklace stays or goes?

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLACK AND IVORY IN A NON-CLASSIC STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Well, I thought as long as I was getting you out of your comfort zone with the faux leather leggings, I would go ahead and style the over-the-knee boots. I have been looking for this style boot for a while, but everyone that I find has too small of a calf for my legs. My calves are too large for the “normal” version of this style boots but too small for the “wide” calf ones. When I found this pair, I was scared they wouldn’t fit, but they fit great! They are snug so that they stay up, but they are not hard to put on at all. When I put them on with a pair of jeans, I will put on a thin nylon tall sock and pull the sock up over the jeans. Then, I rub a tiny bit of baby powder over the sock so that the boot will slide easily. This works for all tall boots, and you are welcome. Lol! Here is the link to the boots, and I am wearing a 9.5 instead of my normal size 9.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BLACK AND IVORY IN A NON-CLASSIC STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I thought that you might like to see a photo from when Joe and I first got married. We were married on November 14th, and Joe came home from Texas for Thanksgiving. We drove to his mom and dad’s, and I think this photo was taken at that time. We are such babies and skinny babies at that. Lol! He was wearing his usual khakis and a white button-up shirt uniform, and he still wears that to this day. Lol! He is not one to venture out of his comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Lol!

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  1. Happy anniversary. My husband and I waited for four months after our 33rd anniversary to celebrate (Caribbean cruise). That date marks 33 and 1/3 years, which is a third of a century! So you and Joe can celebrate your third of a century on March 14th.

  2. Gwen Ewing says:

    Very cute picture! Happy Anniversary! You always seem so happy and upbeat! You brighten my day!

  3. Congratulations on 33 years and wish you 33 more! Love the series with the leather look leggings! I have the same pair and have worn them several times. I do say damn you as now I have to go out and get some over the knee boots. LOL

    1. Diana, I am rolling on the floor. I had to read that comment to Joe because it was too funny!

  4. Love the outfit! I like it with the necklace. You suggested using baby powder to put boots on with; you’ve got to see the Friends show where Ross wears leather pants! So funny!!!

    I look forward to your posts; keep up the good work!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I think the sweater would look better with just a black long straight necklace with a bob on the end of it or something. The multi-strand is too much and no necklace is too little. You need to have a “baby bear” necklace that is “just right”.

  6. Nancy Onorato says:

    Tania, You & Joe were adorable, but now you’re beautiful and he’s still very handsome. I know what you mean about “the ordinary days” being a blur. It will be 40 years for me & my DH next year & it’s gone by SO fast, although we’re retired now and, although we’re still crazy busy doing exactly what we like, I’m really learning to just stop & enjoy the moment and savor every day. I read somewhere once that something has to be really out of the ordinary for our brain to make a memory, so maybe that explains it. Happy Anniversary! Love your stories about your life!

  7. Camilla Pegues says:

    what brand of leggings do you like….I don’t like them very tight…and the ones you show don’t seem to be tight

    1. These leggings are Spanx, Camilla. So they are tight, they just have support.

  8. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love the outfit WITH the necklace. Safe travels!

  10. Happy Anniversary to both of you and thanks for sharing the story of your life together. Your relationship is amusingly similar to mine with my Joe, except that you get to have the last word in print. lol. If I may say so, you’ve got it all going on: looks, style, charisma, graciousness, business sense and humor. Joe’s a lucky guy.

    1. Angie, I am reading him this comment also! Lol! I tell him over and over how lucky he is. Hahaha!

  11. Tania, enjoy your blogging trip! I follow Jennifer, your roommate, and I think she she’s very neat and organized! Beware! Happy Anniversary to you and Joe, wow, 33 years! You both just keep getting cuter and younger! I’m on team without the necklace! LOL

    1. Oh no! Maybe she will pick up after me.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe, and many more years of good health and happiness♡ Enjoy your trip, it sounds like a great getaway!

  13. I like it better with the necklace. Happy Anniversary to you both and here’s to 33 more! My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary – definitely something to strive to (we are on 21). Have a great time at the conference.

  14. Happy Anniversary Tania and Joe! Our a anniversary is also November 14 and it will be 38 years together for us. Some people were not happy with the wedding date that we picked because opening day for deer hunting season is November 15th and it interfered with their plans. Oh well, my husband got his dear!

    1. Too funny, Mary Ann. Interfered with deer season. LOL!!!

  15. Happy 33rd, Tania and Joe! You two are adorable! I’m thinking Joe thinks you look pretty hot in this lovely cold-weather combo. Enjoy the conference. It’s fun to think of my favorite bloggers getting to meet up!

  16. Happy Anniversary and blessings for many more wonderful years together. Have fun in Nashville, one of my favorite places as that’s where we go and record our music

  17. Happy Anniversary!! Blessings for many more wonderful years together!

  18. You two look as cute today as you did 33 years ago! Happy Anniversary!
    I like the necklace.

  19. Kathy Lee says:

    I vote keep the necklace. Happy Anniversary ❤️ BTW 11/14 is my birthday.

  20. Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  21. I’m on Team Necklace. Happy Anniversary, you need to post your wedding pic ?
    Safe travels, enjoy the conference.

  22. Happy anniversary! Love this look – classy, yet fun!

    1. I thought the outfit looked fun also, Ann.

  23. Celeste Breen says:

    Happy anniversary. Today my husband and I celebrate our 43rd anniversary. Like you so many good memories.

    1. Happy Anniversary, Celeste! That is a great accomplishment!

  24. Happy Anniversary!! We jut had our 37th! There aren’t a whole lot of us around that can say that. You’re just as beautiful today as you were in the earlier picture!!! Have a wonderful time at the conference.

    1. Aww, Debbie, you are too sweet. Congratulations on #37!!!

  25. Happy Anniversary! Time does pass quickly the older we get. Have a safe trip. Found you on Pinterest and love reading the blog.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! I am glad that you found me on Pinterest. That is why I encourage everyone to pin a photo from the blog daily, it helps to get the word out for me.

  26. Happy Anniversary! I would not wear the necklace but I would wear some black statement earrings.

    1. Bonnie, that sounds like a great idea!

  27. Happy Anniversary Tania and Joe!

  28. Happy Happy Anniversary. You both are too cute. Doesn’t time pass us by so quickly? I like the necklace on better. Have a safe trip.

    1. Time flies, Diana! It seems like it was only a few years ago when we were celebrating being married 10 years.

  29. Happy Anniversary to you!

  30. Happy Anniversary you two! Cute picture! I see what you mean about the necklace. I would be tempted to put on a necklace but there is something about not breaking up the colour too.

    1. I think I liked it plain better, which is not like me at all.

  31. And you are not sticking around to get surprised by Joe with a festive anniversary dinner?? Lol. Happy anniversary! Joe hasn’t changed much! You have! For the better of course.

    1. Joe and I quit giving anniversary presents, well, actually we never gave gifts for our anniversary. Lol!

  32. Aimee Spencer says:

    Happy Anniversary! You were definitely young Babes, so cute! I like the necklace better than just plain sweater. You look more Put Together with the necklace. Have fun at the convention! I found your Blog on Jo-Lynne ‘s Blog and found Jo-Lynne on Pinterest a few years ago.

    1. Aimee, we WERE just babes. Lol! I love Jo-Lynne, and I can’t wait to meet her in person.