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How To Style White Jeans In 2023

White jeans have become a staple in my wardrobe all year long. The first time that I wore a pair of white jeans before Memorial Day, I expected the fashion police to come knocking on my door. But with age comes confidence, and fashion rules are meant to be broken! White denim is so versatile that it looks great with just about anything. Let’s dive into how to style white jeans in 2023. Plus, I’m sharing some of my favorite white jeans that I own and love.

I love fresh and cool vibe white jeans they bring to any outfit. No matter what I pair them with, they somehow always add a touch of chicness to the most relaxed looks. My absolute favorite time to wear white pants is during the spring and summer because they are the perfect backdrop for all of the bright, colorful tops I tend to select for those times of the year. But, don’t forget… white jeans have a place in your wardrobe in fall and winter, too. Instead of packing your white jeans in storage, think outside the box.

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My Favorite Qualities in White Jeans for Women

I have tried out many pairs of white jeans (a pro of being a fashion blogger, haha!) over the years in every style possible. My main requirement for a pair of white jeans is that they aren’t see through! I combat this mainly by wearing nude underwear and looking for pants made of high quality materials. I also love finding pants that help to repel stains since white jeans seem to be a magnet for lipstick stains and spilled coffee like these made with no-stain fabric from Chicos. I’m sharing some of my favorite go to pairs of white jeans in different styles below and how I wore them!

How To Style White Jeans In 2023

White jeans are like regular denim jeans when it comes to trends. You have a wide variety of jean styles to choose from, and pretty much everything goes. Here are some of my favorite white denim jean styles and how I prefer to style them.

How to Style Bootcut White Jeans

Tania Stephens is wearing white jeans with a plaid blazer.
Plaid Blazer (Sold Out) || Smocked Tie Neck Blouse (Medium) || Coolmax® Slim Ankle Bootcut Jeans (Size 8) || Longchamp Le Pliage Green Recycled Nylon Shoulder Tote (Similar) || TOMS Espadrille Wedge Sandal (TTS) || Adeline Hoop Earrings

Skinny jeans are still on the outs with fashion, so some brands are labeling their jeans as “slim.” You get a similar look, but the slim fit isn’t as tight and confining as a skinny fit. I paired these ankle bootcut jeans with a pair of wedge sandals to show off lots of my ankle. These are great everyday pants that you can wear casually or make a little dressier like I did here. There are only a few sizes left in stock, but here is a great alternative.

How to Style White Ankle Pants

This style of slim straight pants is perfect for pairing with blouses and sweaters for the office or church. I’ve decided that I am embracing classic styles more this year. I’ve been drawn to neutrals and classic color combinations like black and white. Some classic outfits can look stiff and boring, and that is not how I want to dress. When I style white jeans with black, I add items that are fun and unique to keep the look modern and youthful looking. These SPANX Slim Straight Pants are great because they have opacity technology. That’s a fancy way of saying you can’t see through them! I made the mistake of ordering a medium in these white pants, so I need to size up to a large.

How to Style White Flare Jeans

Tania Stephens is showing how to wear white jeans with a blue and white sweater

White Flare Jeans
 (Large) || Navy & White Sweater Tee (Similar Tops Linked below) || Slingback Sandal (Sold Out) || Earrings || Gold Half Chain Bracelet in White Pearl || Lock Chain Bracelet || David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet || Cross Charm || Gold Vermeil Chain

I love flare jeans! They hug you through your thighs and then slightly flare from the knee down. This is the most flattering cut for most ladies since they help your legs to look long and lean. Every time I wear flare jeans, my husband will tell me how nice I look! These flare jeans are also from SPANX, and I am a big fan! They are sooo comfy. These jeans are constructed without a button or zipper, so you pull (or shimmy, as their website says, haha) them on. This helps the front to lay flat without any added bulk. They are high-rise, and the best part is that the fabric has built-in tummy shaping to help hold the stomach area in.

Using White Jeans to Embrace 2023 Fashion Trends

After a solid 5 years or so of sharing mainly skinny jeans, we are seeing a lot of trendy and popular pant styles like flare crop jeans and raw hem jeans. It is important to add a few fashion trends to your closet so you will look modern. That doesn’t mean you have to dress in head-to-toe trends; adding a few items will suffice. Adding a nice quality pair of white denim with a fun little trendy twist can be a great way to do this!

Do you own any crop flare jeans? I think that crop flare jeans are a little more difficult to style than longer flares, but they are very popular right now. I chose to wear these crop flare jeans with a button-up shirt that’s tied at the waist, and a pair of gold flip-flops.

Tania Stephens is showing how to style white jeans with a blue sweater
Blue Pullover Sweater – Similar || Straight Leg Raw Hem Jeans (Size 30) || White Sneakers

Raw hems are another trend in jeans that is still hanging on by a thread. (Haha, I made a funny) Skinny jeans are out, but probably not for long. If you loved that look and want to have a similar look, then try a straight-leg or slim-leg pair of jeans. These jeans aren’t tights, but they do have a slimmer silhouette than the relaxed and boyfriend jeans, so you might prefer them.

Can You Wear White Jeans in the Fall?

Don’t forget that you can style white jeans in fall and winter. This classic outfit is elegant and casual looking and one that you will want to duplicate. The wide-leg jeans are HOT this year and one of the biggest trends for jeans. They are extremely popular, and I love how they look. Wide Leg pants are great for most women since they balance out the bottom half and this work for everyone except those with narrow shoulders. I also like this style of pants because they conceal the shape of your legs, so they’re great for camouflaging heavy thighs. I’m wearing a size 8 in these jeans, and they fit great.

Casual Outfit Inspiration with White Jeans

Maybe you bought a pair of white jeans, and now you’re stumped on how to create an outfit with them. Here are some white jean outfit inspirations for you gurls that are perfect for late summer and early fall! A few of the items may no longer be in stock, but you can still use the photos for inspiration to create your own outfits.

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  1. Can you convince Spanx to make their pants in Petite or even Extra Petite lengths? Everything of theirs is way too long.

    1. I can’t convenience SPANX of anything. 🤣

  2. Thank you for this post, Tania. I’m still looking for white jeans and every time I see ones I like they cost four times what I’m willing to spend. Oh well, I better do the ‘what would they actually cost per day for years’.

  3. I love the white flair jeans or the denim trouser crops, and I love the tropical Peplum cardigan, definitely my colors. I have always had a fear of wearing white in shorts, jeans, skirts, as I forever, will sit on, spill on or make a mess , and that would be, only wearing them for an hour, or so LOL. Every once in a while, I get daring and where them, and I usually wear bright summer or spring colors with them…
    On another note, I didn’t realize you and Joe had moved, I know you didn’t move to far from your granddaughter, that would be terrible. But it is so nice to be able to have sleep overs with
    them still. My grandchildren, are 6 hours away and not babies anymore, they are teens, meaning girlfriends, boyfriends, sports and jobs. So, enjoy it as often as you can..
    I am so, enjoying all the extra blogs and posts, I appreciate all the fashion updates and advice.
    Happy August!!

  4. I love the white wide leg jeans. I’m petite and short legged and I find wide legs flattering as long as they are proportional to my body. I am embracing the wider and looser straight leg. I have white crop jeans that are a looser straight leg. You’re right that a crop flare is tricky. I have a pair and I feel they make me look shorter and my thighs bigger. Those jeans are a regret. I will now only wear flares if they are full length. Straight leg pants and jeans will always be a classic. I have never liked the tight fitting skinny pants or jeans. I wore the slim leg that didn’t hug my lower legs or straight styles. Thanks for the styling tips.

  5. Love , love , love the first picture with the tan and white check jacket. Love that blouse but unfortunately it is sold out. Such a beautiful outfit on you.

  6. Absolutely love the first picture with the white jeans and the beige and hints of pink! Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Claudia! I love wearing white with beige, and the added pink keeps the outfit looking fresh.

  7. you look good as hell in those flair jeans girl 👧 😍 💕

  8. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for pointing out that it can be hard to style crop-flare jeans even when they are trending now. I hope I can pull it off once I have done my research and tried some inspirations on myself. First, I need to buy Miss Me jeans with that style even at least one pair of them, so I can see if it will be great for my body type as well.

  9. The same exact thing happened to my son, with a birds nest in his bicycle helmet! Needless to say, he was not happy. His brother won’t let him hear the end of it! So funny!
    Love the white jeans styling, but I still can’t bring myself to wear white jeans after September and not until May. I’ll have to branch out.

  10. Ginger Hiller says:

    I sure hope that Joe is going to leave the birds nest alone. Birds are very creative in finding a safe home for hatching their young. Great looks on you!

  11. Judy Thompson says:

    I love white jeans year round so thank you so much for this post. I hesitate to wear them in the Winter due to “old school” mentality and I’m 72! Thanks to you, I’m finally on the flare leg bandwagon and love them….whatever took me so long?!? Thanks for all you do to keep us “gurls” up on the trends and styles!

  12. great outfits and great post – thank you

  13. Pam Murray says:

    I love the fall look w the white jeans! So cute!!!

  14. What I really love is the bird and best in Joe’s helmet . I love Mother Nature – never ceases to amaze me! Please don’t hurt the bird or nest!

  15. Fashion Police. I use to think like that too no white after Labor Day and not until the first week of spring. Now I am like whatever I do deepen the white down to an almond or creamy color for fall and winter. Just so the fashion police aren’t to upset

  16. Julia Rowan says:

    Tania you really know how to look classy and I look forward every day to see what styles and style tips you share with us! I love the JCrew flair cropped white jeans however I am sad that my size in petite is not available. However I am going to be on the lookout in the hopes of finding a comparable substitution as I love the look! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration! Have a great weekend and I look forward to your next post.

  17. Love the raw hem and cropped flare looks. Thanks for the inspiration 😊

  18. Kristine Thompson says:

    I love my white jeans, they seem easier to style also.

  19. You have convinced me. I have worn my white jeans this spring than I ever have.
    They really do go with all colors of spring.
    I find them to look a notch more dressy than my blue jeans.
    I will not part with my skinny jeans because I like them with the longer tops.

  20. The cotton button up with flare crop bottom is so flattering!

  21. Gretchen Hawkins says:

    Thank you for sharing your post white jeans are a year round staple. Whenever I hear a comment about wearing white before Memorial Day I generally roll my eyes. If someone isn’t comfortable wearing white all year round, try off white. Thanks for all your posts and Joe stories!

  22. Love love 💕 the plaid blazer outfit. Normally I do not do too many prints, but the gingham check blazer, flowery blouse,pink tote look is just perfect!! So pretty on you. Perfection 🥰

  23. White jeans are a favorite! A tee and a blazer makes a great outfit.

  24. I’ve been putting off wearing white jeans but thanks to your post, they are now in the rotation!!

  25. Melissa Palmer says:

    I love white jeans. So versatile.

  26. LOVE white jeans (and pants) in the summer. So versatile! I have some off white jeans I wear in the winter. I just can’t go super white in the winter, because it feels summery to me. Oh well!

  27. Jean Lamarre says:

    I have two pair of white jeans (one crop) and yes i always wait for the “Fashion Police”…
    I promise I will put them on and be confident!
    Thanks Tania

    1. Jean, that made me smile. You wouldn’t believe how confidence changes the way you look and act in an outfit.

  28. that’s funny that made my day about the bird …we actually have a bird nest on top of our light fixture, front entry… it’s fun trying to get in the house with the bird trying to protect their babies LOL

    I just recently got my white jeans from Gap I love them.

    Have a blessed weekend

  29. Pamela C. says:

    sooooooooooo, what happened to the nest?

    1. We normally keep the garage doors down, and I’m not sure how it built a nest in such a short period of time. There wasn’t any eggs in it, so Joe pulled it out and put it in a shrub beside the garage.

  30. This is a helpful post, thanks! I’m wanting to get a pair of white jeans. Would you say the Spanx brand tends to run small?

    1. YES! I have to wear a large in almost everything SPANX, and it can still be a tiny bit tight. That is so the item holds you in, but I always size up.

  31. Diana McDonagh says:

    I love white jeans all year round. Your posts are so timely and just plain fun!
    Thank you for having fun with clothes! I always look forward to your posts.

  32. LOVE all the white jeans. I am afraid to try them. The may make me look even bigger! What about stains?

    1. Rory, the Chico’s pair is No Stain, so you might want to try those.

  33. You look great in all the jeans. I love the floral navy and white top, but I guess it is sold out. I always think white jeans look so clean and crisp on ladies. I’m always afraid I’ll get them dirty! Love Joe’s helmut picture.

    1. The navy and white print must have already sold out, but there are a lot of different prints to choose from.

  34. Love your white jeans post! The bright colors of spring and summer tops just pop against white jeans.

  35. I absolutely love my white jeans/pants and wear them all year too! I’ve had people say “you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day” and I just say “that is so old school”.

  36. Linda Grimm says:

    I like the Spanx pants but sizing can be challenging in their clothing.

  37. Just to say you look great in all the photos! Love especially the cashmere sweater with the flared white jeans. As far as wearing before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, well….I just can’t do it! I’m a born and bred Southern girl and just can’t get on board though I have tried on more than one occasion! 😜

  38. I love this posting. Great ideas and nice jeans. I wear white bootcut jeans with black booties in winter. Some day I’ll master the tuck in front, long in the back look. (Loved the bird nest in Joe’s helmet).

  39. I just bought my first pair of white jeans. (Not sure what I was waiting for!!). Thanks for the great ideas of what to wear with them!

  40. Love, love the white cropped flair jeans and the entire outfit! I also like the straight raw hem jeans. I’m not on board with the wide leg pants yet…maybe someday. Seems like I have to get used to seeing trends for a while before I can get used to them. Or maybe I’m a classics kind of gurl!

  41. Good morning! I so enjoy your Joe stories!! I started wearing my white jeans as soon as the calendar said it was the first day of spring. They go with almost everything and i love all the outfits you styled today.

  42. I’m one of your newer subscribers and I am so glad I found you! You have the exact style that I have been trying to find some guidance for. It’s how I like to dress but kicked up a notch in style. I’m always behind the times when it comes to fashion. I’ve already bought several of the items that you recommended. My problem with white jeans is that I feel like I am huge in them (hippy/wide). Do you have any styling tips to make me feel like I look slimmer in them? Thanks!

    1. Shelby, you probably pay more attention to your hip area than anyone else. I love wearing a lightweight cardigan, blazer, or vest that is long enough to cover the hip area. That creates a slimmer look since your eye only pays attention to the area left open in the middle.

  43. Lorrie Hojnacki says:

    while I love all the spring stylings, I struggle with trying to look cute in bright colors, and wearing white jeans when it’s 35° and I still need to wear socks and boots to stay warm. how can I style these cute spring looks with my boots instead of sandals?

    1. Lorrie, I know what you mean. We are so used to wearing boots when it is cold outside, but there are other options. You can choose a neutral (beige, tan, etc.) loafer or ballet flat, etc., to wear with your jeans; those look great any time of the year.

  44. I love white jeans. I thought the same thing about wearing them before Memorial Day, but then I realized that if I lived in Florida I would wear them without a second thought. So.. why not?
    I really like the way you styled them for fall. So pretty!

  45. Rosalinda says:

    Love the idea of a coolmax jean!! Love the look as well! Thanks for these great ideas! Have a great Friday!!🙏

  46. Love that plaid blazer and bloom blouse from Nordstrom, but both are sold out! I was at Green Hills Mall yesterday, to buy shoes at Marmi. Still haven’t found a midi dress for the June Charleston wedding!

  47. Tammy Roark says:

    I just bought some new white jeans!!!

  48. Ok, the “bird brain,” comment and post cracked me up! You inspire me and all that is good! Love love love all your outfit ideas! And I love your realness! You represent true womanhood, in all areas,..in God, in marriage, in family, and in friendship! It’s refreshing these days! Keep it coming sista!

  49. Tania, as always you look great in all the outfits, but my fav is the first one with the blazer and the last ine with the white shirt snd v neck cardigan. Funny you should mention the fashion police knocking at your door for wearing white jeans before Memorial Day. I wore white jeans this week and thought the same thing. LOL

  50. Carol Rittelmeyer says:

    Love all your white jeans outfits, especially the raw hem jeans. Love your Joe stories, too! We had a birds nest in a helmet in our garage, too!

  51. thank you for all ofbyour inspiration


  52. Dana Smithmier says:

    white jeans are my fav❤️

  53. The first look you styled with the plaid blazer and the casual one with sneakers are my favorites. Little by little I’ve been wearing white jeans throughout the year now. It took me awhile to get past the after Memorial Day and not after Labor Day mindset I grew up with.
    Had to laugh at your picture of Joe’s helmet 😅I’ll have to share that with my husband, he rides too. So far that hasn’t happened to him! I guess the birds at our house prefer to make nests in the overhang of the roof over our deck!

  54. I bought a pair of white jeans recently so this post was perfect timing! I love the jacket and flowered top with the white jeans. You look great! Thanks!

  55. Love white jeans! Thank you for styling them several different ways.

    Love the Joe story too!

  56. I love white jeans too. My go-to look is white jeans paired with a navy blue top. Thank you for showing more ideas!

  57. Rosa Silva says:

    I came across the crop white jeans from J Crew a few weeks ago and absolutely love them. Plan to pair them with a beautiful bright Lilly Pulitzer top and cute wedges to wear for an upcoming First Communion.

  58. Donna Wood says:

    Living in Florida, I have worn white jeans all year long for years. I have to admit, I would hear my Mom and Grandmama in my head at first telling me that I can’t wear white until after Easter, but I persevered and wore them anyway! I love every outfit you posted today…great job, as always!

  59. Connie r. says:

    I call my white jeans my uniform in the summer. Love all your examples you are who we in today!