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Wearing Wide-Leg Jeans When You’re Over 50

I’ve gotten several emails from ladies asking if women over 50 can wear wide-leg jeans. One lady mentioned that a co-worker commented that she dressed too modern and trendy and was trying to look like a teenager. Excuse me; I’m wearing wide-leg jeans, and I’m over 50, and who decided that only younger women had the market for looking modern? That is a bunch of bull hockey, and I will prove it today.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing wide-leg jeans with a camel blazer
Camel Schoolboy Blazer (Large) || Black Linen Pants (Medium – reordered a small) || Braided Sandals (TTS) || Woven Tote

Wearing Wide-Leg Jeans on a Date When You’re Over 50

My husband and I try to have a date night at least once weekly. I love getting dressed in a comfortable outfit, but I also want to look fashionable. Keeping up with the latest trends helps to keep me looking modern and youthful. All trends aren’t for me, but I’m embracing wearing wide-leg jeans.

Are Wide-Leg Jeans Trending

Oh, my, YES! Wide-Leg jeans and pants have been on the fashion scene for a bit, but they are currently a BIG trend. I styled wide-leg jeans last year and talked about how to wear wide-leg jeans, but this year I seem to be wearing them all of the time. The latest trend in wide-leg jeans and pants is prints. Are you brave enough to try this trend?

Who Can Wear Wide-Leg Jeans?

Wide-leg jeans add balance for ladies with rectangle or triangle body shapes. I am a rectangle, so the wider leg helps to give me a waistline. Ladies with straight or slim legs love wide-leg jeans because they will balance out their body shape.

Do Wide-Leg Jeans Make You Look Heavier Than You Are

Those who are a pear shape or have thick legs will also love the wide-leg jeans trend. Wide-legged jeans conceal the shape of your legs, so your eye is left to “guess” the size of the leg underneath the jeans. Wide-leg jeans won’t make you look heavier, but you must remember to wear a slimmer-fitting top to get the proportions right. I love wide-leg pants because they add balance to my broad shoulders, plus they add an element of drama to my outfits that I adore.

Wearing Wide Leg Jeans When You Are Petite

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing SPANX crop pants and a denim jacket5
Wrangler Denim Jacket (large) //  Wide Leg Twill Crop Pants (large) // Suede d’Orsay Flats (TTS) // HOBO wristlet (similar)

Yes, petite women can wear wide leg jeans! However, there are a few things you should consider that will help you look your best in them. The word CROP should be in your vocabulary. That doesn’t mean you need to show your stomach, but it means you want your top to not be long. Choose a crop top or tuck it into your jeans so that only a small portion of your top is visible. Also, choosing a slightly cropped pair of jeans helps since it shows some of your ankles. Choose a high-waisted pair of jeans. The higher the waist, the longer your legs will look. Wearing a shoe with a heel or a platform will also help you to appear taller. If flats are all you can wear, choose flats with a pointy toe and ankle or cropped wide-leg jeans to show skin between the jeans and the flat.

Shoes to Wear With Wide-Leg Jeans

The style of shoe you choose to wear with wide-leg jeans depends on the length of the jeans. If the jeans are long, you might want to choose a chunky heel boot, a platform shoe, or a clog that is trending right now. If you’re styling cropped wide-leg pants, you can wear any of the other shoes I mentioned, but flats would also look great.

Top to Wear With Wide-Leg Jeans

Wearing wide-leg jeans or pants isn’t tricky, but you must pay attention to the proportions. The rule of thumb is if your pant is wide, your top needs to fit closer to the body. I like wearing a top that isn’t tight but is a slim fit and skims my body. I have too many lumps and bumps to wear a bodycon top or body suit, so I choose slimmer-fitting tops to wear with my wide-leg pants.

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  1. I love your spirit. Keep shining for Jesus!
    I want the green square neck top you wore!
    where from?
    please do a video in tops tgat you can wear with wide leg pants THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO TUCK IN. UN A BIT THICK IN THE MIDDLE AT 73.

  2. Love your style and love your tips♥️

  3. I was searching for what to wear with wide leg jeans and came across your article. I’m 50 and struggle with the balance of looking trendy and not looking like I’m trying to look too young. Thanks for the tips!

  4. It’s too cold for open toe shoes and I can’t wear sneakers to work. What are some other shoe options for springtime?

  5. I love your ideas! But I’m over 70 and use those ideas..I love dressing young!

  6. Michele B says:

    I love that you addressed petite size women in your post. It is hard to stay stylish when you are 5’1” but your post for wide legged jeans hit the spot. Thanks also for being real about body changes and what to wear to still look stylist. Love your posts and blog.

    1. Totally agree. I’m 5’2” and struggling to find an inseam for wide leg pants that works. I’m not sure if it’s my age or that it seems styles have drastically changed recently but I am trying to find a new style that embraces the new me that time and God have created. This post helped with that. The only issue now is most petite pants are out of stock. I will be patient 😊

  7. MaryCarol says:

    You look great in all of the above. I don’t think I have ever tried any wide leg jeans but will give it a try soon.

  8. Ellen Weiss says:

    Thank you for the article. I love wide leg jeans and I am a fan of how all your outfits are put together.

  9. Mary Dupree says:

    Wear what you want and feel the look, after all you look good in them. You can’t look like a teenager because you are not, but you are you. Enjoy the wide leg jeans. I wear them, I am 74 with a tall body and they look real good on me.

  10. I purchased the pair from Old Navy for both my daughter and me… we both love them. They’re for all ages!

  11. Rosalinda says:

    Love the style of the wide leg jean and pants!! Thanks for sharing all of these with different price points. Have a great Thursday evening!!

  12. Denise Haselhuhn says:

    Oh my goodness! I love wide leg jeans! I’m 65 and these totally take me back to high school in the early 70s. 💕
    Thank you, thank you for helping this trend to re-emerge and make me feel young again!

  13. Kelly O’Leary says:

    Thank you for guidelines on proportions. I look awful in wide leg. My skinniest part is my thighs so I like boot cut. Cropped is bad on me I am so short waisted I need the extra length. It’s so tricky to find what looks best. You look totally awesome in these outfits. I recommend you to all my broad shouldered friends!😍

  14. Tania, your blog continues to inspire me to step outside my comfort zone a bit with fashion. With your help I’ve been able to find what trends work for me. Thank you!

  15. Don’t those mauve orthopedic sneakers look like YoYo shoes?? Anyone remember those??
    I am personally glad to see those skinny jeans go! I’m getting used to the wide leg pants. Certainly more comfortable!!

  16. Tania, you are so lovely. You are encouraging me to elevate my style. I’m turning 62 next month!
    I have always played it safe when it comes to fashion. Now that I am gray I am feeling freedom to shake it up a bit.
    Again, thanks for your inspiration. And for the scriptures. As a fellow believer we can always use a Word of Hope. This world is tough, but our God is Victorious!!

  17. Joanne W. says:

    You look fabulous in every style wide legged pant that you wore. So cute!

  18. Thank you for all of the helpful fashion types and ideas on how to wear wide leg pants. 😊

  19. Meg Hobbes says:

    You look great in wide legged pants. I love wearing them too. And I agree, the top has to be more fitting to give the right balance.

  20. For months now I have been wearing wide leg jeans especially the high waisted ones. They are fabulous!!! I’m pear shaped so they hide a multitude of sins!!! LoL. I have wanted the Old Navy trouser jeans since your first post Tania but sadly they have been sold out. I’m eying the ones from Kohl’s. I have the black linen ones from Old Navy and they are super cute and comfy. The Loft had some great wide leg jeans as well. I’m tall so some of the jeans are not super long and I wear them with platform sneakers. I had a pair of the jeans on with a t shirt the other day with sneakers and my hubby told me I looked young and trendy so Boo to that mean co worker. Gurls we can all rock what we want!!!?

  21. I recently bought a pair and needed some styling ideas! Thank!

    1. I really would like to find a flattering pair of wide legs, I do have thick legs, so that would be nice not to see them! I haven’t found a high rise that my body likes. Normally I would wear a 12/14 in mid rise.

      1. I wear a 14 and found great high rise, wide, leg jeans from NYDJ – and Amazon had them on sale!

  22. sue koren says:

    I am going to have to give these a try!

  23. Kelly Lane says:

    I love the different kind of wide leg jeans. I love wide leg pants also.

  24. I like the look of wide legs but they are just so long and look best with heels. I can’t wear heels anymore. Of course everything looks best on smaller people and I’m a plus size.

  25. I’m 72 and love wearing all these styles. And, at 5’2” I’m still wearing them. Plus, I say I’m at Level 72m not 72 years old!!!

  26. you always look well put together no matter what you put on.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Ginger Hiller says:

    Another great post, Tania, with fantastic reminders/suggestions. Thanks!

  28. Catherine says:

    I have one very important thing to say “Aging is mandatory but getting old is optional” I am 56 and happily wearing wide leg pants, and getting lots of compliments. I love the ways you have styled them here. Thank you,

  29. I have noticed that opening of your blog is difficult to read, as the font is in a gray or very light color. Could you please change the display to black, like the rest of your blog (where you describe each style)? Thank you!

  30. Totally agree with everything you said. All your wide leg outfits look great on you. I’m 68 and petite and I am wearing wide leg jeans and pants. All of mine are high waisted. I either tuck in my top or wear a crop top. I recently bought a crop wrap around top from Old Navy. It looks great with my wide legs and it makes my waist look smaller. My legs look longer with this style too. Of course I wear them with a 2 inch heel so they are not my everyday pants. If I was taller I would wear them with flats. Thanks Tania for your styling advice and scripture quotes.

  31. I bought the trouser flare jeans and love them, dressed them up with a white blouse and tied scarf around my neck with the faux leather off white jacket from Chicos’ that you styled last year.
    I think the look was modern and classy.

  32. Good heavens, the lady who made that comment should be slapped with a wet lasagna noodle. Wide leg jeans/pants can be very complimentary to everyone. Wear your wide leg jeans/pants with confidence and pride, I do!

  33. Doris Mitchell says:

    I love these new wide leg pants but I was a little late getting on board with this idea. Thank you for these beautiful ideas and for encouraging ladies of all ages to wear what we want to wear !!!

  34. I’m 61 and I’m loving my wide leg jeans!!!

  35. Thanks for sharing a variety of options. So many cute choices. You nailed it.

  36. Love all the outfits you modeled today! Thanks so much for the valuable information!

  37. Susan Smallwood says:

    Wow, you must have been reading my mind! I’ve FINALLY thought about trying some wider legged pants. I’ve been stuck in the skinny jeans for too long. I’m 65 and still work in an office. I’m old school and love fashion and try to wear things that are fresh and stylish but not too young for me. It’s a balancing act for sure but I always get comments on my nice wardrobe. Your pics of the wide legs have inspired me to go and try on a bunch and FIND something that I love. Thanks! You always look so cute and I love your style. <3

  38. Barbara L Armacost says:

    So agree with you. I am so tired of how everyone thinks women over 50 or definitely 60 shouldn’t wear certain clothes. I love the new styles and while I try not to look too trendy I do like to look “modern.” Love your ideas on wide leg pants and all your posts. Thank you for being a great inspiration.

  39. Happiest of birthdays, Tania!!

  40. Want to give you an early welcome to South Carolina and NMB. It is actually supposed to be in the 80s here next week. You can even lay on the beach. It is the perfect time of year to visit, warm enough to enjoy the sun (not the water yet….too cold). We are on the south strand, but you will have an amazing time. Venture out to Murrell Inlet (south strand) for fabulous fresh seafood. Hot Fish Club is our favorite restaurant or check out Paul Grimshaw Band ( on Facebook- find schedule) great band. Enjoy your trip!

  41. I’m not 50, in fact I’m 40! Loving your style. Can you share links for your necklaces, earrings, and white T in the first pic? The photo with the camel blazer, please!

  42. Kate Chaney says:

    I have several pair of wide leg slacks. I have a pair of linen ones that are linen color. I want to get a light weight top to achieve the coastal grandma look. Do you have any ideas?

    1. Kate, since I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, I can’t recommend a specific top. You can check out this YouTube video I did about Coastal Grandma looks and see if there your see something you like. https://youtu.be/1RGRHXL5k0s

  43. Great post, Tania! Thanks for speaking up for those of us over 60 who love clothes and fashion! Go Gurl!

  44. Dawn Podmenik says:

    Hey Tania, I live in North Myrtle Beach! I’d Love to meet you! If you get my email and you can fit it in your schedule, let me know. I’m retired, so I’m pretty flexible!

    Dawn Podmenik

  45. Linda Shearer says:

    Love this post! I only wears pants because I wear a leg brace and wide leg pants fit over my brace really well and it doesn’t show. I guess the spanx jeans don’t come in the olive green anymore. Really like that color. Also thanks for the tips on balancing the body.

    I’m already a member for Rodan and Fields but I only use one thing. You’ve inspired me to try more product’s especially the eye cream!

    Thank You!

  46. I have purchased two pairs of wide leg jeans recently. I absolutely love them because they make my legs look longer and slimmer.

  47. About the woman with the co-worker who said she was trying to dress like a teenager—forget you and your jealous heart! I’d have to establish some boundaries there. Today’s wide leg jeans post (everything from Tania) is nothing but classy and absolute sharpness.

  48. definitely agree with all of your readers, who wants to dress like an old lady??! Me neither. I love your blog and how encouraging you are to us readers on wearing what you love ♥️ our styles and what we chose to wear is a part of our personality. Thank you so much Tania😊

  49. Thanks for saying what you did about who has the right to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t wear!!! You spoke for several of us over 60. Loved every outfit. I’m probably not ready for the pink top and floral pants.😳

  50. Tania, I’ve never tried wide leg jeans, but after seeing how great you look, I’m going to try them! You keep inspiring me to just go out and do it! Thank you!!

  51. I love every way you styled the wide leg pant trend! Thank you for all the examples.

  52. Kim Portuesi says:

    Thank you for including us petite women. it’s hard to find looks that work.

  53. Karen Lunde says:

    I’m loving some of the wide leg styles and I will be 66 in June! Thanks for all you do Tania❤️

  54. Very fashionable!

    I’m from SC so have fun in Myrtle Beach. Wishing warm weather for your pool lounging.

  55. Love the looks! I just can’t get past you saying bull hockey, lol. I use to say that all the time. You are such a genuine soul! Love it.


    So excited to hear you’re coming to North Myrtle Beach!!! We live just a little south of there in Murrells Inlet. If you haven’t been to Brookgreen Gardens, it would be well worth the trip — it’s the largest outdoor sculpture and botanical garden in the country, and so beautiful! I’ve been quietly reading your blog for a few years now and love all your posts! ❤️

    1. Hi Michelle….gosh, I was reading your comment and was jolted when I read Murrells Inlet. About 20 years ago I visited that area several times for vacation, and we stumbled onto a restaurant called, Coleman’s. It was on a bay or some kind of water, the BEST DARNED SEAFOOD!! We went multiple times, and it brings back so many fun memories! Do you know of that restaurant? Have a great day!

      And, Tania….love your posts!

  57. I totally agree with you! I am 58 years young and I bought a pair of wide leg jeans months ago. Whenever I wear them I get compliments! The only trick is if they are long, to wear shoes that are appropriately high so the pants don’t drag on the floor.

  58. This blog was one of your best! Thank you for all the tips I’m petite and a senior and I love the look of the wide leg jeans. Who wants to dress like an old lady? Not me.

  59. Mary Kinard says:

    I recently wore a pair of wide leg jeans for the first time and received many compliments! I am 67 and still like to embrace the latest the clothing trends.

  60. Such a rude comment from the lady who said someone was dressing too young. Women need to support each other and not tear each other down. I love your blog because you are all about supporting women and their journeys. Thanks for that!

  61. LOVED this post!!! So helpful! I purchased the trouser jeans and loved them. Thank you for useful content.

  62. I love the wide leg jeans and the flare(bell bottom) jeans that are trending at the moment too!

  63. I wonder about the comment your reader received: would she prefer we dress like dowdy old women? What comment would she have then? I don’t get it!!!

    Keep on doing what you’re doing! Love your blog!

  64. Wow! You look absolutely amazing in this wide leg jeans. You look fresh and modern. Keep it coming.

  65. This entire outfit is wonderful. I love the jeans with the pink top and the handbag is just so cute. I’m petite so I’m going to look for some similar jeans with the frayed hem. Adorable!

  66. Ladies.. I am 71 years old & I’ve worn the wide leg look since last year when it became popular once again.. & I love it!! I do believe that women should dress age appropriate, however wide leg jeans & pants are universal & I think they look great on any women’s body. I usually wear a cropped shirt or sweater when I wear my wide leg jeans because it does balance out the look. A longer tee or shirt would not do justice to achieving the best this look can be. I love this wide leg look & have received many compliments on my style.. no one, as far as I know, has ever said that my style is too young or that I’m trying to dress like a younger women. So ladies, no matter what age you are, enjoy this wide leg style & look as trendy as you want.

    1. Linda Banks says:

      You are awesome…I’ve been ill and trying to decide on a clothing style to return to as I prepare to start my life over. Your response was helpful. I appreciate you. Again, thank you…

  67. Diana McDonagh says:

    I love everything about this outfit! You look fresh and modern. Keep it coming.

  68. Love the wide-leg pant suggestion, thank you!

  69. That cracks me up when someone says women of a certain age shouldn’t wear that. What are we supposed to wear? lol

  70. What a rude comment the co-worker made! I’ll be 70 in September and I have wide leg jeans & love them. Agree with others, Tania, you look great!

  71. Tania, Your wide leg outfit is very cute on you. I love when when women tell other women they look nice whether it is their clothes, shoes, purse or hair. Women just don’t do enough of that. I am only 5’2.5″ and I don’t think that they would look good on me and being 71 but I have never tried them on so it could surprise me. Thanks for everything that you post because you always look beautiful.

  72. I love all these looks. Wider leg jeans are definitely the trend now. Can’t wait to try it myself. You look great in them Tania.

  73. Amazing outfit! The colleague of your reader was jealous!

  74. I LOVE wide leg jeans!! I have narrow hips but thick thighs so when I wear them with heels, my legs look long and lean! I’m 62! I think this style is much more attractive on most older women than skinny jeans.

  75. Peggy Gregory says:

    Tania, You look great in this outfit. I am going to start searching for a pair of wide leg jeans. I find it appalling that some people feel the need or think it’s ok to criticize others for ‘whatever.’ I think that tells us a lot about their character or lack thereof. Rudeness is never ‘in style.’ Thanks.