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Best White Denim for Women Over 50

White denim pants have become a staple in my wardrobe all year long. The first time that I wore a pair of white denim pants before Memorial Day, I expected the fashion police to come knocking on my door. But with age comes confidence, and fashion rules are meant to be broken! White denim is so versatile that it looks great with just about anything. Here are some of the best white denim for women over 50.

My absolute favorite time to wear denim pants is during the spring and summer because they are the perfect backdrop for all of the bright, colorful tops I tend to select for those times of the year.

In an effort to find my new favorite pair of white denim for 2024, I ordered several pairs to try. They include a wide variety of styles ranging from slim fit to wide leg. Check out the try-on session below, and let me know which pair is your favorite in the comments. P.S. My dog wanted to be a part of the try-on, so you may see a cute little guest in the photos below!

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White Denim For Women Over 50 – Flare Jeans

Flare Jeans in White

The first pair I am trying is the Spanx Flare Jeans in White. You girls know I love clothing Spanx (like these Perfect Dresses I recently reviewed and my favorite bra). When I saw these flare jeans, I immediately clicked add to cart!

These jeans are constructed without a button or zipper, so you pull them on (or shimmy, as their website says, haha). This helps the front to lay flat without any added bulk. They are high-rise, and the best part is that the fabric has built-in tummy shaping to help hold the stomach area in.

I grabbed them in a size large, and they fit true to size. They are available in an XS to a 3x. You can also grab them in petite and tall lengths. I am 5’6″ and ordered a regular. They are the perfect length when paired with a heel, but if I wanted to wear them with a flat sandal, I would probably need to grab them in petite. My white denim for women over 50 posts would be incomplete without a pair of flare jeans.

Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

The second pair of denim you see is also from Spanx. These are their straight-leg ankle jeans in white. They have several similarities to the first pair, like the no-zipper, no-button pull-on design, and built-in tummy shaping. The fabric has just enough stretch to make them super comfortable without feeling like they are going to stretch out too much by the end of the day.

I really like the versatile style of this cut, especially for the warmer months. They can be dressed up with an elegant top and a heel or dressed down with a more casual shirt and flat sandals. I ordered my regular size large in these, and they fit like a glove.

White Denim For Women Over 50 – Wide Leg Pants

If you’ve ever wondered if a woman over 50 can wear wide-leg pants, the answer is YES! These are the Wide Leg Jeans from Talbots. I would probably consider them more a trouser than a jean. I’ve been wearing a lot of wide-legged pants over the last year. I like this style of pants because they conceal the shape of your legs, so they’re great for camouflaging heavy thighs. I also think that wide-leg pants add balance to my broad shoulders.

I always consider proportions when I am styling an outfit. The rule of thumb is wide on the bottom and tight on the top. Basically, that means that when you wear a flowy skirt or wide-leg jeans, you should wear a fitted top.

I grabbed these in a size 8. The relaxed fit is very comfortable, and the fabric has plenty of stretch. These may be too short for me to wear with heels this high, but they would be an excellent length for a flat shoe. These are great examples of white denim for women over 50 looks fabulous.

Slim Ankle Jeans

I own sooo many pairs of white jeans; I just love them. The White Slim Leg Jeans from J.Jill is a great compromise for those who love skinny jeans, and they look great with flats or heels. I’m wearing them with a pair of neutral espadrilles, one of my favorite styles of shoes for Spring and Summer.

I like Slim Ankle Jeans from Talbots that show a little ankle, and the length also helps show off your shoes. This pair has a built-in invisible slimming panel to help slim and smooth, which I appreciate, and I bet you all will as well!

When looking for a new pair of pants, I suggest trying on a variety of styles. Whether you prefer wide-legged pants like the last look or a slim fit like this pair from Talbots, both styles can have a place in your closet. I find the slim fit style of these pants super versatile, as I can just as easily pair them with sneakers to run errands as I can with a pair of espadrilles for church or a lunch date!

I’m wearing them in an 8, and I think they fit a little loose, so I would be interested to see how a size down fits. My dog was really getting interested at this point in the try-on, haha. I thought this picture was so funny but also so cute.

Frayed White Denim Jeans

My favorite way to dress is Elevated Casual, and this gorgeous outfit is exactly that. It’s still casual and comfortable, but it looks elevated and put together.

The Tweed Jacket looks great coming and going. The frayed trim and polished buttons are details that make this jacket a standout item. It will be the star of every outfit, and you’ll get lots of compliments on it. This jacket looks fabulous with the white No Stain Girlfriend Fray Hem Ankle Jeans, but it would also look great with a pair of Wide Leg Jeans.

The No Stain Girlfriend Fray Hem Ankle Jeans are powered by Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology. They stay white longer and repel water-based spills. Come on…who doesn’t love that? I love the fit of these jeans, which are slightly relaxed but not loose and baggy.

Best White Denim for Women Over 50 – More

Can you tell I love wearing white jeans at this time of the year? These Pintuck Flare Leg Jeans look dressier than most jeans, and I love the gorgeous Cotton Button Front Striped Shirt with them. The pink Cable Knit V-Neck Cardigan is perfect for adding extra warmth at this time of the year.

This Oversized Striped Cardigan Sweater is one of my favorite purchases from Amazon. I love how soft and comfy it is, but I love the oversized look the most. I think it looks great with the NYDJ White Ankle Jeans , and yes…you can wear them before Memorial Day without the fashion police coming to arrest you.

I love these! Made from a stretchy cotton-blend denim, they’re super comfy and versatile. Plus, with features like a flat front, zipper front, and contour waistband, they’re as stylish as they are comfy. Oh, and did I mention they come in different lengths? Short, regular, and long, so you can find the perfect fit!

I love these denim trousers from J.Crew! They’re the perfect everyday pair with a flattering high rise and a chic full-length design. Plus, when you buy cotton products from J.Crew, you’re helping cotton communities thrive and protect the environment. How cool is that? These would be perfect for when you want to wear denim but need them to look a bit elevated.

Trust The Gap to have a great pair of jeans! These babies are designed to fit snug in the waist and hips, with a relaxed wide leg for that effortlessly cool look. Oh, and the fabric? It’s 99% cotton with just a touch of stretch, making them uber comfortable. Available in short, regular, and long.

Which pairs of these white denim for women over 50 are your favorites? Do you have any favorite pairs of white denim, and if so, where are they from? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love your smart fashion sense!!!

  2. Connie Nunn says:

    Thanks for the info on white denim. Such cute outfits.

  3. I love the straight leg ankle jeans. Thank you for reviewing the different styles of white jean.

  4. Sue Whitney says:

    I love white jeans and am always in search of the “perfect” ones! Thanks for this review of many styles!

  5. Love white denim! I have a couple from Chico’s and three from Talbots, plus a natural (off white) pair. The wide leg white is nice!

  6. Janice Nagle says:

    Great white jeans!

  7. Susan Mckenzie says:

    I too love a great one denim pair of jeans!! They are always appropriate!! I love the J Crew pair on you— they look perfect!! I’m also a fan of the fray jeans!!

  8. Nancy McNitt says:

    I think I’m going to get a pair. I’ve never worn white jeans before, but after losing 66 lbs, I think I deserve a pair! LOVE your pup in the pics. 🥰

    1. Congratulations!!! Losing weight is HARD!

  9. Sherry M. Verner says:

    I would like to ask if, you could pick out shoes to showcase that also, come in narrow sizes .

  10. Love all the white jeans

  11. thanks again for a great post. I wear white slacks and jeans. still working on early spring time to start wearing them.

  12. Julie Lozano says:

    Loving all your choices! Especially the wide legs! Looking fab!

  13. I love white jeans too! But I have problems finding them in plus sizes😓

  14. Vickey F Vaughan says:

    The white denim frayed leg jeans are my favorite because as you said you can dress them up or down.
    Hope you work out your Biltmore House trip.

  15. Shirley Wright says:

    Hi Tania,
    I’m new to your blog, but love it!
    I like the J Jill straight leg jeans the best. Look good on you.
    Forget the wide leg.
    Shirley Wright
    San Antonio

  16. I love buying white jeans but seem to rarely wear them them 🤪

  17. I am liking the ankle jeans. think the wide leg ones would make a shirt person look shorter and wide.

  18. I think I like the frayed hem ones best. I don’t wear white jeans often as I am a clutz.

  19. Good selection of jeans. I loved the wide leg Talbots and the straight Spanx.
    Chihully glass art is now at Biltmore. It i spectacular, you all should go see it!

  20. I love my wide leg Talbots in white. Have you ever tried Democracy jeans? The major plus is the stretchy waistband. Some of my blue denim ones are a fairly thin denim, but the white ones are very nice and not see through at all. I initially bought the white ones (and now my 2nd pair) from Amazon for easy returns in case I needed it, but they are great. Took a pair on a recent 2 week trip, wore them MANY days and they never once bagged out. (And somehow I kept them clean!)

    1. I had a pair of white Democracy jeans, but I have no idea what happened to them. I did like them.

  21. White jeans year round for me!!! Love all of the styles! Have a fun girl’s weekend!

  22. Jenniffer Groski says:

    So excited to start wearing white jeans!!

  23. Kathy Howell says:

    I love white pants whether denim or other fabrics. I’ve already bought 2 pair ready to spring into them. BTW I’m 80.

  24. Ginger Hiller says:

    Enjoy the special family time this weekend! Hopefully, Joe isn’t feeling too left out. I am still trying to like white pants; I have a thick bum and the white seems to make that area look even thicker.

  25. Connie Nunn says:

    I am so unsure about wearing white pants! Thanks for this post. It did help me!

  26. Cathy Carter says:

    I also love white jeans all spring and summer! I always thought fashion police said it’s okay to start wearing them after Easter 🤪….Which is early this year. My favorite is the straight ankle style because of versatility with shoes. You look great in all of the various styles.

  27. Sharon Urban says:

    You look wonderful in the Spanx jeans. Being on the short side, I envy you your legs. I can’t wait to buy my new white jeans for the summer. Thank you for all of the suggestions.
    Enjoy having your wonderful family around you.

  28. Love the white denim. Going on a cruise and they will be the basis of my wardrobe!

  29. Cute jeans. My favorites are the wide leg, flared and ankle straight leg. I don’t wear white jeans because I then have to wear about getting stains. It always happens when I wear white. I do have one pair of white straight legs that I am going to try that big cuff on. Enjoy your family time.

  30. Laura Garrett says:

    You look great in all the styles, but I like the slim ankle or straight styles the best on me. The flare or boot cut are tighter through the thigh and show all my bumps and ripples too much in white denim, ha! Talbot’s and Chico’s denims are my favorites.

  31. Very nice, but for me, white attracts dirt like a magnet!

  32. Dawn Milburn says:

    I’m so excited to get my white denim out again! I agree, white jeans look great with spring and summer colors!

  33. I like the slim ankle jeans the best (especially for spring and summer)of corse. I just can’t get into the wide leg.
    Thanks checking them all out.

  34. I love white pants and white jeans!!! These are great options!!

  35. Karen Johnson says:

    I can hardly decide which white jeans to buy for spring. I had to laugh about the ‘Fashion police’ showing up for wearing white too soon!

  36. sue koren says:

    I like the ones with the frayed hem.

  37. I love the slim ankle jeans. I tend to lean towards slim on the bottom with flowy tops ( I like to camouflage what I can lol) . I’m also from the south and was always told “ you can’t wear white after Labor Day and never before Memorial Day” Thank goodness the “southern women’s fashion police never knocked on my door either! I love all your looks. The beige striped sweater with ankle slim white would be my pick.
    I hope you get that girl’s weekend I know just how those memories are cherished!
    Thanks for all you do

  38. New to your site but love the variety of clothes you cover so well. Enjoying the suggestions. I’m a young 72, lost an inch and trying to get the right size figured out for 5’3″, 140 lbs. You’ve been a big help and thank you for posting scriptures! 😊💯

  39. love all these white pants. I live in them in spring and summer. I golf in white pants too. thanks for the great suggestions ☺️

  40. Shirley Watkins says:

    Thanks for giving a real life look; it helps so much. I find that the NYPD ankle white jean would work best for most of my needs. But like the wide leg white jean from Talbots. So probably both. Lol.

  41. I can’t wait to slip into a pair of white jeans!

  42. Love a good pair of white jeans, great post! Gorgeous pink cardigan sweater!

  43. The Spanx jeans are my favorite. They’re just a bit pricey!

  44. Krista Preston says:

    The white slim fit with frayed hem is my absolute favorite! I’ve been waiting for a post like this.

  45. Great selections, & nice photo

  46. Karen Combs says:

    I like the first two. The flare jean. Because I’m overweight I would never wear wide leg and I wear socks during summer because I have Reynard syndrome so I can’t wear ankle pant. Do you know of any that are regular length but straight or skinny.

  47. I love white jeans and wore a pair this week for the first time this year. Still haven’t transitioned to the wide leg but plan on trying some wide leg pants next time I go to the mall.

  48. Authentic Fit Slim-Leg Jeans and Spanx Straight Leg Ankle jeans are my favorite! Love the family picture. 12 and 15 passenger vans can be rented LOL LOL LOL for any outings!

  49. Kerri White says:

    love all the white jeans, perfect for spring and summer

  50. I love white jeans! I may need to finally try the spanx!

  51. Michelle Calhoun says:

    I’m a lucky girl, my husband spoils me with Spanx jeans both regular and white denim. Love the fit. Thank you for sharing.

  52. I like the Spanx slim the best. Not loving the wide legged pants. You look great in all of them. Also love your dog in all the pictures, so cute.

  53. I have the Chicos frayed hem pai and I love them!

  54. yay white pants! They go with so many tops/blazers/sweaters! Loving the spanx, may bite the bullet and get them this year😊

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for commenting! 😊

  55. Phyllis Martin says:

    My fav is NYDJ ankle.

  56. Alicia Wilson says:

    Enjoy your family time. How wonderful you are all under one roof.

  57. I have the slim ankle white jeans, and they are more versatile.

  58. I love the look of the slim ankle jeans from Talbots and the good for life wide ankle ones from Kohl’s. I guess I need to order them and try them. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Spank and Talbot’s looked the best.

  60. Cindy Phipps says:

    I liked the first two on you personally. I would like to try the spank brand too.

  61. Thank you for this post. I love white jeans! my favorite jeans are French Dressing Jeans, as there are different sizes for every body style. I have a very long rise, so their “Suzanne” style is for long and thin women. (what I was before menopause). The “Peggy” cut is a high rise as well but for curvy woman, like I am now.

  62. Wish the Spanx weren’t so expensive-I’d love to try them but couldn’t spend that much for 1 pair of pants.

  63. I love white pants/jeans- but always feel the need to be careful when wearing them, LOL.
    I like the look of the Spanx pull on pair- I may need to investigate a pair for this summer.

  64. I really liked the Spanx straight leg, not too tight, not to roomy. As far as a wide leg, I preferred the Ann Taylor. Thanks for modeling white pants. They are such a great item for Spring/Summer (all year!), but it’s hard to find a pair that checks all of the boxes. It was nice to see these choices on you.

  65. my favorite are the flare white denim. I would like the length of petite. I wonder if I order my normal size in petite? When I was in Talbots they told me to size up when moving into petite size. Not sure if all stores are the same.

  66. The Spanx Straight Leg Jean looks the best in my opinion.

  67. Karen Lunde says:

    Love the different options and white pants that are not see through!!!

  68. Roberta S says:

    I love the look of white pants unfortunately I shy away from them because I just can’t keep them clean.

  69. Spanx straight. Talbots slim. The others have too much fabric.

  70. I like all the Spanx ones. I’m a big fan of the pull-on style.

  71. I like the Spanx pants best. I’m thinking about getting an Ecru/off white pair of pants this season. I just don’t think I can do white-white 🙂

  72. Big fan of the ankle slim straight jeans. I’ve been buying Spanx denim for sometime now and love the quality and fit.
    I thought the ankle skin looked great on you! Great post today!

  73. I do not like the Spanx white denim jeans on you Tania. The fabric pulls, wrinkles and grabs your thighs and knees in a very unflattering way. Look closely at the view on the outer edge of the photos. It’s not a straight line, it grabs and ripples. I agree the fabric is not transparent, which is a plus.

    My favorite pair on you is the Talbots slim ankle pant. I also liked the Ann Taylor wide leg trouser for a different look.

    Truthfully you look cute in everything. Just providing feedback from a friend with problem thighs-lol.

  74. I like the flared leg Spanx, and the wide legged Ann Taylor chinos, which surprised me as I usually don’t like wide leg denim. Probably the model was impressive 😉
    Never have done a spray tan. Years ago I used a tanning lotion (50 yrs ago!) but I really don’t care if I am pale or tan. I’m whatever shade I am in that season of the year.

  75. Hi Tanya. Can you find any white jean in a more affordable price? I’m looking for some that will hide the bumps etc on the thighs. Thanks.

  76. I did like the pull on white jeans. They looked very good on you. I also liked the Talbots ankle jeans. Not a fan of the wide leg styles.
    Truly love your Bible verse of the day. Gives me a great start in the right direction with God right next to me.
    Great boost for the day.

  77. Lynda Brown says:

    #1 gets my vote. They make your rear look fantastic! Just ask Joe. Lol! #5 comes in next.Didn’t think I’d care for a wide leg, but those look great. Btw, what are you wearing to get the spray tan? Thanks!

  78. I think I like the first pair the best because I’m in a wider leg jean phase. I didn’t know Spanx had jeans so that makes them even better. Plus, the pull-on style and holding everything in is awesome. Thanks for sharing 😍

  79. My favorite is the Spank Flare. A great proportion on you. I do a lot of walking, so I generally avoid heels. I wonder if the pants would look as nice with flats?

    1. I have the blue denim version of these too, and they look great with everything.

  80. Great post!
    Thank you!
    I am looking for a pair of nude or Neutral colored, shoes to wear with spring dresses.

  81. Ginger Hiller says:

    I have added a pair of white, full length, wide legged jeans from Banana Republic to my closet that I really like. They are the only white bottoms I own because the majority of them just make my full backside look even fuller, which is not what I want. The ones from BR are a tiny bit big in the waist, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I’ve never had a spray tan nor do I use any at-home tanning products. I just let my Snow White legs shine.

  82. I love them all! Thank you for showing so many options! I love all Talbot’s pants. I’d love to try Spanx!

  83. I like the wide leg and flare jeans. I’m one of the few petite women who likes wide leg. The key is finding the right fit in the torso and length. Also wearing them with a fitted top or tucked in or short jacket. I can’t wait to wear mine with my tweed crop jacket.

    You look good in all the pants. Definitely size down on the Ann Taylor wide legs.

  84. I like them all. What is is favorite pair of white jeans?

  85. I would like to try a pair of white, wide leg, jeans this year. Cropped if can find them.
    Thanks for a great post. I love when Lucy Lou joins you.

  86. Sherrie Garcia says:

    I have had really good luck with Democracy and Flying Monkey Brands!!!

    1. I’ve tried Democracy, but not Flying Monkey.

      1. Sherrie Garcia says:

        I’m pretty curvy and they seem to fit curvy bodies without having to buy the “curvy” labeled jeans.

    2. I love Democracy; I wore a 14 but have lost a lost a lot of weight. I’m now not certain what style or brand to go with. I like Tania’s Spanx flare and the Ann Taylor wide legs… What to do!? Though, I’ve hidden behind bigger clothing for a few years now so I am thinking probably the Spaxn.

  87. Dawn Milburn says:

    I’m really liking #4- the straight leg by Talbots. I agree that it’s nice to have a pair that you can wear tennis shoes, sandals or heels with. Love the versatility. I’m 5’4 with narrow shoulders and wide hips. Not sure I can do a wide leg. Thanks for all the tips!

  88. Debbie Titus says:

    I honestly liked them all!

  89. Perfect timing on the white jeans/pants article. I bought the Talbot’s wide leg white jean this week, and am looking forward to wearing them, when the rains stop and weather clears up. Have a blessed week!

  90. Thank you for the post! I think I need to go try on some white jeans.

  91. I like the last pair-thanks for lots of options!

  92. I think Spanx won. I can’t get behind flares and wide legs. Does Spanx have a boyfriend Jean?

  93. Pamela C. says:

    I love that your pup is always there making sure your photo shoots are done right. He is a great creative content director give him an Oscar.

  94. Catherine says:

    I love the Spanx pants but the pull-on aspect gives me pause. What if you want to do a half-tuck? Wouldn’t that look weird?

  95. I like the white flare jeans on you. Very slimming.you mentioned spray tanning. I used to but though about the chemicals I was breathing and stopped.

  96. Thank you Tania for styling all of these and showing us how they look. My #1 favorite is the Spanx Flare and my second favorite is
    #2 Spanx Ankle Straight Legs.

  97. Melissa Palmer says:

    Once again, you totally read my mind. I have gained a bit of weight since last year and was just thinking yesterday that I need to get a new pair of white jeans for the summer. And, sure enough, you have come through for me again. I definitely think I’m going with the Spanx flares. You look absolutely stunning in all of them. It makes it hard to decide. 🙂 Thanks so much for this timely post. Oh, and seeing your little pup in the pics made me smile. I love when he (she?) is in there!

  98. #4 and #6 seem to bag a little oddly at the knees. #2 is a more current straight fit and drapes beautifully. All the wider legs are stunning on you and it would be very hard to choose which ones to keep!!

  99. I like the slim ankle the best can’t get use to the wide leg style although they look great on you since you’re tall. I’m only 5’1” so wide leg pants look silly on me! Never had a spray tan have only used self tanners, Jergens works for me!

  100. Oh definitely 2, 4 or 6. They look really good. Not a fan of the wide leg pants.

  101. I just can’t get used to the flares on me–on you they look great but on me…not lovin it yet!

  102. Mary Kinard says:

    The last pair of Spanx jeans are my favorite. At 5’2″ it is hard to find jeans that are the right length so I tend to navigate to ankle length. And pull-on styles are awesome!

  103. I love the straight leg pair from Spanx!! Not much of a fan of the wide leg style. They all look nice on you! Love the suggestions!

  104. Rosalinda says:

    I really love the Spanx wide leg jean and the Talbot wide leg jean as well. I have never actually had a spray tan. I’ve done self tanner only. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  105. Julie Rowan says:

    I think my favorite on you is the wide leg chinos. They look great on you. I’m on the short side in height so not sure they would be as flattering as they are on you! But I do have an interest in what you think of your spray tan. I am in my early 70’s and have quite a few age spots and I worry that they might really show up with a spray tan.

  106. Michele B says:

    Thanks for showing such a great selection. White pants are something I cannot seem to find to look good on me. I am short and have a pear shape and my thighs have a hard time with!

  107. Karen Campbell says:

    You look great in all of them! If I had to pick, I would choose the wide leg Talbots.

  108. Dana Smithmier says:

    They all look great on you! I like #2 best!

  109. I like the first two the best. I want to like the wide leg, because I love wide leg, but the pockets seem like they would stick out, I’m really picky about pockets. I have a white wide leg from NYDJ that I like a lot. I’m glad you tried on the Ann Taylor. I put them in my cart the other day.

  110. The Spanx straight leg ankle jeans are my favorite. And I always love seeing Lucy Lu in your photos. She’s so adorable!

  111. Talbots for the win! Both the wide and slim legs look great!

  112. I like the Spanx Flare the best!

  113. I like the flare and some of the slim leg jeans. The wide legs seem to add pounds…sorry.

  114. The Ann Taylor wide leg was my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  115. Tammy Roark says:

    I like the slim ankle jean

  116. Julie A Crudgington says:

    My favourites on you are the Spanx wide leg, they are the most elegant. The slim leg ones tend to get caught up around our knees and don’t hang nicely. Thank you for showcasing although I am in the UK its useful to see the silhouettes and plan for summer.
    Also in the UK getting a spray tan is quite an event (and expensive ) so most of us do our own in the places on show lol

  117. I love the straight leg pair from Spanx and Talbots. I have been jumping on the wider leg and flare leg styles. But for your try on, these were the classiest styles.
    I have a pair of white jeans I got from Pennys I just love and they were even on clearance. (Pennys has upped their game recently! )
    I think Lucy Lu is trying to tell you she wants some doggie clothes to try on (when I order dog food, I cannot believe the pet clothing pop ups I get!)

  118. I think Spanx WON the day!!! My favorites are the first pair and last pair!! Both totally different looks- they both look great on you. I haven’t ever ordered any Spanx clothing but I will now that I see them compared to other brands I buy regularly!!!

  119. I always go for the slim leg style. But seeing these wide leg jeans has me wanting to try some of them. I have never tried a spray tan, but curious to see how yours turns out. I was always afraid it would like to fake as my skin is very pale. I have learned to just embrace my natural color. We can’t afford vacations, so I just don’t worry about a tan anymore.

    1. I’m very pale too and just embrace my natural porcelain color skin. You are not alone, Janine!

  120. Connie r. says:

    I have to say you are so lucky that you can wear any style. They look great on you! Talbots have always been my favorite! They last forever. Lucy is precious. Wants to be a model too.

  121. Thanks for the white jean try-on!! I’ve been curious about the Spanx jeans and your tips on sizing have convinced me to try them. And I only wear pull-on anymore so even better!!