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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a baby blue cardigan and a Lilly Pulitzer top with bootcut jeans and espadrille sandals I want to thank all of you who left a comment or private messaged me about the name of my blog. I appreciate all of the input, but I am still in limbo about a decision. There isn’t a rush or a deadline, so I am not going to stress about it for now. I did enjoy hearing your thoughts, and also how you came to find me in your searches. And, some of you mentioned that you have been in marketing, so I know that you understand about the word “old” and “50” as being words that are searched a lot.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a baby blue cardigan and a Lilly Pulitzer top with bootcut jeans and espadrille shoes My thoughts for changing the name doesn’t even have to do with my age. I know several blogs with the number 40 in them, and the bloggers are older than me. Most of them don’t publicly tell their age as I do, so most people have no idea how old they are. I would venture to guess that most of you are in your 50s or older who are reading my blog. I did see a few comments yesterday that they were in their 40s, but I bet 50 is soon on the horizon. Look at today’s outfit. Now, my question to you is this, do you have to be 50 and over to wear this? Next question, if you were 35, would you follow a blog with the word “50” in it? My point is this; by keeping the 50 in the title, I am limiting the age group that will come to my blog without even giving the outfit a chance. It looks like I am back to doing a coin toss unless one of you who know more about marketing, branding, and SEO than I do can point me in the right direction.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue cardigan and a Lilly Pulitzer top The other day, someone mentioned that they loved the fact that I mixed high-end products with cheaper, more affordable items. That is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to fashion. I will pay more for some items that I know that I will get lots of wear from, and things that I feel will be trendy or that I know will be easily replaced will be something that I look for affordable choices. Today’s blog post has a mixture of both items. The beautiful blue cardigan that I have on today is lightweight and perfect for this spring. I love the baby blue color, and I love the relaxed fit of the cardigan. I am wearing a medium, and you can see that it is plenty roomy on me. This cardigan is a fine gauge knit with a ribbed hem and cuffs. It is rayon and polyester, and it is machine washable. The cardigan comes in a lot of other colors, including a bright pink that I think I am also going to order. Since the cardigan is less than 10.00, I believe that I’ll also order the yellow and pale pink ones too. LOL! HERE is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Lilly Pulitzer top The Essie tank top from Lilly Pulitzer is drop-dead gorgeous! For a color-loving girl, this tank top is da bomb! Here is the funny thing, I’ve never been a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer because I felt like a lot of the clothing looks the same. This is probably my first Lilly top, and I am trying hard not to be hooked. But, honestly, I love everything about this top, and I know that it is not going to be my last purchase.

The top is a size medium, and since this was my first time ordering with them, I was scared that it would be too small. Instead, it fits like someone came to the house and measured me while I was asleep. I love all of the colors, and I can’t wait to wear this with white crops or shorts this summer. I am getting excited just thinking about it. Lol! HERE is the link to this top, and I’ll link a few more that I am eyeing, and some of them might already be at my house. LOL!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue cardigan and a Lilly Pulitzer top with bootcut jeans I chose to wear these espadrille wedge shoes today because it was calling for rain, and I didn’t want my jeans dragging the ground. These are a pair of wedges that I bought the other day from Target, and I like how they fit. Also, I like the two-tone color of these shoes that is blush pink and white, even though I was skeptical when I ordered them. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these shoes, and I think that they fit me great. These are on sale right now, so hurry and get your order placed. HERE is the link. Here are a few other shoes that you will like that don’t have so high of a heel.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Lilly Pulitzer top with bootcut jeans and espadrille sandals Before I forget to mention, the hoop earrings that I am wearing are also from Lilly Pulitzer. They are the Zanzibar hoop earrings, and they have just a tiny bit of bling on them. HERE is the link to those.

The jeans that I am wearing are by JAG jeans, and they are the bootcut Eloise jeans. I wore those in this post (here), but I am afraid that the Eloise is sold out of regular sizes, but you can still grab it in Petite and Plus. However, bootcut jeans are very popular right now, so you have plenty of others to choose from. I like how they balance out your body shape, and I have become a huge fan of this style lately. I still love my skinny jeans, but these are trying hard to win my heart. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a baby blue cardigan and a Lilly Pulitzer top with jeans and espadrille sandals

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  1. I love love love this outfit!

  2. For some oddball reason today’s post (I’m writing this on Friday’s) won’t show up at all but this one did just fine (duh!). Could it be the embedded ad?

  3. I have read your blog daily for a couple of years and never commented, but I just had to tell you look stunning in this outfit! Thank you for the inspiration you give concerning fashion and, more importantly, your zest for life and sharing your faith.

  4. These colors are gorgeous on you! ? I like your blog name. I recently found you, and I was very excited to see someone at least 50, with a similar body type as mine, blogging about style and fashion. Your personality is so fun, and your sense of style is timeless. ? I do think Stylish at Any Age is also nice. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does portray the idea that style is less about your age, and more about your mindset and determination to not let your style be defined by how old (or young) you are. Definitely do what feels right to you! ? Happy Early Birthday!! ? I would never have guessed you are turning 60!!

  5. I am 70 and I follow your blog for a long time. Keep on doing this. Greetings from the Netherlands

  6. G. Leanette Flentroy says:

    Hello Ms. Tania,
    I have been greatly enjoying your posts lately, which is very surprising to me since last year I subscribed to your blog and after a few views decided it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. Then, a few weeks ago your blog suddenly appeared amongst my e-mails (I have no idea why or how; I did not re-subscribe), but I am delighted to have received it. It seems to me that you have changed your style, because I absolutely love almost every outfit you have shown this year. Amazing. And thank you for the scripture, which is a very nice touch.

    As for the name change, I have absolutely no ideas. I totally understand why the current name of the blog would prevent younger women from taking a look. After all, when you were in your 20s, or even 30s, would you have subscribed to anything labeled for “50 and over”? Not me. Good look with that.

    Happy Mother’s Day. Keep the blogs coming; I now can’t wait to see what you next introduce to us.

    G. Leanette Flentroy, Esq.
    (H) 925.560.9677
    5206 Gali Court
    Dublin, CA 94568

  7. I follow 3 blogs faithfully. You, Kay harm and Susan street. Each one has a quality I admire and each one is in a different age bracket. I don’t think age matters. I’m 77 though so in a few years I may have to look for a blog “Eighty isn’t Elderly” or something. LOL
    I love what you are wearing and the price is amazing. I do worry about shrinkage and piling at these prices but I have clothes from Walmart that has outlasted more expensive so there is that.

  8. I am 69 and just started following your blog. I feel like 49 so age means nothing to me! We can grow older easier if we don’t worry about these types of things. Love your blog and find it fun. One of my best friends is 87 and she always looks great so…enjoy life and have fun with fashion its one of the enjoyments of life! Besides Travel!

  9. beth byrd says:

    I am 61 and have been following your blog for about 3 years or so. Your posts are so fun and you are so down to earth — you are also very stylish!!! You look so pretty today!!!

  10. Oh, my gosh!! I LOVE the shirt!!!! Unfortunately, it’s already sold out thought. You rocked today’s outfit and we are fabulous at any age!

  11. I just bought the green and the blue sweaters! Can’t wait for them to come! The blue looks great on you!

  12. I love your outfit, the colors are perfect for you! I also like your hair, is it a slightly different style? Of course most of us have “new” styles these days whether we want them or not!

  13. I love that top. I have a question for you, all of my sweaters have that kind of neckline. I think it looks weird with all of my crew neck t-shirts. Got any ideas? Love the color of the sweater with the top. Keep the name of your blog. Remember new Coke? Don’t mess with perfection.

  14. You look younger all the time. Love you hair. Your outfit looks comfy & so together.

  15. Susan Simmons says:

    I am new to your blog. I saw one of your posts on Pinterest, and did a did a double take because you look so much like a good friend of mine in GA! The resemblance is uncanny.

    I am so glad to see that you don’t shy away from wedge shoes and bright colors. I love this post because it is something I have always done. I am the Wal-Mart, Outlet, TJMAX queen. You can look polished and well dressed without spending a fortune. I teach school and my husband is a dentist, but our financial priority has always been traveling the world with our daughters. We have been blessed beyond all measure.

    Stylishatanyage would probably attract women of all ages. I do like 50 IS NOT OLD, though! I turned 56 in November, and finally realized that things are definitely changing!!! 😉 I enjoy seeing and reading your daily blog, and getting ideas for new outfits. I also love that you share a bible verse everyday. I will begin sharing with friends. Thanks!

  16. Hi Tania,
    I actually came to your blog because of the name. I’m fifty-seven and my fashion goals are not the same as when I was thirty. I still want to be stylish – don’t get me wrong. I want to be grown lady stylish vs college coed stylish and I find that blogs like yours provide me with that inspiration. Thank you. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

  17. I’ve been following since I was 39! I’m selling Plunder in Canada now because of your posts! Love love love your style!

  18. How about. 50+ is not old

    1. That is something to consider. I have to check out the domains to see if they are available

  19. Wendy Morton says:

    The gorgeous top seems to be sold out

    1. I saw that the sizes were limited last night. That is why I linked to other tops with similar style or patterns.

  20. Stacie J Kreitman says:

    Tania- I will follow you whatever you decide. I love your outfit today!

    1. Stacie, you are an angel!

  21. I started following you when I was 39 and I am 40 now. I was looking for ways to style my clothes as I got older and found Jo-Lynne Shane and then you. I love your posts and feel your style is ageless. Your daily positivity and humor are also encouraging and make me smile.

    1. Thanks, Tawni, for letting me know your age and why you chose to follow me! That is really helpful!

  22. Debbie Dawson says:

    Oh Tania I love that top! I may have to have that cardigan too. LOL! You look great.

    1. I loved the print so much!

  23. You look lovely in your Lilly P!! A good southern gal can never have enough of the bright, splashy prints! Actually you only need a few things- because they are timeless- and the prints and styles don’t change much from year to year…also,Lilly Pulitzer has an “after party” sale every year in January and July- the items are usually 1/3 the price of retail. So we keep a list of sizes and styles and try to see if we can get them at the sale!!

    1. I’ve seen the sales before, but since I wasn’t used to the sizing, I never purchased anything.

  24. Kimberley Dambach says:

    I love your outfit! And your hair! Wow. You look great.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t even try to “style” my hair today. This is what it looked like after I got finished blowing it dry.

  25. Sherli Morgan says:

    Love this look on you…awesome colors. I’m with you, the top will look great with white.

    I’m sure you’ll come up with a great new name for the blog. I like the name now, but it is your blog and I’ll still read no matter what it’s called because I like your style.

    Have an amazing day

    1. Thanks, Sherli. I don’t know that I will change it, but I am not opposed to the idea.

  26. The colors on you make you GLOW today. I particularly like you include lower end clothes from stores we can either go in (someday) try on or order and return locally. Mixing with the higher end is something for everyone’s taste, size and fit. As for the name I never thought about the age limiting. I do like Stylishatanyage as you may be right younger women may not give you a chance. Whatever you decide will be successful. I subscribe and have never missed a post since day 1!

    1. Thank you for being such a faithful and loyal reader!!! I am so glad that you enjoy the blog, and I hope that you are sharing it with others.

      1. I have followed your blog from early on and will continue to no matter what you call it. A blogger I’ve been following for years is about to lose me because of her price points. And she has so many (arbitrary) rules that I no longer enjoy reading it. Yours is a breath of fresh air because you keep it real.

  27. I love how effortless this outfit looks on you! and your hair looks great! enjoy your weekend Tania.

    1. I love this look also. I have some new things that I tried with my hair. I am glad that you liked it and noticed.

  28. Tania, I’ve followed you for several years and have enjoyed it all! My opinion is you are a “Summer”, in skin, hair, eye color. Remember when everyone in the 80’s had their “colors” done? I am a “Winter”. Anyway, because I consider you a Summer, I think you absolutely come alive in the colors you’re styling today!! You just seem to pop off the page in these colors!! Fabulous look for you, I love it!

    1. I love wearing blue, it pops with my eyes. And, my faux tan makes me feel and look more alive too.

  29. I am 65 and have followed your blog for about 3 years. I have gone back and read old posts and thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe your blog appeals to all ages. One reason is your personality shines through the written words! I get my Rodan and Fields from you also. I had used before, but decided to try it again after reading your blog. Love this outfit today!!

    1. Sue, I really do believe that you can be and act old when you are in your 30s. So, acting old is not about age, it is a mindset. I am keeping my mindset young!

      1. Love the top with the cardigan – it helps non – Palm Beach people wear Lily and not look ridiculous, it really is resort wear and not many can carry it off away from the beach! I did stop following a blog that used to incorporate affordable clothing – it was all TJ MAXX, Macy’s, Steinmart and other mid level price points and then she only profiled high priced sponsored clothing and accessories . It was not inspiring – it was depressing.

  30. Kathie blackwell says:

    Lily Pulitzer is my favorite for years. You will be obsessed. What I want to know is how you sneaked and got your hair done! LOL! It looks really good!

    1. Kathie, I am already getting hooked!

  31. Ashley Matney says:

    I am 35 and have followed your blog for several years. I love the content that you share, and I love the stories you tell. Best wishes as you decide about the name of your blog ☺️

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I am terrible at making decisions. Lol!