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Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a gorgeous blue side-tie dress and a pair of gold metallic espadrille wedge sandals This past weekend was busy, busy, busy. Besides having an overnight weekend guest (Emersyn), I decided to work on cleaning up my front porch. We used to sit out there a lot, but they moved the highway in front of the house, and now we can’t see the traffic driving by. It was more fun when we could see the cars and wave at people as they drove past. So, we hardly ever go out there, and it was looking pretty neglected.
We have a small electric pressure washer (HERE) that I used to clean the porch. The lumber company has commercial type washers, but I love this one because it is electric and so easy to use. Then, I decided to repaint all of my porch furniture from white to glossy black. Because we live beside a train track, the dirt and dust have turned my white furniture to a dingy looking mess. I might not be the best at spray painting because I had it all over me before the day was through. The next day I found lots of missed spots on the chairs, so I had to do touch-ups on them. I am also finding lots of black dots on me, even after multiple showers! Lol! Now, I am in search of new cushions and pillows. So, if you have a favorite website that you order from, be sure to let me know. These are the cushions that I already have, but they are in need of being replaced. I am thinking about possibly buying pillow covers so that I can wash them regularly. Plus, there is a large welcome mat (HERE) that I want to buy.
Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a blue side-tie dress I have been in a “dress” kind of mood. Maybe it is because summer is coming, and I love wearing dresses in the summer. Or, maybe because it is so easy to get dressed when you only have to choose one item. I am not sure what the reason is, but I know that I am LOVING dresses right now!
Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a gorgeous blue side-tie dress and gold jewelry from Kendra Scott I am headed out the door to run to pick up medicine, run by the lumber company, and to mail some packages; so I added gold jewelry to this look. The Hallie large drop earrings are a beautiful set that looks like a floral design to me. I think that they are perfect for summer, and I’ll be wearing them more and more as the season progresses. I also added the Rue long necklace and the Maggie filigree bangle bracelet.
Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a pair of gold metallic espadrille wedge sandals I just got these gold metallic espadrille sandals a couple of weeks ago, but I think that they might be my favorite summer shoe so far! They go with everything!!! These shoes look dressy, but you can also wear them with jeans (see here) and shorts. The light gold color is the perfect neutral, especially when you get a nice tan/faux tan this summer. They are a platform shoe, so some of you might not be as used to wearing this style of shoe and might need a little while to get accustomed to the extra height. I love a platform shoe, especially with the longer flare jeans that are so popular right now. I am wearing my usual size 9, and they fit great. HERE is the link to the shoes.
Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a gorgeous blue side-tie dress and a pair of gold espadrille wedge sandals NOW! Where did I get this gorgeous dress??? This sneaker dress is from Chicos and it is pretty darn special. I love how it fits and how comfortable it is to wear. This is like a t-shirt dress, so it is soft and cozy, and you can wear this all day long without any discomfort. The side tie adds a lot of style and makes the dress look so flattering. I am wider through my waist since I am built like a ruler, straight up and down, but for those who actually have a figure, this would look awesome! I am wearing a size 1 in the dress, and I think that it fits me great. Joe gave this dress TWO thumbs up and said that it was a keeper for sure. Luckily you will get it 25% off by using code 25869. HERE is the link to the dress.
Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a gorgeous blue side-tie dress and a pair of gold metallic espadrille sandals How many of you noticed that my photobomber today was a cat instead of my normal puppy dog? She is an outside cat for the most part, but she comes in at night and in the morning to eat. There are so many cats in the neighborhood that she was fighting to eat, so she will come to the door and sit to be let inside. I don’t have a litterbox, instead, she goes to the door and looks out when she is ready to go back out. Lol! She is at least 12 or more years old, ornery, and likes to fight. She also loves to rub on your legs but is not a fan of being petted, except under her chin. Maybe she sounds like a lot of us women as we have gotten older. LOL!!!
Fashion Blogger Tania Stephens is wearing a gorgeous blue side-tie dress, gold jewelry, and a pair of gold metallic espadrille wedge sandals

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  1. You may have mentioned this before, but where did you find your door wreath? I’m always looking for my next wreath!

  2. I agree Brylane Home is a good online store for cushions and other outdoor decor, reasonably priced.

  3. Charlcy Green says:

    That is a beautiful dress! So classy and flattering! Love the shoes too! Good job w the porch furniture! How about lime green & turquoise pillow and find something w a black stripe thrown in too!

  4. Hi Tania! I love that dress on you. Thanks for sharing the link. I ordered the dress and a couple extra tops. I hope they look nice on me too. I’m a rectangle like you, so any help defining my waist is always a good thing! Enjoy your spruced up porch. It looks great!

  5. I like the blue dress! I can’t wear them because when you are short you can end up looking like a little girl but If I was taller that would be the one. It’s perfect for someone with a tummy.
    Love the photobomb! If I could find a flat in that color of shoe, it would make my day. You’re right. It would go with anything.

  6. Who designed your logo? I have a similar assignment and love the watercolor image, font and feel of the design.

    1. One of my sister’s friends did it for me a year or so ago. I am not sure what her name was. Sorry.

  7. That dress is stunning on you, Tania! Love what you did with your porch!

  8. Tammy Allen says:

    Thanks for including the past blog with the shoes and jeans. I never even heard of the Scoop brand. I had to order the shoes and the duster! I’ve been “pinning” you for years am now one of the followers of your blog and love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Tammy, I am so glad that you found me after all of these years. Lol!

  9. I’ll be ordering that dress today! I love summer dresses just as you do – for both the comfort and the “one and done”. The whole outfit is beautiful, but my weak ankles don’t allow that heel height anymore. Will have to look for lower height in the gold!

  10. That is a great dress. I love to go to Chico’s when I am in the US – not sure when the next time that will be though! 🙁

  11. Teresa Bolling says:

    I did the same thing this past weekend with painting some wrought iron patio furniture and I was speckled with black paint. By the way you look beautiful in that blue dress. Have a wonderful day!

  12. Shannon McElveen says:

    Hi! Love the porch and the blue dress. I have started buying pillow cases as well. You can seasonly update the look and it keeps it fresh! Had to laugh at the painting effects on your skin! I am so the same way! Best! Shannon. One of the girls!?

    1. Lol! At least I am not the only one who gets paint everywhere!

  13. Pier One has unique house decorations, furniture, and etc.

    1. You are right I love Pier One!

  14. Diane Schulert says:

    Love your porch and the color black! My daughter has been a fan of black for several years, and I have to say, it’s starting to grow on me! LOL! Love your porch, it looks comfy to sit on,…

    1. I am loving the black!

  15. Oh, and forgot to say that Brylane Home for patio pillows. But I sure like the ones you have.

    1. okay, I’ll try there.

  16. I love that dress!!! I’d probably wear a shorter more visual necklace. Also, I really love that you include past blogs of your outfits. Enjoy reading them.

  17. Such a pretty dress! And I love the cat peeking through the window.

    1. Haha! I tried to get her to come outside when I saw her in the window, but she refused.

    2. You have such a big pretty porch. A big outdoor rug sure would look nice under all those rockers. Love today’s outfit. Rainy and cool here today and for the rest of the week on into the weekend. The house was so cold when we got up this morning we had to turn the heat back on. Can’t wait until we have some consistently warm weather. Not a fan of this back and forth.

      1. I can’t have anything too nice since there are lots of cats in the neighborhood. They think that my porch is their place to take a nap.

  18. Love this dress on you. I love the color as well. Your porch looks fantastic.

    1. Awww, thanks, Cindee!!!

  19. Love your porch, it’s beautiful! So much fun to see the whole porch!!! It looks great, love the black on the chairs and loveseat!!! Love the dress too!
    Look forward to your blog every day!!!

    1. Thanks, Chris! That loveseat is old and needs to be replaced, but the black made it look decent again.

    1. I love the blue, it is such a pretty color!

  20. Is the dress thin? Would you need a slip underneath it?

    1. I didn’t wear a slip and I didn’t feel like it was too thin.

      1. Love that color on you! It really makes your blue eyes pop! I do wish it had a v neck though. Not a fan of crew necks in general. I think we have identical bodies! Lol. I too am a ruler shape, size 10 and wear size nine shoes. Keep the dresses ans video try on sessions coming!

        1. I prefer v-neck also, but I couldn’t resist this dress. The tie and color got me!!!

  21. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    You look beautiful in blue. What a pretty cat.
    Who knew your porch was that big, would love it if ours was that big. Very nice.

    1. I love wearing blue, it is one of my favorite colors. My porch looks so wide in this photo!

    2. Nancy Kenaston says:

      Cushions for the patio! YES! Please share an article if you find great places to get these? I always seem to find the nice ones when there are not enough left for our patio. Thanks!