A burgundy oversized sweater and a pencil skirt worn by blogger 50 Is Not Old It snowed last night here in Virginia! I love to see snow; it makes everything look so beautiful and clean. We don’t get a lot of snow in the area that I live, and this one is only an inch or so, but I am like a child when it comes to snow. I can remember playing out in the snow for hours (probably minutes) when I was younger. My sister and I would only come inside when mom demanded that we come in and warm up. Goodness, I can still remember how bad my fingers would hurt as they were starting to thaw out. Yikes!!!
A burgundy oversized sweater and a knit pencil skirt worn by blogger 50 Is Not Old I don’t know if they made snowsuits back then, or if we didn’t have one. But I can remember pulling on several pairs of pants to try and keep warm. You would have on so many layers of clothing that you could barely walk. Lol! I am not sure how many pairs of socks that I would pull on, but I am surprised that my shoes went on feet. We always made snowcream when I was young; it was my favorite thing to do when it snowed. We also broke off icicles hanging from the roof and ate them, so now you know why I am a little bit on the crazy side. Lol! There is no way that I would do either of those things now. Now I know about pollution, chemicals in the air, and yellow snow, so I’ll buy my snow cream/ice cream in the store instead. Hahaha!
A burgundy oversized sweater with a cross necklace worn by blogger 50 Is Not Old Y’all, I am seriously ordering in clothing for spring, but it is so stinking cold outside. I am looking online for clothing to wear when it starts warming up outside, but in real life, I am sitting here is a sweatshirt and a heated throw on my lap. Lol! When you blog, you have to look ahead and order things way ahead of time regularly. I am not good at that aspect of blogging, I am more a reactive type of person, instead of a plan-ahead kind of person.
An oversized sweater in burgundy worn by blogger 50 Is Not Old Do you remember that I told you that I ordered this oversized sweater from Target in this gorgeous wine, and also in a pretty blue color? I now have this same sweater in three different colors since I already had it in the tan color. (see here) Lol! It is such a comfortable sweater to wear, and I find myself reaching for it over and over. It is oversized and relaxed, and even though I am wearing a medium, it is still big. I wanted to give you an idea of how you could wear an oversized sweater alone or with a belt. Here is the link to the sweater.
A belted burgundy oversized sweater a pencil skirt, and over the knee boots worn by blogger 50 Is Not Old Pencil skirts are flattering to almost everyone. They hug your hips, and then they fit tighter to the legs, which gives you a curvy silhouette. I am made thicker in my middle, so curves are not something that I normally have. By wearing a pencil skirt, I can “create” curves with fashion. So, I am going to call them my “fashionable curves.” Lol! I usually look for some detail or color to make my skirt stand out from the rest. The solid black panel in mine (probably five years old) helps to bring your eye inward and creates even more curves for me. When shopping, try to keep what you want to achieve in the back of your mind.

A burgundy oversized sweater a pencil skirt worn, and over the knee boots by blogger 50 Is Not Old Winter is here, and I am cold. I will not be going outside showing skin, so it is all covered up with my over the knee boots. Emersyn went to church with me, and she was looking at my boots. I asked her what she was looking at, and then she said, “how far do those boots go up?” Lol! When I raised my skirt a few inches to show her that they weren’t THAT tall, she was satisfied. I can see her wanting her own pair of over the knee boots in the future. Lol! My BP boots have already sold out, but I want to give you some tips when shopping for these style boots. Try to buy the type with some stretch, so that have some give to them. And, be sure to measure your calves in the widest part so that you can get a good fit. Pay close attention to the description of the boots on the website so that you have a better chance of getting a pair that fits you.

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  1. Monica Ercanbrack Reply

    Love this outfit, the burgundy looks good on you. I just can not wear anything around my neck. The pencil skirt is very flattering.
    It’s cold here in Oklahoma too. Gonna have dress warm today.

    • Tania Reply

      I am sure that it is way colder there in Oklahoma, but it was 18 here this morning. If it gets below the ’30s, then it is too cold for me. Lol!

  2. Wow! You look amazing in that wine colored sweater and pencil skirt. I love the idea of belting the over sized sweater. Very flattering. You really DO need to wear belts more often. They look terrific on you. Hope your daughter’s back is much better now.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Sondra. I had completely stopped wearing belts, but I have decided to start back up again. I am ordering me a brown one to wear with jeans since I already have a black one.

    • Tania Reply

      Mary Ann, that is an old one that was from Plunder, but it isn’t available any longer. I love cross necklaces and I am always on the lookout for them.

  3. you look great, the skirt is so cute and love the sweater belted!

    • Tania Reply

      Yay!!! I am glad that you liked the belted look, but I wanted to show both versions for people who hate wearing belts.

  4. Christine Irvine Reply

    Nice outfit, I like it both ways, but better with the belt. If you don’t feel you have curves, then I would think wearing a belt more often would give that impression…you know, by pulling in your waist a bit.

    Looks great!
    New Hampshire

    22 degrees today! Lots of snow on the ground. It’s beautiful!

  5. It’s been cold, windy, rainy, foggy and a bit of snow here too so I get that sweater need! You look great as always!

  6. No snow. Sunshine but I’m loving a warmer day. Here on the Coast it was actually 29 last night. That rarely ever happens. We had extra heat on. Starting to warm for rest of week though. 70s last week. But on the bright side, I get to wear my new sweaters. I love wine, burgundy color and you look fabulous in it. I’m too old to pull-up the boots but I love the look. Love the belted look on you too.

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