A classic turtleneck sweater and a burgundy skirt worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldHave you ever had a couple of things happen to you that delays your plans? That seems to be the case with my daughter right now, and I am beginning to wonder if maybe her plans need to be altered. So, here is what is going on with her at this time. Ashleigh was supposed to have already flown back to Alaska last week, but her plans got put on hold when her cat, Tom, went missing while I was in Tennessee. She canceled her plans and came back to Virginia to help me locate him. Thankfully, all ended well, and we now have Tom back safe and sound.
A classic turtleneck sweater belted with a burgundy skirt worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldThen, she made another plane reservation for her to fly back to Alaska this Friday. You might have heard me mention that I have been cleaning and trying to get rid of all of the extra stuff that is everywhere. I am trying to adopt the saying, “less is more” and letting go of things that I don’t need or use. She is a taskmaster when it comes to “my” things. “You don’t need that,” or “do you LOVE it, or do you just want to keep it?” You would think that she is the mom instead of me. Lol!

She and I had recently cleared out what I call “the big room.” It used to be a two-car garage, but it had turned into a junk room. I have visions of turning it into a workspace for me so I can get all of my stuff off of the kitchen table. We also have two giant commercial treadmills in that room, so we were moving them to create a small workout space to encourage me to get moving. Unfortunately, she twisted and pulled her back again when we were tugging and pulling. So, she is nursing it slowly back to health. A long car ride to catch the plane, a ten-hour flight back to Alaska and the thoughts of tugging all of her luggage is proving to be too much for her. So, she had to cancel her plans once again. Do you think that something is trying to tell her to stay here? Maybe that is just me whispering in her ear since I would love to keep her with me all of the time, and Tom can stay too. Lol!
A classic turtleneck sweater belted worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldI just noticed that my turtleneck sweater is the same color as my hair. Lol! Is that too much matchy-matchy? I love this turtleneck, and I wear it quite a lot even though you don’t see it on the blog. The last time that I wore this, I wore it with jeans and ankle boots. You can see that look by clicking here. This casual, relaxed sweater is so comfortable, and it also is soft and stylish. I liked it so much that I ordered it in light blue and burgundy also. This sweater is a tad bit oversized, so I ordered a medium. Even the medium is very roomy, but I like the oversized look. This is by A New Day from Target, and it is on clearance, so grab one, two, or three or more of these before they sell out. Here is the link.
A classic turtleneck sweater with a gold tassel necklace by Kendra Scott worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldLook at this boho styled tassel necklace from Kendra Scott. It is perfect for this sweater because it has a relaxed vibe also, but the gold-tone gives it a lot of style. I like how the necklace is threaded through the hoop. It helps to create this look instead of me trying to tie the necklace. I have several styles like that, and it seems like they always come undone. The necklace is 17 1/2″ adjustable, with a 2 1/2″ drop. It is 14Kt gold plate or silver plate, whichever suits your fancy. Here is the link to the necklace.
A burgundy skirt with knee boots by Vince Camuto worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldI love these classic knee boots from Vince Camuto. They are such a soft yellow/beige color, and they are comfortable to wear. The chunky heel keeps the boots stable, and walking in them is a breeze. I did take the website’s advice and order up a 1/2 size, and that worked out great. I sometimes have trouble with my calves being too large for a boot to zip, but these fit me perfectly. If you have small calves, then you might want to consider this pair by Sam Edelman. They look almost identical, but the calf size is much smaller on that pair. Here is the link to the pair that I am wearing, and here is the link to the Sam Edelman pair.
A classic turtleneck sweater with a burgundy skirt and knee boots worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not OldI thought that you might like to see a photo of the sweater without the wide belt. The belt is one that I have had for over ten years; I keep bringing it out at least once or twice a year. I decided to do a half-tuck for the sweater, but you could also let it hang down long.

The pleated skirt by Halogen is one that you will be able to wear all year round. It is light and airy, and the pull-on waist makes it super comfortable. The skirt is lined, so you don’t have to worry about being able to see through the material. Do they even make slips anymore???  The skirt is 100% polyester and machine washable, but lay flat to dry. I can see this skirt being one that you would grab all the time, maybe for work, lunch, or church. The size that I am wearing is a large, but it is too big around the waist, so I needed a medium. I usually size down when an item has an elastic waistband because you don’t want it to sag or slip down. 😲 Here is the link to the skirt.
A classic turtleneck sweater belted with a burgundy skirt and knee boots worn by fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old


So many of you have messaged me about trying to find the fountain of youth. As far as I know, there is no such thing, but I do believe that I have found the next best thing. I am amazed when I look back at my photos when I started blogging because I think that I genuinely look younger. Who wouldn’t want that? Does anyone want to look older???

I am going to be giving away a “mini” or a travel size regimen to some lucky winner. Go to HERE and take the solutions tool to be entered. This will tell me which regimen you need if your name is picked. The winner will be announced on Saturday’s blog post. Please, do not enter if you are already a current customer of mine or anyone else’s. I want someone who has never tried the products to get their hands on these products.

How is your memory???

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    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Amy. But, if I didn’t have a belt I would have used jewelry, shoes, or a scarf to tie it together.

  1. Great outfit today and I like the sweater with your hair!! Sorry your daughter hurt her back and hope she recovers quickly. I have done what you’ve been doing….cleaning and purging. Now, if I could just get my husband to do the same thing!!! He keeps EVERYTHING! I think I’ve FINALLY gotten him to do some of that and to buy close that will last him and keep him warm, etc. I won’t even go IN our shed…his man place….it’s so junky!! You have to get brutal when getting rid of ‘stuff’. Usually, I never miss it. Only once, maybe, did I regret getting rid of something. When you buy good, classic, well constructed clothing to start with then you’re less likely to toss it after one season. I’ve stopped impulse buying and now I carefully weigh the fact of how much I really need that item and will wear it!!

    • Tania Reply

      Sondra, I haven’t cleaned out the house in 20+ years. You can imagine how much STUFF I have accumulated!


  3. Kathy Huie Reply

    Don’t Leave Me Gurl………..Never, I like your look, your style and your stories!! Besides I am your North Carolina neighbor!!!

  4. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Stay where you are Asleigh. Seems like now is not the time. Lol. Love your look.

    • Tania Reply

      She just got a job offer in AK, so she is going to have to go back soon. Maybe I can keep her until next week though!

  5. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I love this outfit! I have red hair so I typically don’t wear red or orange colored clothing ,but I think something like this I could do since the red wouldn’t be up near my face 🙂 This idea seems so simple but for some reason I hadn’t thought of doing this until I saw this picture. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Loved this color combination on you. Not my colors but perfect for you. I really enjoy your. Blog and read it each day y.

  7. Super classy outfit! I don’t care for turtlenecks personally, and certainly don’t need them here in Florida, but this outfit looks great. I err in being too match-matchy, so I love that everything matches! Do you not sell Plunder anymore? I haven’t seen you mention it lately. I think Ashleigh would have something to say about you buying the same sweater in 3 colors, lol! I’m going to do some purging soon, as we are getting ready to move into a new house.

  8. Monica Ercanbrack Reply

    Love the outfit, I think you could the sweater even though it matches your outfit just wear your lipstick and you will like it even more.

  9. I love these colors together. I’m adding more wine, burgundy and beige to my wardrobe. I would love to see this skirt with the burgundy sweater and burgundy/wine flats you have. I love the one color look sometimes because being short, I try for a column look with color.

  10. Stacie J Kreitman Reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweater bealt combo! Also like the “boho”/dressy vibe of this outfit. Is there a ;ink to the belt?

    • Tania Reply

      No, Stacie, I don’t have a link to that exact belt. It is an old one that I have had for a long time.

  11. I purchased this necklace and love it but can not figure out how to adjust it so it will go over my head. Please help

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