The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a lemon yellow cropped sweater Most of you know that I LOVE wearing color, but I have been all about neutrals this winter. I have embraced black into my wardrobe, and all of its siblings, gray, navy, maroon, and tan. Just when I thought that I had lost my love for color, Spring Fever set in on me. I logged onto The Loft’s website and was immediately thrilled when I saw all of these gorgeous colored tops that could be worn now and also in the spring. So, I hope you enjoy today’s try-on session, and if you want to “hear” me talk about the item, you can find them later today on my Instastories.
The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a lemon yellow cropped sweater with Pointelle designs To give everyone an idea of how things fit, I am 5’6″ tall, and I weigh around 155+ pounds. I usually wear a size 10 in pants, and 12 in dresses, and a medium or a large in tops.  The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a yellow cropped sweater Let’s start this party with a bright and cheery lemon-colored sweater. The sweater features a Pointelle design and ribbing of the hem, collar, and sleeves. The sweater is a relaxed boxy style, and it is very soft. I love the mock-turtleneck collar and the shorter length that is perfect for wearing with high waist jeans. I am wearing a size medium, and this fits perfectly. This sweater is machine washable and on sale for 50% off.

Dusty Lemon Pointelle Sweater

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a blue/green cable knit sweater This is another soft sweater that feels wonderful. I was enamored of the greenish/blue color of the sweater, and I am a sucker for a cable-knit design. This sweater is a slim fit, and it is quite a bit smaller than the lemon sweater above.
The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a blue cable knit sweater I like the contrasting ribbed pattern of the neckline, cuffs, and hem beside the cable-knit design. I think that this sweater is versatile enough that you will wear be able to wear it with a ton of pants and skirts. It is machine washable, comes in a couple of other colors, and is on sale for 50% off.

Ribbed Yoke Sweater

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a floral twist front top

Florals are not something that I usually wear. I like flowers, but I am not a huge fan of wearing them on my clothing. But, this twist-top appealed to me, and I like how it looks and feels. A deep v-neckline is always a plus in my book because it helps to create a longer and leaner neck.

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is a blue floral top The top features a high-low hem that is also flattering to most people. The rounded hem in the front creates a thinner look, while the top hugs your hips. The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing a floral print top I wanted to give you an up-close photo so that you could see all fo the different colors. It has pink, lilac, ivory, turquoise, yellow, and gray, all combined for a beautiful top. I am wearing a medium, and the top is machine washable.

Floral Twist Top

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing a merlot sleeveless shell This cranberry shell is super cute, and it has a surprise that you will see in the next photo. I love this top and can see it being worn under a cardigan or blazer for now, but later with shorts and capris. But, I think that this top runs small. I ordered a medium, and I feel that this is too small for me. It is tight under the arms and through the chest.
The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing a merlot sleeveless shell with a button back See how cute the top is from the back! I loved the peplum look and the button back. But, as you can see from this photo, the buttons are pulling, and you can see my extra back fat.  😒  The top is machine washable, but remember to size up.

Button Back Shell

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing a white open front cardigan

I already have a similar cardigan in a merlot color, and I loved it so much that I ordered this one in white for spring and summer. I always need a white cardigan in the spring, so I grabbed this one. The large shawl lapel is what I love, plus the way that the cardigan hugs your hips.
The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing an open front cardigan with pockets One of the things that I like about this cardigan over the merlot one that I already had, it that this one has pockets! Woohoo! Am I the only one who gets excited when my clothing has pockets? Lol! I know that it is still cold outside for most of us, but when spring rolls around, you are going to wish that you had taken advantage of this cardigan at 50% off! And, yes, it is machine washable.

White Cozy Cardigan

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing a pullover v-neck magenta sweater This magenta v-neck pullover is perfect for now and later. The relaxed style of this pullover will be great for layering with a button-up shirt, or for wearing under a cardigan or jacket. It is lightweight so that it won’t add a lot of bulk to either of those items.

The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is showing the side view of a pullover v-neck magenta sweater The sweater has dropped shoulders, and a side split that helps to create the relaxed style of this pullover. This is going to be a versatile item that you will wear over and over and over. I am wearing a medium, which fits me great. Like everything else that I have shown you today, this is machine washable and on sale for 50% off.

V-Neck Pullover Sweater


The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing bright yellow Fairisle sweater This is the last item for the day. I started with a bright yellow sweater, and I am ending with a bright yellow sweater. Lol! You know that I have loved Fairisle sweaters this year, and this bright sweater begged to come home with me. I love the oversized look of the sweater; it is relaxed but not huge. And, the large turtleneck is warm and cozy on these cold winter days. This color might not be for everyone, but you all have to agree that it sure looks bright and cheery.
The Loft try on session with blogger 50 Os Not Old is wearing dusty lemon Fairisle sweater I already have big plans for this sweater, and I can see myself wearing this with a lot of different pants. I am supposed to travel to Atlanta this weekend to see my sister, so I think that this needs to come along with me. Do you think that I need to wear this sweater with dark jeans, gray jeans or pants, or white pants? I know what I am going to pick, but let’s see how well you know me. Lol!

This is like all of the other sweaters, it is a medium, it is machine washable, and it is on sale for 50% off!

Fairisle Turtleneck Sweater

The Loft Try on Thursday session

I hope that you liked The Loft try-on session. These sessions are fun, so let me know what other stores that you would like to see in the future.

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  1. Shopping – my favorite sport! 🙂 The turtleneck is fabulous! Do you ever buy from Kohl’s? It’s one of my favorite places to shop. Would love to see you do a try-on from there.

    • Tania Reply

      Ann, we might be long lost sisters! Hahaha! I don’t shop at Kohl’s very often. I haven’t been there in years, but I need to give them a try again.

  2. One more thing… let’s talk about your eyelashes in the pic with the big turtleneck..WOW! Is that just from using the same kind of mascara you used years ago in your makeup tutorial videos???

    • Tania Reply

      Ann, if you looked at some of the posts that I made back in 2016, you will notice that I hardly had eyelashes. It isn’t the mascara, it is because I use Lash Boost, a lash serum that gives you longer, fuller looking lashes. I’ll email you the website link.

  3. These are all great tops and I love all the colours! Hmm, I’d says dark or gray jeans but I suspect they all would work.

    • Tania Reply

      Good guess, Janet. I guess that you’ll have to wait to see. Hahaha!

  4. I am betting on the grey jeans, but all would look great. that first yellow sweater is the winner in my book, but everything looks good.

    • Tania Reply

      My daughter really liked that one too, but it didn’t look great on her. Whew! I almost lost my sweater. Lol!

  5. I really like both yellow sweaters but sadly, that color does not look good on me. It looks terrific on you though and I’m guessing you wear the gray jeans. I think black and white jeans would look great with them too. Enjoyed the try on session. Nice for a change. Have fun visiting your sister this weekend!

    • Tania Reply

      Yellow doesn’t look good on everyone, but I love how sunny it is and it makes me feel happy.

  6. I enjoyed this try on session from Loft, one of my favorite stores! I wanted a new white sweater for Spring and I like the wide lapels which makes it look like a knitted blazer so I ordered it. Thanks for modeling it. I think grey jeans would look great with that yellow sweater!

    • Tania Reply

      I love shopping at The Loft also. The quality is great and they have awesome sales!!!

  7. Your favorite grey jeans is what I think you’ll pick for this weekend. When you included white in your choices I could immediately see how awesome and fresh that would look. But I’ll stick with grey. Final answer😛

    • Tania Reply

      Good answer, Margo. But, you will have to wait and see. Lol!

  8. The yellow sweaters are great colors. They would like nice with black, white or beige pants.

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Patty. They are versatile and will go with a lot of colors.

  9. Love your post Of trying on clothing from Loft . I ordered a couple of sweaters . It is really helpful to see how the clothes look on a “real person” and read your description about details , weight of fabric , etc
    Thank you !❤️

  10. Cute clothes! I think you really look good in the blue and burgundy colors!

  11. I am going with grey jeans. I think I would like white the best, but for it might look a little too Spring for right now. However, all the colors you mentioned will look great with that beautiful sweater. 🙂

  12. Colleen Freedman Reply

    I really enjoyed seeing all the different items you tried on today!

  13. I love the Loft. It’s my favorite store. Although I don’t like turtlenecks on me I love them on you. The color looks fantastic. I think you are dreaming of spring & will pair the sweater with the white jeans. I also love the white cardigan. Looks so comfy & will cover my flaws. I enjoy your blog very much.

  14. Love when you do these try on days. Think you will choose gray, can be worn casual or dressy. I have blond hair, (with a little color), tend to stay away from yellow. You look great in that sweater. Love your blog.

  15. I love the teal sweater. Unfortunately they are already out of my size.. They all looked great on you! You’re eyelashes are superb looking. All that from using Lash Boost??

    • Tania Reply

      I am sorry that they are already out of your size. That was a gorgeous sweater. As far as my eyelashes…yes, it is all because I use Lash Boost. If you look back to my posts when I first started blogging, I didn’t have any lashes. Lol! Here is my link to Lash Boost, and be sure to become a Preferred Customer. I’ll give you 20.00 off of your first order!

  16. Sandy Stiltner Reply

    They all look good, but you need more pillows on your bed!!! LOL

  17. So fun to see these tops on you! I love them all, but personally, I don’t like wearing turtlenecks because my makeup rubs off on them! How do you keep your turtleneck makeup free?!

  18. I’m guessing since you are headed South, you might break out the white jeans.

  19. I’m loving the Loft & Loft Outlet posts you’ve been doing. The yellow Fair Isle turtleneck is gorgeous. I’m going with your fav Old Navy gray jeans. I have same jeans and that’s what I’d do. As someone else mentioned, you are heading south and white jeans would be beautiful too. The cableknit sweater you mentioned ran small. I’m guessing you tried a Med and large would be better. Correct? I wear whatever size you are wearing. You make this so easy for me. BTW, if you do start doing Kohl’s, size Small is the ticket with majority of their sweaters. Save yourself ordering aggravation. I also got a Elizabeth & James Coat (by Olson twins) size Small there too. 😉

  20. I have the yellow fair isle sweater and love it! You look beautiful in it! It goes with a lot, but I usually pair it with my gray jeans. 😊

  21. Love it all. I know there are certain colors that look better but once in a while I just get a craving for yellow too, especially in sweaters. I think you will wear it with the pair you have on with it.looks great.

  22. I agree I shop at Kohl’s a lot only because the town I live in does not have a lot of shopping options. Would love to see a try on session from there.

  23. I love the higher turtlenecks but the problem I have with them is makeup…how do you keep your makeup from rubbing off on them?

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