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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer, a graphic tee, and ripped hem jeans

I’m traveling back home to Virginia today. It is supposed to be beautiful today, so I want to stop in Knoxville for some shopping. My daughter hates shopping (I think they mixed her up in the hospital), so I’ll have her take my photos if I do a try-on haul. This will be her first “job” as she is now an employee of 50isnotold. Who thinks she will actually do this? Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer, a graphic tee, and ripped hem jeans from Social Threads

So, while I am traveling, you gurls get to comment in today’s Hit or Miss – Would You Wear It outfit. These are fun posts for me, especially when I have an idea about what you will say, and then you end up surprising me. Here are the guidelines for commenting…please be kind in your comments. Don’t say “distressed hem jeans look horrible,” even though you might. Instead, say, “those jeans wouldn’t work for me.” Someone might LOVE the jeans but then feel bad if they read the comment that they look horrible.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer and a graphic tee

This hot pink blazer is gorgeous and is now hanging safely in my closet. I think it will be something I will wear a lot, especially in spring and summer. Pink looks great with navy, brown, animal print, and even red. I like saturated colors since they brighten my face, so this blazer is perfect for me. I’m wearing a medium. I noticed that some sizes are sold out, but if you like this blazer, you can click the “add to my wishlist,” and you’ll get an email once your size is back in stock.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer, a graphic tee, ripped hem jeans, and white boots

Here is the view from the back so you can see the length of the blazer.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pink blazer with a graphic tee

What about a graphic tee, do you wear them? I love a graphic tee, and I think they help you look modern and trendy. This abstract face tee caught my eye, and I love the colors. I think the tee runs a little big and a tiny bit boxy. I’m wearing a large, and even though it is big on me, tucking it in does help. I haven’t washed the tee yet, and since it is 100% cotton, it might shrink.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer, a graphic tee, and a beaded clutch

I’m once again carrying this beaded clutch in a floral pattern. I styled this clutch the other day with a pink and red dress, and it looked great. It has a background of gold and then a red, pink, green, and blue floral pattern. The clutch is large enough to carry your lip stain, phone, and keys. This is fun, cute, and perfect for when you want a pop of color or to add interest to your look.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing ripped hem jeans with white boots

I’m guessing that these jeans will be the controversial part of this post. I love distressed jeans, and I especially like these jeans with a distressed hem. These jeans are a great medium color and feature a straight-leg style. I think these jeans look trendy and modern, so these are a hit for me. However, I’m betting these will be a miss for many people. I’m wearing a size 29, and I also want to try a 28. I signed up for an email to alert me when my size comes back in stock.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing white ankle boots

I bought these chunky heel ankle boots in an ivory color last year. I’ve worn these boots quite a lot, and I’ll wear them more this spring. I love chunky heels since they are so sturdy to walk in. These are a pair by Marc Fisher, but they are no longer available, so I’ll link to some similar ones instead.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer, a face tee, and ripped hem jeans by Social Thread

Now it is your time to leave a comment about this outfit. The comment portion is located below this post, so keep scrolling down. You can ignore that portion where it asks for a website unless you have a business website. Also, be sure to read the other ladies’ comments and feel free to comment back to each other.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a bright pink blazer, a graphic face tee, and ripped hem jeans

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  1. I think the outfit looks fabulous and I really like the t-shirt, boots, Jean’s and the blazer…🤭

  2. Love the new hair love the T-shirt. Love the jacket love the jeans I think that outfit would go better with some cool sandals.

  3. Teresa Byers says:

    First of all you make anything look cute! Thanks for sharing trendy styles for us “older gals” without trying to look 21!
    I love the pink blazer with that surprising lining! I love tshirts under blazers, but that particular one is not for me. LOVE the distressed jeans…distressed without showing skin. And those booties! Perfect with the length of the jeans!

  4. Charlotte Tinin says:

    In my opinion, you are right “On Point”!
    The graphic tee and frayed jeans are very current, while the hot pink blazer, short boots, and accessories add the touch of polished sophistication!

    1. Christine F says:

      Hey Tania, would you be interested in selling the graphic face tee in the post from February? Hope to hear from you 😊

      1. Haha, I possibly would sell it if I knew where it was. Lol! I’m actually going to be going through my closet and getting rid of a lot of things. My new home doesn’t have the space to hold all of my clothing, and I can’t tell what I have anymore.

  5. Kathey Briggs says:

    I would definitely wear the shirt, it looks fantastic! Hey, I love your manicure here as well. Who did you find to do this for you(I’
    m assuming)

  6. I love the whole outfit. The pink blazer looks beautiful on you. You give me inspiration to try different things.

  7. LOVE the jeans and tee! I personally do not like blazers so that is a miss for me. And I live in Florida and never wear boots, but I’d wear this with cute sneakers or sandals.

  8. Love love love the pink the whole outfit is adorable

  9. Bambi Smith says:

    Love the tee and jacket. When I click on the link it says page not found.

    1. Sorry, Bambi. I bet it has sold out.

  10. Paula Riffey says:

    No I would not wear the whole outfit. Jeans, certainly not; t-shirt yes but with shorts or nice jeans…most certainly not the boots. Different strokes for different folks!

  11. Janet Slayden says:

    You look adorable!! I love everything about your outfit! Keep’em coming!

  12. I Love all that you show, and you are such a pretty Lady, Everything looks great on you! It early helps to see how to put together an outfit!💕👏👏👏

  13. LOVE this outfit! Love the hot pink, I love to layer graphic tees, your boots rock, and YES – distressed jeans with the frayed hem are so fun!

    1. I love you pink outfit with the face t-shirt, pink blazer, jeans are bd cream boots. I have boots similar but wear. Where’s did you get the rest of the outfit!
      Your are darling!
      Thank you,

  14. Johnna Kirk says:

    This might be one of my favorite looks you’ve worn. I ❤️ graphic tees, the pink blazer is gorgeous, the boots are just awesome & I even like the distressed jeans! Definitely a HIT! And that pink is YOUR color. I want to buy it all👍🏻

  15. Pam Boeselt says:

    I love this outfit on you! I would love to wear all of these pieces. The pink blazer is really pretty on you.

  16. Gina Screws says:

    Such a fresh, happy outfit. I think all the pieces look great on you. I would wear any and all of it.

  17. Tonja Rhule says:

    I love the tee with the jacket but I would never in a million years wear white/off white boots. Sorry but not my style.


  19. Jamie Lemons says:

    I love this outfit on you. You look so young and trendy. I love watching your post help me to stay up to date.

  20. I’m so glad you hung the pink blazer in your closet…. that color is fabulous on you. You are looking skinny, girl!!

  21. That hot pink blazer and t are fabulous. I would wear the jeans with a more casual shoe, but I would wear them! Are jeans with the tears in the actual legs out of style now? I have some with tear in the thighs that I would like to continue wearing this spring. (Not huge tears but just a few smaller areas)

  22. I really liked the tee print and the jacket. I think that color looks great on you. Loved that color lipstick for you as well.
    I’m not a fan of the distressed hem jeans for myself but it is a cute outfit overall. Well done!

  23. Lynette Hall says:

    I absolutely love love love the whole outfit,pink blazer,t-shirt,jeans and the ivory boots🙂

  24. Pink looks great on you, the outfit is awesome. Graphic tee is in good taste. I like how you put different color boots that will work with this particular outfit. I’m not in my fifties but would wear this outfit.

  25. Patti McDonald says:

    I LOVE the hot pink jacket and it’s so fun with the graphic tee. Keepers for sure. The jeans look cute on you. I will pass for myself though. Thanks for showing this cute look.

  26. Pink looks great on you! I’m not sure just any graphic tee would work but this one is perfect – so fun! The distressed hem of the jeans give them a very modern feel and definitely work. I love how you show how a lighter colored boot works with the outfit. A+

  27. Sooooo loving this on you, Tania! This outfit is fabulous on you

  28. I love the blazer and the graphic tee, and I’d wear both just as you have them. I’m not a fan of the distressed hem jeans in general, nor the booties with this outfit. I probably would wear a fun fashion sneaker.

  29. The hot pink blazer is fabulous! Not sure about the jeans. I don’t wear pointy-toe boots or shoes (my foot is too wide) but otherwise, the outfit is a hit

  30. I love this entire outfit and would definitely wear it. Especially love the jeans and blazer.

  31. I Love your outfit… You always look terrific, but this outfit had a trendy classy fun feel. I am a true believer just because women are 50 plus doesn’t mean we have to look boring and old. I myself will be 66 years young…

  32. I typically wouldn’t wear a graphic tee but pairing it with a blazer really works! I’m not sure I can pull off the distressed hem myself but they do look great on you, so who knows, maybe I’ll try. I’m sure my daughters will let me know if it’s a “miss” for me…

  33. Love the entire outfit from top to toes!
    So fun💖

  34. Love the jacket and the tee. I put them on my wish list so when they come in I will buy them. You look great in this outfit. Thank you for Great ideas

  35. Love your outfit, especially the pink blazer! The shoes are a miss for me but you look great in them!

  36. I love the bright pink blazer for spring and the shirt gives a whimsical flare to a standard outfit. I would definitely wear this outfit (except the boots, just not my personal style) IF the placement of the eyes fell in an acceptable location in relation to the girls. Don’t want booby-accented eyelids. LOL!

  37. I love the graphic tee. You look great in that hot pink.

  38. i like the outfit on you. I am bummed that the blazer and tee are sold out. The shoes don’t do it for me at all and I just am not a fan of the flare hems. I love the distressed jean look and the torn hems on a different style of jean. The purse is so cute.

  39. I love the whole outfit! It’s so bright and fun!

  40. YOU look darling! Love this look and colors on you.
    Thank you for sharing how we can be bold at any age! Fashion should be fun

  41. I’m just seeing this but omg I think it’s my favorite outfit you have styled! Looks fabulous on you!

  42. I love this outfit, distressed jeans and all! I’m not much of a blazer wearer anymore (reminds this retiree too much of workwear), but I may have to reconsider that. And, I really like it with the white boots. You look great!

  43. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    You look trendy, young and pretty hot in your outfit today. The pink is lovely and bright. I like the Tee on you but undecided on if I like them enough to buy one.

  44. Trish Carman says:

    Love the look! I would def wear the graphic tee and jeans. I like to add something trendy to my outfits too. Thanks for trying new things. I can’t get myself to wear the bright colors yet but admire you for doing it:)

  45. Christine Clementi says:

    The entire outfit looks adorable on you! I would wear the graphic t-shirt and pink blazer. Pink is my favorite color. I wouldn’t wear the frayed hem jeans, as they are not my style.

  46. Doris Mitchell says:

    Absolutely LOVE this entire outfit. This is so me and it looks fab on you. Thinking about ordering the jeans

  47. I absolutely LOVE hot pink! And it looks great with the blue jeans. So I am all in on the jacket. I like graphic tees, but somehow they don’t look good on me – or I can’t find one that’s right yet. Distressed jeans are not my thing. My eyes are still getting used to the fuller leg, but I am glad to have tapered leg jeans to add to my skinny jeans.
    I have always been self-conscious about my wide feet, and have shied away from white or ivory shoes. But you look fabulous, Tania! It’s obvious that this outfit really lights up your face. You look so happy in it!

  48. Donna Robinson says:

    WOW!!!! You look amazing!!!! I love everything. New and refreshing.

  49. Shanna Keefer says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE everything about this outfit!!!! AND it looks amazing on you 😉 I’ve signed up for ALL of it as it comes back in stock 😉

  50. Sue Larkins says:

    Love the entire outfit. Looks great on you. It’s something I would wear too.

  51. Hit! Love the bright pink blazer with the graphic tee. Terrific, fun look!

  52. I love the whole outfit! It does make you look very youthful and modern. I have jeans like that too and love them!

  53. You look so adorable in everything- the graphic tee with pink blazer- who knew?!? You look fab!! Love it!!!

  54. Love the entire look! One of my faves on you!!

  55. I love the entire outfit. It looks great on you! Very young.

  56. Kathy Henderson says:

    You are a hit in this outfit down to your frayed hems. For for 70 year old me, I would tone down the pink abit, and while I love the tee I probably wouldn’t buy it, but would wear my thrifted 3/4 sleeve gray/black Kylo Ren tee my sis gave me with my skinny slightly frayed hem dark wash jeans and light tan boots. I think any trend can be “agefied” to suit what you feel comfortable with.

  57. Love the color of the jacket and the tshirt is fabulous! I like the jeans for an edgy look!

  58. Those jeans do not actually have a “hem”. To me they look a puppy got a hold of them for a good chew. LOL I can see that you and others love them but they would just look bad on me….maybe it is the extremely long legs I have to dress….and if they came anywhere near my ankles I would definitely find a way to trip on the loose threads as they unravel.

  59. This outfit is a hit for me. Love the white boots, Took me awhile to wear all white tennis shoes so now would be time to test boots. Blazer is gorgeous, the Jean’s are edgy and up to date looking. The graphic t shirt is one I would wear multiple ways.

  60. I love graphic Tees, but find that they are so ‘memorable’ they can’t be worn too often.

  61. I really liked the graphic tee on you and I would wear it. It’s a fun piece and modern. The blazer looked good also. nIce and bright and spring hopeful. I liked the distressed jeans on you but I would feel self conscious wearing them.

  62. Jennifer Foster says:

    I think you look fabulous! I love this look on you. You look younger than ever!

  63. Love the pink blazer, but the jeans aren’t for me. I am just not comfortable in them. Loved the boots

  64. Love the entire outfit!

  65. Robin Wixson says:

    Love the idea of pairing a t-shirt with a blazer! Thanks for the idea.

  66. Crystal Tingle says:

    Love this outfit!

  67. Julia Fleming says:

    Love the bright pink blazer with lots of different colors and different items too.It’s a hit for me.Julia F.

  68. Love it! 💕 That’s my style love bright colors and graphic tees. I always like to create my own style it’s the artistic side of me.

  69. Lisa Roberts says:

    Love the color of the blazer, great for spring. Also like the tee!

  70. Julia Purtill says:

    Pink is too bright for me but I like the cut of the jacket.

  71. Gayle M Davis says:

    Love the blazer and graphic tee. The boots are ok for me but the jeans are a no. Just not my style. My daughter loves distressed jeans but I just can’t do them!!

  72. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    I absolutely love the jeans. I really love the distressed hem without a whole bunch of holes everywhere which really doesn’t come off as well when we are 50 plus! Med blue denim color looks awesome.
    I love how you are rocking the hot pink jacket. Such a fun statement piece to have on hand.
    Enjoy having your girl home!

  73. Michelle Fitch says:

    I love that whole outfit on you! You look very hip and confident in it.

  74. I think the entire outfit is a hit and that pink jacket looks terrific on you! I love the wash of the jeans and the hem is ok—it’s hard to find jeans without distressing these days! I love the t shirt, too! Smashing!!!

  75. Love, love the whole outfit! I even like the boots, but it’s the only part I know I would not wear

  76. You saved my pink jacket from the donation pile! It’s the same color as yours, and you look stunning. I stay away from bright colors, so I don’t know why I bought mine. I woe it a few times but put it in the donate pile when I cleaned my closet last week. I’m going to rescue it and give it another chance. I do like your jeans and tee, but I would probably choose a different boot color. Have fun with your daughter!

  77. Elizabeth says:

    Love this outfit on you. Makes me regret returning the cute white boots i had found this winter. I don’t prefer distressed jeans for myself but these are so cute that i am considering.

  78. The idea of this outfit is a hit for me. Back before the pandemic when my husband and I would go to concerts, I would wear a graphic tee, black blazer, jeans ( not distressed, I’m just not a fan) and black boots. This seemed to be the outfit of choice for most older women at these events I would notice. I live in the northeast and darker more neutral colors seem to be more prevalent even in warmer weather. The brighter colors definitely complement you and your uplifting personality. Can’t wait till next Wednesday’s post!

  79. I think it’s super stylish! The pink is a great color on you. Love the jeans and graphic tee as well.
    Boots are cute, just too high for me.

  80. I love the graphic tee and blazer! The color looks fabulous on you!

  81. You and I must have been dealt the same deal because I too have a girl that hates to shop and on top of that, I have another girl that only likes to shop “junk.” Ugh lol
    As for your look fabulous! The colors, length, style, and fit are perfect:) I love the pointy shoes to elongate the leg:)

  82. I do like graphic Tees although not sure about this for me. I’ve only started wearing graphics recently so maybe I needed to branch out more! The blazer is a hit! (Freebie: Your hair color is fab!)

  83. Josephine M Grant says:

    Super cute! Love it all.

  84. Love the blazer, not a fan of graphic tee shirts, or the jeans and white boots are not for me. I guess I prefer a classic look…

  85. I really like the pink blazer although I am not a blazer wearing person. I also like the graphic tee. I saw the jeans style on another blogger and now on you as well. While I don’t dislike them, I think they might look better if they were a little more cropped. I love the boots too, but I would never be brave enough to wear them, plus my right big toe would be screaming…NOOOO!
    I have been following your blog since early 2017 and I think you are aging backward! You look great!

  86. I absolutely love the whole “fun” and “bright” look! It’s very youthful – and I feel a definite “hit”. I especially love the lining of the blazer, how it complements the tee.

  87. LOVE the color of the blazer and you look amazing in it! Styling it as you did with jeans and a minimally graphic tee is perfect. (I’ll take a pass on the white boots)

  88. LOVE that bright pink jacket and T shirt. The pants 😵‍💫 not my style. I prefer a more elegant look.

  89. Lori Frank says:

    Love the blazer and tee! Think I might need to order both!

  90. krista rogers says:

    I loved the outfit. The only part that didn’t “mix” for me was the boots. They seemed a little fancy for a graphic tee and jeans. Not sure what I would put with them though……great job overall!!!

  91. It is a miss for me, but looks really cute on you!

  92. I absolutely love the way you’ve styled that outfit! I don’t wear graphic tees but you sure look fabulous!

  93. Cathy Calabro says:

    This is a win win look for you!! OMG…Everything about it is fabulous

  94. I loved the way you styled the outfit. At first I thought no on the tee for me. But the more I looked at it I thought, hmmmm, why not!. Jeans are great. I own several pair of chewed up hems. Love them.👍👍

  95. I love this look on you and I would happily wear the tee and the bright pink blazer with some non distressed jeans. I sometimes like the distressed jeans on others, but they are not my style at all. The boots are super cute, but sadly I don’t wear heels anymore

  96. I would LOVE this blazer but think it might be a bit overpowering on my 68 yo body/face. You look fabulous however! I’m not a fan of the distressed hem but I do wear some distressed jeans. You are just looking more gorgeous every day. You go girl!!

  97. Love the entire look. I am a fan of distressed jeans more so when the hem is the distressed part. I love graphic tees also. That pink blazer will make anything pop.

  98. I love it all! Looks great! I am on the taller side and really like comfy footwear so I might wear a lower heel, but it looks great on you!

  99. Love the look and you look adorable!!!

  100. Love the look except for the jeans and boots. Pink blazer and tee are super cute!

  101. Donna Gustafson says:

    This outfit is a definite hit for you, you look joyful! I’m not a pink person though, so I would pass on the jacket. I like the artsy tee, clutch and booties. I’d probably choose a hemmed jean and a green or navy blazer instead. I hope you do more hit or miss segments, they’re fun.

  102. Melesa Garrison says:

    Super cute! I personally I LOVE distressed jeans!!!

  103. Love everything but the boots!

  104. I love the entire outfit especially the jeans. I love wearing mine. The pink is springy and I’m ready for spring!

  105. I love the entire look! I’d wear it!

  106. P. S. Welch says:

    Love the graphic tee and blazer! I am not one for distressed jeans but would give these a try.

  107. Elizabeth says:

    Love, love, love this look! The jeans and boots take this look to an updated level. Pink is great for you; sadly not for this redhead.

  108. Dina Ann Brown says:

    I totally am in love with it and you look PRECIOUS! I would love to wear this to the horse races. Totally cute look but not over the top screaming for attention! I’m in LOVE!

  109. Love this outfit. I wouldn’t wear the boots – but that’s just because I don’t wear anything with heels. Otherwise the outfit is a hit for me, although I wouldn’t have chosen it for myself until I saw it styled by you.

  110. This is a super cute outfit! I just received a hot pink blazer that is similar to yours just yesterday. It has an animal print lining that shows when I roll up the sleeves. I bought mine at Glamour Farms Boutique. The way you styled your outfit gives me some great ideas. Especially the white boots! BTW, I LOVE your hair style! It looks so good on you.

  111. Absolutely adorable on you! Trendy jeans, cute T, sll wrapped up on a jacket that kicks it up – and those boots! Love it.

  112. Roberta Temple says:

    Love, love the pink blazer. I don’t see myself wearing the tee or white boots though. However, you really make this outfit work! Loving the hit or miss posts.

  113. You look great!!! In every way! Your new eating/exercise plan agrees with you! I would definitely try this look if I found such pieces affordable to me. I used to live near a thrift store that got so many new items I could hope to duplicate your look. ( I’m 57👖👢)

  114. Patti Smith says:

    Love this outfit and would buy it except both the blazer and the tee are sold out in my size.

  115. I have avoided bright colors because I have this idea that they will make me look washed out. Looks like I should try it since you and I have similar coloring. Love the T !

  116. Love the look on you, every bit of it! I would definitely wear the T and the blazer, probably with(non distressed) straight leg jeans and a pop of pink flats.

  117. Susan Drew says:

    Love how fashionable and confident you look in this- really cute!

  118. Karen DeBoulle says:

    I would wear all of it! Love the blazer and the jeans.

  119. Molly Laster says:

    I love the entire outfit! I’m afraid the white boots wouldn’t work for me as they would be uncomfortable to wear for long but you really need something like that to go with the look! Hot pink is not a flattering color for me. I’d love to see another bright color:)
    Over all its 100!

  120. Catherine says:

    Already have the jacket in my closet. I love the combo. As you predicted I prefer a traditional hem but I would never judge the choices of others! They might judge me on my vibrant colour palette if I did!

  121. I think it is super cute, looks great on you, and I would wear it!

  122. Susan Haggerty says:

    Tania, you are looking fabulous!! The whole outfit looks great on you! I’m ordering that jacket today. I LOVE it! I would definitely wear the graphic tee. I like the jeans on you but, afraid they would look too short on me at 5’7”.

  123. Jackie Stoffel says:

    Love the outfit !

  124. I LOVE a graphic tee and this one is so good! Also LOVE the distressed hem jeans. They look great!
    I am not a white bootie person, but these look so great on you with this outfit! Also not a blazer person, so would do it with a pink cardigan.
    You look so good! Can tell you’ve lost weight. 🙂

  125. Super cute! Can’t help but laugh as the graphic tee reminds me of the “I ran into Tammy Faye” shirts of years ago!

  126. KELLY ANN says:

    I LOVE this outfit! That pink just pops and the graphic tee is so modern!

  127. Love everything about this outfit. It is very flattering on you!

  128. I love the pink blazer! I have never owned a graphic tee shirt so I would have to think about it. The jeans would be a no for me. I don’t understand the appeal of the ragged edges or the jeans with the holes.

  129. Donna Carpenter says:

    Nailed it! I just bought similar jeans from Chico’s and was hoping to get style ideas for Spring. I am under 5′ and have to wear a back brace so tucking is not an option; however, with your links, I have found some t-shirts that don’t need tucking. Thanks for inspiring this 64 yr old to stay sharp! 😉

  130. Hi…I love the jeans so much Can you give us more details on the jeans…I love them…when I clicked on the link it took me to social trends but page not found. Thank you!

    1. Lori, they must be sold out. It did that to me the other day, but they restocked them again. Check back in a couple of days.

  131. LOVE this outfit….you look awesome!

  132. HIT! I am not a graphic tee person typically but this with the blazer and trendy jeans is awesome. Thank you for always helping me think out of the box for great outfits!

  133. Lisa Carol says:

    I think you look fabulous!! Current and trendy. I however could never wear this, I’m short heavy and have a large chest. I wish this would look good on me!!!

  134. Yep, it’s a win. I have jeans very similar to yours. The only thing I’d change is the brightness of the blazer. I’ve found, as I’ve aged and let my hair grey, that the highly saturated, bright colors wear me more than I wear them, haha!

  135. Lorie Pfeifer says:

    It’s a hit with me!. I’m not sure about the purse though, I find it a bit busy for my taste if I’d pair it with the blazer and t shirt. Other than that I’d wear this outfit, it would make me feel youthful.

  136. Kimberly Lorance says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Very chic!

  137. Look is proof that 50 is not old! You’re rocking it. I love the concept of the graphic tees but that one “is not for me”

  138. I love this look on you. I would wear the tee, and the jeans but I would want a different color blazer for myself. I would also wear a more casual boot as I might not like the pointed toe for myself. You look amazing with your weight loss.

  139. I would wear the jacket and tee..In fact, I may order the tee NOW..You look great in the whole outfit but I wouldn’t be comfortable in the distressed jeans or light color boots

  140. I love this outfit. The graphic tee looks young and fun. The jeans are perfect for you but I am afraid they wouldn’t look good on my 5’4″ body. I’m tempted to order and try it anyway.

  141. The shopping gene from my mother skipped me and went to my daughter. They loved to shop together. They both have the fashion style gene as well, not me. I am not a fan of distressed, raw hem jeans, but I do like the t-shirt. I don’t wear blazers since I am chesty, and they just don’t look good on me.
    The outfit looks great on you!

  142. Jeanine Kesey says:

    Love love love!!! I have several pairs of jeans in this style. My favorites. I recently read another fashion blogger that suggested that a graphic tee was a wardrobe staple. I own many graphic tees as it’s mostly what I wear in the dead of summer here in hot west Texas. I would wear a different color of boot. Too much contrast on the bottom for me. Although I would not feel that way about a white sneaker and think you could even wear this with a nice sneaker too. Love the pink blazer.

  143. Catherine says:

    Love everything about this outfit! Wish I could wear white boots but it’s winter here in Chicago, soooooo…
    The only thing I would change is the flowered clutch – maybe just a simple, solid-colored one so as not to detract from the graphic T/bright pink blazer combo. Whereas other (older) fashion bloggers are saying things like they “can’t wear prints” or some such nonsense, you are BRINGING IT. Thank you.

  144. Angela Dixon says:

    I would try to wear these. My body might not cooperate! LOL

  145. Love the pink blazer; the distressed jeans “wouldn’t work for me”. I lenjoy wearing graphic T’s and I like white scoop neck T’s, but I don’t care for white graphic T’s although I think this one looks great with the blazer

  146. kellie johnson says:

    Love the blazer. The color is one of my favs. Yes I would wear the t-shirt. I’m on the fence with the jeans. I would need to try them on to decide. I really hope the blazer is restocked in the large.

  147. Elizabeth Bienvenu says:

    Love the entire outfit…I’m 70 years old but still like the look and would wear!

  148. Okay, so I think this is a really cute outfit, however, it wouldn’t work for me. I can’t wear pink next to my face. I like the jeans but I just can’t get into white/offwhite shoes. I don’t know why. It looks great on you.

  149. I love the jacket, but that’s the only thing I’d wear from that outfit. I’m so sad about the current trend for white hard plastic boots. They remind me of the 1980’s Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

  150. Christine S says:

    Love the hot pink blazer and graphic tee! As you already guessed, not the jeans and not the white boots lol. That hot pink blazer is a big yes and such a happy color And looks beautiful on you!

  151. I love this whole outfit I think it looks Great!

  152. Absolutely love the entire outfit! Looks super modern, trendy and hip. This is a hit for me.

  153. This would be a no for me. Pink looks good on you but not on me. I am old school also and do not like distressed jeans. And lastly I can’t do white boots. They remind me of the go-go boots we wore in high school. I obviously don’t he fond memories of those! I know I’m being a Debbie Downer so I’ll stop.

  154. I love the entire outfit! Love the graphic tee with a blazer!

  155. Wow, you look fantastic!! My first reaction would be that this is not for me, but I’m reconsidering. So edgy and chic — and fun!

  156. Tanja Torres says:

    I love the whole outfit
    Pink blazer, t shirt ( I want one- where did you buy?) jeans are awesome.. and boots too..

  157. I don’t like graphic tees on me but, I think it looks really cute on you!

  158. Terry Shannon says:

    Yes & Yes for the hot pink blazer with abstract tee!!! Looks stunning on you. Love the clutch, but I must have a strap or I would lose it quickly! All the colors are absolutely amazing!!

  159. That outfit is a hit…..it looks edgy and still age appropriate. You may convert me to a graphic tee after all. I liked some ones suggestion for you to show the outfit styled with a different spin on it (for me I don’t do heels well anymore, but nothing frumpy). Thanks

  160. I’m going to say this is a hit. Went to look at the jacket and it is sold out. The jeans look great on you. I’m a bit shorter and rounder and have found that hem makes me look shorter and rounder, but I like the color of them.

  161. Caroline Spoth says:

    The pink blazer looks very nice on you and I can appreciate an occasional graphic tee. The jeans are definitely not for me…..to each their own!

  162. Stella Jensen says:

    I love the Tee, but would need an XS

  163. Karen Miller says:

    I would definitely wear the tee and the jacket! Not a fan of the jeans or the boots. A pair of flared jeans and a taupe boot would be good.😊

  164. Sooooo cute! I would have never thought to pair a blazer with the tee, but it works. I love graphic tees, and enjoy wearing them in my casual lifestyle!

  165. I would totally rock this outfit! Classic, a little bit funky and chic all at the same time!

  166. Vicky Skaines says:

    Ok I will be one of those persons, haha. I like the jeans and the distressed look. But I am of the old school that your jeans should cover your heel. So I think I would have to wear them with flats to get used to them and work my way up. But I love the tshirt and the blazer its a winner for me!!!

  167. I love the outfit! Thanks for some inspiration

  168. Nancy McClure says:

    I like this outfit. The colors look great on you. I like and would wear the T-shirt. Not a huge fan of the jeans but someone else will be. This is a hit!

  169. I LOVE your outfit , even the white boots!! The hot pink blazer is the star of the outfit and the tee is cute, I would wear it, I just don’t care for the ragged hem, some small amount of distressing is fine, but not quite this much. You look darling and current, no frumpiness here.

  170. I like the idea f a graphic tee and blazer. I would like a softer pink. I prefer straight leg jeans. I haven’t really liked white or bone shoes. I prefer nice. I even have a light pink pair of flats.

  171. Susan Stancliff says:

    Love this! The blazer is amazing and the tee is perfect. Distressed jeans are not for me. I like a little distressing but am uncomfortable with too much. I like the boots and the clutch is fab! My kind of outfit

  172. Having trouble with the link to jeans.
    At 5’3”, the proportionate length is always a concern. Otherwise, the blazer drapes well, the graphic t fills the space nicely, the jeans have a versatile modern edginess, and the booties that you suggest as a current option are nice for the transition to Spring. I love it on you, and would try it too.💗

  173. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    I absolutely love everything about this outfit! I haven’t bought boots that light but I like the way to make the outfit more “spring-y”

  174. Wendy Perry says:

    I love your style!! The pink blazer is gorgeous!!! and I think the graphic tee is cool with it. Gives it that modern edge. I’m not a huge fan of the distressed hem on jeans, but it goes well with the modern feel of the outfit! A fun edgy outfit 🙂

  175. Love the outfit. I probably would do a different pair of jeans.

  176. The whole outfit looks fabulous on you, but I think I would wear black jeans instead. However, you make me want to try the distressed jeans!

  177. Shelly Rolen says:

    Love the pink blazer and fun T-shirt. I would pair it with pink slip on flats and possibly chicks girlfriend jeans. I’d love to see you try that style on for us.

  178. Charlotte says:

    Love the outfit but not a fan of the distress jeans. The pink jacket is a must have. Thank you for showing the many options. Love reading your post.

  179. Pam Murray says:

    I love the whole outfit and I would wear it! I live in Dallas and it would be perfect here!

  180. Patricia Patterson says:

    I like your outfit today. I think it looks fresh and has an artsy feel to it. I would wear it!

  181. Elizabeth A Kelliher says:

    I think the outfit looks adorable on you!!! A definite HIT!

  182. I love your outfit from head to toe!
    You look AMAZING! Have fun shopping with your daughter!

  183. LOVE the pink blazer and graphic tee! Perfect for Spring! Ordered!

  184. I like everything but the jeans! It’s hard to break out of my conservative fashion mode. Also, I read your sister’s book, “Hope in the Holler”, and loved it!

  185. Marian Headington says:

    I love the graphic tee and the blazer is a great color on you. I like a distressed jean, but those are a little too distressed for me.

  186. Hello. I would definitely wear this. I just bought a graphic tee from JCrew (my favorite place for T-shirts) I’m not a huge fan of distressed jeans but at the hem it’s just enough to be on trend for my age. I give this a big 👍

  187. This outfit very nice I like the dressed up jeans and tee shirt. This is a great outfit for a business casual office or for lunch. I would have to make the leg of the jeans straight.

  188. Rolla Herman says:

    I love the jacket and the Tee! I would pair with a pair of slim black jeans. The boots due to heel height a “ no-go” for me. Love the entire look on you

  189. I love it! It is certainly a travel friendly and fun outfit! I love how the colors pop, and I adore the t-shirt!

  190. Amy Tuttle says:

    I love it all except for the boots. I would wear it for sure. The boots look a little too rock star for the outfit. LOL! You look great in pink!

  191. Love it! I am a fan of graphic t-shirts and jeans. Not sure I could rock the white boots, but they look great on you!

  192. Agree with some of the other comments about the boots. Not my style but if you paired the outfit with some white Keds, I’m in.

  193. Dana Foster says:

    Really enjoy your post, and transitioning from full-time job to part-time job, don’t need all the clothes that I was wearing and hopefully I said leave them my entire closet. And as you said not every post is for everyone so I definitely would not speak badly of any of your outfits thanks again

  194. Loved graphic tee outfit!

  195. Kathleen Marie Elliott says:

    that whole outfit is ‘spot on’! love the graphic tee with the hot pink jacket. At 66 I wear what I want-including distressed jeans lol. You are looking so thin, proud of you!! To God Goes the Glory! xoxo

  196. Love the outfit! I wear graphic tees often. I like the boots on you, but I wouldn’t wear them.

  197. I love this outfit on you! So slimming. The tee is too big, but super cute

  198. I love the whole outfit. If someone is not quite sure about frayed jeans then do what I did. I took a pair of older jeans that I didn’t wear anymore and I cut the hem off and frayed them myself. They looked so cute and I got tons of compliments so now I’m sold. The blazer is a fun way to elevate a graphic tee. A bold cardigan would work as well. As for the boots??? Heck yea! I’m in my early 60’s and I work PT at one of the stores you frequent. Thank you Tania!!!!

  199. The graphic tee is a hit. So cute. The jeans are a miss for me. Never been a fan of cut off hems.

  200. Lisa A Weil says:

    I love it all! You look fabulous!!!

  201. J C Harrison says:

    I love this look! Graphic tees are more versatile than what they get credit for and you prove it with this outfit. The bright pink blazer is a show stopper and those boots amp up the sass!! They remind me of go-go boots and the free, fun style of that time! Thanks for teaching us to be brave and say “yes” to stepping out of our comfort zone!

  202. I would wear that outfit. For the graphic tee portion, I would probably pick one with words rather than a picture, however I have no idea why.😆

  203. I am 61 and I would wear this fun outfit! I love the colors ,jeans,tee, and boots! Looks great on you!

  204. Love the style and color pink blazer on you😀 The t-shirt is fun too. The jeans and white boots are just not my taste. I loved the Chico jeans you wore the other day, or even a boot leg jean. I would go with a tan/taupe boot or even block heel instead.

  205. connie klappenbach says:

    I love the outfit except the jeans. The crazy hem makes the outfit look cheap.

  206. Stephanie Rutkowski says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!!

  207. Carol Mckenzie says:

    This is one of your most successful outfits. I love the hot pink jacket paired with the tee and the really cute purse. The jeans wouldn’t work for me but I’m happy you like them.

  208. I love the pink jacket and would definitely wear this style and color with the t shirt. However, frayed jeans and white booties are not in my wheelhouse.

  209. You look smashing in this outfit!!! Honestly! I do like a “nice” graphic t, on the look for in. The jeans with distressed hem, not what I would wear but love how they look on you! Boots I’d look for a taupe! I’m more of a Fall pallet gal so bright pink would not be in my wardrobe but again suits your colouring.

  210. Ooh, that pink is ah-mazing!! Looks great on you. Cute outfit!

  211. Love the blazer and the purse! The whole outfit is fabulous!

  212. Brenda Lusk says:

    Yes!! Love the look! I’m 67 an LOVE distressed jeans. Not big rips but small tasteful depressed. Really love the T and would order today if in stock think I would substitute the white boots for something else

  213. I’d definitely wear the graphic t-shirt and the pink blazer. The jeans are a miss for me as I find the hem a bit too distressed for my liking. Also, I like the boots but would personally prefer a darker colour instead of ivory.

  214. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the blazer, and it looks wonderful on you. I just can’t get beyond hearing my mother not allowing us to wear torn or ragged edged clothes, so Ivdon’tvthinkbdidtressed jeans are for me, but they look great in younger people. I love the graphic Tee and would wear it.

  215. Teri Chiorello says:

    You look beautiful! Love the look of the jeans but not sure they would look that good on me. I love your fashion style and you really get me thinking about trying new things.

  216. KYWILDCATGIRL!! says:

    Your look today is SUPER GREAT!! You look fresh and trendy!! Fun is always fashionable!!

  217. I ❤️❤️❤️ The pink blazer, I rarely wear tshirts, but do have graphic sweaters. Like some other readers, Love the style of the boot, just not the color.

  218. Stacey N Keeling says:

    I love this outfit! The bright pink is so youthful and fun. The tee definitely modernizes an outfit..I’ve always liked them. Distressed jeans are a yes for me.

    Social Threads is new to me. I’m curious about the quality and fit of their items. I sure see a lot on their website that is so cute!

  219. Mary Elizabeth Cutler says:

    Love love the entire outfit! I have white boots and am always looking for ways to style them. You hit it out of the park with this post. Thank you!

  220. Love the look. Love the brightness and how you look trendy for our age!

  221. I love the complete outfit except for the boots. I had a pair of white boots in high school and I am never going back to that trend. Everything else is a super sized YES!

  222. I love this outfit! So unexpected. The pink blazer just makes me happy! I have no issue with the jeans either…they’re fabulous on you!

  223. I didn’t wear white boots in the 60s and I surely won’t wear them now. You look cute but there is nothing I would wear.

  224. You are so stinkin cute!!!! A definite HIT!!!! I’m trying to work on liking distressed jeans for me. Maybe if I actually tried them on? I haven’t gotten that far yet. Thanks for all you do.

  225. Totally love the outfit, on you, very flattering. The jacket and jeans I would wear on a weekly basis, the graphic t, I would swap out for a striped t shirt. The white boots, I could not do for 2 reasons, wear a size 8 in boots, and I am 5’3″ so don’t want to pull that much attention down to feet. Second, live in southern Indiana, and gravel, torn up sidewalks, and melting snow, mud would destroy white boots. But love this outfit inspiration.

  226. Perfect fun outfit! I would wear everything!

  227. Love this outfit on you! Love the jeans and may get a pair for myself…not sure that I can pull off those boots but you sure can!

  228. Michelle Johnson says:

    I LOVE this outfit!! The boots wouldn’t work for me but everything else love, love, love. My kind of outfit.

  229. I could the wear top half. I love the pink blazer! I am just not as trendy as you but you look great in this, How lucky you are to have your daughter in the states. Enjoy your time together.

  230. I love the outfit and would wear all of it … But I’d probably choose a different color boot 🙂

  231. Robin Kohler says:

    You look fabulous in pink- definitely your color!

  232. Jacket is super cute, actually the whole outfit is. Never thought about a tee like that but it works. You give me a lot of ideas but I never follow through…it’s easier to wear the boring clothes in my closet.

  233. I love this outfit! I love the hot pink and the jeans. I’m not into the light colored boots but they look great on you 💗

  234. I would wear it but with a different color blazer ( I don’t wear pink) and a lower heeled boot.

  235. You were right. The jeans are a “miss”. Like the tee and as long as you pair the jacket over it, it’s a hit. The chunky boots would have looked better with different jeans. Don’t like the beaded bag with the ensemble.

  236. Once again, you look great in the outfit..The distressed jeans are not me at all; I would feel like a sheep in lamb’s clothing 🙂 Also I feel that the distressed jeans with the tattered hem are casual whereas the boots are more formal..they don’t work together for me. The jacket is fabulous but I think I would be too scared to wear it; too noticeable in my meld in the background tendencies.

  237. I love the outfit! The graphic tee is not a design I would choose for myself, but I would do a graphic tee.

  238. Julianne Kubicki says:

    I think the tee shirt and jacket would be so much fun for me.

  239. Love the whole look.. especially the boots! You look amazing!

  240. Love outfit on you and pink is your color! I’m inching towards a pair of distressed jeans–I’m 68–love them on other ladies. I keep looking for a cute graphic tee, but, like the one you are wearing, they are usually stiff and boxy and remind me of t-shirts you “win” for running races! Your graphic is great.

    1. My new motto is “confidence is the best outfit you can wear!” Buy those jeans! We need to quit worrying about age!

  241. Love the outfit.I would wear all of it except for the ivory boots. I would wear a taupe color bootie

  242. I actually love the jeans but can’t seem to get my head around white boots.

  243. I think it’s a fun look all around! The hot pink looks great on you, and distressed jeans are growing on me!

  244. Joan London says:

    I love the jacket and tee. The jeans are great on you, bit not really for me. I will wear a stringy hem.

  245. Such a fun outfit and a great weekly feature! I forget about graphic tees, but they are a “yes” for me, and I love the pink blazer, especially with the extra touch of the lining. I have a hard time wrapping my head around white boots; I have no idea why they don’t appeal to me. I should take your advice and at least try some on to see if the reality matches the picture in my head. I live in sunny Arizona, so white footwear is totally doable.

  246. Charlotte says:

    I love the outfit but I dont think I would do the boots. They look a little too mich like gogo boots to me 😊

  247. Not the look for me. I’m not a t-shirt of any kind gal. Not sure I can embrace the white boots either. Looks great on you

  248. you look amazing! I would wreck those beautiful boots so fast, but northern WI is not kind to foot wear.

  249. Cheryl Ivey says:

    Looks great! Love the entire outfit!

  250. Huge hit! Love the entire look!! Diggin the jeans especially!

  251. I love the look from head to toe!

  252. Love all your looks! I’m new to your posts but really ready for some new things since I haven’t been shopping in person in almost two years – hubby has been ill with lymphoma but we are finally able to start getting out!

  253. Love the whole look. I seethe white/cream foot wear trend. Tried some on at target. Left them at target. Now that I see what you have done -I may need Togo back to target 🙂

  254. I absolutely love this look! #hit

  255. I love the look but the jeans wouldn’t work for me. The wash is great but can’t get past the raggedy hem. Otherwise it’s a hit!

  256. Love this look from the waist up. Would have to give a lot of thought to the jeans though. Bunions make shoe shopping/wearing a bit tricky and the pointy-toed boots would probably be too narrow in that area…ouch! All in all a great outfit. Thanks.

  257. Donna Jo Dillard says:

    Absolutely love this outfit! I am on the waiting list for each item! Have a fun day!

  258. Holly Pickering says:

    HIT HIT HIT…..you look smashing in this outfit! I like trendy things, but I haven’t tried the ragged hem jeans yet. I love a very slim leg jean whether boot cut or skinny leg type, so I need to try the jagged hem look, too. So happy your daughter is home, how fun!!

  259. Cathy Shumway says:

    Big hit! I’ve never been into graphic tees but I would wear this one. I am a fan of distressed jeans and those boots are bomb!

  260. Carol Wollborg says:

    I love the graphic tee. It’s really hot here in Florida for most of the year, so the blazer and jeans aren’t things that would get worn much, but the graphic tee would look cute with shorts or capris.

  261. I love the look on you but I think the shoes are a little dressy for the look. I love graphic tees and am always looking for ones with quality fabric and not tissue paper thin. Love the color of the blazer but I don’t wear blazers often.

  262. Anita Karl says:

    I love the whole outfit!!

  263. The whole outfit is a hit. Love it. Colors are great on you. The purse is gorgeous. Look forward to this Wednesday post. Gives me good ideas.

  264. I love the whole look and have several graphic tees. Never tried distressed jeans but maybe time for a pair

  265. Kimberley Norton says:

    Big hit! I love it all. I will go with graphic tees now. What a nice fun touch.

  266. I’m looking for something that I wouldn’t wear here and not seeing it. It’s a hit! I do like graphic tees but I like a third layer when I wear one.

  267. I really love the outfit! Everything looks great and looks great together. Very hip!! Definitely a hit!

  268. Love it. While the pink is not for me I love the style just another color blazer. Love the t, jeans and boots.

  269. Cheryl Tollefson says:

    I would totally wear that! I’m not much of a t shirt person, but I think all put together that outfit was really fun! You look great in it and super skinny!

  270. I love a good graphic tee! This post is a hit for me! I’m not a fan of the distressed jeans, but they will look great on someone else, and everything looks great on you! Love your posts!

  271. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I love graphic tees also. This one doesn’t speak to me though. Love THE Jacket. can you post a direct link on your blog for getting THE eyelash serum?

  272. Julann James says:

    I think this outfit is super cute and youthful on you!

  273. I really like this outfit, looks great on you. love the tee the best

  274. Have safe travels and enjoy shopping! The outfit is a miss for me but looks amazing on you. Great to see different options! Do you have info to share on the large pearl stud earrings? Those are up my alley, lol.

  275. Not for me, but if I saw someone wearing it, including you, I’d admire it. It’s fun & edgy and you look great in it. The tee is cute but i don’t wear graphic tees. The hot pink blazer is cute but doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I do love the color and own several items in this color including my down parka. I’m struggling with the flared ankles, my eyes need to adjust. I like distressed hems so bonus. Love the boots! Snazzy! Overall, a pass for me personally.

  276. Love the cardigan!!!