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Fashionable Reading Glasses You’re Sure To Love

Today’s post is due to a comment. Yes, I actually read those, lol! Geege wrote, “Speaking of “Eyeing… how do you feel about doing a blog on reading glasses? I’m always looking for fashionable eyewear to go with my outfits.” I’ve scoured the internet, and today, I’m sharing fashionable reading glasses you’re sure to love. And if not, blame Geege. Ha!

I bought these two glasses from Peepers. One is for blue light, and the other is for reading. I also bought a pair of reading sunglasses just in case I’m at the beach and want to read a book. Lol!

Fashionable Reading Glasses You’re Sure To Love

I’m a fan of large-frame glasses. They are very modern! For just $23.99, you get six pairs of square readers that not only help with your vision but also block harmful blue light from digital devices. Yes, please! These glasses offer great value with their durable, extra-light acrylic frames designed to resist scratches and slips. Thanks to their ergonomic design with flexible spring hinges, they fit comfortably on any face shape. Plus, and you may need to sit down for this – they’re equipped with EXPLOSION-proof polycarbonate lenses. Hey, I don’t know what you ladies do in your downtime, lol.

Aren’t these pretty? Priced at just $6.99, these glasses also feature blue light-blocking technology that cuts more than 95% of harmful light, making them ideal for long periods of reading or screen time. Don’t we all have too much screen time?! They’re designed to minimize headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision. Plus, the glasses come in a variety of fun colors in addition to the floral, such as Leopard and Bright Blue.

Fashionable Reading Glasses You’re Sure To Love – Colorful

These are more traditionally what I think of when I think of reading glasses. This set comes with four pairs in fun patterns. The bright colors mean you’ll have a pair to coordinate with any outfit! Priced at just $14.99, the set includes four glass bags and a cleaning cloth. Plus, they have spring hinges that allow the frame to flex OUTWARD, providing a comfy fit without the head squeeze, and nose pads to keep them y in place.

These are very similar to the glasses above in terms of how they’re made, but they have fun colored stripes instead of prints. They come in a variety of magnification strengths, from 1.0 to 5.0. They are inexpensive, which is nice since I tend to lose mine a lot, and they have 4.7 stars with 1,351 reviews.

Fashionable Reading Glasses You’re Sure To Love – Serious Business

Looking for eyewear with a more executive vibe? Check out the C Suite frames at Eyebobs. These square acetate frames are perfect for anyone looking to project sophistication. Available in both standard and small fits, they come in a variety of options, including readers, prescription reading glasses, sunglasses, and blue-light-blocking computer glasses. And if you’re intrigued by a more metallic look, they have a Full Metal frame crafted entirely from stainless steel! Available in black, brown, or bright blue.

Fashionable Reading Glasses You’re Sure To Love – Clear

Like clear glasses? They are all the rage! Meet the Wide Eyed frames, aptly named after a legendary British rock band manager (that I’ve never heard of, lol) and designed for those ready to ROCK every entrance. These bold, rectangle acetate glasses are sure to grab attention and come in an array of eye-catching colors, from the sleek Transparent Grey to the vibrant Teal, Orange, and Maroon Stripe. Sized “Wide” with a width of 147mm, they’re perfect for making a statement.

I love the shape of these! Priced at just $29 and rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. these frames are a steal! Available in colors like Clear/Tokyo Tortoise and Purple/Tokyo Tortoise, Olympia glasses feature a clear frame paired with animal-inspired temples. How unique is that?! I love the subtle but stylish flair! Oh, and they’re blue light, too.

Fashionable Reading Glasses You’re Sure To Love – Funky

I think the name “Bandit” is perfect for these. They are giving me super cool, fringe leather jacket, 70s vibes! Enough about the look; here are the details. These feature a custom metal alloy frame with acetate orbitals, a laser-welded double nose bridge, and hypoallergenic and polypropylene temple tips for maximum comfort. Plus, the lenses are coated with water, dirt, and grease repellent, so goodbye smudges!

For those of you who don’t want to wear the same glasses as everyone else you see in Walmart! I love the description. They say these aren’t going to fold up into a tiny square. Built to last, the frames are fitted with robust 5-barrel industrial hinges. I don’t know anything about glasses, but that sounds sturdy! They also feature a premium hard coating on the lenses to resist scratches, dirt, etc. OH, and if the two-tone is too funky for you, there are other colors at the link.

Okay, Gurls! Was this post helpful? Let me and Geege know in the comments!

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  1. Love all the styles and options! I’m finding I need readers more and more.

  2. Becky Kerwin says:

    So many cute styles!!

  3. Carole from Canada says:

    Thank you for this post. I have reading glasses in almost every room in my house. Will have to order a few of these models.

  4. Laurie Wenzel says:

    I love your heart! So much work you put into this for us gurls! Thank you! Laurie

  5. Those large frame readers are adorable!.

  6. I liked the post on glasses but wondered if you could perhaps do a post about the best shaped frames for different face shapes. My prescription glasses need replacing and my old frames are rather dated.

  7. I love this post! Thank you,Tania. I’ going to order a few of these!

  8. Susan Mckenzie says:

    These are all adorable!! I have not one, but two drawers full of reading glasses and I enjoy them all!!!

  9. Cute thanks but I wear bifocals.

  10. I always wear a pair of “reader” sunglasses. Basically bifocal sunglasses so I can see my phone or read in the car. It is a bit limiting finding cute sunglasses but a huge necessity for me.

  11. This is perfect
    I have readers all over the house and like seeing more options
    Thank you Tania

  12. Awesome Tania! I love what you researched and posted. I’m going to purchase several of these. I’m so excited that you responed to my comment. Thanks for listening. I appreicated you!

  13. Deb in Georgia says:

    This post was super helpful and very timely! In the span of 3 days, one of my pair broke- I have no idea how- and another pair was run over by a car. I prefer my glasses to have some bling on them and the aren’t easy to find.

  14. I finally got tired of losing my readers and taking them off and on that I got a prescription for my close up vision. I just wear glasses now.

  15. You know how you’re always hearing, “this is the (whatever) you didn’t know you needed”? I didn’t know I needed sunglass readers…until now. Gotta get that on the list before our beach trip. I always do ok reading in sunlight, but that will make it even better. Thanks to you and Geege.

    Also, if you’re taking requests (ha), I thought the other day that I need a post on things I should probably get rid of. I THINK I’ve tossed things that are no longer trending, but it would be good to have ideas of things that might make us look older by being out of the loop. Maybe jewelry styles, pants, tops, shoes, etc. Just a thought!

  16. Sue Koren says:

    Whats a ttpd party?

  17. Stella Gustafson says:

    I hate going to the “store” and trying to pick out glasses there is not much of a choice. Thank you for the share I ordered a couple of the pair you shared

  18. Your sleepover sounds so fun. You do have fun with your family, that’s for sure!
    I have to wear prescription glasses but you showed some cute readers.

  19. Cute cute options!! I need several around my house!!

  20. Can’t wait to hear about the slumber party- sounds like fun!
    All these glasses look gear on you!

  21. Patti McDonald says:

    I love Peepers! I have 3 pairs. This was a fun post and good info about other brands. Thanks!!

  22. Oh my gosh! I wish regular eyeglass frames were just as fun and funky.

  23. Amy Alexander says:

    Thank you for this post! I am always on the hunt for cute reading glasses and need multiple pairs because I’m always putting them down somewhere. My husband says that the thing I say most around our house is, “Have you seen my glasses?” !!!!

  24. First Class…what color to you have on? They look first class!

    1. I’m wearing the Tokyo Tortoise.

  25. This post is one of my favs!! I need to wear readers and LOVE all of the fun options you’ve shared with us!

  26. Wow what a fantastic buy. I’ve got readers all over the house. Had to update my contacts to correct astigmatism in my right eye so I could see distance but my reading is much worse. These are a great find! Thanks Tania 🤓

  27. stephanie weeks says:

    I’m always looking for cute fashion reading glasses

  28. Jennifer Steadman says:

    Thanks for all the info on readers. Much appreciated!

  29. Phyllis Martin says:

    Yes! Very helpful. They perk you up and are fun. And everyone knows grandmas are fun! 🥇😜