Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a gorgeous pink front-tie blouse and black Bermuda shorts from Chicos

I am never sure how many of you also follow me on Instagram or Facebook, so if you’ve already seen my post about this, scroll on down. I addressed inclusion yesterday on those two platforms, and I thought that I would talk about it here on the blog also. I have taken the “tests” that tell you the type of personality that you have, and mine says me that I am an includer. This is true, I have a fear of not being chosen, left out, denied access, etc., so I try to make sure that I always include others on anything that I am participating in.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a beautiful pink front-tie blouse and black Bermuda shorts from Chicos

That includes the silly #challenges that float around on FB and IG all of the time. I try not to participate in those things because I know that someone is always going to get their feelings hurt. When you see a “friend” nominating five other women to participate in the challenge with them, you are left wondering why they didn’t nominate you? I am sure that no one would intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings, but that is precisely what ends up happening. People slip through the cracks, and maybe you assume that someone else would nominate them. For those who are never nominated, it is just another stress that doesn’t need to happen. Social media is supposed to be fun. It is meant to help those who can’t get out and socialize in person. Sharing your photos is supposed to be a way of sharing with your family and friends who aren’t close by. I love seeing the pictures of my family in Tennessee; it is a way to feel connected even when you are far apart. It was not supposed to have turned into a place to brag, to fight, or to exclude people from the fun. I can’t fix social media, but I can control what I do and say. So, I am going to try and be an includer, an inspiration, and an encourager for you to live your life to the fullest.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a gorgeous pink front-tie blouse from the side view

Y’all, know that I love bright colors. But, dang, this Summerberry color is so gorgeous!!! I am seriously in love with this bright pink front-tie crepe blouse. I always love a front-tie top since I think they are slimming, and this top goes the extra mile by also having the deep v-neckline. The high-low hemline allows you to keep coverage on your backside, and I know that puts a lot of us at ease. The flowy bishop type sleeves are so pretty. They allow plenty of airflow since they aren’t tight, so I don’t think that these will be too hot to wear right now. I am wearing a size 1 in this blouse, and it is plenty big. It is made to be roomy, and for those looking to hide the tummy area, here is your top.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a gorgeous pink front-tie blouse and silver jewelry from Kendra Scott

My jewelry is simple. I have on the AVI large hoop earrings and the JAE star bracelet in silver. Both of those items are from Kendra Scott, and I love this jewelry line. Kendra Scott’s Summer Spectacular Sale ends today, so check out the sale for up to 70% off selected items. Below are some of the items that I purchased.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling black Bermuda shorts from Chicos and wedge espadrilles

You’ve seen me wear these neutral espadrilles all summer long. I love the subtle two-tone colors of white and blush on this shoe. They go with anything and everything, so I find myself slipping them on often. Espadrilles are my go-to jam for summer shoes, and this pair is cute and affordable.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a gorgeous pink front-tie blouse and black long shorts from Chicos

The other day I wore a pair of these long shorts in white on the blog. When I went to link to the shorts, I picked the Brigitte shorts thinking that it was the ones that I had purchased. The ones that I had actually purchased were the girlfriend shorts that were like a jean short. Lol! Thankfully, one of you gurls spotted the pocket on the girlfriend shorts and knew that the Brigitte shorts don’t have a pocket. I did order in a pair of navy and black Brigitte shorts, though, and I like them just as much as I did the white pair. These shorts are a pull-on style, and they have a good amount of stretch to them. I like the small side slit at the knees, so these don’t feel tight when you sit. I am wearing a .5 in the shorts, and I think that they fit me great. I usually purchase a size 10 in most other brands. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a bright pink front-tie blouse and black Bermuda shorts from Chicos

Some of you might have already gotten a message from me about R+F’s latest innovation that launched today. There were a lot of ladies who wanted to be on my list to get the notification about the launch, so those messages went out yesterday. I am talking about Brow Defining Boost!!! This is a tinted gel that you apply to your brows for instant color and fuller-looking eyebrows. It has tiny fibers that cling to the hairs and create the fullness that so many of us have lost as we have aged. While that is great, that is not the BIG NEWS. Brow Boost does more than typical brow products. Since it contains R+F’s proprietary Lash Boost Technology, we not only get an instant WOW for our brow, but over time, your brows appear fuller and thicker even when they’re bare. Whether you have sparse, gray, light, thinning brows- or just looking for more definition, your eyebrows will become BROWERFUL! This product will NOT move until you are ready to take it off. You can work out, sweat all you want, get caught in the rain, and even go swimming, and this will stay put.

Poppy is like my Emersyn, and she begged her Mom to let her try the Brow Defining Boost. Then, she went swimming for THREE hours, and you can see that the product did not come off.

Plus, I have THREE specials to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Visit my website to place an order, or message me for more information. To receive special prices or gifts, orders must be placed as my Preferred Customer.

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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a gorgeous pink front-tie blouse and long black Bermuda shorts from Chicos

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  1. Diane S. wrote:

    Love it so much! Especially the cute shorts,…way to go!!

    Posted 8.7.20 Reply
  2. Eve wrote:

    That shade of pink is so versatile. It looks great with black, navy, white and several other neutrals I’ll bet. I also like the two tone shoes. Too high for me but at 78, I don’t like heights. You are an outstanding and kind woman.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  3. Linda wrote:

    I am so glad you are an includer and an example of a believer ! thank you for sharing your light with us !

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  4. Gayle wrote:

    Love this bright pink color, it looks great with your coloring! I like the style of the top also. The shorts look so comfy, yet stylish, with the slit at the bottom. I like to be inclusive also, since I know how it feels to be discluded.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  5. Susan wrote:

    I loved your encouraging post! We all want to be loved and included! That shade of pink looks gorgeous on you! Wearing that would make me want to dance….or fly away!

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  6. Caroline Spoth wrote:

    I usually love your outfits but this one looks like it is overwhelming you. The top looks too large and the shorts too long. Maybe a more fitted top with these shorts or close fitting crops with the top. I’m not a fan of knee length shorts unless you are very tall otherwise they make women look stumpy.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  7. Rozanne wrote:

    Your post is the first one I go to in the morning. You are a wonderful way to start my day because of your upbeat , happy attitude. You always look gorgeous, and I get a lot of inspiration, not only from your jewelry and wardrobe, but you sharing stories about your life, that make us all feel like part of your extended family. Please, keep on doing what you do, we love it!!!????

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  8. Tracy wrote:

    This color looks fabulous on you!!!

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  9. Amy wrote:

    The hot pink and black look so great together. This is a nice looking outfit.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  10. Spp wrote:

    Great verse today. I needed that one thanks.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
  11. Chris wrote:

    You are such a kind and caring woman! Thank you for being so inclusive and helping all of us feel special and valued !

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
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