Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink v-neck sweater over top of a brightly printed shirt, and pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

Before I start talking about this gorgeous silk printed shirt and cashmere sweater, I have a bone to pick with some people. Some people on Facebook are making a nuisance of themselves to my readers and me, which is not cool. Not only is it not cool, but it also won’t be tolerated. If you want to sell your products, get people to invest with you, tell people about your witch doctor, or look for a wife/girlfriend/sugar momma/friend, you need to get your own platform and stay off mine. YOU WILL BE BANNED!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a brightly printed shirt, and pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

Several women tell me that they don’t leave comments on FB anymore because of the unwanted comments. I understand; they are unwelcome and inappropriate. I try and go through the comments several times a day, and I immediately BAN anyone abusing the platform. The problem is, I don’t know when someone does this until sometimes hours later. Until I can find the abuser, ignore them, and do not comment back. I will take BAN them as soon as possible, and you can feel free to message me if I haven’t seen the comment. This is our community, and we don’t have to let some abusing the platform keep us from enjoying it.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a brightly printed silk shirt

I guess that I will get off my soapbox now, but you still might see steam coming out of my ears for a while. Once I start talking about this unique silk printed shirt, I’ll be fine. This printed shirt is gorgeous, and I love all of the different colors. I sent a photo of me to my mom while I was wearing this, and she immediately said that it was TOO MUCH. Nope, not for me; I love it.

Luckily, I caught this shirt on a Final Sale rack and took my chances that it would fit. I am wearing a medium, and it is a smidge tight through the chest area, but a small piece of Hollywood Fashion Tape fixed that issue. The printed shirt is no longer available, but pants in the same pattern are. How brave are you???

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a brightly printed shirt, and pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

This is where I was going to talk about the length of the printed shirt, how it would look with dress pants, and how it doesn’t show my rolls. But, since it is sold out, I guess that point is moot. So, I’ll talk about my pointy toe boots instead.

My white leather ankle boots by Marc Fisher are a modern retake on an old look. The pointy toe design is one that I love, and so is a chunky heel. The shaft of this boot is higher, which has been the trend for ankle boots this year. I sized up in these boots and ordered a 9 1/2 instead of my usual size nine. When I bought these boots, they were on sale, but that sale has ended. I’ll try to find some similar boots in different price ranges since these are pretty pricey.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink v-neck sweater over top of a brightly printed shirt

To tone down the brightness of the printed shirt, I added a pink v-neck cashmere sweater. This not only tones down the brightness of the shirt, but it brings the focus on the sweater. That allows you to wear the shirt in more ways. The next time I wear the shirt, I will pair it with a blazer to show you how it looks. You can see 3 ways to wear a shirt by clicking here.

I am wearing a size medium in the sweater, and it is plenty roomy for me. This sweater is at an unbelievable price… under $40.00! But, sizes are getting limited, so check it out sooner rather than later. It is available in several colors, so maybe you will be able to score the sweater in one of the colors, or maybe a couple of colors.

For those who might have an allergy to cashmere, I’ll link a few similar items below.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing an up-close photo of a pink v-neck sweater over top of a brightly printed shirt

I thought you might like to see an up-close photo of the printed shirt and the cashmere sweater.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

I love these jeans, and I know that a lot of you wear this brand also. They are Wit & Wisdom, and every pair that I have by this brand fit amazingly well. They are snug without being tight, and they fit around the waist but don’t create a muffin top. I love the small amount of distressing on this pair, but there are plenty of other styles to choose from.

I am wearing my usual size 10 in these jeans, so I would say they run true to size.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a brightly printed shirt from J Crew, a pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

This leather handbag is from Vera Bradley, and it has been one I’ve carried for years. When I first bought this bag, I thought, “I’ll never carry this bag. It is too bright, and it won’t go with anything.” Well, I was WRONG. I carried it non-stop for the first year, and I still carry it all the time. I love the bright color and how it adds interest to any outfit. Here are cute handbags for you to check out, and be sure to click on the photo of the bag to see all the colors available. Some websites won’t let me choose the color that I want to show you.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is rolling up the cuffs of a pink v-neck sweater worn over top of a brightly printed shirt, and pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

It is time to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I have a year-long blogging course that I need to start, an R+F training video to watch, and my team’s ZOOM call where we will be talking about how to make “reels” for Instagram. Oh yeah, I also need to take some photos because I’ve run out of pictures. Is all of this a lot of work? The short answer is YES! Does it bring me joy??? Absolutely!!!

Every course, every training video, and every team meeting helps me grow, not only as a blogger but also as a person. I feel like both of my businesses (blog and Rodan and Fields) impact women’s lives and create confidence for themselves. This is why I do it; this is why I can’t wait to open my computer every morning!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing a brightly printed shirt with and without a pink v-neck sweater, and pair of distressed skinny jeans, and a pair of white ankle boots

Be sure to tell me if you are on team Tania and love this look, or if you are on team Mom and think it is TOO MUCH!

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  1. Sharon M Gilmore wrote:

    I love the bold colors! You’ve given me confirmation to follow my heart rather than feat what others think 🤗

    Posted 4.8.21Reply
  2. Deanne Hope wrote:

    You look so great!!! You are the perfect size. Love the bright color and the printed shirt and LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots. Happy New Year. I agree we need the bright colors this year to help.

    Posted 1.21.21Reply
  3. Larissa Allen wrote:

    I love white boots-finally caved at 53 & bought some!!

    Posted 1.20.21Reply
  4. Sandra B. wrote:

    I love the blouse and sweater!! I am on team Tania!!!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  5. Michelle A. wrote:


    I LOVE the blouse with the deep pink handbag!! Beautiful colors!! Very pretty on you!!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  6. aimee spencer wrote:

    I’m on Team Tania and I love the blouse!

    I like the sweater over the blouse too.
    You really brighten up the Winter Dulldrums LOL!
    I’m sorry the blouse is sold out.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  7. Steph wrote:

    Love this blouse and sweater together! And your hair looks so good! Don’t change anything about it!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  8. CT Mary wrote:

    Team Mom is how I would wear it

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  9. Doris wrote:

    Thanks for all you do!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  10. Janice wrote:

    Hi Tania. That blouse is beautiful. Why tone it down? Of course the sweater is lovely on its own as well.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  11. Laurie Gruner wrote:

    Team Tania! Love the shirt with and without the sweater.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  12. Trish wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE the top. Really, anything in pink pulls me in.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  13. Gayle wrote:

    Team Tania all the way!!! Lowe all the colors in this blouse and am bummed that it is sold out. I love the hot pink sweater with it also. I don’t blame you for being super annoyed at the creepers on FB. I get a lot of “friend” requests on Instagram after I comment on your posts. Too bad these wacks can’t do something constructive with their time instead of creeping on you and your followers.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  14. Kelli Casey wrote:

    Love love love 💕 your pink sweater with that beautiful blouse. I couldn’t agree with you more about those people who post their random junk on posts. I hate seeing it. Keep up the good work. Your are always a positive to my day!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  15. Cyndi Anderson wrote:

    I love both looks. Great to see color during the grey days of winter

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  16. Linda S wrote:

    Love this outfit – not too much – just right !

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  17. Carla wrote:

    I love the outfit, beautiful colors! Also love the color of your lipstick. What is the color and who makes it?Thanks Carla

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  18. I love the blouse with the sweater over it. I would be sacred to wear pants in this pattern! But I always love your white boots.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  19. Fiona wrote:

    Love the outfit. The pink sweater really tames the shirt down.
    So sorry you are having problems on Facebook.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  20. Vicky wrote:

    LOVE seeing the two looks side by side at the end of your post, Tania. Great visual and great outfits, as always!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  21. Nancy M. wrote:

    Definitely team Tania with this one!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  22. Susan wrote:

    Team Tania!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  23. Liane wrote:

    Good on you for cleaning up the Facebook stuff. I’ve gone one step farther and deleted my account. People who know me know how to reach me. The rest can go fly a kite. Instagram deleted my account for me. Probably for liking some content from Dr. Mercola or others questioning the prolonged lockdowns in some areas.

    Love the prints! I tend to shy away from bright colors but they look great on you.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  24. Paige wrote:

    I love it with the sweater. It ages you alone. I think it’s the size of the print.
    Don’t worry, I’m often too much for my Mom too!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  25. Charlc Green wrote:

    Love, love the Team Tania look! I wish that blouse was still available because I really like the colors and I love how the different animals run thru it! You’re Always great at pairing w cute boots, purses and jeans, and yes the sweater is a cute look too! Haven’t noticed the interlopers, but am sorry! And GOOD LUCK w all that studying!!🤪

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  26. Diana wrote:

    Love the blouse but not sure I am brave enough to wear pants in that print

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  27. Marie wrote:

    It’s Team Tania for me! You look adorable! You always make me smile! I need to get in my closet and start making better use of all my “random pieces” and make up some outfits!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  28. Julie wrote:

    Love, love, love the blouse (with or without the sweater). You look great!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  29. Chris Christian wrote:

    Team Tania–love the blouse with the sweater!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  30. Ann wrote:

    Love this outfit! Those colors just look awesome on you!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  31. Michele wrote:

    Definitely team Tania! So many options with the blouse! Also can’t wait for you to share your success with weight loss..

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  32. Joyce wrote:

    I love your print shirt it looks great on you !! sometimes we just need some fun color !!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  33. Patti wrote:

    Love the blouse with the sweater… not as much without. You look beautiful in pink!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
    • S EPLING wrote:

      I love your look today, and those heart earrings are beautiful 😍 I don’t understand the personal satisfaction some people get from being an unline bully. I always wonder if they would say the same things if they weren’t hiding behind a computer screen. Awful

      Posted 1.19.21Reply
  34. Sandy wrote:

    I actually think the pink sweater over the blouse makes those colors really “pop” more. Just that hind of color sticking out of top and bottom and then the solid over top just adds to noticing the color! And fashion tape..thank you for that suggestion. I have never used it but I will be picking some up. I also love the color of your lipstick with these pink colors.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  35. Lyn wrote:

    Love it!! With and without the sweater. Your close-up shot tells me you should share your makeup tips with us!!! You are gorgeous!!!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  36. Laura wrote:

    The blouse and sweater are lovely! Love the blouse by itself, too.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  37. Robin wrote:

    Team Tania. Love it but for some reason button up shirts don’t look good on me. I like pull over shirts.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  38. Janet wrote:

    Team Tania of course! Love your style, that’s why I’m here!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  39. Mary Lou wrote:

    I’m on team Tania! Social media trolls are everywhere. I watch a lot of instructional videos on YouTube and Facebook and it’s unbelievable to me how deliberately rude some people are. How do they sleep at night? It baffles my mind.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  40. Chris wrote:

    Love the look, not too much Mom! Sometimes someone will ask me “ is this too much?” and I always laugh and say “I’m the wrong person to ask” I never think it’s too much!!!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  41. Christine F wrote:

    Tania, why not have a private Facebook page that way you’ll never have to worry about these jerks again? I’ll be the first to join! 🥰

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  42. Kathy wrote:

    Tania, pink is your color! You look beautiful. Love your makeup as well. You always look fabulous!

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
  43. Terry Williams wrote:

    That blouse is amazing and I love that pink sweater

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
    • Lisa wrote:

      Love the shirt! And yes, I would definitely wear the pants. You look great!

      Posted 1.19.21Reply
  44. Holly wrote:

    The blouse looks great on you. I especially love it with the pink sweater.

    Posted 1.19.21Reply
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