The days are quickly closing in on Christmas, and I know that a lot of you are in panic mode about now. You might have just realized that you bought one grandchild more gifts than the others, or you completely forgot to place the order for your son’s shoes. Maybe that is just me, but I am sure you have forgotten something. Lol! Remember when I said that I didn’t pack enough clothing for my beach trip? That means that I am also short of photos for the blog. So, today we are doing something a little different that I see a lot of other bloggers do. Today, I am going to be looking back at the last week or so, and bringing you the most popular items. Maybe you missed a post or forgot that you wanted to wear a sweater for Christmas. Either way, I’ve got your back. For sizing purposes, I am 5’6″ tall, weigh around 155, and I usually wear a size 10 in pants, a 12 in a dress, a medium or a large in a sweater, and a size 9 in shoes.
Reindeer Sweater and Flare Jeans from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not OldThis reindeer sweater had to be one of the top items. I think everyone loved the wintery look of the sweater and the fact that it didn’t scream Christmas. This is a perfect casual outfit for Christmas, just jeans and a sweater. If you would like to read this post, then here is the link.

//Reindeer Sweater//   //Similar Flare jeans// //Similar Plus Flare Jeans // //Cuffed Ankle Boots//  //Hoop Earrings//  //Leopard Cuff Bracelet//  //Gold Link Bracelet//

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a red sweater dress and black bootsIf you are wanting to know why I have a man watching me, then you will want to read this blog post. I love the color red, and this sweater dress is the perfect red. I added a couple of Christmas tree pins for the holidays, but adding a scarf will be the perfect accessory for the rest of the winter. The over the knee boots have enough stretch to fit my calves, and the chunky heel makes them comfortable to walk in.

//Sweater Dress// //Brinkley cuff// //Logan cuff// //Over The Knee Boots// //Similar Scarf//
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a black poncho sweater and plaid pantsI loved this black poncho sweater so much that I bought it in another color. Lol! This was one of my favorite looks because it is stylish, but it is also comfortable. Here is the blog post from this look.

//Poncho Sweater// //Gentry earrings// // Pearl Necklace // //Brinkley cuff// // Logan cuff // //Plaid Pants// //Dagne Dover Handbag// //Similar Black Pumps//
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a ivory waffle knit sweater and burgundy pantsYou gurls loved this casual and relaxed outfit. This is my everyday, run around town, or go shopping outfit. It is comfy and cozy, but it has a modern look with the wedge booties. Here is a link to the post.

//Waffle Knit Sweater// //Davis heart earrings// //Christine necklace// //Wedge booties// //Similar pants//Similar Pants Plus//
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old styles a New Year's Eve outfit of a sequin top and distressed jeansThis New Year’s Eve look is somewhat casual, but it is still glamorous. I love these jeans, and I have worn them several times. My daughter even stole them from me and wore them once or twice. I always get compliments in these, so be prepared for those to roll in if you purchase these. The added shimmer of the sequin tank top was the icing on the cake for this New Year’s Eve look. Three bloggers go together to style a look for New Year’s Eve, and if you haven’t seen this post, here is the link.

//Leopard Print Pumps// //Distressed/Glam jeans// //Sequin Tank Top// //Y-necklace// //Similar Tuxedo Jacket//
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a plum colored shawl cardiganI did a try-on haul session for the first time, and all of you seemed to like that type of post. Here is the link in case you missed that post. This deep plum shawl sweater jacket/cardigan was a favorite of mine as well as yours. I like the flattering shawl lapel and how the cocoon style of the sweater hugs your hips.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a red sweater with a lace necklineThis beautiful red pull-on sweater with the double v-neckline was another favorite from my try-on haul session. The lacework around the neckline elevates this from blah to WOW! I am already making plans to wear this sweater again around Valentine’s Day in February. Here is the link for the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a classic cashmere sweater and black pantsThis sponsored post by Walmart (here)  was one of my favorites this month. I loved everything about this outfit, and since the items are classic pieces, I will get a lot of wear from them in the future. The 100% cashmere sweater fits me perfectly; I am wearing a size large. Another classic item is these black cigarette style ankle pants. These pants are by Time and Tru, and I usually size up when I order from this brand. However, since these are a stretch-pant, I would suggest ordering your normal size since these are a tiny bit big on me. And, finally, these leopard print shoes are beyond elegant, and they will get noticed when you wear them.  I usually wear a size 9, but I ordered a half size larger than I normally wear because they seem to run small, so consider this if you place an order. Here is the link to the shoes.

//Gray Cashmere Sweater// //Cigarette Ankle Pants// //Leopard Print Pumps// //Pearl Necklace// //Pearl Bracelet// //Pearl Earrings//

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  1. even though these were recent I had forgotten about some of them already! thanks for sharing again.

  2. J'Laine Bradley Reply

    The last few weeks I have been thinking that you are losing weight. You have looked great in all of the looks!

  3. I love your red dress and your reindeer shirt with the jeans. Looks fabulous!

  4. I truly enjoy these type of post… Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Haha! Your comment about the gifts not being “equal” amongst the grandkids really hit home. The two and four-year old granddaughters are SO much fun to buy for, the 16-year-old grandson, not so much! I have my husband running to the bank this morning for good ol’ cold hard cash to add to the cache for the 16yo to make it more “even”!!! Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Colleen Freedman Reply

    Thank you, LOVED this post today! It was great seeing all the previous outfits and being able to click on the links to buy them. I have already bought that reindeer sweater and received a lot of compliments on it. I think next is the over the knee boots! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love so many of these looks! I bought the black poncho in the green color and I’m planning on wearing it on Christmas. It’s so soft and cozy. (I have it in their white version, as well. I’m wearing it right now actually!)
    Wishing you Christmas joy and a happy 2020.

  8. Loved all your posts. You look great in all of them. Thanks for sharing and sending wishes for a Happy Holiday to you and yours.

  9. Loved this post! My favorite look is the jeans and reindeer top. I received my eye cream today from ordering on Black Friday. Thank you so much! I know it is a busy time of the year for you and I appreciate you taking the time to handwrite a note to go with it. Merry Christmas🎄
    P.S. I covet you beautiful hair!

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