50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a Holiday Festive reindeer sweaterI am ready to strangle my husband. He is in a great mood, which is usually a good thing, but today has been a very, very busy day, and I need to concentrate. You usually can’t get Joe to talk about anything, but all day long, he has been “chatty Kathy.” Lol! We have had in-depth conversations about cooking a pork roast, about Charlie Sheen from Two And A Half Men, and I can now tell you everything that you need to know about his newfound golf swing. But, I can’t tell you anything about what I was supposed to be doing today because all I could do was listen to him. Lol!

50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a Holiday reindeer sweater and flare jeansJoe finally went out of town for a couple of hours, and I got the chance to take some photos of some outfits that I have gotten recently. My daughter-in-law and my grandson met me at a school we have in town so that she could take my photos for me. It was freezing outside, and I don’t know how my lips didn’t look blue in the pictures. My grandson was running around like mad having the best time in the world, and he was utterly oblivious to the fact that it was in the lower 30’s. Of course, he did have on a big puffer jacket, and he was running the entire time, so he was the smart one. You will see him later on in this post because he loved hopping in the photos for pictures. He is just like his big sister, Emersyn, blonde hair with blue eyes and cute as a bug!!!
50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a Holiday Festive sweater with 2 deerSpeaking of cute as a bug, I am obsessing over this adorable reindeer sweater from Loft. I like dressing festive for some occasions, and Christmas is one of my favorites occasions. But, I don’t like having such a short time for being able to wear my festive clothing. So, instead of buying a “Merry Christmas” shirt, or one that has a picture of Santa Claus on it, I opt for things that can be worn all winter long. These reindeer look wintery, a snowman would look wintery, or a shirt that says, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” would all be items that I could wear all winter long. The longer the time that you can wear an item, the more bang for your buck you get.

Dallin Earrings // Rochelle Leopard Bracelet // Lelani Gold Link Bracelet

50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a Festive reindeer sweater from the LoftThe sweater is super soft and is lightweight. It has long sleeves and a round neckline, and it hits me right around my hips. I love that the sweater is machine washable, I don’t have a dry cleaner handy, so this is essential for me. I am wearing a size large, which is roomy, but it isn’t too big on me. Here is the link to the sweater, and Loft is having a 40% off the entire purchase and free shipping, so be sure to check it out.
50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing flare jeans and ankle bootsSomeone asked me to wear something other than skinny jeans, so here you go. Today I have a pair of flare jeans on that I love. Flare jeans are flattering for almost any body shape. They help to balance out your body, and the extra width and volume at the bottom make your legs look longer. They look great with boots (like I am wearing here), and they look especially great with wedge sandals or espadrilles. One of the great reasons to have a pair of flare jeans in your closet is so that you stand out from the crowd. Skinny jeans are still the king, and since those are what most people will be wearing, you will get noticed for marching to a different tune.

50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a reindeer sweater with jeans and ankle bootsYou might be getting sick of seeing me wearing my ankle boots with the cuff, but I love these boots. I love the darker brown color, I am wearing whiskey, and I love how comfortable they are to wear. The chunky heel is 2 3/4″ tall, but the boots are very easy to walk in, and I can wear them all day long without any issues. I am wearing a 9.5 (I normally wear a 9) and these fit great. Here is the link to the boots, they come in a couple of different colors, and they are still 40% off.
50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a Holiday sweater with blonde little boyI told you that my little man would man an appearance later in the post. You got to see a glimpse of him from the back earlier, but he wanted to tell everyone hello. I told you that he was the smart one, look at how warm he is in his Frost-Free color-blocked puffer jacket. This is a very soft jacket, and it has an attached hood, so you don’t have to always be looking for a boggin. The jacket is from Old Navy, and if you have a little one to buy for, this will make a great gift. Here is the link to the jacket. And, his adorable color-blocked velcro sneakers are from Old Navy also, Here is that link.
50 Is Not Old Fashion Blogger wearing a Holiday sweater on steps to a bridgeI am anxious to hear what you thought about the sweater, about the photos, and about how cute you thought my little man is. Lol! I have a surprise giveaway for some lucky lady who leaves a comment, so let me hear what you have to say!!!

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  1. I absolutely love your sweater it’s so pretty and your little model is the cutest don’t get to cold .

  2. Firstly your grandson steals the show. What a super cute boy he is. Secondly your sweater is also super cute – as you have said it is wearable a lot longer than just Christmas time and will take you into the new year. Hope you had a fabulous thanks giving. I have been off radar for a while as we have so much going on so it is hit and miss when I get chance to read your posts. So glad I got to read this one.
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

    • I love your sweater…LOFT has such cute clothes! And your grandson is just adorable! His green puffer coat looks so good on him. I love good blonde hair and blue eyes! Merry Christmas!

      • Autocorrect!! It is supposed to say, I love his blonde hair and blue eyes!

  3. Lovely sweatshirt Tania and what a cutie he’s getting so big ! Not sure if was a typo but I think you mean “Charlie Sheen” from two and a half men ? have a happy Friday

    • I love flare jeans. Your outfit looks great and what a sweet little fellow you have!

  4. Cute sweater! Cute, cute cute little man! Have a great day! Enjoy you much!

    • I love this sweater! The location shoot is nice. Joe sounds like my son. He goes on & on about his hobbies to me & I have no idea what he’s talking about. I’m just glad he’s talking to me usually. LOL Love seeing your little! Merry Christmas ?

      • Love it, nice shoot spot, adorable just like Emersyn. Have a cozy, warm and fun weekend.

  5. Barbara Wilson Reply

    Your grandson is so adorable!! I love the reindeer sweather. It gets me in the Christmas spirit and feeling that winter is here.

    • Marcia Warnock Reply

      Your grandson is adorable. I love the sweater and that it is festive and not just for the Christmas holiday. I enjoy your posts.

  6. Hi, love today’s outfit! I prefer flare jeans and I love the way youve styled them. You always look like you’re having so much fun. I also think it’s a great addition to your blog to mention the children’s clothing items since most of us have kids and grandkids.

  7. Can’t help but smile when you see your grandson. He is precious. Love the sweater because as you said it’s more versatile than just for Christmas.

  8. Your sweater is adorable.I need to look for something similar in a plus size.Your grandson is super cute as well…stay warm!

  9. Janet Brooks Reply

    Love the sweater and the whole outfit! Your grandson is adorable!

  10. Merry Christmas Tania,
    I really think your sweater is adorable! But your “little man” is stealing the show! I just bought a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” top yesterday. Love your posts.

  11. Your grandson is truly adorable! I agree on the sweater and jeans. You can’t go wrong with either!

    • Cindy DeBenning Reply

      Merry Christmas! Dear! The sweater is adorable and so is your grandson. I love the flared jeans. I’ve got to get me a pair.

  12. Monica Ercanbrack Reply

    Cute sweater and those jeans do make you long and lean, and your grandson is adorable. Merry Christmas to you and your precious family. Oh and love your Joe stories.

  13. I love the sweater, and I have to say that you look amazing in this whole outfit. You look so youthful, fit and happy.?. It is nice to read your blog every day because you are one of the few bloggers keeping it real.

    I always love to read your Joe stories!?

    Your grandson is adorable! My daughter is 10, and it is so difficult to get her to wear her coat.???

  14. Love the whole look! I wear similar jeans for a different “vibe” as you said. I also love that the Holiday sweater is in a great pastel. I just bought a similar tote bag. And, big shout out to your energetic grandson. I love it!!!

  15. You look fabulous! I love the sweater! I follow you everyday your such an inspiration and with a positive attitude. I have to read your blog first thing in the morning it puts me in a positive mood! Thank you for sharing!

  16. You look so cute, I love the sweater. Wish it came in a larger size.. 🙁 I always love hearing Joe stories. Have a great day!

  17. Tisha M Johnston Reply

    Your grandson is adorable! And your outfit is especially cute today.

  18. I’m with you… that sweater and the fact it’s NOT a Christmas sweater. It’s something you can wear all winter. That’s why I love the fair aisle sweaters too. They will work for Christmas or not. Honestly, you have the cutest grand babies!!! You’re very lucky to live right next door to two of them! Love seeing them make an appearance in your pics too!

  19. Sweater is a great idea for “Winter wear”. Your grandson is def a cutie!

    • The outfit looks great on you. The reindeer are very cute and not only for Christmas. Polar bears would be cute, too. I really like those brown boots with the flare jeans!

  20. I have both skinny and boot cut pants – I think both are wardrobe staples to balance a top that is baggy or fitted. I love the reindeer…. but not the fitted waist – THAT is where I need a sweater to skim! Lol! I’m going to be googling reindeer sweaters for sure now! My husband always has a knack for being chatty on the days I have a long to do list… but he’s just so sweet that I can’t help but set my list aside. Your little guy is adorable! You are very blessed – have the best day ever!

  21. Karen Miller Reply

    I too love holiday shirts and this one is really cute! And so is your grandson! ?

  22. He’s a cute tow-head! (Where did that saying come from, I wonder?!) The sweater is cute, too!

  23. Shannon Moore Reply

    I love the entire outfit, but I covet those jeans. I love everything about them…the color, the fit, the wide hem. Is there any way you can give us a link to those?

  24. good morning and what a cute sweater! but certainly your grandson is even cuter. I love the bridge in the last picture, what a beautiful spot. Enjoy your day!

  25. Really like the outfit….everything about is perfect! Aren’t grandchildren the greatest? Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  26. Penny Wilson Reply

    I love it that you too call it a boggin. I had to explain to my cousins son what a boggin was. His dad is from Wisconsin (bless his heart) and his mom from Florida but grandma was from north Georgia like me. His mother and I had a big laugh over the whole situation.

  27. Your grandson is a cutie patootie! Love the outfit! I need your email address. I have some questions about the Redefine regime I purchased on Black Friday. I know I have seen it somewhere, but cannot locate it. Thanks!

  28. Your photo setting is so pretty and I like the sweater that doesn’t scream “Christmas.” I feel for you freezing while getting great photos, but time with your family is worth it!?

  29. What a fun happy post. I will echo many others, I love your honesty, real life stories and the fun of your posts. I love those jeans on you. I think they make you look taller and slimmer! And we all want that. Your daughter in law is a good photographer, too. And of course, your grandson, adorable!

  30. I love the outfit, but the jeans stands out to me. They really look great on you. I’ve tried skinny jeans, but am more comfortable in boot cut, so it was nice to see them in your post. How blessed you are to have grandchildren so close, I always enjoy seeing their adorable faces.

  31. Was thrilled to wake up to your email notification this morning, haven’t received any since November 27th. Love your entire outfit, I’m going to search for my flared jeans today. Your grandson is adorable and I like those shoes he’s wearing. Might have to get those for my grandson.

  32. Cute sweater– and your face lights up in the photos with your adorable grandson.

  33. Kim Dushinski Reply

    Love the flare jeans! Pretty much all winter I alternate between skinny jeans tucked into my boots and bootcut jeans with boots underneath.

  34. Tania, your outfit is perfect for running around town during the holidays. It’s fun to have a festive spirit and this shirt brings out the joy! Your grandson is adorable, you are so blessed to live near them.

  35. Your little man is adorable!!! And Im heading to loft this morning to see if they still have this sweater. We are going to brunch with Santa Sunday morning and it would be perfect!!!

  36. I never get tired of those boots. They are perfect with boot cut jeans and that sweater is so adorable! I love your little partner for today’s photos. I bet he and his sister and super excited about Christmas. Enjoy every minute of the holiday season with your sweet family!

  37. Love the reindeer sweater and your grandson is a cutie pie! Thanks for all your fashion inspiration. Please keep up he good work!!!

  38. Janice Bullitt Reply

    those jeans are awesome as the little man! Is there a link for those? The jeans that is!

  39. Love your grandson, such a sweetheart. Thank you for including the details on his jacket and sneakers. ❤️

  40. Love the little man and the flare jeans. Love your daily posts too. I snuggle up on the couch to get my daily dose of Tania.

  41. I just started following you a couple of weeks ago. I love how you create cute (and affordable!) looks and also use pieces from your current wardrobe. PS: I’m a fellow Tennessean. 🙂

  42. I almost never comment but you look great! Probably my favorite photos ever! The sweater is adorable too! Definitely one I would like to own.

  43. I am like you I like both the skinny & the flare jeans. I also am like you in that I prefer to buy something that is not to specific to Christmas. I want to be able to wear my clothes for more than a month a year. The sweater is so cute. Your grand son is adorable. I will soon know what its like to be a Grandma as my DIL is having a baby girl in Feb!

  44. Tania, this is such a cute outfit! I had looked at Loft’s llama sweater, but wasn’t sure it was a look I could pull off. Seeing your reindeer sweater has me rethinking 🙂 Thanks for sharing your sweet grandson, and the links to his coat and shoes.

  45. Love the outfit, especially the flare jeans. Love the fit and color. You didn’t have a link for them. Could you please tell us where they came from or add a link . I would love to get a pair!

  46. Susan Roberts Reply

    Love the photos with your grandson! What a cutie-patooty! It reminds me of when my boys were little – they are teenagers now. I have always liked Christmas-themed sweaters but have strayed away from them in recent years since the whole “ugly Christmas sweater” became a thing. I definitely think your choice looks very classy. I’ll have to get myself a cute sweater like yours!

  47. Love the sweater; wish it had been offered in larger sizes. New photo shoot location was nice. Grandkids are the best!!!

  48. Love the sweater and the flare leg jeans, they make you look so tall. Little man is a cutie!! Aren’t grandkids just the best?

  49. Elizabeth T Reply

    That outfit is SO flattering. And what a cutie your grandson is!

  50. Your grandson is a cutie! I like that his jacket and shoes are Old Navy finds.

    Your sweater is season perfect. I like that it’s light weight and not bulky. I also try to find details that will carry wearing the item beyond the day of given holiday.

    Our husbands might be related. I say I ask him a nickel question and get a dollar answer, haha.

  51. Oh my goodness, this outfit is making me want to go dig my flares out of my closet. I cleaned my closet last week and donated a ton of clothes but actually kept one pair of my flare jeans. I totally LOVE your outfit today!! It’s so cute on you.
    Your little man is so adorable!!
    Have a great weekend.

  52. Your sweater is so cute. Love the softer colors. Ha Ha with Joe. But does your husband g on and on while you are carrying a pile of laundry or something that obviously says “I am busy and need to do something.”? I always ask mine “What about what I’m doing says to you that I have time to listen?”

  53. Virginia Jackson Reply

    Love your sweater, and those flare leg jeans! New called them bell bottoms in my day! If I were only 8 inches taller, the things I could wear and reach without a ladder! What a cutie your grandson is, favors grandmother I think!

  54. Love the sweater! I have seen it on quite a few bloggers. With the sale on, I might have to take the plunge. Your grandson is adorable! Maybe next time you do a cold weather shoot, you could run around with him first and then get the pictures. LOL!

  55. You look great in those jeans! You look great in the skinny jeans, too. It could be because you look confident, that makes you look good in anything. I do the same thing with the tops, look for something that can be worn all season but looks like it is for the holiday as well. Your grandson is so cute! How blessed you are to be near grands.

  56. What an adorable little blonde – I enjoy seeing the grands in your photos! I really like this outfit! The sweater is really cute! I didn’t think about a winter look versus a Christmas look – definitely more options to wear. Thanks for making us think!

  57. Glenda Gordon Reply

    I love this entire outfi, but that sweater is just darling! It is festive without being over-the-top. And your grandson is adorable! Such a handsome little guy! Hope you have a great weekend!

  58. Love the sweater, almost bought it last week. Your grandson is adorable

  59. Sherri Yocum Reply

    Tania, I recently singed up for your emails. I have seen you on Pinterest and always loved your outfits. I’m so excited to be one of the “Gurls”! I feel like you and I have very similar taste in clothes. I too am a grandma, best thing ever!!!
    Love the reindeer sweater!!

  60. Lori Trivett Reply

    What a beautiful setting for your pictures. Love the mountains of Southwest Virginia, so much of God’s beauty. Your outfit is so festive and fun. I love flare jeans but have a hard time finding ones that fit, if only I were a little taller. Your grandson is quite the cuttie, what a blessing.

  61. Diane Williams Reply

    Your “little man” is adorable and makes me miss my granddaughter in Florida. I agree with your approach to festive clothing. Nothing enters my closet if I can’t wear it on a regular basis for at least two seasons (fall/winter or spring/summer)!

  62. Love your sweater! I actually have two tubs of Christmas sweaters that I love to wear all season? What a doll that little grandson is! You are blessed to have him close by ? Our only grandchild lives in Switzerland ?

  63. Sherry Jackson Reply

    This is my kind of outfit, jeans & a tee or sweater !1 I have this in my Loft cart !!

  64. I love the reindeer sweater! I am going to Loft tomorrow, I just might have to indulge in that one! Your grandson is super cute and adorable!! You are so blessed! Merry Christmas!

  65. Cathy Flohr Reply

    Love that sweater. It’s perfect for the season. Your little man has gotten so big. Looks just like his sister. Adorable!

  66. Great pics! I especially love the ones of you on the bridge and with your cutie-pie grandson! I’ve had my eye on that sweater–maybe it’s time!

  67. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I am like you about wanting to buy tops that aren’t holiday specific like Santa etc so that I can get more wear out of them. Your grandson is so cute and it was a really pretty place to take your pictures.

  68. Hi Tania! I love your reindeer sweater! You have definitely inspired me to dress so much better since reading your blog! If I’m being honest, I used to dress pretty frumpy on my days off, now I get lots of compliments! Lol! Love your grandkids and your stories about Joe! In general, I just love you, you totally crack me up when I read your blog! XOXO!

  69. You look great in that outfit. I think the entire outfit is so slimming, especially with the flared jeans. The little guy is a cutie just like his sister.

  70. I think you look great in this outfit. The entire outfit is very slimming, especially with the flared jeans. The little guy is a cutie just like his sister.

  71. Julia Purtill Reply

    Love the pics of you and your grandson. I love that bridge photo!! Is it in your town? It looks like one of my Department 56 pieces on my mantle!

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