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What’s New at My Favorite Retailers

Late summer and early fall new arrivals are beginning to appear both in stores and online. I love looking to see what trending colors, prints, fabrics, and silhouettes are popular among various brands. It’s a great forecast for what’s ahead fashion-wise over the next few months. While I was looking around at all of the new pieces, I decided to put together a round-up of what’s new at my favorite retailers like Amazon, Loft, Old Navy, and J. Crew Factory. You gurls know I love to shop, so this is just a few of my favorite stores. Let me know in the comments which other stores you’d like to add to this list next time!

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Amazon has definitely turned into my go-to favorite retailer, in case you haven’t noticed LOL. It can be a little overwhelming navigating through hundreds of new arrivals, so here are some of their new arrivals in women’s clothing that caught my eye. While I was scrolling, I was looking for light layers that we can start to wear now and into the fall, as well as flowy blouses and tops that will transition well from summer into fall.


Loft’s new arrivals have you covered for work, weekends, and everything in between. When I was looking at new arrivals from my favorite retailers, I knew I had to include them. Whether you’re lounging around your house or hanging out with friends, their late summer collection has some great trends to try like matching sets, wide-leg pants, and denim on denim.

Old Navy

I know when I am needing a new outfit or piece for something, I can always run to Old Navy to find something great! They have such affordable pricing and a wide variety of choices. From chic and comfortable dresses to trendy tops and versatile denim, Old Navy’s late summer and early fall collection offers a variety of items that I am really loving!

J. Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory takes the essence of the iconic J.Crew brand and infuses it with budget-friendly options. This retailer is a favorite for those who want to look chic without breaking the bank (like me!). Their latest collection is a treasure trove of great pieces from layering staples like tees and button-ups to adorable shoes and jewelry.

Shop More New Arrivals from My Favorite Retailers:

Which of these retailers is your favorite?

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  1. Marianne M says:

    I have never shopped at J. Crew Factory, but the green Swiss dot dress is exactly what my daughter is looking for!

  2. Mary Kinard says:

    Amazon has become one of my favs for fashion!

  3. I really like Loft especially when they have their sales. I love Amazon because it’s so easy to order and their return process is amazing.

  4. sue ann koren says:

    Amazon has such cute things!

  5. sue koren says:

    I never knew amazon had such cute stuff until I saw it on your blog!

  6. I’d definitely a fan of Loft and J Crew factory. Loving the red this season!

  7. I hate when summer is over. Kids went back to school yesterday and it broke my heart. My dad will be closing the pool before I turn around. Ugh. Soon I’ll go back to no tan and cold mornings. I do love fall clothes and football, so there’s SOME good.

  8. Rebecca Campbell says:

    I love reading your blog each morning, you have great fashion sense

  9. Love the short jean jacket!

  10. I would love to see some outfits in colors for cool pink undertone skin. It’s hard to find these colors lately.

  11. Thank you for scrolling through Amazon for us….it really is daunting to try to find something from the thousands of items they have!! Always look forward to reading your blog post every morning!

  12. Suzonne Johnson says:

    I love the J Crew Factory selections. The green dress and the pink top are so cute. Thank you keeping me inspired both fashion wise and spiritually! Love the scriptures each day.

  13. I just placed an order with JCrewFactory last night! I’m interested in checking out BananaRepublicFactory, too.

  14. Deborah Clark says:

    Fall is my favorite season! I ‘m Not ready for summer to end though. I’m interested in the Certphil sunscreen stick but it was sold out! I’ve got a few more beach trips planned this month. Maybe I’ll find some so I can try it out

  15. Thank you for the great fall fashions! I am ready for the cooler temps to go with them 😄

  16. Not ready to see summer end, but the weather we’ve been having lately really makes it seem like fall is going to be early. I love fall clothes.

    1. Fall clothing is my favorite!

  17. Love that you share your favorites from each of the retailers. It absolutely helps when I am navigating online shopping. Which I tend to do a lot more these days. Thank you!

  18. Amazon has come a long way in clothing and shoes, from name brands to their own brand. The Amazon brand clothing I purchased is nice!

  19. I love that denim jacket from Loft, and the camel schoolboy blazer and camel loafers from JCrew Factory!❤️

  20. I’ve been surprising myself by finding clothes I like on Amazon (thanks to your blog!).

  21. Kelly Brooks says:

    Love that cute green dress from J. Crew. Also Amazon has become one of my favorite shopping sites. 🙂

  22. Hi Tania, love all the options of clothing and retailers for all financial levels. You keep America’s women styled! Also love the funny stories about Joe

  23. Thanks for the fall post although I’m not ready for summer to end. Loft and J crew are my faves. Never leave those stores empty handed. Lol!

  24. Amazon clothes are here my favorite, but the J. Crew Factory are classy.

  25. Stephanie B says:

    Omg I love!!! Now the hard part… which color to order?

  26. I’ve loved Summer but I’m so ready for the Fall. It’s my favorite time of year. I like the suggestions to incorporate layers to help the transition to Fall.

  27. Joell Mello says:

    Love the Amazon posts!

  28. You found some cute transitional pieces!

  29. Love the Fall colors! Can’t wait to see all your Fall posts!

  30. Love all the fall colors! Bought the J Crew blazer last year when on sale. You see similar in Italy.
    Enjoy all the work you do, thank you!

  31. Not ready for summer to be over, but I am looking forward to fall. Love your picks!

  32. Walmart is really stepping up their game too with clothing also! Also inexpensive 🙂

  33. LouAnn Norton says:

    Always glad to see the posts from your favorites. Who doesn’t love Amazon.

  34. Carole McCullough says:

    Oh my you can tell fall is on it way. The colors from this post are warm but still vivid. We are still in 100s here in Calif. really looking forward to blazers, sweaters and heaver necklaces.

  35. Mary Green says:

    Love your posts for great Amazon finds!

  36. Love the transition clothes…looking forward to Fall for sure! Thank you for adding scripture to your post. 🙂

  37. Crys Crocker says:

    I love shopping Amazon! Huge selection, easy returns and fast free shipping. Gotta love it!

  38. CyndeeKay🌻 says:

    Tania, Today’s outfit inspo reminded me of my teaching years:) Denim skirts and white blouses were my go to outfit, especially when I was teaching kindergarten. Little fingers covered in paste or finger paint often ended up on my skirt! I’m dating myself by mentioning “paste”! Lol

  39. I do love Loft…… and J.Crew Factory, Gap and Banana Republic. The Loft that was in my town closed but we do have Old Navy!

  40. Thanks to you, Amazon has become one of my favorite retailers. Glad you had such a nice visit with your mom and sister.

  41. All of these stores are fun to shop. I love your try ons from Talbots.

  42. Summer is too short! Thanks for your hard work. It helps!

  43. I have never bought or looked at anything from J Crew Factory. Planning on checking that out! If I looked even half as stylish as you, Tania, I would be sitting pretty 😊….#goals

  44. Donna Collins says:

    Love your suggestions!

  45. Ann Pavlicek says:

    Amazon is one if my favorite retailers, too. Never would I have thought I would be ordering clothes from them, but I do now. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  46. My first fall purchase was the rust wide leg pants from Old Navy that’s in the picture above. I also bought the camel sweater blazer (shown above)from JCrew factory last year. This past spring I bought the same blazer in ivory. Two of my favorite blazers. My favorite retailers are Loft, Old Navy and JCrew factory because they carry stylish petite clothing.

  47. Gale Bowen says:

    So many times I have turned to Amazon for my clothing. I’ve bought two dresses for weddings (one I wore to a wedding at a castle in Scotland), many shirts, sweaters and accessories. Their free shipping and returns for Prime Members makes it all very easy. I’ve bought several items you have talked about! Thanks for including them in your lineup!

  48. Sheryl Gossard says:

    I really the jumpsuits that in style right now. whe .you’re 5’3″, the one piece look makes me look taller and it’s very slimming too.

  49. Karen Nau says:

    I am in Northern California, 45 minutes north of San Francisco. Recently, retired from teaching, and was elected to our City Council. Wardrobe is changing. Business casual is the style I am now looking for. I follow you faithfully to get ideas. Noticed many of the women that work at city hall, wearing a plaid capri length pants. I haven’t found any. I like the Talbots chino, but looking for plaid?

  50. Thank you for the post. Lots of cute clothes. My family frequently uses Amazon.

  51. Can I be your sister too 😉
    I like the boho style blouse, I learned from you that even petite 70 yr old can wear brighter colors. You have good taste and I like your findings.

    1. 🤣 I can aquas use another sister.

  52. I love your fashion choices, and look forward to your Sunday posts every week. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouragement!

  53. I love shopping at Nordstrom and Walmart (online because they have a lot more items). They both have good return policies and customer service.

  54. Christal Yowell says:

    I love loft, and the fall colors are yummy- but please just a few weeks summer to enjoy 🏖🌞

  55. I would have to say that Amazon is becoming my go to more and more; I guess just for the simple facts that I can try on at home on my schedule, and the returns are super easy!!

  56. I love this post! You have different retailers with a nice variety of items.

  57. Loft is my favorite store and I have bought 2 Spanx jeans after seeing you model them. One dark denim and 1 white. I also bought the Spanx dress slacks and get compliments whenever I wear them. I LOVE the Spanx line.

    1. I love the SPANX clothing line too! The products are so well made and for a Womans body perfectly.

  58. Love that faux suede jacket from Amazon! …and even when it’s still too hot for sweaters, it’s great to transition just by going into those beautiful fall colors!

    1. Thanks for posting, Nancy. I agree the colors are great!

  59. Love Old Navy and J Crew Factory!

  60. Love the Amazon posts! I live in a part of Florida where it is neither convenient nor easy to get to a retailer to ‘play dress up’. I lost 50 pounds a couple years ago and have a real struggle finding petite clothing that doesn’t overwhelm my body. You make it easier and for you I am greatful. Don’t forget us gurls down here where it stays hot all year in fall and winter…geez, I miss wearing sweaters and sweatshirts!!! Keep up the wonderful posts – you are a blessing. Have a blessed day and keep Joe on his toes!

  61. I look forward to your daily post each day. Old Navy and Amazon are my go-to’s, but I enjoy reading and seeing your pics from other retailers. You have been a very positive influence on me and feel I am making much better choices and feeling better about my wardrobe since I have started following you. Many thanks.

  62. I can usually find something at Loft and J Crew. I live in a small town and our Old Navy does’t offer much for older women (I’m 68). I haven’t had much luck shopping Amazon…clothes seem cheaply made. We only have a Kohl’s and Target and Old Navy. So, i like reading your post to find new fashion trends.

    1. Thanks for posting, Denise. I’ve found that it depends on the item with Amazon. I always try to check the reviews and go with good brands.

  63. Really good stores are featured here and I like them all. I like seeing you in the fashions rather than on a model. You put together the whole outfit and it is much more appealing… sorry I can’t do the widgets most of the time. I just don’t get any inspiration.

    1. I know it’s easier when you actually see it on someone. But there are some great finds I just don’t have time to style. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  64. Amazon Old Navy, and Loft are my usual go to places….. there’s not a J Crew Factory close to where I live.

  65. I’ve purchased a few items from Amazon.

  66. Deb Dopson says:

    love the variety of retailers you share, something for everyone!

  67. Doris Mitchell says:

    I LOVE shopping Amazon and Nordstrom. Thank you for these beautiful transition ideas ! Bring on sweater and boot weather .

  68. If your sister and niece come to visit, I’d like to see you do a style shoot of the 3 of you wearing the same key item–like a jacket, pair of jeans, coat. It would be fun to see the same thing styled 3 different ways on 3 different people. Even more fun would be including your mom!

  69. Tania,
    I always love reading your posts. You have steered me to quite a few finds in the past couple of years. (That’s how long ago I found your blog.) I really love the J. Crew sweater blazer you are showing. I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to buy a new blazer or two to replace what I have outgrown :(.

    1. I love the blazer, too. I’m glad I’ve steered you to some good finds in the past. Thanks for commenting!

  70. I’m amazed at all the clothing that Amazon has. I’ve seen alot of cute items from you and I just found a cute inexpensive swimsuit on there also. It sure helps though when you do a Amazon post of clothing. There’s just too much to check out on my own.

  71. Who wouldn’t want to shop your closet Tania😂. I had never even considered buying clothes from Amazon until your posts about them. So I now have bought several clothing items and have been very happy with these purchases so thank you for bringing them to my attention !

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  72. Hi. I’m new to your blog and really enjoy it! You’ve inspired me to dress nicely casual everyday instead of “saving it” for doctor’s appointments and the like. Yes, I’m from that era where you dressed up for a doctor’s appointment! Why? They never see you in your clothes anyway!! LOL. Btw 60’s aren’t old either!

    1. Debra, this made me laugh. So many of the clothes I have my mom are what she wears to go to the Dr. in. 🤣

  73. Gina Luebke says:

    I love Loft and J Crew Factory. I want to like Amazon but haven’t had huge success. I hear women talk about “The Drop” on Amazon but I don’t know how to shop it, any suggestions or help would be great.
    Thanks Tania!

    1. Gina, several of the items I style on the blog are from The Drop. The clear two strap wedge shoes I wear are from them.

  74. love the Amazon picks.

  75. Mary O'Grady says:

    I can’t wait for sweater weather!!!

  76. Amazon has stepped up their game with clothes!

  77. Thank you for sharing items from Amazon – I had not considered shopping for clothing there before reading your posts.

  78. I love Amazon & think Walmart has really stepped it up for clothes. Nordstrom is my go to for higher end items. I never have good luck at Old Navy. I like Target for most everything but feel like they never have many options for clothes at the stores. I have never shopped QVC or Zappos, I’m going to give them a try.

    I also shop at Belk and have good luck finding things I like there.

    I enjoy all your posts!

  79. SusanRadtke says:

    Don’t have much luck with Amazon, but love Loft

  80. I love J. Crew also and always find cute things to keep me stylin’! Thanks for all the Amazon info. You’re right – there’s a lot to wade through and find reliable pieces.

  81. Laurie Cox says:

    Loft and Old Navy are my go-to’s.

  82. I love Old Navy’s jeans and sweats. I like how you look in blazers but I’m more of a cardigan girl.

    You have a sleep mask that you recommend but I can’t find it on your blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  83. Kellie johnson says:

    I love loft but have also found I like Chicos. alot of my summer dresses came from chicos

  84. I love to hear your stories about your family! What fun ladies time— I hope they come back again soon!

    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  85. Loving the Loft Fall picks! If only it weren’t still 100 degrees in FL!

  86. Julie Feagins says:

    Just love these stores. Thanks to you I shop them more! Great choices!

  87. I like Old Navy & Kohl’s. I never think about Amazon for clothing, but I do like many of your picks. I’ll give them a try. Their prices certainly seem good. Thanks, Tania, for narrowing down all the choices for me!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment! ❤️

  88. I think the Loft has some really cute and reasonably priced items. Talbots and Jjill are my first picks!

  89. Hi Tania,
    You are definitely my favorite blogger! Thank you for all of your hard work, inspiring women like me everyday.

  90. Patricia Holmes says:

    I love reading your blogs! Thank you for sharing. Your styling tips are very helpful. I appreciate your scripture verses also!

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  91. Michele G says:

    WOW Thanks so many pics today -love the green from JCrew Factory

  92. I appreciate this round up!!

  93. So excited for fall colors and cozy fabrics! My favorite 🥰 Especially loving those sleeveless sweaters from Loft and the J. Crew blazer!

    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  94. Karen Watson says:

    Love your stories and your posts; especially when you feature known retailers. I recently listened to a podcast of Alden Wicker, the author of “To Dye For” who speaks about some of the harmful chemicals in textile dyes – often found on low-price, primarily online retailers (Shein, and the like)- and it was eye-opening. I think I will stick to known retailers for fashion. Thanks for providing a guide for us!

    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  95. Debby Roth says:

    Old Navy is my favorite, I also like Von Mauer

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  96. Love, love, love Summer to Fall transition ideas. Question- do most things look too you and girly? Probably me, I’m old 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Jes, it is because flutter sleeves, tiers, and ruffles are in style.

  97. I appreciate all the retailers you use which give me ideas. Kohl’s is a good choice as well as my favorite, Talbot’s.

  98. I appreciate all the retailers you use which give me ideas. But, my favorite is Talbot’s! I do shop at Kohl’s. You get me to try new things!

  99. Laura Gray says:

    I love looking at the different retailers and what they offer. You always pick the best thing! Thank you for all your efforts!

  100. I love Amazon and appreciate you looking through the hundreds of clothes and picking out what you think looks like best choices.

  101. I am loving Amazon. So much to choose from but it is overwhelming sometimes.

  102. A great round of of clothes in fall’s new colors.

  103. Vicki Crooks says:

    Love your posts…live in Texas and feel the heat will never leave! 🔥
    Your posts of upcoming fall colors and fashions gives me hope! Lol

  104. Thanks, as always, for inspiring us with your gift of words and style. I tend to lend towards Old Navy and Amazon when I order online and I especially like the blue oversized sweater from Amazon that you shared. Thanks, especially, for sharing your family stories—they always make me smile! Blessings!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! ❤️

  105. I enjoy reading your blog everyday and I like the variety of retailers. Do you ever shop at J. MacLaughlin?

    1. No, I’ve not, so I can’t comment on there clothing.

  106. I love it all! Thank you for working so hard to get this to us! I have ordered the rain coat from Amazon. I have found several more things!!

  107. Loft and Old Navy are my favs. I get overwhelmed by all the things Amazon.
    Thanks for showing us everything.

  108. My favorites list would include Talbots and Chicos. I appreciate when you show us items you have already tried and like from Amazon and Nordstrom because their websites have such a huge selection that it can be hard to navigate. So, thanks for all your hard work!!

  109. Amazon is a favorite and love the new Fall colors.

  110. Donna Ingalls says:

    Love your blog!
    It sounds like your visit with your mom and sister was so fun. I always wished I had a sister.
    I find Old Navy clothes a tad too short for me. I do love Loft though. Their stores always have great styles on the mannequins too.

  111. Oh my gosh, you have me so excited for fall!! Can’t wait to shop for some of the ideas you have posted. Love to see you every day!

  112. I so appreciate all the hard work you put into your posts! You show things I never would have found on my own!

  113. Great selection of transitional pieces for fall!

  114. I like the jumpsuits! I have to confess that Amazon clothing has been hit or miss for me, as sizing seems to be off and too much polyester. However, I do have really nice long sleeve shirts from there in 3 colors that were priced well and look good. Since it’s free shipping and I have a return location close, though, it’s not a problem. I need to visit an Old Navy again, too.

    1. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  115. Mary Ann Pereira says:

    Thanks for including jcrew !! I love that sweater and shoes will be purchasing! Thru will look great together! I am 65 and still want yo wear clothes like I’m in my 40’s . Lol
    Mary Ann from The jersey shore 😎

  116. I love your posts! My favorite retailers are Talbots, Chicos and Nordstrom Rack (oh how I wish Tulsa had a Nordstrom’s!). I really enjoy the ability to order on line and return to the store, especially at sale time. You always give great styling options. Your daily scripture is also one of the reasons I go to your posts firsts!

  117. Carol Smith says:

    Great new finds for fall!

  118. You gave us so many good items! I don’t have a favorite retailer for clothing, but I do enjoy seeing what I can find at a local consignment store and at thrift stores. It’s like as “treasure hunt” and I’ve found some really nice items!

  119. Love, love, love your blog! Your down to earth approach to fashion for women of a “certain” age is so appreciated. Could you do another wedding guest dress for winter? I have an upcoming family wedding where the weather will be very cold & I’m from the Deep South !?!? Help! Thanks again for your wonderful posts!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I have a fall wedding guest post in the works!

  120. I always love that you share a variety of price range items – thank you!

  121. Love Amazon too! Really thankful for your posts as they help me visualize the outfits and how they might work for me, thank you for all you do!

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  122. Although I’m in my late 60’s, I love your picks, Tania!! Feeling your best, not only outwardly but inwardly, is what it’s all about <3

    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  123. I need to check the suede jacket out from Amazon.

  124. Good morning Tania! I love all the retailers you mention! The one thing I love about Amazon, is it comes to my door step! I don’t like trying things on in stores…I finally ordered the Wrangler denim jacket yesterday! Chico’s is probably my favorite “go to” for great quality! Keep on keeping us dressed nice and feeling pretty! Happy Tuesday ❤️

    1. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  125. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    Thanks for the choices! I found d more things at Old Navy today. I love they have petite sizing.

  126. I read your posts almost everyday and have followed you for years but haven’t commented much. Just want to say, you are an amazing example both in your style and a Christian! Love hearing your stories about your husband, family, clothes, etc. You always make me smile. I also love your encouragement with scriptures on Sunday too! Thank you! 💕

    1. Thank you for being a dedicated follower. I am so glad that you enjoy hearing all the stories. I hope you have a blessed week!

  127. I too have enjoyed all that Amazon has to offer! Lots of great choices at a good price!!

  128. In denial and not ready to say goodbye to summer just let but enjoying the cooler temps in the early mornings & evenings. Would love to see your Kohl’s favs. Thanks!

  129. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Old Navy and J. Crew Factory are two of my faves. I love ON for basics and J. Crew for classic pieces. And both regularly have great sales!

  130. Teri O’Brien says:

    I so enjoy scrolling through your picks. I have discovered new places to shop (Amazon, Old Navy) that I never would have looked at before.
    Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration .

  131. Where I live, there aren’t a lot of places to shop. I like Amazon and Old Navy! I need to revisit Kohl’s, too.

  132. Monica Rea says:

    I too am an Amazon shopper. After buying and returning multiple dresses from several stores for a wedding I attended ( 9 in all) I finally found one on Amazon. However, most of my wardrobe does come from Macy’s. I like that I can buy online and easily return in the store.

  133. Love your newsletter with all your family stories, you’re my favorite blogger by far as you’re so relatable!! 🥰. As to my favorite stores to shop, they are local boutiques for tops especially, then I primarily order direct or find deals on specific brands I love. I know what brands fit me well, are well constructed and my sizes which makes it easier to order on line. And since I’m a hiker and spend tons of time outdoors, my favorite retailers to shop for these are Eddie Bauer, REI and Athleta.

  134. Kelly Blackley says:

    I haven’t tried J Crew Factory. I think there is a store near me. But love the others!

  135. Lisa Tharp says:

    Thank You for sharing your finds with us!! I actually ordered one of the tops, Amazon, that you showed this past summer. It was one that I would have never thought to purchase for myself. I love that top and it’s become one of my favorites. I’ve lost weight and dropped 3 dress sizes so I had to completely start over with my wardrobe. So without spending thousands of dollars I did quite a bit of purchasing transitional clothes at our local resale shop. I recently had my 50th High School Class reunion so I actually went to Talbots for an outfit for that event. Again, I saw the great clothes that you showed from Talbots so I decided to try them out and I’m sold! Thank You for encouraging me to step out of my clothing comfort zone!!

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  136. Linda Shearer says:

    I love all these looks. I think Amazon is my favorite because of the convenience but not always the quality I want. I shop at Dillards alot could you show some clothes from there? I bought the green jean jacket that you showed the reg wash of earlier this werk, from Amazon this week. Could you show us how to style it when you get yours?

    Thank You for all your inspiration! And Joe stories!

    1. Linda, my green jacket just came it too, and I’ve not styled it yet. The grandbabies are visiting, but I’ll get around to it next week.

  137. Love J Crew Factory and Banana Republic Factory. I am ready for sweater weather too.

  138. Susan Brandenburg says:

    I love the ruffled shirt from J Crew!

  139. I am loving j crew factory lately. I never knew they had so much beautiful quality clothing appropriate for my sixty something self!

  140. I love the fall colors. My favorite places to shop is Khols and Amazon.

  141. Carrie Claffey says:

    I love the outfits you find and have purchased many of them! I live in a small town with very little shopping so finding the good stuff online really helps my style!

  142. I love all those retailers but my favorites are Amazon and Loft! 😁

  143. Love shopping your Amazon storefront! What about shopping a Dillards or JC Penney’s? Those are the closest retailers near me!

  144. I have 3 sisters and 3 nieces – when we visit we always exchange clothes – what fun!!! Thanks for highlighting “looking forward to fall pieces”!

    1. That sounds awesome. 3 sisters and nieces – triple the fun! 🙂

  145. Joanne W. says:

    Tania…I am a bit concerned about ordering from Amazon. Is it difficult to return/exchange clothing if the size or quality is not right? Thanks!

    1. I have found it very easy to return items to Amazon. It depends on where you live but you can print out a label, or get a QR code to your phone and then drop it off at a lot of different places like Kohl’s or Whole Foods, or a mail carrier, etc. Thanks for commenting!

  146. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I too like Old Navy and Kohl’s. Love the colors for the fall even a midst the sweltering heat we are experiencing. I love your blog with all the tips and ideas. My sense of fashion has changed reading your blog so thank you.

  147. Hi Tania,
    I love your blog! It has opened my eyes to many different styles/retailers I might not normally wear. I too love Amazon for clothes but being a 6’0″ woman, it makes it tough to find long inseams. Keep up the awesomeness! I look forward to your newsletter each day!

  148. Dana Smithmier says:

    i love amazon. they should love me too since i get a package nearly every day😬😬

  149. Galene Morris says:

    Before I ever get out of bed I check your email for new finds. Thank you. PS, Chico’s is a favorite of mine.

  150. Hi Tania!
    Great selection of retailers and items. Thanks to you I have started ordering clothes from Amazon. I love everything I have received From Amazon. I would have enjoyed seeing more from Joe’s favorite, Talbots.

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  152. Diane Schexnyder says:

    I appreciate the wide variety of stores you showcase. I’d love to see some with Tall sizes.

    1. Oh my gosh, you have me so excited for fall!! Can’t wait to shop for some of the ideas you have posted. Love to see you every day!

  153. Lori Saunders says:

    Is there a link for your Amazon picks? I LOVE the first piece. Thanks!

  154. Sandra Dunlap Ellison says:

    I love all the transitional fall pieces! It’s my favorite season and I can’t wait for cooler weather 😊

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  156. I always enjoy seeing your posts in my mailbox every day! It makes my day

  157. Good choices Tania! I was at Old Navy yesterday and did pick up the powersoft leggings in black. I was looking at the white half zip athlete jacket but it’s pretty short, if you take a look let me know what you think.

  158. Love J Crew Factory too! I always feel overwhelmed by Amazon, so it’s great when you make recommendations from there too.

  159. Holly Loeffert says:

    You’re an inspiration! So excited for the Fall season 🙂

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    1. Yes! My daughter is the same way.

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    1. I’m a fan of casual dressing, too! Thanks for commenting.

  166. Good morning Tania, my favorite stores are Loft and JCrew Factory!!! Thanks for helping us transition into fall….I’m ready for “sweater weather”!!!

    1. Same! It can’t come too soon for me.

  167. NANCY COLEMAN says:

    Thank you so much for you time and information that you post daily. You are definately a busy lady and I enjoy your information and posts.

    1. ❤️ Thanks for commenting!

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    1. Yes, Loft has some great things. Thanks for posting a comment!

  169. WOW! You sure find some nice things! I love Amazon, and especially because it comes so quick! I like that faux open jacket! I think I’m gonna have that! 😂 Your sister will probably be back sooner than you think, and with her daughter!!!

    1. I think you’re right, Dawn! My niece is already looking at weekends. 🙂

  170. Colette schwartz says:

    I love all your retailers and mix of them..I hesitate to order too much from Amazon bc needing petite for length…
    Anyway…you are creative in putting outfits together..,love it!

    1. Thanks, Colette! ❤️

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    1. Thanks, Christine. Lots of pretty blouses and dresses coming soon.

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying them, Susan. Thanks for commenting!

  176. Maribeth Conklin says:

    my go to is old navy first and Target 2nd. I would love if you could a quick blurb about Sept. weddings formal guest wear. Not willing to spend a lot! I ha e been on Amazon and Macy’s, I have had to do a lot of returns. I’m 67 ,good figure, not frumpy, generally boho style. Thanks

    1. I have a couple of wedding posts coming soon. Thanks for commenting, Maribeth!

  177. Cindy Back says:

    I love the kimono from Amazon you posted! However at 5’3” and 63 years old, I always feel frumpy when I wear one. You can rock one!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. I bet you could rock one, too. We’re our own worst critics!

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    1. Yes, I’m a big fan of JJill. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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    1. Thanks, Jenice. Same to you!

  180. Cheryll Sampson says:

    It is exciting to think about fall coming. My favorite retailer is Chico’s, but I like to look at items from other retailers. You do such a great job bringing them to us.

    1. Thanks, Cheryll. I love Chico’s, too!

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    Amazon is usually my go to shopping store for just about everything. I’m loving the first item in your post and added it to my cart.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. I agree. I’m very lucky to have my sister! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  182. Susan Bailey says:

    Love the combo of rust and burgundy in a dress or top!! Screams fall.

    1. Same! Love that combo.

  183. Amazon is soo easy. Loft always fits!!!!

    1. Amazon really is easy. And I love Loft! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  184. Kathy Moreno says:

    thank you.
    I’m really enjoying Amazon shopping theses days, it’s been too hot to enjoy going out to shop. loving all your suggestions.

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    I think J Crew factory is my favorite! Like you said such cute stuff at an affordable price.

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    1. You can’t go wrong with neutrals. Thanks for commenting!

  187. Nancy Worthy says:

    Love the black and white jumpsuit.

    1. Yes, it’s gorgeous! And, it has pockets. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Patti! Even though I’ve moved closer to stores, I still love shopping online.

  189. Denise Thomas says:

    I love the J Crew green pants. They are half price today! I might have to get a couple colors. I have that cut in navy and stone and love them. They are great for teaching.
    Please let us know if you spy a winter version!

    1. I’ll keep my eye out. Thanks, Denise!

  190. Tania, I know who will be planning the next visit to come to Aunt Tania’s house🤪. You picked some really good retailers for new arrivals. Our NC summers can get really hot and humid so around this time in August and on, I like to start weeding out some older pieces/items and incorporating some new ones. Thank you for these links.

  191. Carol Matthews says:

    Hi Tania
    I’ve been following your blog for several months now, and really enjoy it. Although this is the first time I’ve posted (sorry!)
    I want to say thank you for including stores such as Old Navy, Walmart, and Amazon, where the clothing is more reasonable for those of us who care about fashion but can’t always afford the high ticket prices.
    I’m looking forward to your future posts!

    1. I’m so happy that you’re one of the Gurls, Carol! I do try to include options in lots of different price points. I know affordability is important. Thanks for taking the time to post. Better late than never! ❤️

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    While I enjoy your fashion content, I believe I enjoy the scripture verses and Sunday posts just as much!
    Enjoy your day!

  194. Tania,
    Thanks for introducing me to Old Navy. Earlier this summer I took your advice and ordered a few dresses from them. I was very pleasantly surprised at the selection they had for the mature woman. Silly me thought it was a retailer geared to someone much younger. Love your blog and your sense of humor.

  195. Enjoy the summer to fall transition pieces. A good time to begin thinking about those pieces.

  196. Donna DeRienzo says:

    Hi Tania,

    Love your blog! You were the first blogger I started following and still my favorite! I love all the stores you mentioned! Ann Taylor Factory is a favorite too, but they took down their website and you can only shop in store now…☹

  197. Glad you enjoyed your family, beautiful clothing for transitioning into fall, thank you.

  198. Vikki Andrews says:

    Love Amazon! Click and the item is delivered. Free returns on most all items.

  199. Donna Brown says:

    I love that you share your clothing finds especially from Amazon. Amazon can be very overwhelming and truly hard to know what items on the site are good purchases… Having you weeds things out for us and makes me feel comfortable with ordering from them. I have done it on my own several times and because I am not sure of the quality I’ve had to return things. I never have to return anything that I bought from your suggestions with Amazon. Thank you.

  200. I like that slingback flats are going to be fashionable again.

  201. I LOVE your blog. While some may come and go, I’ve found that you’re my go to. Love that you try on the clothes and give such a variety. I’m afraid I’m like your sister…” I want that!” Thank you.

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    Old navy and Amazon are my faves. I love the faux suede moto jacket and that’s already in my cart. Thanks for giving us ideas of what to buy and wear!

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    Such cute items today. I love J Crew, especially their outlets!! Thank you also for mixing work + casual because I still am working in an office :/ Thank you!!

  205. Thank you for your research! I have discovered JCrew and JCrew Factory since moving from WNY to northeast Florida. I’m able to find clothing that’s an appropriate weight for the heat that looks good too! I was totally in a clothing rut prior to moving and didn’t even know it. Haha

  206. Great transition pieces! How about Talbots and Banana Republic Factory next time?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Have a great day!

  207. I tend to shop at Old Navy the most but mostly because they carry talls! I’m looking for fun long sleeve options for a fall vacation on the east coast.

  208. Hope Matchniff says:

    I love J. Crew but sadly they don’t have many items that I can wear these days. I’m praying one day I will lose enough weight to be able to enjoy their clothing! Be blessed!