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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking youthful with this hot pink duster cardigan, distressed jeans, and white t-shirtI should have titled this post, “teach a man to fish” because that is what I have been trying to do. No, I am not talking about the literal way of fishing with a rod and reel out on a riverbank. I am talking about teaching someone to do something so that you don’t have to keep doing it over and over again for them. I am sure that you’ve all heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a hot pink duster cardigan, distressed jeans, and white t-shirtEmersyn has spent the last two weekends with me, even overnight! Her favorite breakfast of choice is pancakes with syrup, and you know that NeNe fixes her whatever her heart desires. Lol! Well, Joe is also on the receiving end of the pancakes, and he has developed quite a craving for them every morning. So, he asked me Monday to make him some for breakfast. Smart gurl that I am, I made up a HUGE batch of the batter, and I put it in a container to be able to be used over the next few days.

I made Joe two HUGE pancakes, and then put the batter in the refrigerator. After he had eaten all of his pancakes, he looked at me and said, “I think that I could eat one more.” Here is where the fishing part comes in. “I showed him the batter, the pan, the spatula, etc., and then I said that I was going to let him fix his own pancake since I was busy. He was a trooper, and he fixed his pancake, ate it, and said that he didn’t need me to make his breakfast after all.

Funny thing though, this morning, when I came walked into the kitchen, he was putting strawberry jam on a piece of toast. I asked him why he wasn’t making himself a pancake since he had all of the stuff that he needed for making pancakes already made up and waiting on him. You are not going to believe what he said, “It is too much trouble. I liked it better when YOU made it for me.” LOL! No, kidding Sherlock!!! I would like it better if I had a full-time cook also. Haha! Guess who got to eat toast for breakfast???
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking colorful with this hot pink duster cardigan and distressed jeansThis look is pure Tania! Bright colors, distressed jeans, and a casual style that still looks a little dressy. I ordered this outfit at the same time that I ordered the dress that I wore in yesterday’s blog post. I loved that dress, especially when I think about different occasions that I could wear it such as Mother’s Day, a summer wedding, baby or bridal showers, etc. But, this look is more my everyday look.

This hot pink duster is purr-fect for spring and summer. It is semi-sheer, so it will not be hot even though it has long sleeves. The sweater adds a big pop of color and a lot of fun to an outfit. I walked through the house to take my photos, and Joe said, “wow, I like that look!” See, the color grabs attention, so make sure that you look your best when you put it on. I am wearing a size medium in the sweater, and I like the way that it fits. It is machine washable, so the care is easy. Here is the link to the cardigan, and it comes in several other colors if pink isn’t your style.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking colorful with this hot pink duster cardigan and white t-shirtThis relaxed fit v-neck t-shirt is an essential item that you need in your closet. In fact, you probably need two of these since the odds are that you will get one stained and dirty. No problem, this t-shirt comes in a 2-pack, and it is less than 10.00! I will admit that I was surprised that you couldn’t see through the shirt because I wasn’t expecting much for a 5.00 purchase. The shirt is not as thick as some that I have, but it still did the job. The instructions say to wash this in cold water, I assume to keep from shrinking, so pay attention to that. I am wearing a large since I didn’t want anything to show lumps and bumps, and I think that it fits me great. Here is the link to the t-shirts.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking youthful with this pair of distressed jeans, and wedge espadrille shoesThese are the same wedge shoes that I wore in yesterday’s post. I wanted to show you that they could be worn for a casual look as well as a dressy look. I love the gold metallic material, and it will go with almost anything. It is a perfect neutral for spring and summer and will look great with a tan. Or, if you are like me, a faux tan. Lol! I am wearing my usual size 9 in the shoes, and they fit great. Here is a link to the shoes, and here is the link to my self-tanner. Also, here is my post where I show you how to apply your self-tanner to avoid streaks.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking youthful with this pink duster cardigan, distressed jeans, and white t-shirtThe distressed look is such a youthful look. It is carefree and very modern, but it is not for everybody. So, I’ll link a few other options below for those who are not a fan of the look. But, for those who are like me, you will LOVE these crop jeans with a tiny bit of flare to the hem. These jeans are also by Scoop, and I am wearing my usual size 10 in them. Here is the link to the jeans.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp with this hot pink duster cardigan, distressed jeans, and white t-shirtLash Boost and Active Hydration Serum. Two of my favorite add-on items. ⁣Why? Well, Simply put, they WORK and, so many products don’t. ⁣I got so used to feeling like products over-promised and under-delivered. I was usually disappointed, and I had a huge linen closet full of half-used products that I was STUCK with. ⁣When I started using Rodan + Fields, it blew my mind that the products did what they said they were going to do ? , and I could visibly see my skin improving. The same with Lash Boost and my lashes!

Lash Boost – * Duh, because lashes are ??. I always tell everyone, “if you have good skin and good lashes, you won’t need much makeup at all!” Not to mention your confidence goes through the roof!⁣ No more extensions, no more glue or magnets. Just one swipe every night before you go to bed. Price as my Preferred Customer is 139.00, but, you will receive a refund of 14.00 PLUS a tube of Body Moisturizer. The Price for someone who is not my customer is 125.00 plus 5.00 shipping, and you will also receive a tube of Body Moisturizer.


Active Hydration Serum – This stuff is plain magic. Using the ingredient “glycerin,” which is classified as a “humectant,” it acts like a water ? magnet drawing water molecules from the atmosphere and pulling it into the surface of the skin. Result: up to 200% increase in the skin’s surface moisture after one use. ⁣None of us have enough hydration in our skin. This will not only help your products layered over top work better; it will transform your skin into younger-looking, younger ACTING skin. ⁣That could be why it won essence Black Beauty award. ⁣So, what makes our hydration product better than all the rest? While most hydration products only have 1-3% glycerin in them because of its sticky nature, our doctors created a new molecule binding it with hyaluronic acid to get 30% glycerin into Active Hydration Serum. ⁣Older skin needs hydration to keep from looking crepey. Price as my Preferred Customer is 100.00, but, you will receive a refund of 10.00 PLUS a tube of Body Moisturizer. The Price for someone who is not my customer is 90.00 plus 5.00 shipping, and you will also receive a tube of Body Moisturizer.

Active Hydration Body Replenish and Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream – The Active Hydration Serum is for your face, and this Body Replenish is for your body. Look at your skin, does it look in need of a drink of water? Since I have always had skin as dry as the Sahara Desert, this product was the one that I let out a squeal when I heard it was coming. I LOVE this big old jar of goodness. And, the eye cream from R+F is unbelievable. When I started using this eye cream, I had to pull the skin tight on my eyelids before I applied eyeshadow. Now, my eyelids have lifted (no more droopy eye), and I no longer have to pull and tug on my eyelids. Plus, as a bonus, almost all of those pesky crows feet have disappeared. The Price for both of these products as my Preferred Customer is 116.00, but, you will receive a refund of 11.00 PLUS a tube of Body Moisturizer. The Price for both of these products as someone who is not my customer is 105.00 plus 5.00 shipping, and you will also receive a tube of Body Moisturizer.

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Isaiah 40:4

Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.

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  1. Julia L Hill says:

    I just subscribed to your blog. I love your style and style tips for older women, and look forward to reading your blogs.

    1. Yay!!! I am so glad to welcome you to the blog!

  2. If my husband says he really likes something I’m wearing, I immediately go look in the mirror to make sure it’s not see through. LOL
    I like the long dusters but I’m 5’3″ so I usually don’t look right in them. I do love long cardigans though. I like distressed hems on jackets and pants or even distressed parts on a jacket with patches but I’m too old to wear distressed pants. Now don’t argue. I’m 77. So I am but I love the younger people in them if they look modest.

  3. I love your outfit, Tania. It is totally something that I would wear!

  4. kathy ruckaber says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me your height?
    Size you wear?
    So, that i can see if it would look good on me

    I’m 5’312

      1. Nancy, this made me laugh! Thanks for answering, you can tell that I tell everything about myself. Lol!

    1. Hi, Kathy. I am 5’6″ tall unless I’ve shrunk some. Lol!

  5. It’s funny you said this look is pure Tania. Every so often I put on an outfit and my daughter will say “that’s a Brenda outfit.

    1. The bad thing is when someone says, “this looks just like something you would wear” and you are thinking that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that. ???

  6. Thank you – I ordered the jeans!

    1. Yay!!! Another distressed jeans lover!!!

  7. Tania, I have become a huge fan! I just recently signed up for your blog and I’m loving it! I have always admired your style and the way you put together outfits that I would see on Pinterest, but never knew you had a blog until recently. Well, I’m off to place an order with Walmart for the dress you had on yesterday and today’s outfit. Or, should I wait until tomorrow’s post. Ha ha. I really have to start practicing some self control. Thank you.

    1. Aww, thanks, Patti! I am so glad that you found the blog and are loving it. I can’t swear that you’ll not be tempted tomorrow, but go ahead and place that order since the shipping should be free. ???

      1. I enjoy your blog. I just wish there was an accommodation for short gals. I’m 5’1 and size 14-16; so not exactly tiny. The styles you have been showing do not come in petite sizes which are shorter waisted and shorter in length. Loving the long sweater, but it would be down to my ankles. Does Walmart carry a brand that has petite sizes?

  8. I think your husband and my husband would get along well together ? Love this outfit. I don’t wear distressed jeans but I would definitely wear the duster with a light wash skinny jean, the white t-shirt and then a pair of snake print sneakers or mules (I just can’t do heels). I just may have to check out WalMart fashion more often.

    1. Husbands, whew! They can be a mess, but they are OUR mess. ?

  9. Exactly my style – and colour!

    1. This is me too, I love casual and colorful!

    1. Yes, I am ordering some today to try. Thanks for the link to this one.

  10. I love pancakes for breakfast! Gerben always makes breakfast in the weekend and hè makes such good pancakes! That’s a fabulous cardigan! I think I need a pink long one now!

    1. Joe can cook, he just doesn’t want to. Lol! This is the first long pink cardigan that I’ve bought and I love it.

    2. Julie SHUTT says:

      I’m all about Bright colors!! That outfit is an Eye Catcher, Loved It!!

      1. I love my bright colors also!

        1. Sherli Morgan says:

          Love all your stories about Joe. He’s a character I gather!!

          This look is fabulous – and very affordable!!

          Also, I really appreciate the scripture today. Looking forward to the “rugged places” becoming plain”!

          Have a blessed day!

          1. Sherli, he is a character for sure!!! I am glad that you are liking the scripture.