50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowMany of you have heard me talk about buying items at a vintage fashion show. Have you ever wondered, exactly what is a vintage fashion show? My mother, and her friend Donna, have been having vintage fashion shows for many, many years. I can’t even remember when they started. Donna owns a antique market in the town that I grew up in, and mom has a booth in her store. They came up with the idea of having a vintage fashion show to highlight items in the store. The formula has changed slightly over the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fun!50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowI wish I could wear the vintage clothing, it is so feminine. Women always wore dresses, and you talk about accessorizing! Hats, gloves, purses, and lots of jewelry. But, I am not the size of most vintage clothing, so I stick with the jewelry, hats, and purses. Insert whining here. Haha Sorry for the grainy picture, this was from someone’s cell phone years ago. I found this dress at Goodwill while we were in Richmond, Virginia for a GFWC Virginia Woman’s Club Conference. I wore it that night for dinner, and everyone loved it. 50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowMy best friends, Sandy and Bertha, and I are heading south to visit my mom this weekend. There will be a little visiting, mostly she is a task master wanting free labor for her vintage fashion show. You should see how mad she gets if we go shopping, and she thinks we won’t get our jobs done in time. Which, by the way, has never happened. I may take the green dress with me to Tennessee and wear it for the show. If it will fit, that is.50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowThis is my one of my gorgeous daughter-in-laws. I will say one thing about my boys, they know how to pick beautiful women. This was a vintage fashion show from several years ago. Can you believe this woman has had three children?50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowThis is from the same show. I love this picture, it shows the true glamour of the era. I loved that peach boa, but I did not come home with it.50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowThis is my other daughter-in-law at a vintage fashion show about 3 years ago. How cute is she in this dress? Notice the little brooch pinned to the dress, and even the gloves have a little matching flower. Vintage style clothing is very in style. The 60’s and 70’s looks are in the stores everywhere. Here is a 60’s dress VERY similar to the black & white one I have on in the first picture. I really like this dress, in the red. I might even order it to wear to the next vintage show we are having in April. I like this one too, which one do you think would look the best?50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowCan you believe this vintage bathing suit and bathing cap? She looks so cute in everything, this suit and cap sold instantly. You never know what you will see at these shows. Vintage bathing suits are very popular. Remember Taylor Swift wearing her polka dot one? Here, herehere, are ones that I would wear, or wish I could wear, and here is a plus size one that I love the style on. The cobalt blue is gorgeous!50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowHere is a look at some of the tables from previous shows. I might have come home with a couple of these pieces. You can find vintage style jewelry in stores. But I will warn you, the jewelry you find in the stores will not be the same quality of the actual vintage pieces. The stones are not as brilliant, and the craftsmanship is lacking. If you buy vintage, there are some drawbacks as well. These pieces are old and used, so you have to look for missing stones, and the strings that the beads are strung with might be thin. I have had several necklaces break while I was wearing them. Here is a vintage “style” flapper bead necklace. Stella & Dot and Chloe & Isabel even have their version of vintage jewelry and it is beautiful. S & D’s art deco jewelry is called Casablanca, here is their bracelet,  earrings, and their necklace is not on their site, so here it is on Ebay. C & I art deco jewelry is beautiful too, here is their bracelet, earrings, and necklace.50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowI KNOW I came home with some of these things. Haha50 Is Not Old | Vintage Fashion ShowThe best thing about going to the Vintage Fashion Show’s is having my best friends come with me. Sandy is in red, and Bertha is in zebra stripes. This pretty much sums up their personalities. Vibrant and crazy. LOL!!! Hopefully we will get a few shots of us at this show, but we get so busy we usually forget to snap a photo. But you can bet, I will be making them do some posing for me while we are in Tennessee. So be on the lookout for their next guest post. If you are new to my blog and have not already seen their guest posts, go here and here.

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  1. Hello! I am sorry I havent stopped by sooner. It has been a couple of tough months ( family wise) I would be like a kid in a candy store with the accessories and clothes. I love your green outfit with the beautiful trim, it is a great color on you1 The mod black and white outfit looks so fun and love the accessories.
    Enjoy your weekend
    jess xx

  2. How fun!! I think you should get the red one, it looks classic, almost like a Jackie O dress. That polka dot swimsuit is amazing!!
    Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you wind up with.

  3. Sheree Ozier says:

    Omg!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful post!!! I’m literally living vicariously thru you! I love vintage pieces!
    My Mom lives in Mt. Juliet which is just a hop skip and jump from Livingston, Gotta make a day trip further East. As it’s turned out there’s gonna be a vintage fashion show in town in a couple of weeks, and I look forward to my first one!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this fun info!

  4. Beautiful vintage looks! I am totally addicted to vintage, especially the beautiful jewelry. Pieces we will never see again! My new fantasy is to visit your mother’s store! Maybe one day! Beautiful clothes & beautiful ladies all! <3

  5. Thanks for introducing us to the world of vintage fashion….I will occasionally see pieces at a thrift store or antique type store, but like you, I often find they are too small. Love all the photos. Have a good time! – Amy

  6. I’m lovin’ that black/white dress in first picture. Where can I get one?!?!

    1. Jane, I bought that at a Goodwill in Kingsport, TN years ago ?

  7. I love vintage jewelry but only have a few pieces, all from my grandmothers. When I was in college, I wore a dress several times that had been my mother’s before I was born. It’s white with red polka dots and red piping, sleeveless. I had seen similar dresses at Neiman’s so I grabbed it from Mimi’s house. Everytime I wore it, I had an adventure. There was nothing revealing about it. Daddy said it’s because the dress is so feminine. Unfortunately my sweet daughter has never been able to wear it. Her shoulders are too broad. I wanted her to have fun in it too! Like the traveling pants!!! LOL

  8. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading you each day. You are a blessing to me! LOVE the vintage items. Now I know why I don’t throw things out.

  9. Yes, your daughter-in-laws are gorgeous. Your sons have wonderful taste. I love the vintage fashion show idea. I was thinking it would be fun to have something like this at our Ladies Spring Tea. Now, you have got my wheels working…..90 miles an hour. Hahahahaha!

  10. Your daughters-in-law are beautiful! A vintage fashion show sounds like it is a great time. So jealous. Would totally attend if only I was closer! Enjoy!

  11. I love the green outfit and the whole look. So cute and the vintage fashion show sounds like so much fun.

  12. Good Morning, where is this vintage fashion show? If it’s not too far from me in west TN,
    I’d love to attend!

    1. It’s in Algood, TN. Between Nashville and Knoxville.

  13. Melanie W. says:

    I’m obsessed with the dresses you posted links to….I think I need to order one for my stepsons wedding. And I have a real thing for polka dots lately so I might just need to get the red with white polka dots. 🙂 And a great price point as well!!!! A vintage fashion show would be so fun!!!! My engagement ring is from the 20’s and I absolutely adore it. Vintage jewelry is just so cool and has such history. Have a great time this weekend!

  14. Oh my gosh! The dresses are stunning, as well as your daughter-in-laws! Love the vintage fashions! Many years ago, I got to be in one, wearing a prom dress from the 50’s. A former co-worker found all kinds of vintage clothing in trunks when she cleaned out a relative’s attic. So decided to ask the Ladies Club at work if they’d be interested in doing a Vintage Fashion show for a luncheon. The styles were gorgeous! And speaking of gorgeous, I’d have to flip a coin over which red dress you posted & were thinking about wearing. I love the solid red one, but then the red/white checked one makes a statement as well. The last one being a more playful look! Which I think you are!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Gina, I bought a blue and white check dress yesterday, very similar to the red, so maybe the solid red now:)

  15. I think you “need” the red dress with the white accents ?

  16. Your daughter in laws are beautiful! I have the black and white bracelet you are wearing in the first photo. I wear it often! Enjoy your time with your mom and friends.

  17. I would love to visit your mom’s friend’s antique shop if it is near me. Do you mind sharing the location? I have been wearing a lot of my mom’s antique & older jewelry & have been looking for more. Love that green dress by the way! Here’s a funny, my friend & her kids made a quick stop by Cato the other day. She said she & her 7 year old were looking in the jewelry commenting on things I would like. I think people have started noticing my style just a little. Have a great trip!