50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickIf you are like me, you have wondered who was St. Patrick. I assumed he was an Irish Saint, and I had heard the story about him driving the snakes out of Ireland. Were there really any snakes, why wear green, was he even Irish?50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickSt. Patrick was a Roman Briton who was taken as a a slave for 6 years by Irish pirates. He was eventually returned to his family, but he returned to Ireland after he had found his faith and researched the subject. He did not bring religion to Ireland, but he helped to organize, inspire, and expand Christianity there. He died on March 17th, and it is now a day of celebration, the day his soul went to heaven. He may not have driven out reptiles, but he drove out plenty of human snakes. While the United States might celebrate with green beer and parades, the Irish do not. It is a somber holiday to the Irish, and it used to be illegal to even sell beer on St. Patrick’s Day. As for the color, green has long been associated with Ireland and it’s beautiful countryside.50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickI love this color of green. It is more like a grass green, it is even greener that it looks in this photo. I think my tint is off on my iphoto. I bought this top years ago on the clearance rack of Old Navy. It has a racerback design, and I love the pleats at the neckline. The hem is elastic, so it makes the bubble look. I bought the top with my daughter in mind, since she is a green fan. She is also very large chested, so she did not like the top. I kept the top because I liked the color, but honestly it is too big for me. If I knew how to sew I would take it up under the arms. Here is a cute green swing top, and here is one from Kohl’s that is on sale for 14.99, and here is a nice green plus size top.50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickI just had to show off my new bracelet. I already had the necklace and earrings, so I had been wanting this matching bracelet. I signed up to sell Chloe & Isabel and received the start-up kit, but the bracelet was not in the kit. However, they had an extended period of time where I could buy items at a greatly reduced price. This bracelet was something I had to have! I love the tassel and the quartz dangles.50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickI decided to carry my Emma Fox black satchel purse. I bought this years ago at T J Maxx, and have carried it a lot. I decided on the black purse to match my black jewelry. Emma Fox purses are high quality, soft leather, and the hardware is sturdy. They are a little pricey, so be on the lookout for sales. Here is a similar one, and it is half-priced!

The skinny jeans are by Vigoss, and I purchased them at Maurice’s. If you have never owned a pair of Vigoss jeans, they are really nice quality and are not horribly over-priced. Here is a pair of ankle skinny jeans on sale, and here is a plus size pair for half-price, you better order NOW!  The navy ballet slippers I have on were on sale at the QVC outlet store for 15.00 the other day. They are getting ready to have a bunch of spring items arriving, so they are trying to make room. Here is a leather pair by Lucky that is pretty reasonably priced, not 15.00 reasonable, but not bad.50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickThis oversized boyfriend sweater has to be 15 years old. I never get rid of anything. Here is an example of a top that is over 30 years old. It is a little chilly in the mornings, so I wanted a sweater to put on, plus the green top is a tank, so my arms needed something on them. I went with the longer style cardigan because the green top is long and I didn’t want that sticking out from under the cardigan.50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickEven though I look like a linebacker in this photo, I wanted to show it, because my hair is actually combed in the back. Wow, I didn’t know it could look this nice. hahaha50 Is Not Old | St. PatrickThe Atlas Convertible Statement necklace I have on is my new favorite piece of jewelry. That might have already changed by the time you read this post, my mood changes rapidly. But for now, I am loving this piece, and I am really wanting the matching cuff. The next time Chloe & Isabel has a sale, I am going for it. Lol  If you decide to purchase any of C&I items, and don’t already know a merchandiser, type my name in the Find A Merchandiser spot. Please and Thank You!

I am going to leave you with this Irish blessing.

May you never forget what is worth remembering

nor never remember what is best forgotten


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  1. I really like that green on you. Very pretty. You look casual and comfy, but still stylin’. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. That’s my kind of outfit! I recently came across your blog through your collaboration with Cymdi and Jolynn. So glad I did ?

  3. You most def do NOT look like a linebacker!! You are adorable and I love following along. It is so exciting to see your groupie pool expand to so many new followers!! Yay! If Chloe and Isabel offer a sale, can you please let us know? Promise to order from you! Lol.

  4. Just found your blog. Love your style. I just turned sixty and I still like to dress with style. Look forward to keeping up with you daily?

  5. Wendy hoff says:

    I just learned of your blog from reading Jo-Lynne’s and Cyndi’s blogs. I love love love your style and your approach, I love clothes and everything but I cannot always being buying a new outfit. I love shopping from my closet and putting things together. I am proud to say I just lost 20 pounds and can finally wear a size 4-6 and smalls. It has been 15 years or more since I can say that. With this said, I did just splurge and buy a new summer wardrobe. many remind me of your outfits. Can’t wait to read your blog!!!!!!

  6. Happy St. Paddy’s day to you Tania and everyone!
    Here’s another classic Irish blessing always displayed in our home growing up
    May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back …………
    and May God keep you in the palm of his hand

    erin go bragh!

  7. Love your outfit! My friend actually shared the info on St. Patrick with me this morning, I had heard it years ago but forgot most of it. Love the Irish Blessing. Blessings to you today!!

  8. Stacey M. says:

    Hey there love the outfit! I am a new follower and struggling to be 50. Having trouble reconciling it in my mind along with life changes, youngest child is a junior and has driver’s license, looking at colleges etc. Looking forward to following along to see how it is done.

  9. Melesa Garrison says:

    Tania, Thanks for sharing about St. Patrick’s Day and I will be sharing the Irish blessing too 🙂
    You always look cute and never look like a linebacker!

  10. I just started following your blog. I must say I think you are adorable. Now, I want to go shopping today. 🙂

  11. Lovely top & outfit from the flats to the bag to the jewelry!

  12. Papertiger57 says:

    Love the outfit…simple but classic..totally in love with the necklace! I am a new subscriber and I’m interested in your hair cut, color and what type of hair you have…curly, thin, thick, straight, wavy.

    TIA..Have a wonderful day

  13. LOVVVVE this look !!!!! Everything about it! and I sooo need to take a road trip to the QVC outlets OMGGGG!!!!

  14. I recently found your blog via “Beauty and Grace” and I immediately signed up to get your latest posts! I am going to turn 60 this year and love all the classy looks you put together-clothes, jewelry,purses and your hair and makeup always look lovely. BTW, you mention having relatives in middle TN – I live in west TN! Keep up the great work as I look forward to seeing your outfits!

  15. Melanie W. says:

    Love this outfit!!!!

  16. Very nice! Thank you for providing links to some other styles & price points! As they say, Dahling, you look Mahvelous”! Enjoy the day! ?

  17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. Like your combo alot this morning and it looks goods on you. Thanks for Irish blessing; I’m going to give our senior’s group today.

  18. Happy St Patrick’s Day Tania. It’s a big deal here in Oz. I can’t believe you don’t get rid of clothes. Apart from the fact, I’ve gained weight, I’m not the same person I was even 10 years ago. My lifestyle and tastes have changed so much.