50 Is Not Old | PurpleBring on the Saturday shopping spree!!! My shopping will be limited to vintage items, but you gurls are free to splurge on anything that comes to mind. My job here is to bring lots of things to your mind. Haha 50 Is Not Old | PurpleI have to share a quick story with you before we go shopping. My brother and his wife are in Livingston this weekend, and we were talking about their daughter, who is 5 years old. This child is really smart, (I know everyone thinks their child is smart, but she really is) she was able to read when she was three. It was bedtime, and Allison was not wanting to go to bed. She was coming up with all the normal excuses. She would go into their bedroom and asked for water, she was thirsty. Next she went into their room and asked for food, she was hungry. Finally, she went into their room and said, “we forgot to say our prayers, so let’s all bow our heads.” Everyone bowed their heads and said their prayers, then she left and went back to her room. This time she didn’t come back, and my brother and his wife were so happy that she must have finally gone to sleep. At least 15 to 20 minutes had passed, when they got to noticing that the phone was not on the dresser. So they got up and sneaked down the hall to look in Allison’s bedroom. There she was, happy as a lark, sitting in the bed, playing games on the phone. Hahaha  Pretty dang smart, get them to close their eyes and then sneak out with the phone. LOL!50 Is Not Old | PurpleI’m loving this violet color. It is one of my favorite shades of purple. I bought this from the outlets in Florida this past month. The sweater, t-shirt, and scarf are all from J. Crew. Since I bought all these pieces at an outlet, they were not on their site. Here is a similar misses cardigan, and here is a plus size. I love this cardigan, the colors are beautiful, and it is on sale.

I am trying out some pictures, as well as the highlighted links. Let me know which way you like best. Here are several scarves, in different shades of purple, that I thought were cute.

50 Is Not Old | PurpleI am wearing a pair of sole society sandals in a slate gray color. They have the little studs on them that are the latest rage. This is the first time I have worn these sandals this year, I think they are perfect for spring.

50 Is Not Old | PurpleBertha and Sandy decided to join me. Bertha even decided to smile, much better than the last time she joined me. Sandy on the other hand, is about the same as last time, having fun as usual. I love their outfits, perfect for working for free for my mother. Haha I will try to link to their outfits next week. Honestly, my grandbabies are spending the night with me, and I would rather play with them instead of looking up shopping links. Sorry….50 Is Not Old | PurpleAfter a few normal pictures, this is what always happens. We couldn’t be serious, if we tried. And we never try very hard. Lol! You missed the photo where Bertha tried to get her leg up high enough to kick my rear.50 Is Not Old | PurpleThe three amigos hope you have a good weekend. We are off to the vintage fashion show.

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Melesa Garrison says:

    Bertha’s hair matched your cardigan perfectly 😉 You girls appear to always have a good time!

    1. I told her the sam thing Melesa.

  2. Great outfit and I love the color. Looks like you and your gal pals are having a blast, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Tania you look awesome in that outfit! I love the colors together, really pretty. Loving your shoes too, but tell me, do they have any cushioning? Hope you and your friends had a great time at the fashion show. Bet there were lots of laughs.

    1. Lori, the shoes don’t have a lot of cushioning. I actually changed shoes, right before I went out the door, because I knew I would be on my feet all day and was afraid they would hurt. I didn’t want to chance it. Haha

  4. Yhat color of purple is GORGEOUS and it looks GREAT on you!! Love the outfit! And those shoes…too cute!!!?

  5. This lovely color is definitely YOUR color! I absolutely love it! The shoes are so cute, and you look positively radiant! I love the pictures with you, Sandy, and Bertha. You all just shine.
    I prefer the pictures of items over links. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love the purple outfit, and I am usually not a fan of purple, but this whole combination is great (AND it’s matches Bertha’s hair! :-O
    You gurls look like you having a hoot at the event! Any event you three amigo’s participate in has to benefit from all the laughter and positive vibes you put out! Have (even more) fun ladies!

  7. Christine says:

    Have fun gurls! Love the colors just beautiful! I like the way you linked everything just fine.

  8. Love the purple sweater & scarf! Color looks great on you! I prefer the little pics too!

  9. Love the navy and purple together! I love having the pics too. Have a wonderful blessed day……give your mother and friends big hugs. Makes the day even brighter.

  10. I so enjoy reading your blog first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee. You have so many beautiful ideas for matching styles. I repost your outfits to my Pinterest site and have many people reposting them. Of all the other bloggers you are my favorite.

  11. Have fun gurls! Wish I was with you!

  12. Perfect timing for this style! I just purchased a cute sweater the.same.color : ) now all I need is a coordinating scarf and we will be twins, lol Cute shoes…are they fairly comfortable?
    Enjoy your special weekend with sweet friends and family!!

  13. Beautiful outfit, loved the coordination for the vibrant colors! Look forward to your posts daily. Following you on instagram, too.

  14. Bernadine says:

    You gals are too fun! Love your blog….. Keep on posting

  15. Stacey Paeth says:

    Love your outfit! Beautiful colors!

  16. Absolutely love the outfit. I love purple and this color looks beautiful on you. I love the shoes too. I have seen several styles like these out in the stores, so I may have to invest in a pair, I’ll check out Sole Society! You gals always look like you are having fun. Have a great day together.

  17. You bring a smile everyday. Thank you! Love the purple on you! Beautiful. Enjoy the time with your friends and your mama today.

  18. I just found your blog. I am enjoying it so much. Love, love love today’s look. I will be shopping for these colors. You look great and like someone fun to hang around with. Thanks!

  19. The color looks wonderful on you. Enjoyed you featuring your ‘gurls” and LOVE having the photos as well as the links. Thanks so much for this blog! My first read every morning with my coffee! Enjoy your weekend with your family.

  20. What fun! I have never heard of a vintage fashion show in Savannah, Ga. Hey, might be an idea to travel and have one. I would love to attend. I am so glad to see you enjoying your friends together today. Relationships get more valuable as we age. I am afraid I have not been good keeping in touch with friends since I work so much. Definitely need to work on that. I think I’ll be adventurous and try on a violet top if I see one shopping. You always encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. Have a great weekend. I have my grandbabies tonight to for an early Easter.

  21. You and the girls rock! Love that purple cardigan and your scarf. I love vintage clothing – I love the styles of the 50 ‘s and 60’s via Doris Day, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. Good luck with the show!

  22. Just discovered your blog and absolutely look forward to seeing yourcute outfits each morning Keep ’em coming!

  23. What a beautiful color and it looks fantastic on you. I prefer the pictures over links. Hope your mom has a successful show and you have one as well (new goodies). Sounds like you’re going to have fun with your besties.

  24. My favorite outfit so far (I only found you from a link on Grace and Beauty about a week ago). Love that shade of purple! MUCH prefer the pictures included to just the links. Also love that you don’t take life, or yourself, too seriously. I guess that comes to us with life lived – I am 61 and have learned those things, too. Although, sometimes I have to remind myself. Thanks for the blog!

    1. So glad to have you, Carmen. Life is too short to be so serious. Fun is what keeps us young.

  25. Definitely prefer the pics to the links. Thank you for your efforts. Your blo always brings a bright spot to my morning.

    1. Blog…Saturday morning prior to coffee…should have proofread my post!

      1. I laughed at this. Haha

  26. Love your blog! Look forward to seeing all the great styling you do. But I have one question, what bracelets do you have on? You girls look like a lot of fun!

  27. I like the purple. Very pretty! I also like the pic in the post instead of having to go to them all the time. Hope you guys have a great time.

  28. How fun! I wish they had that type of fashion show near me. ….. And how nice it is that you can share it with your friends. Love the pic and all 3 outfits.