A Fashion Shoot With Friends

50 Is Not Old | BerthaWhen you have a fashion shoot with friends, you can bet things will get crazy in no time flat. On Saturday I invited Bertha and Sandy down to take some pictures of their outfits, and then it was off to do a little shopping. I set up the tripod with the camera and explained to them what the process was. I then set the timer and turned my back so that they wouldn’t feel self-conscious. I really had no idea how the pictures turned out till I looked at them on Sunday to start the cropping and editing. Bertha’s parting words on Saturday were, “Don’t put any picture where I look terrible on the site.” Why would she ever think I would do that???
50 Is Not Old | BerthaFirst up will be Bertha. Mainly because she told me where all her clothing comes from. I will showcase Sandy in an upcoming post. Bertha looks thrilled to be here. Haha  Okay let’s address the hair. This is totally Bertha! She and I both go to the same hairstylist, can you tell? It never fails when we go somewhere, that she will have 3 or 4 people tell her how much they love her hair. Even customers who come into the lumber company will compliment her. Obviously there are a lot of brave/crazy/color loving people out there.50 Is Not Old | BerthaThe pink furry vest, black shirt, and leggings are all from Cato’s. Here is a similar vest, here are the leggings, and here is a similar top. I told her to try a couple of my picture poses. This one is called the “crossed legs”, creative I know. Lol!50 Is Not Old | BerthaI am going to have to watch her next time we take pictures. I swear I did not just kill her dog! You would not know that she is the one always telling jokes, and making everyone laugh. Her multi-strand necklace is from Cato’s, here is a similar one.50 Is Not Old | BerthaI love her black fringe leather purse. She bought this on a shopping trip when we went to Atlanta. I think she bought this at Marshall’s, but here is a similar one.50 Is Not Old | BerthaThe boots were a QVC outlet purchase. They are by Isaac Mizrahi and here is a similar pair. I just read where the outlet store just received 11 pallets of items. No, I am not trying to rub it in, it just seems like that. Hahaha

50 Is Not Old | Bertha

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Bertha. As you can tell she is a hoot!

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  1. I think she looks great! You rock!?

  2. always ‘stylin & profilin’ …. love you momma!

  3. Larissa Stretton says:

    From the moment I first saw you Bertha, I knew you were cool! You keep on keeping on! You look great! As hard as it was to pick a favorite part of your outfit (love the pants, boots, and vest especially), it’s your hair I love most! It’s awesome! , Please don’t be a stranger, ! Let us ee more outfits and more of your style!

  4. Bertha, love that your a go getter trend setter! Just need a smile gurl!!! I bet you two have some wild fun.

  5. My Momma B is hot!!! love you!!!

  6. OMG….I absolutely love this!!!! Bertha you are awesome! ALL the pictures were wonderful and I know you were practicing your modeling skills, because no REAL model smiles!!!!!……..What do people know? Right?….. Bertha these pictures were great! I loved them all……

  7. Oh how fun! Love your self confidence is being able to express yourself. Aren’t friends who let you be yourself just the absolute best! I just found Tania blog and LOVE IT! I just turned 61 and have been told that our office will soon close. I am going to have to be “marketable” again, so I just love to see all the things that others wear.
    God has truly blessed you all with the gift of friendship. Keep up the wonderful photos!

  8. Sorry, but she is too old for that look.

    1. To each their own, sorry but you know about opinions

  9. Bertha- love your fearless attitude! You look great! More posts featuring you please!

    1. 2nd the motion! More Bertha pls!

  10. Sheree Ozier says:

    You look awesome Bertha!!! I’m sure the photo shoot was a blast!!!
    Gotta go to Cato to get a vest and necklace!!!

    Keep up the fun Gurls!!! Look forward to meeting your other friend.

    Happy Monday!

  11. Stephanie Justus says:

    Bertha rocks her hair! I love the outfit …she is quite the fashionista! I wish Bertha would show her terrific personality in her photos. Maybe if she does another she’ll let it shine?!

  12. I love your boldness Berha and I hope you always keep it up! Looking great!

  13. Thanks for commenting on my photos. I am never comfortable being photographed,,this was a big step for me, you see I am 63! I do love Tania and wouldn’t have done this for anyone else

    1. Bertha, you’re cute as a button! Adorable! …and age is only a number! I am in my 60s too, but what difference does that make?! Fifty/sixty — Schmixty! lol! — You’re very courageous. I couldn’t do it.. unless I had some fortification (mimosa, anyone! LOL). Hugs!

  14. Bertha DAM, I am rolling, the only difference front HS to now is you’re not smiling in these photos. In HS a camera couldn’t come out without you skinning & grinning. I love it. You haven’t changed a bit, thank God. Love your photo shoot & great idea of saying 50 instead of 60+ but we know, wink, wink. Lol.

  15. I bet her personality is as inspiring as her outfit. I think her hair is my favorite part of her look.
    Great friends are a blessing from God. We have moved a lot with my husband’s job, but I have friends that I have not seen in years who would drop everything and drive the hours to be at my side if needed. I know this because they have before.
    Looking forward to your other friend’s photo shoot too. Happy Monday.

  16. Love Bertha’s style! Gurl, you are owning it! My fave is the furry pink vest (and hair!). You ladies sure know how to style your jewelry! ??- I love shopping with friends! My bestie & I are the same size, bit our coloring is opposite (she’s brunette w/very fair skin). If something won’t work for me, I’m pointing it out to her, and vice versa?.???. Then it’s off to enjoy a ladies’ lunch! ??

  17. NormaJean Cupp says:

    Love love love!

  18. I can see how you would be drawn to Bertha. She is a trend setter in her dressing too. How fun to have a friend to shop and enjoy fashion with! I must say that I envy both your bold styles. I wear black everyday to work because job requires it and when I step outside the box with clothing I feel strange. Like I am being noticed too much. One day maybe I will realize its only clothes.
    ! Love your inspiration every morning. Can’t wait for you to share your other friend with us! Tania have a great Monday!

  19. To have a friend that loves you so much to put herself out there like that is really a testament to your friendship, you gals must have a hoot of a time when you get together.

  20. As the young kids say- Bertha, you are my spirit animal!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the wooley vest and that necklace is to die for (Must Have Necklace!) I usually lean toward this whole boho look Bertha is wearing, so I love it! She is brave with her hair, I’m always threatening my sister I’m either going to dye it (Like “B”) or buzz it, but I’m too chicken. Love Bertha’s total zest!!! 🙂

  21. Smile Bertha! You look great!