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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays 26

When it comes to any holiday, I have two different styles of dressing. I either want to be dressy, and a little on the glamorous side, or I want to be soft, casual, and cozy. Today I’m styling one outfit both ways to give you an idea of how to switch things up depending on your mood.

Soft, Casual, and Cozy

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays37

The holidays can get stressful, especially if you burn the bread or forget to buy a turkey. 🙄 Cooking and juggling 85 things at once can sure stress me out. I like to wear an outfit that is comfy, so when those moments happen, I take a break, sit on the couch, and enjoy a cup of tea. If that doesn’t work, then a short catnap will take off the edge. Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays34

I enjoy all the food that is associated with a holiday such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I try to dress in clothing that expands with the size of my plate. This black  Sweater Tank Top and Wide Leg Pants 2-Piece Set is perfect for when you might indulge a little more than normal. I was impressed with this set, especially since the pants are longer than most sweater pants I’ve bought. The inseam isn’t listed, but I would guess it to be 32″ since that is what I normally wear. I’m wearing a medium, but I’m sending it back for a large. It fits me fine, but I don’t want my bumps and bulges showing, so I’ll be more comfortable in a larger size. I like the black, but I think I’m going to get the Mocha-colored set instead. I wear a lot of camel and brown during fall, so I think I’ll get more wear from it.

A black and brown striped cardigan from Walmart

I have this striped open cardigan on order, and I think it would look great with either color of the sweater set.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays43

This Shawl Collar Cardigan is the softest sweater I’ve ever worn, with the exception of Barefoot Dreams. For the difference in price, I could buy every color in this cardigan for the price of one Barefoot Dreams. I wore this Saturday night when Joe and I went out for a date night, and it kept me warm and I loved how it looked with my outfit. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays25

Here is the length of the cardigan from the back. It will be great to throw on over a pair of leggings since it covers all your assets.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays22

I’ve had several messages about my large cross charm. I recently purchased this cross charm (it doesn’t come with the chain), and I like that it is larger than the other one I usually wear. My smaller cross is 18Kt Gold Vermeil, so it has never tarnished or turned. I’m not sure how well this one will hold up; I guess only time will tell. Since this one is 18k gold-plated, I’m hoping it holds up as well as my smaller one. I’m wearing Maya Hoop Earrings from Kendra Scott and the Stone & Sequin Mini Cuff from Victoria Emerson.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays40

This structured faux fur crossbody bag in burgundy adds a touch of color to this neutral outfit. I keep seeing faux fur and sherpa-style handbags everywhere, and I couldn’t resist this cute one. Here are a few more that I found, and one of them came home with me. I wonder if you can guess which other one I bought.

Dressy and Glamorous

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays4

If “I’m” not doing the cooking or hosting, then I like to dress up for the holidays.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays16

I ordered this Plaid Double Breasted Blazer from Kohl’s, and it is perfect for a glamorous look. This blazer doesn’t show up as nice in photos as it looks in person. The gold color in this blazer is a metallic lurex, and it shimmers and shines as you walk. I have a pair of gold pants I bought last year from Chico’s, and I can’t wait to pair those two items together. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me perfectly!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays3

These adorable Champagne Drop Earrings are the perfect accessory for any celebration. I can see wearing these for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but they will also look nice for birthdays and anniversaries.

Champagne Drop Earrings

Here is a better view of the earrings. They have a 3 1/8″ drop, a bunch of pearls, and a titanium postback.

Champagne Glass Drop Earrings

These Champagne Glass Drop Earrings are similar but not as flashy. They are 2.4″ long and have a fish hook instead of a postback. They are 1/3 of the price of the first pair, so you have options on the amount of money you want to spend.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays15

Here is the Plaid Lurex Blazer buttoned so you can see how it looks.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays

I love the look of this Faux Leather Bucket Bag! The pleating design of the bag, the gold chain, and the push-release drawstring closure give the bag a high-end look. This bag is under $65, but it looks way more expensive.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays10

I’m wearing a pair of black faux suede ankle boots; they are a favorite of mine. I like the dressy look, and they are easy to pull on and off. I’ve worn these with a few dresses, as well as jeans. The boots run true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 9.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling two affordable outfits for the holidays 28

Which is your style for the holidays? Do you prefer to look dressy, or does casual and comfy win out?

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  1. I love both outfits, thanks for styling options in black. I love wearing black and adding a pop of color or sparkle. It’s so classy.

  2. Love the black set. Black is always flattering. The long cardigan is a perfect match. Thanks for modeling these.

  3. Maxine Bower says:

    Hey Tania Exactly what color is the cardigan from Kohl’s? Please.Thanks

    1. It is the coffee color.

  4. Kathleen Jones says:

    Comfy and cozy for sure!

  5. Love the cardigan 💕

  6. So hard to believe this outfit is from Walmart! Thanks for sharing a variety of price points.

  7. The purse and earrings are the cutest!

  8. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. I really like your clothes although I live in Leamington, Ontario Canada and the winters here get very cold (and no we don’t live in Igloos) lol So what would like to know is would these cloths warm enough to wear in the snow and wind. just from car to house or restaurant?

    1. Diane, if you are wearing a heavy coat, that would be fine. I wouldn’t wear them by themselves.

  10. Casual and comfy! Stretch pants!!!!!

  11. love the sweater tank/pant set!!

  12. I love the idea of being comfy, not fussy, during the holiday celebrations. I’ll enjoy the festivities so much more in something like this cute sweater set!

  13. Cozy it is! Thanks for showing both options.

  14. Rhonda Thompson says:

    Hey Tanya! I love your post and have bought some great outfits with your recommendations; I recently had a bad experience with Chicos and would like to share with you!

  15. Beth Foley says:

    Hi Tania! I love the navy with both the tan sweater and the blazer. The contrast works so well. These are very nice, classy options. I wish I could find a pair of pull-on slacks like those, but I haven’t seen a 34-inch inseam in any. They look so comfortable.

  16. Love the black bag and it’s details.

  17. That sweater set looks so comfy for holidays or any day. I need to look into that.

  18. Love the black bucket bag! Thanks for give us affordable options.

  19. Love, love the “cocktail” earrings! The black bag is super cute with the details. My fav color combo is the camel and black too. So classy!

  20. The comfy look is more my style, as I don’t attend any really dressy events. But I don’t care for blazers, so even dressy I’d have a different finish piece. Love the slacks and top!

  21. Liking the first outfit: good for work, for holiday outings, and more.
    The long blazers this year look great but not for short me…
    Thanks for the ideas!

  22. Any petite options for the set?

  23. love the cardigan..just added it to my cart

  24. Kellie Johnson says:

    casual and comfy always wins out for me. I love the striped cardigan. There are a few options on the website. I really like the olive/pink stripe.

  25. Wow! I love the shawl cardigan and immediately clicked to order two! Can’t wait to add them to my winter wardrobe. I read your blog everyday and appreciate you so much!

  26. Carole Luke says:

    Love that red fuzzy purse!

  27. I don’t get to dress up very often anymore, so I like the dressy look for the holidays. You look great!

  28. Love both outfits. They both look comfortable and festive!! The blazer is gorgeous!

  29. Mary Grigsby says:

    Love the blazer and pant look for holidays! Very stylish yet comfy!

  30. Stephanie says:

    “covers your assets” – lol I like what you did there. I love wearing cardigans. Thanks for showing them.

  31. That black pleated purse is FIRE! Love it.

  32. I like more of a casual style. I love the champagne earrings. Before I retired I use to wear a uniform for work and I always use to wear fun “holiday” type earrings to have a little fun with it.

  33. Just ordered the black outfit in multiple sizes. Hope one fits!😂

  34. I love the first outfit. I had rather be comfortable.

  35. I would wear the comfy look. Love the champagne earrings and burgundy purse too!

  36. Ginger Hiller says:

    While both outfits look great on you, I’m all about comfort. The festive earrings are adorable. I purchased a faux sherpa handbag at Target, so that I can try the trend without breaking the bank. Of the three handbags in the picture, I think you bought the first one (the neutral color with tan accents).

  37. Catherine A. F. says:

    Love the all black look. Wished it came in a shorter inseam.

  38. Susan Radtke says:

    Love the first outfit. I have a barefoot dreams cardigan. Best purchase I ever made.

  39. Love the shawl collar sweater but I can’t tell from the Kohls site what color you have on?

    1. It is the coffee heather color.

  40. Love the combination of outfits!

  41. These outfits are terrific! Love elastic waistband pants LOL

  42. Love the look of the sweater set

  43. Tania, I love the sweater tank top/pants set. I don’t “need” it, but who knows??
    🙂 I’m also thinking of my sister’s Christmas gift. Thank you.

  44. I usually dress casual for holidays since I do much of the cooking.
    I love your
    large cross necklace, too.

  45. I usually dress casual for holidays since I do much of the cooking.
    I love you large cross necklace, too.

  46. Cozy all the way! You can’t beat beautiful, comfy, and affordable!

  47. The first outfit looked as comfortable as pjs. After an incredibly horrible summer I am embracing the upcoming holidays! Thanks for the beautiful outfits.

  48. Did you get the yellow bag?

  49. Deanna Thurmond says:

    I love all of these! And have much to my bank accounts dismay, just ordered the 2 pc. sweater set, the shawl collar cardigan (in two colors) and a time and tru jacket to go with the sweater set!

  50. Karen Miller says:

    Love a good cardigan! I’ll be checking that one out!

  51. It is so nice seeing fashion ideas for closer to my age. I prefer the more casual outfit for me.Have a great day.🌻

  52. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the casual outfit best. The long sweater would be warm and cozy.

  53. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Tanya! I love both looks on you but I would probably opt for the first since I am doing the cooking lol.

  54. Cathy Shumway says:

    I’m running to Walmart for that two-piece set right now!

  55. Great outfits and I love that bucket bag! Faur fur is cute too! I’ll check these out.

  56. The champagne earrings are perfect for the holidays!

  57. Always appreciate your styling suggestions and the outfits you choose. They are definitely my style! The jewelry chosen is gorgeous!

  58. I honestly thought there was a mistake with the pricing of sweater set, I ordered 2!!

  59. Lu Benesh says:

    I like the dressy outfit and the earrings and red purse are so fun!

  60. Look forward to your blog.

  61. I love the more causal one so much that, I ordered the sweater set.

  62. Wow! Just love both earrings for thank you and hostess gifts. Thank you for always sharing jewelry ideas !

  63. Love the casual look, and the price is reasonable

  64. Love the two different looks from basic pieces. Can’t wait to see you style the mocha outfit. The fur bags are so cute!

  65. Robin Staley says:

    I love both of these on you. I especially like the cozy one.

  66. Love the plaid jacket. I have been looking for just the right one and this one is it! I just placed my order. I’d love to see you post about it with the gold pants you purchased from Chicos. I really enjoy and find all your blogs so helpful!

  67. the red handbag and blazer are too cute!

  68. Ann Blackmar says:

    Like you said, depends if I’m hosting or not! Favorite item today is the black bucket bag. This will be a gift to myself for Xmas!

  69. Gina Luebke says:

    I love the cardigan, so cute and the color is so nice! Both outfits look terrific on you 😍