Two Affordable Dresses With Sleeves From Walmart For Easter

Easter Sunday is only a few weeks away, and a lot of women are on the hunt for a new dress. I’ve gotten several requests for cute dresses that could be worn for Easter. One person asked for dresses with sleeves since it might be chilly and also to hide her upper arms. So, here are two affordable dresses with sleeves from Walmart that can be worn for Easter or any time this Spring.

Affordable Dresses With Sleeves From Walmart – Floral Pleated Dress

I was hesitant to order this Pleated Handkerchief Hem Dress with Long Sleeves. Pleated items can be tight and, therefore, unflattering. Lumps and bumps are not a good look for most of us.

A handkerchief hem creates a lot of visual interest, but it can also be too long. Once I put on the dress, I was thrilled with the outcome. The dress is not tight at all, and I found myself swirling and twirling the whole time my photographer was trying to take a photo. Lol!

The colors are rich and saturated, and the floral print is perfect for Spring. The v-neck is flattering and helps to elongate your neck. It isn’t too low, so wearing this dress to Church would be appropriate.

The long sleeves will be perfect for a chilly Easter morning. If you need a little more warmth, you can add a lightweight coat to the look. I’ll link to a few below that would work.

Affordable Dresses With Sleeves From Walmart – Shirtdress

I love a classic shirtdress! They are a style that you can wear for years to come, and if you want more reasons why you should wear them, check out this post.

A shirtdress mimics a collared shirt, so adding a Double Breasted Blazer for warmth looked great with the dress. The navy double-breasted blazer will look great with jeans, trousers, or skirts, so you’ll be able to wear it in lots of ways.

I love the tonal print of this dress and the fact that it has POCKETS! This dress looks great with the included belt, but you could also add a white or navy belt to it, and it would be fun to add a red belt for the 4th of July.

I love wearing dresses because they are a one-and-done item. But I know a lot of ladies don’t wear dresses and prefer to wear jeans or pants. If you don’t want to wear a dress for Easter, check out this post that has two looks for Easter that are pants,

More Affordable Dresses From Walmart For Easter

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  1. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Hard to believe that we are talking about candy for Church egg Hunts already.

    1. Doris coleman says:

      the dresses or beautiful

  2. prayers for your brother!

  3. love dresses, they make you feel pretty, and alive. Nice thing it does not show your curves if you don’t want to, I just wish there were more styles and prints in larger woman sizes. and at a more reasonable price thanks forg giving us woman a shot at going out in style

    1. Hi Bonnie, have you looked at a the Cato store? You can find them online at cato.com as well as find a store near you. there are varied sizes. Wonderful clothes. Have a wonderful day! Blessings.

  4. Bonnie Davis says:

    love dresses, they make you feel pretty, and alive. Nice thing it does not show your curves if you don’t want to, I just wish there were more styles and prints in larger woman sizes. and at a more reasonable price thanks forg giving us woman a shot at going out in style

  5. Lisa Young says:

    Thank you for your fun, practical attitude about clothing suggestions but especially thank you for your Christian example and how you share it in such an upbeat and inspiring blog. I wish I lived next door to you-we could have some fun!!
    PS Im actually 60 but I look liike Im 50 (haha) OR I still wanna look lile I am, so yoour blog is perfect for me! Lol

    1. Lisa, I’m actually 63, but I was in my 50s when I started the blog. Age is truly a whole lot of attitude, so I’m keeping mine as young as possible.

  6. Thank you what a nice share. Love seeing the scripture quote. God did an awesome thing for humanity, when he sent us his son.

  7. Tonee Erickson says:

    I love the dresses! I’m a blue girl! Will have to check out your link for these dresses. Thanks!

  8. I never ordered from Walmart, but will look on the website. My Walmart is just not great.

  9. Lori Whipple says:

    Thanks, for posting about dresses with sleeves. I love the first one. I will order it now!! ❤️

  10. Julie Lozano says:

    Both dresses are gorgeous! My Walmart doesn’t have anything this pretty…
    Have a great week!

    1. My Walmart doesn’t have things like this either. I order all of it online.

  11. Praying that all will go well with your brother’s surgery and recovery. ♥️🙏

  12. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    An early Easter could definitely need long sleeves this year. Your magnolia is beautiful, I love the patent leather leaves. I’m a little too far north for a magnolia to flourish here, outside of Philadelphia.

  13. Delanie Collings says:

    Cute dresses, blazer, and shoes! Dresses can be tricky, but you picked two that really work. Prayers for your brother, Joe, and You! Too much of a good thing can be……too much! 😂

  14. Great choices and I am ready for spring and spring colors!

  15. Prayers said for your brother’s surgery to go well and a speedy recovery. So glad Joe is doing so well!

  16. Love that blue dress!!!

  17. Prayers for your brother and the doctors performing his surgery.

  18. Pam Bowling says:

    Both dresses are lovely. You look so good in blue. Blue flatters most of us. I will be in prayer for your brother. I know how special brothers can be. I have one brother who is 2 years younger than I am . We are close. Glad Joe is doing well.

  19. Debbie Brown says:

    Both dresses are very nice from Walmart.
    They looked so good on you.

  20. Praying for speedy recovery 🙏

  21. Prayers for your brother

  22. Prayers for your Brother’s surgery to go well with a speedy recover also. 😇🙏

  23. sue koren says:

    Blue is your color!

  24. I love the blue dress! Prayers for your brother for a successful surgery and speedy recover.

  25. Prayers sent for your brother and physicians taking care of him.

  26. Both are pretty dresses.
    I really like to wear dresses.

  27. Prayers for your brother. I had emergency surgery on Saturday and it’s no fun. Prayers for Joe also and his PT and patience.

  28. Love the blue handkerchief dress! Appreciate your posts Praying for your brother and for Joe’s continued recovery!

  29. Tania, you could put on a flour sack and look great! Thanks for all the inspiration you share. Prayers for your brother and Joe and also for you as well.

    1. Flour sack. 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Prayers for your baby brother’s surgery and recovery. Keep trusting God. ♥

  31. Debbie Gatlin says:

    Lifting your brother and his surgeon in prayer for a successful surgery. Also prayers for Joe’s continue recovery.

  32. I said a prayer for your brother. I hope everything goes well and he is healed. I’m happy your husband is doing good too. 🙏I’m wearing my wide leg pants on Easter. My legs and feet get cold in a dress. Also I don’t like showing my legs anymore and it’s hard to find a dress I like on me.

  33. My thoughts and prayers for your brother. 🙏

  34. Lovely blue dresses featured today! Praying for your dear brother’s surgery; continued prayers for Joe’s healing.

  35. Praying for your brother and the surgical team! Continue praying for you and Joe as he recovers🙏🙏🙏 Happy Monday❤❤❤

  36. Dana Hunt says:

    Prayers for your brother.

  37. Dottie Kinnaman says:

    Simply stated…I love dresses!! Prayers for your brother. 🙏🏻

  38. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Father God I pray for Tania’s brother. Guide the hands of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and staff as they care for him. Give Tania peace that You are in control and she can rest peacefully in the assurance that you are Lord. In Jesus name amen.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. 🥰

  39. Jenniffer Groski says:

    The blue is beautiful!!

  40. Beautiful colors on the dresses.

  41. Those blues are gorgeous! I almost bought that T & T dress! Now that you have modeled it I think I will buy it!

  42. Susan Weston says:

    Praying for your brother and a speedy recovery.

  43. Karen Johnson says:

    Thank you for the spring ideas

  44. I’m obsessed with the first dress- bright blues are my favorite! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Will keep your brother in my prayers today!

  46. Your brother will most definitely be in my prayers today. Surgery is never fun and sometimes recovery takes a long time.
    Very cute dress choices for Easter.
    I guess I need to start shopping!

  47. Prayers for your brother and for your husband

  48. Gay Mamming says:

    Prayers for Joe that he continues to improve. I appreciate the fact that u show a variety of price ranges. These2 dresses are so cute!

  49. Cathy Carter says:

    Prayers and easy recovery for your brother. Glad Joe is doing so well!
    Pretty dresses… wish Walmart would showcase some of those in store.

  50. Really pretty dresses from Walmart! I’d love to wear dresses but I have problem feet and usually it’s easier to find comfortable shoes to wear with pants rather than dresses or skirts. I’m noticing a lot of shades of blue out there for Spring! Happy about that! Prayers for your brother’s surgery! I have a brother 6 years younger and I smiled when you said he was like your baby. Also, a big THANK YOU, for the $50 gift card from Amazon! What a pleasant surprise to receive an email from you saying that I won! And ladies, I’m not a lucky person when it comes to stuff like that. It’s a nice bonus for leaving a comment in addition to just being able to read others comments each day!

  51. Prayers for your brother during his surgery and for Joe for his continued success in recovery. Love the dresses!

  52. Walmart does it again! Thanks, Tania!

  53. Loved today’s post. Sending prayers for your brother.

  54. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Love these dresses!! And, especially like the long sleeves!!

  55. Beautiful floral dress.
    Prayers for your brother and the surgeons. Prayers that Joe’s PT continues to help him.

  56. Sending prayers for your brother and Joe for a quite recovery. God, Family and Friends are what keeps us going.

  57. Beautiful and affordable dress. Said a prayer for your sweet brother also you husband. Have a wonderful day.

  58. I just love your posts!
    You write so well and describe the clothes perfectly!!

    I look forward to your posts everyday!

    Prayers for your brother and Joe!
    To God goes the Glory,Always!


    1. Thanks so much, Carol!

  59. You had an outfit inspiration the other day that I loved but the link does t connect to anything. Nautical navy and white striped top, gold beaded earrings and necklace. Please advise where I can purchase this top and jewelry! Thanks!

  60. Love the dresses! Unfortunately already sold out in my size. I would love to see more long sleeve dresses. I am praying for your brother. Have a blessed day

    1. Things sell out quickly when a new season is coming on!

  61. I enjoy your blog Tania. I look forward to reading it with my coffee in the morning.
    Thank you for the details about the clothes you share, they are so helpful especially when shopping on line.
    Prayers for your brother for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  62. Jane Martin says:

    Good morning
    I love the Walmart dresses and I always love the color blue. I’ll check these dresses out this week. Walmart really does a great job of selling stylish clothes for less money. I’m amazed at their selection.

  63. Sending prayers for a successful surgery and good recovery for your brother.🙏

  64. I will definitely say a prayer for your Brother and still have healing prayers for Joe. 🙏✝️

  65. Prayers for your brother’s successful surgery and easy and quick recovery.
    Joe’s project looks interesting. Is he a pilot?

    1. Yes, Joe is a pilot. He loves flying small planes.

      1. My husband is also a private pilot and loves it. I’m a bit of a white knuckle passenger though.

        1. Me, too! I rarely fly, it stresses me out.

  66. You look great in blue, & prayers for your Brother.

  67. The first dress is just lovely!

  68. Shirley Forester says:

    I certainly will be praying for your brother and you as he goes through surgery.
    God bless you 🙏 ❤️

  69. Glad Joe is doing so well, it is wonderful how quickly he is recovering!! Amazing , the changes they have made in the 10 years since I had my knee replacement!
    I will pray for your brother, and hope all goes well for him 🙏🏻
    Love all the dresses today!!