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What To Wear For Easter From Walmart

I can’t believe I’m already talking about what to wear for Easter. Is it me, or is this year going by quickly? Maybe it was because the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and spring is supposed to be here early this year. No matter why, I’m thrilled to see all the gorgeous colors of spring start hitting all the retailers. Today, I’m showing three outfits to wear for Easter from Walmart, and two of them aren’t dresses. 😲

What To Wear For Easter From Walmart That’s Not A Dress

Growing up, it was unheard of not to wear a dress for Easter. I remember spending hours looking through the Sears catalog, trying to find the perfect dress to wear to church. I also had to have new shoes and a hat (when I was younger), and after church, we got to go to my grandmother’s and eat.

I still like a new outfit for Easter. Easter is a special day, and I like dressing up in a new outfit which is usually a dress. This year, I decided to show a couple of outfits with pants that would look fabulous for Easter.

This matching Pink Dusk Blazer and Suit Pants are perfect for Easter. The light pink looks like a color you would see on an Easter Egg. I love that you can wear them together or separately to create more outfits. I also like that you can order them separately since some of us wear different sizes for the top and bottom.

I added an ivory-colored sleeveless sweater to the outfit for a contrasting color. It looks like this ribbed sweater is sold out in most sizes, so I’ll link to some others below. If your size is available, I suggest sizing up in the sweater. I’m wearing a large, and it is still snug.

I love the color of this blazer. It is a cross between pink and lilac, and both of those are colors I love to wear. The sleeves are scrunched, which creates an effortless 3/4 sleeve look. I think a 3/4 sleeve is flattering, and you will see me push up sleeves to create the same look when I can.

If the pink/lilac colored look isn’t for you, maybe this navy outfit will work. Navy is a classic color and is one that works for almost every skin tone. Once again, I chose items that could be worn together or separately. That gives you more ways to wear your clothing and makes your money stretch further.

This navy is 99% cotton with 1% spandex, so it doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it. It is by Free Assembly, and their clothing is always top-notch and of great quality. The blazer is fully lined, and I’ve paid way more money for blazers from high-priced retailers, and they aren’t lined.

Here is how the blazer looks buttoned. I rarely button a blazer, but I know a lot of you like to see how an item looks buttoned. I paired the blazer with a pair of straight-leg chino pants that will be great for spring and summer. I love the length of these pants and that you can dress them up or down. They look great with the blazer, but you could wear them with a t-shirt or sweater and a pair of sneakers for a casual everyday look.

What To Wear For Easter From Walmart When You Need A Dress

Some of you might be like me and want to wear a dress for Easter. I’ll forgo the bonnet or hat, but I still love to purchase a new dress for the special day.

This floral midi dress is also from Free Assembly, and it is 100% cotton. I’ve had a lot of requests to show cotton clothing because some people can’t wear synthetic items. I love the colors of this dress and the shirtdress style. If you are a fan of a shirtdress, you need to check out the post I did on them earlier this week. Plus, this dress has pockets, and I love it when that happens.

Here is a close-up photo of the dress so you can see the print and colors better. I used the included belt, but you could replace it with a white or navy belt.

More Items To Wear For Easter From Walmart

I hope you enjoyed my What to Wear for Easter from Walmart post. Affordable clothing doesn’t have to be drab or poor quality, and these Walmart fashion brands usually work well for me.

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  1. Love your Walmart haul Tania!

  2. Charlotte Miller says:

    I love your posts!

  3. Linda Buchanan says:

    I like the Easter Walmart dress and the blue suit.

  4. Donna Ingalls says:

    That double breasted navy blazer is gorgeous! Again, Walmart is really stepping up in the fashion game.
    Great post. Thanks.

  5. Happy Super Bowl Sunday

  6. Really pretty outfits, especially the pink suit. I also like a new outfit for Easter and this just may be the one. Love your content, thanks so much.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I always enjoy, and you look lovely in all of the outfits!

  8. Mary Carol says:

    The pink pant suit is my favorite.
    Hard to believe Easter is next month.

  9. Kathleen Ognibene says:

    Lovely! 💕 I’m hoping to get that pink suit in my sizes. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Thanks for showing us 2 suits and a dress offered by Walmart! They all look like great options for Easter! The Pink suit looks great on you! I like that the pink pants are straight leg styled which looks dressy and stylish!

  11. Karen Johnson says:

    I really appreciate your sharing beautiful clothing and accessories in many different price ranges and stores. You inspire me

  12. Maria Witty says:

    I just love your posts. I ordered the spring dress with pink cardigan sweater from Walmart and it is beautiful! Today I ordered the To Do pad which I liked because it’s smaller than my ginormous notebook one. Thanks for all your posts and your emails!

  13. Everything pretty! Happy Saturday!

  14. Beautiful outfits and look great on you and how you styled them.

  15. The knot wedge sandals are cute!! Are they comfy?

    1. They were a little too wide for my foot, but they were very comfy for walking.

  16. I like Trouble & Joker but you spelled Joker with 2 J’s.
    We always got a new dress & hat for Easter when I was a kid. Also dressed my kids up when they were little. Sadly everyone is very casual now.

  17. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    Love the pink suit on you.
    Your Easter sounds just like mine, including the trip to Sears.

  18. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I love the first outfit, and like the 2nd, but that dress is just not me (or you, IMHO). I am going to see if my Walmart has that blazer tomorrow. I’ve seen similar for lots more $ at other places. TY Tania!

  19. Walmart has some great choices for Easter. Thanks, Tania!

  20. The pink outfit is soooo pretty! Sadly, the pants in my size are sold out. But… I’ll keep checking!

  21. Lynda Brown says:

    The lilac pantsuit looks beautiful on you! Makes your legs look so long. Not a fan of the navy pants, you don’t seem as comfortable in this outfit. Just my opinion😀.

  22. sue koren says:

    I love getting a new outfit for Easter!

  23. I, too, remember dressing up for Easter when i was young. It was so fun and so special! That’s not the case anymore, at least where I live. Most folks come to church in jeans, and if the weather’s nice, flip flops. A few of the ladies might wear a spring dress on Easter, but it is very, very casual. Thank you for showing us some great alternatives to a dress!!

  24. I always look forward to your posts. Such nice outfits! Love the scriptures.

  25. The pink pantsuit looks good on you.

  26. Yup, the Sears catalog featured prominently when I got new clothes as a little girl. It was so exciting to look at all the pictures.

    You look great in all the outfits but the shirtdress is my favorite.

  27. Stella Gustafson says:

    Cute outfits

  28. Doris Mitchell says:

    I LOVE the pink/lavender pantsuit. I think that would be perfect for Easter here in Mississippi . Thank you

  29. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    Love the pants suits.

    The dress looks like a housecoat to me. Sorry!

    Keep showing the lovely outfits for us over 50 & maybe 80?

  30. Honey you really need a pedicure!

  31. That pink pantsuit looks so good on you!

  32. That pink pantsuit shouts Spring!!

  33. Looking forward to choosing my Easter outfit! It’s my favorite holiday. Thanks for the ideas!

  34. I love the pink outfit. So springy !!

  35. Phyllis Martin says:

    Easter is certainly coming early this year. Hoping to find the perfect dress.

  36. My southern mama always looked beautiful. She told me that if you had good “taste” you could shop anywhere and look good. Her fav at the time was Kmart.

    1. Amen! My mom used to say, “It’s about taste and not about money!”

  37. Linda Shearer says:

    Sorry but Trouble and Joker made me laugh.

    The pink suit is beautiful!

  38. Love the lilac pantsuit and the gold wedges!

  39. Trouble and Joker sounds perfect! Haha
    Pastels make me think Easter and remind me of all my beautiful Easter dresses that my mom made for me when I was young.

  40. Yes, I like trouble and joker and I love the lavender suit

  41. Louise Logan says:

    Love these Easter styles at a great price!

  42. Your posts add joy to my day…..especially the Scripture! It is great to be thinking about Easter outfits! Easter is early this year and it is good to find a treasure to wear in the next few weeks! Blessings to you!

  43. Sarah Burdin says:

    I like forward to your posts every day. I love that you cover all price points too! You do a great job at being inclusive to all of your readers. Thank you.

  44. Wow. Thank you for sharing how Walmart has stepped up their fashion game! That pink suit is beautiful on you!

  45. The pink pantsuit is perfect for a dressy look and cheerful color choice. Very nice choices. Thank you for showing us alternatives to the customary dresses for this very special holiday.

  46. Very nice choices. Thank you for showing us alternatives to wear on this very special holiday. The pink pantsuit is perfect for a dressy look and cheerful color choice.

  47. Very nice choices. Thank you for showing us alternatives to wear on this very special holiday.

  48. Wow, the pink outfit looks fabulous on you! Trouble and joker are hilarious!

  49. I really like the pink pants and blazer. unfortunately the pants are out of stock.

  50. Gay Manning says:

    Thank you for posting beautiful clothes with food prices!

  51. I am loving the look of the navy blazer and pants. It is so versatile to make several outfits, both dressy and casual. That sign in the vets office is hysterical.

  52. Wow! These are so cute. Walmart has come a long way with the clothing department!! 👏👏

  53. Cathy Carter says:

    People are so clever.. Toast and Jam and Trouble and Joker are cute ideas! Love the soft pink suit…. Looks good on you and very pretty Easter color.

  54. Really like the pink/lilac blazer and trousers.

  55. Pam Bowling says:

    You brought back memories for me today. I used to browse through the Sears catalog as well looking for the perfect Easter outfit.
    Love the pink/lilac suited look. Beautiful and perfect for Easter

  56. I love the pink/lilac pant suit. Beautiful! I may just have to order it. Thanks for modeling it for us.

  57. Susan Mckenzie says:

    I love the suggestion of a Spring colored pants and blazer for Easter!!! Beautiful!!

  58. Love all three outfits!

  59. I love the pink outfit, the pantsuit

  60. I love the pretty colors. After a long, drab…..no snow winter, I am ready for spring.

  61. I enjoyed this post. Walmart does have some great hidden gems online, but rarely in their stores. Love those cute sandals and they will definitely be in my shopping cart this week.

  62. Tania,
    Please share what exercises you are doing with your trainer. Your transformation is evident and YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! I wish I had your ambition. YOU GO GIRL!

    1. I’ve not been going lately. I developed sciatica, and I’ve taken off a month. I’m better now, but I’m going to wait until March to start back up again.

  63. Joann kelley says:

    I love your posts everydayI look forward to them

  64. I love the pink suit! I am sad the pants are already out of stock! But that suit does look very Easter-ready!