50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 On my way to Nashville, we stopped and got a bite to eat. When I was paying for my order, the lady behind the counter said, “I love you shirt!” I had to look down to see what I was wearing because I had forgotten. Anyway, it was a shirt that I have that says, “empowered women empower women.” I love that shirt and that quote almost as much as I do this one: Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 I was raised where the kids eat first, then the men, then, finally the women. I was raised to cook the food, set the food on the table, and then clear away everything. I was raised to play the supportive wife role to my husband, and to make sure that his life runs smoothly. Am I the only one, or is there anyone else out there who was raised the same way? But, I look at my daughter and granddaughter, and I want more for them. I want them to have a loving husband and family, but I also want them to have some independence and an identity of their own. I don’t want them having to ask for money or for permission to buy something that they want. I want them to be in a partnership with their spouse, and I want them paid the same as anyone else who does the same job. Things have changed since the time that I was raised. Things have even changed since I was raising my daughter. I am grateful that Joe believed in instilling strong and independent qualities in our daughter, and I am thrilled to see that my granddaughter is being raised in the same way. Strong women will stand up for themselves and help the ones who are weak.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 This munchkin came over the other day as they were leaving to grab some Hibachi. She wanted to show me that she was wearing an outfit that I had bought her the weekend before. I was already set up and taking pictures, so she immediately wanted some photos of herself. Look at the cute sequined leopard print top that I bought her. It was really soft, and she loved the flip-sequin design. Here is the link to the top. The snap-front corduroy skirt that she is wearing is adorable on her. They had very limited sizes in the store, and I don’t see much more on the website. This button/snap style skirt is trendy right now. Here is the link to the skirt. The cute ankle boots are what thrilled her the most about this outfit. You should have seen her strut when she put them on. She thought they were “high-heels” and she told us that she was no longer a child since she was wearing these boots. Lol! If you have a granddaughter that would love them also, here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 When I saw Emersyn’s outfit, I went inside and put on a new skirt that I had bought so that we could be twins. She was super excited for us to match, although she proclaimed her outfit to be the cutest. I have to agree with her on that. Lol! I have on the same neutral sweater that I have worn in these posts. here, here, and here. The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that you know exactly what you have to wear, the bad thing is that you get sick of wearing it over and over again. Are you sick of seeing the same items, or are you enjoying seeing them in different ways?  Here is the link to this gorgeous top, but since it has been on sale for a while, there are very limited sizes.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 This reminds me of the “who wore it better” articles that I have seen in fashion magazines. Lol! My snap-front corduroy skirt is from Cato Fashions. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t worn it yet. I was thinking of wearing it with tights or leggings, but my girlie wanted me to match her today. Here is the link to the skirt, and for those who can’t get Cato to ship to your state, here are a few other options below for you to look at. My shoes are an older pair from Old Navy that I have had for a while. I love this fawn-like color, and these are very comfortable for a shoe with a heel. These are not very expensive either, especially since they are on sale. You can purchase these for 30.00! Here is the link.

50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 I think that I might have to get Emersyn to show me some poses. Lol! She looks like a natural here.
50 IS NOT OLD | TWINNING WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER | FASHION OVER 40 My daughter took the photo below of her and me while we were in Nashville. We had gone out to eat after the GALA, and she wanted a picture of the two of us together. This is what she posted on Facebook,  “All glammed up from the Rodan+Fields Gala! Showcasing my InstaGLAM Business Partner, Biggest Supporter + Mother! She gave me this business almost 3 years ago for my birthday, and it’s been incredible! From Products, Community, Support, Gifts, and Trips; it’s the gift that never stops giving! I love my freedom and working with my Mom! It’s brought us closer than ever before!!”
I swear that I about cried when I read her post. It has been incredible having her with me in this business and getting to travel with her. She sees the opportunity and has told me over and over again that she is so happy that I gifted her a business of her very own. I have no idea, (and still don’t,) what she would choose to do with this gift. But, I think that she has decided to become her own boss for a while instead of getting a 9-to-5 job. This business is not for everyone, but it is something that anyone could try. Interested, or know someone who would be good at this business? Send me a message to [email protected]

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  1. I think it’s very good that you broke the circle and traded your daughter to be a independent woman!

  2. Super cute twinning with your granddaughter! love this neutral sweater and love this capsule wardrobe. You are blessed to have such a loving and close relationship with your family, you and your daughter, your other children and grandchildren. beautiful

    • Deborah Broughton Reply

      I loved this post! The first thing I did was order that whole outfit for my grand daughter. She is almost 8 and it just looked like something she’ll Love! And just now I scrolled down to see what else you wrote and saw that stunning picture of you and your daughter! And the words she wrote on her FB post. What joy! Thank you for sharing!

      • Tania Reply

        She will love the outfit, Deborah. Emersyn has declared that she doesn’t like “girlie” clothing anymore. Lol! She is all grown up. Hahaha

  3. Adorable, adorable pictures of you and your granddaughter!!! Cute outfits on both of you, too! And yes, I was raised the same way. So glad times are changing!!

  4. Adorable and special post. Is this the daughter that lives in Alaska?? Gorgeous – both of you! And you are right – what a sweet IG post she made!

  5. Three beautiful generations! Great job Tania,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Tania Reply

      I love the fact that there are three generations represented in this post.

  6. What an adorable granddaughter! You both look so cute in your outfits! Your daughter is beautiful as well! You’ve done a great job in raising your daughter to be independent!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Debbie. I think she is adorable too. I wish that I could take the credit for my daughter, but that was mostly Joe.

  7. I love everything about this post! You can see the genuine love between you and Emersyn. Sweet, sweet times you (and she) will cherish for a lifetime.

    • Tania Reply

      Emersyn is my buddy. I love hearing her excitement the minute she sees me come over.

  8. That’s an awesome twins post and I love the outfits! That Miss E. Sure is a ham and natural model! I love the gorgeous pic of you and your daughter! How sweet that she gave you those kudos!

  9. Oh boy Tania ~ your granddaughter just “out-cuted” you! lol I love her power pose ~ !! Btw is there a link somewhere for that Women Empower other Women t-shirt ?

    • Tania Reply

      She definitely “out-cuted” me. Lol!!! My Energizer Bunny Friend bought me my shirt, but there are some cute ones on Amazon.

  10. Such a great post and photos! You’re an inspiration to women everywhere. We’re about the same age and you described my upbringing to a T. It must have been in the instruction booklet that came with newborn girls back then. I’m just so grateful that my father didn’t grow up expecting special treatment as he jumped right in to help with household chores, cooking and grocery shopping, without ever complaining, even after a hard day at a construction site.

    • Tania Reply

      Joe has gotten better and better with age, but he still has some improvement to go. I love how he comes in, sits down at the computer, moves to the table where he food is already in a plate for him, and then goes back to the computer and leaves the food on the table. WOW! To have only been born a male.

  11. YES! Here’s to strong, independent women and girls and the men that love and support us!
    You too are adorable and your granddaughter sure is strong minded. It is good to see!

    • Tania Reply

      It does take a strong man to be married to a strong woman. It is great to have a supportive spouse.

  12. Loved reading this story as family is so important to
    me as well. Beautiful photo of you and your daughter. What she said about you was very sweet. You’re truly blessed!

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, she has her moments. With my daughter, it can go either way. LOL!

    • Julia Purtill Reply

      Emersyn is just beautiful! I liked the capsule wardrobe series. We all overshop and need to shop our closets first. I thought I had nothing to wear to a function Saturday and was planning to head out shopping when I forced myself to do an inventory of my closet and found 2 options!

  13. what size did you get in the skirt from Cato? From the information you give on your posts about sizing, you and I usually wear the same size. I want to order the skirt before they’re all sold out. It’s so cute!

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