50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FALL FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 I can remember when Ashleigh was only about two years old, my sister’s boyfriend would give her two choices. He would give her the option of picking a hundred dollar bill or five one-dollar bills, and she could have the one that she chose. She always picked the one-dollar bills because she had no concept of how money worked. To her, the five bills looked like it would be more than the one bill. Yesterday, Emersyn had her own experience with learning the value of money, and it is one that her parents won’t forget very soon.
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FALL FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 It was time for Emersyn to go to school, and she needed some lunch money. Kayla (her mom) told Emersyn to get some money out of her wallet, and then they left for school. Later that morning, a little girl had a couple of dollars that she was playing with, and the teacher said something to her about the money. The little girl told her that Emersyn had given her the two dollars. The teacher told the little girl that she had to give the money back to Emersyn since that was her lunch or snack money. Then, when they went to lunch, and they had to pay for items, the teacher overheard the lady say to Emersyn, “I don’t have the change for that.” The teacher went over to check out what was going on and found out that Emersyn had handed the lunch lady two hundred dollars to pay for her lunch. Thankfully, that was precisely what had been in her mom’s wallet, so nothing ended up getting lost. But, I have a feeling that Emersyn will not be allowed to get her own money out of the wallet anymore, and she will also have a lesson about the value of money. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FALL FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 This is a super casual look that was part of my capsule wardrobe. I bet a lot of you can see yourself wearing something like this to a casual get together, running a few errands, or maybe going to a football game. This button-down shirt has been in my closet for around ten years, and it is still like new, and it is still an item that I can wear year after year. It is a classic style shirt, so I will get my money out of this shirt by the sheer number times that it is worn. The only difference in this shirt and one that I might buy if I was buying it today is the fit. This is roomier and boxier than I would buy now. I would now prefer a slimmer cut so that it is more fitted. However, that problem is easily solved by doing the knot with the hemline at the waist. This helps to create a more slender look. You are welcome! Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FALL FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 Did you see my fall footwear post yesterday? These loafers were one of the shoes that I showed you, and I mentioned how comfortable they were in the post. But, I didn’t go into much detail about HOW comfortable they were. I have honestly been amazed at these shoes. If most of us are being honest, we equate price with comfort. Since these shoes are under 15.00, I would not have thought that I would be wearing them over and over again; but I am. These have the memory foam in the insole, so they are so comfortable to walk in. Here is the link to the shoes.
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FALL FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 My skinny jeans are the Diana Kut From The Kloth. I like these jeans because they are dark in color, but also because they have a lot of stretch. I am at the age where I need some give in my jeans, and these have the perfect amount for me. These are premium denim, so they are nice and thick and will last you for a very long time. I like the skinny jean style because I can tuck them inside my knee boots easily. Here is the link to the jeans in regular, and here is the link to the jeans in plus.
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FALL FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 I haven’t said much about all of the new products, new programs, new incentives, and bonuses, or the newest country launch that I heard about at Convention this past week. That doesn’t mean that I am not excited; it was because of not feeling comfortable talking about my skincare business after some of the comments that were made several weeks ago. But, I watched a quadriplegic get up on stage and talk about how grateful that she was that someone took the time to speak to her about this business. I listened to her as I had tears rolling down my cheek, talk about how she hated her life and was horrible to everyone around her. She also spoke about how the community of women has encouraged, supported, and pushed her to realize that she has a lot to offer and is worthy of a great life. Here is an exert from her story: Working 15-20 hours per week, Teisha hit Level V in April 2016. She then decided to walk away from her career in senior management and give more time to passion projects and her beloved family. “I got to choose where I want to work and what I want to work on, while maintaining an income and having all the time I want to give my family. And it’s just been amazing. This opportunity has truly given me my life back. I think my business can be whatever I want it to be if I work hard enough, completely get out of my comfort zone, and put a lot of effort into truly sharing this opportunity.” Teisha wants readers of her story to walk away with hope, knowing that life does not need to be experienced exclusively between the time they get off work and the time until they go to bed. “It’s possible to have more time with family and more time experiencing life. I wish I could give people an ounce of the freedom I experience today. They’d understand that we each have the freedom to choose what we want to do with our time, and we could all learn to never waste a single minute.”

I have had so many excuses for not achieving more ….. (You fill in the blank) It is tough to look at someone like Teisha and say, “I don’t have time for one more thing,” or “I can’t do what you do.” The truth of life is this; you do have a choice. You can choose to keep everything the same, or you can choose to change. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about; you have a choice. Marriage, work, diet, exercise, knowledge, etc. all have small choices in them that we make daily. I hope that you are happy in your choices, but if not, then you can start making a change with one small step at a time.

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    • Gosh Tania, I thought it was great you mentioned your R &F business. Mostly it was a few sentences at the bottom. It’s a good thing to have multiple options, including the jewelry line! Well I’m glad the convention went good for you. Take care.

      • Tania Reply

        Thanks, Patty! I realized that 90% of the people will not be interested, but for those 10% of people, it could change their lives. I would feel like crap if they never had the opportunity because I wimped out.

    • Tania Reply

      I found the story funny, but I am not sure that her mother did. Lol!

  1. Hi Tania.

    The money story is cute. I am glad the teacher was so observant!?

    Don’t stop being you because of a few negative comments. None of us will ever please everyone. If someone does not like your R&F segment, they can skip it. I like reading your adventures with R&F because you keep it real and seem genuine. I live in an area of lots of “fake” people just trying to make a sale. You are not like them. I would love to see you make it to the top, as far as you can go. Keep sharing, and keep smiling.?

    • Tania Reply

      Gina, real and genuine is my middle name. I follow other women in R+F also, and I worry that I don’t make it look more fun and glamorous. But, the truth is, network marketing is hard and I want everyone to be aware that they don’t just make a post or a few phone calls and all of a sudden they have a thriving business. Just like in any job, hard work pays off. The difference is that you can work really hard for a set number of years, and then you can relax later and still have money rolling in.

      • kin granzella Reply

        I know I am a little late in my posting, we’ve been out of power here in Napa a few days and I’ve not been able to check your blog Tania,

        But……..This is your Blog…..and you continue to be you. I love the fact that you are genuine, not pushy, and extremely up lifting.

        I will continue to follow you…..R & F, or not… are the best….keep up the good work! You are amazing….

        And to close…I won’t say anything negative about those others whom are posting negative stuff! But really….this is your blog….and you say and do whatever you wish…..the people like me…..are very excited and happy for you and your success!!!!

  2. If it wasn’t for your R&F stories, then I would not have the beautiful soft supple skin I have today. It is only because of you that I can say I love the skin on my face. I agree with Gina 100%. Don’t stop being you, Gurl. Keep shining!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Mary Lou, I am such a wimp. Remember, I am still that shy woman who is terribly afraid of rejection. I have always strived to make “everyone” happy, even though I know that is an impossible task. Thanks for the reminder that a lot of women and thrilled with their skin because of a blurb at the end of a post.

      • I don’t comment very often, but it was very sad to me to hear you stopped talking about something you are passionate about because of someone’s comments…Be You…people can like it or not. You’re a genuinely kind and beautiful person inside and out. Don’t let someone else’s opinion change you. Remember you have changed many, many people’s lives by putting yourself out there every day. Not any easy task…you go girl!

        • Tania Reply

          Mary, I appreciate your saying that. I really am passionate about R+F because I have seen personally what the can products do for someone’s face. And, I have seen so many women in tears tell the story of what the business has done for their lives. I know first hand how it has changed “me” with confidence. I want that for everyone!!!

  3. That outfit looks really nice and you also look very nice in it. As casual as it may be it actually looks very classy. One of my favorite outfits so far and it complements you as well.

    • Tania Reply

      I loved this look for the same reasons. It looks very casual, but it is also very classic in style.

  4. Connie Johnson Reply

    I bet Emersyn’s parents don’t let her take her own money out again for a long time. Haha

    Please don’t stop mentioning your R & F business or showing your links to the jewelry on your posts. Haters will be haters. Please keep up your great posts.

    • Tania Reply

      Emersyn knew she was in trouble, but she thought that she was in trouble because she took her wallet to school. She had no idea that the money she had gotten was what was the issue. It was so funny!

  5. I love, love, love your outfit!!! I need a few pairs of jeans that fit my body. I haven’t found that pair yet but I’m going to try that brand.

    I don’t comment much but I do like hearing about your life, faith and family…R&F included.

    • Tania Reply

      Patti, you need to try that brand. I have found them to be a brand that I really like. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I know that time is precious.

  6. Bonnie Stafford Reply

    Others have mentioned it in comments, but your hair is looking SO GOOD these days. It’s a little shorter, or something. I must have those loafers . . . do I need to size up because of the pointed toe?

    • Tania Reply

      I did cut my hair shorter a couple of months ago. I am still trying to figure out how to style it. Lol!

  7. I’m a navy girl so chambray shirt and blue jeans was something we all had to wear when we entered the navy. Who knew I would spend the rest of my life loving this look, The color of the shoes is perfect and though I wish I could tuck, I can’t, so tieing is the next best thing. You are blessed with such great coloring, hair, eyes, skin.

  8. Thank you for sharing about the convention last week. This is your blog & you can decide what you want to share. I feel like, if the topic is something I’m not interested in, I don’t have to read it. Everyone is different, with different tastes, different views, etc. I enjoy our differences & think it would be boring if we were all the same. Just my opinion.

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