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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bold statement tropical print dress with a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


Today I am on the road, so I am hoping for nice weather since I hate driving in the rain. I figure that the rainy season is getting ready to set in since my Peonies are starting to bloom. Why does the rain have to come every year and beat them to death??? Anyway, this will be a short post, and I probably won’t have time to comment back to everyone. But, don’t let that stop you from leaving a comment. There might even be a “prize” to one lucky commenter, so don’t let the cat get your tongue.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bold statement tropical print dress with a bamboo bag and raffia heels


Today’s look is bright and colorful, and it is cute as can be. This is the kind of dress that you can wear to a party, and they’ll be talking about how great you looked for days.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking at the mountains in a bold statement tropical print dress with a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


Look at the flowy drape of the dress and how the high-low skirt is so flattering. I also love the neckline which can be worn off the shoulder, but I chose to wear it more like a boatneck instead. Sometimes, the off-the-shoulder look can make my shoulders look way too broad, so I will opt for the look instead.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a bold statement tropical print dress with a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


The hemline in the front is right at knee level unless the wind decides to kick up. I’ll give you a tip…use a safety pin and pin the dress together to keep it from separating too far when the wind blows.  You’ll see what I mean in just a minute. Lol!


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her gold jewelry from Kendra Scott


I think the print is very tropical, so I added my new Savannah drop earrings and Savannah cuff bracelet to my look. I am not sure if these are a coral design or a floral design, but I love them either way. I think that I am going to order the Savannah statement earrings below which are 3″ long.


Savannah Statement Earrings in Gold

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is styling a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


I bought this bamboo handbag several years ago. This style was all the rage because there was a Cult Gaia handbag that looked just like this, but was crazy expensive. I found this one on Amazon, and it has a 5-star rating with over 2500 reviews. I don’t carry it a lot, but it is great to take on vacation, etc.

I thought that these Rafia Strappy Heels were fabulous with this dress. These heels scream, “take me on vacation” and I think that is just what I am going to do. Lol! I love that the heel is covered with the raffia material and that these are the newest trend, the square toe. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these, and I think they run TTS.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing at a rail while wearing a bold statement tropical print dress with a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


So, I’ve told you all about my outfit, my handbag, my jewelry, and my shoes. But, I forgot to tell you what size dress that I was wearing. I usually wear a size 12 in a dress, and I am wearing a large in this dress. I think that it fits great, and that is the size that I need.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a tropical print dress that is blowing in the wind with a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


Remember when I said that you might want to use a safety pin to keep the dress from showing more than you wanted…#beentheredonethat Learn from my mistakes. Lol!!! This photo was too funny not to share with all of you.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is laughing while wearing a bold statement tropical print dress with a bamboo handbag and raffia heels


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  1. Regina Rivera says:

    That’s a beautiful dress Tania! BTW – have a great trip.

  2. Kelly Ann Casey says:

    I have to tell you that I love the dress, and I seriously think it looks better on you than it does on the model. If I saw that catalog picture, I would assume that dress would never work for me because it’s off the shoulder and has a smocked bodice, but the way you wore it covering your shoulders is so much more practical for women like me for whom a good strapless bra is a unicorn, so off the shoulder styles I generally pass on and I only wear items that cover thick bra straps. The color looks so much more vibrant in your pictures also, and the sandals are perfect!

  3. Enjoy your website and loved the interview you four bloggers did. You are so relaxed, funny and natural. During COVID, I stopped 45 years of hi/lo lights in my hair and went to Natural Instincts #7 dark blond. My hair is thin and straight like the other two bloggers. I am getting so many compliments on this 30 day color is more healthy (easy on/no fumes) and gives my hair body. When my few greys come in they look like highlights. And I use hair biology from Target that you Introduced me to, thank you!

  4. Love the dress! Don’t know that I’m brave enough to try it, but it’s so beautiful to look at!

  5. Love that dress! Same travels.

  6. Well this dress is spunky and fun! Have a great time in Tennessee with your precious family!

  7. Adorable dress and how fun to wear anywhere festive. It looks a lot longer on the model than it does on you. Usually it is the other way around since the models are mostly over 5’10”. A very cute outfit.

  8. Janice Emory says:

    This dress screams summer fun. I must get it for my beach parties. Enjoy your vacation.

  9. Cute, cute, cute! What a fun dress for vacation or just out!

  10. Flying tomato seems like a very appropriate name for the dress! Ha!

  11. Cute dress and I love the handbag! Have fun with your family!

  12. Dannie McGuire says:

    Wowza!!!! Marilyn Monroe has nothing on you!

  13. Debbie Brown says:

    I love the dress…beautiful on you.
    Be safe, enjoy your family,

  14. Bernadine says:

    Love everything about your outfit!

  15. Have a great trip and enjoy your family.,I will check in every day.

  16. Beautiful! I definitely prefer the dress the way you wore it as opposed to the off shoulder look.

  17. Good thing you were carrying the purse! The dress looks so comfy.

  18. The dress absolutely says let’s party! But I love the shoes. Do they ever go on sale?

  19. Julie Wallace says:

    Love this outfit! The purse made me chuckle. Back in the day, mid to late 70’s I had this purse and carried it all summer for many summers. What goes around comes around!!! I think about that purse all the time, and I’m now inspired to purchase it AGAIN!

  20. Tania,
    Beautiful outfit. You look very happy. Have a blessed time with your family.

  21. Just a gorgeous dress! And it looks great on you. I would love to have it, but If a large fits you I’m out of luck. Darn. Enjoy your trip.

  22. I LOVE everything about this dress, the style, the cut, the color! The safety pin tip is a winner! I recently lost a lot of weight and am looking for my first dress to buy for my new slender figure (that I’m still getting used to!)

  23. Gorgeous Tania love your face when wind blew your dress 😂

  24. Laurie Nichols Orlando says:

    Beautiful dress and I love your face in the “Marilyn Moment” pic – lol!

  25. Whew! Watch that breeze! Beautiful dress and love the cork heels. It is very festive and screams party!
    I think we’re all ready for that.

  26. I see why the dress is named “Flying Tomato”. Thanks for the safety pin tip!! It is a very pretty dress and I like the shoes too.

  27. That is a BEAUTIFUL dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Sharon E Burkhardt says:

    That is a great party dress or a dress for beach vacation… think Hilton Head, Florida, etc.

  29. I love this dress! The print is so fun.

  30. The colors of the dress are beautiful! Looks great on you!

  31. I just love your daily posts and look forward to your style selections. Your choices are spot on and give me confidence in my own wardrobe. Keep up the great job!

  32. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Wow, this dress is beautiful!! Looks great on you!! Hope that you have a wonderful time visiting with all your relatives!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

  33. Love the colours in this dress! So many options with earrings and shoes..a pin may come in handy for us modest types!

  34. Jennifer Hamilton says:

    The Red Floral dress looks really beautiful on you. In fact the pics from today’s post look like your on vacation in the Hawaiian Islands.

  35. Love that dress and the shoes. I just went to Mexico, it would have been perfect!

  36. Kathy C Lee says:

    Absolutely love your new haircut. The dress is gorgeous. Such beautiful colors!

  37. What a great dress! Now why don’t the stores carry those…but I um, haven’t been to any stores, so I don’t know, maybe they do.
    Anywoo, great dress!

  38. That dress is gorgeous on you! It would be so cool to wear on a hot day. I also love your new shorter hair cut, it totally suits you. Enjoy your time with your family and safe travels!!

  39. Beautiful dress, loving the color! Enjoy your visit with your family!!

  40. Luisa Peterson says:

    Perfect vacation dress!

  41. That “flyaway” pic is priceless! LOL! So glad you shared it. And what a beautiful dress! Hope you have a wonderful time with family!!!!

  42. Spectacular dress, I have to get it even if it’s just for dinner on the porch here at home!

  43. Charlcy Green says:

    Yep, that dress is the bomb and you will be a hit @ any party! Where are you going? Have fun!

  44. LOL!! Your flyaway moment with this dress made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. What a fun dress, as evidenced by your pictures. Have a wonderful visit with your family.

  45. The look on your face is priceless when the wind caught your dress!!
    I absolutely love those sandals.
    Your new hairstyle looks great on you.
    Have fun and be safe in Tennessee.

  46. You inspired me to get a shorter haircut yesterday. I love it. The dress looks very cool. Love it.

  47. Kellie A Johnson says:

    love the dress, especially the colors. You go girl

  48. Cathy Jardim says:

    Can’t love this enough! When I saw the picture I just went WOW. So so pretty and flattering.

  49. Debby Lynch says:

    Yay you got to go to Tennessee. I would have to Velcro the dress to my legs, as windy as it is here in Florida, lol.

  50. Love the cute handbag and shoes!

  51. Debbie Dawson says:

    So I’m going on a cruise (hopefully) next year and this dress is perfect! Oh my it is so cute! Love the high low and flowing look. It looks fabulous on you!

  52. Christine Simpson says:

    That dress looks absolutely stunning on you!
    Oh what a beautiful backdrop too!!!

  53. Such a fun dress! Love the purse, just ordered it to take to a wedding! Thanks!

  54. Susan Stancliff says:

    Such a gorgeous outfit! Totally vacation worthy. Enjoy your family time. Family is the most important thing in our lives

  55. Perfect summer dress! You look great! Oh how I miss the East with those beautiful views of lush green hills.

  56. LISA CASTRO says:

    Very pretty summer dress. Love the face in that one shot 🙂

  57. Becky Smith says:

    Love the bold, bright print!

  58. Marcie W. says:

    Safe travels. That dress looks great on you and the colors are so you.
    Enjoy your family time. I am so glad you are getting to visit them.

  59. Tania, I love your haircut and that dress! What an absolute picture of summer.

  60. Julia Gilbert says:

    Love love love the dress and the accessories are just fabulous!

  61. Rhonda Dodson says:

    Love the dress as well as your sense of humor!

  62. I love that dress on you. You aren’t selling your jewelry any longer? What about R and F skin care? I have been following you for ages! The photo with the wind blowing is adorable. Thank you for keeping it real, Tanya.

  63. That dress is beautiful on you. You look awesome in it. I love the colors. Where are the photos taken beautiful background too. Have a fun safe trip.

  64. Such a fun, colorful dress for summer! I might have to order this one. Enjoy your time with your family! xo

  65. So pretty just love the colour’s in the dress.

  66. Love the dress and you look beautiful!! Enjoy visiting with your family!!

  67. This is such a lovely look! Everything about it is just right! What a great choice for a special occasion or a tropical vacation!

  68. Linnie S Z says:

    I bought that bag last year. I am always hesitant to wear it, but I always get compliments when I do. I usually tie a thin silk scarf around it to match my outfit. (When I bought it, it came with scarves)

  69. Angelia Wampner says:

    Wow, thats a celebration dress forsure… love it!

  70. Christine R says:

    Love love love that dress! So bright and cheerful, very flattering as well. Checking out the dress now!

  71. Love that dress! The colors and style are gorgeous.

  72. Love the dress on you. Such a happy combo with the shoes, purse and jewelry. Have a safe trip and enjoy your family.

  73. Janet Zollar says:

    Perfect vacation outfit! It would be such fun to wear on a beach vacation!

  74. That dress needs a sunny day, a patio and a margarita!

  75. Love the vibrant colours and style of the dress…a little like Marilyn Monroe in the wind! Safe travels and have a great visit with your family!

  76. Such a beautiful dress. Is it available in petite.
    Enjoy your background for the photos as well.

  77. Jacqueline M Leib says:

    This is my first newsletter from you. I almost cried. I am a size 9 shoe and a size 16 dress. It is so nice to see you look fabulous in this dress. I love fashion, but always feel funny about “wearing it” if you know what I mean.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy your family. So glad I found you.

  78. This beautiful outfit just shouts Summer to me- you look stunning Tania! The KS jewelry you chose takes the look to the next level! Travel safe <3

  79. You were doing the Marilyn Monroe pose!!!

  80. You look beautiful in this great dress! And I am still loving your new hair cut!

    1. Dawn Hagerty says:

      You look fabulous in that dress! Have a wonderful vacation!

    2. WOW, WOW, WOW!! I love the dress and you look fabulous wearing it!

      Enjoy your time with your family!

  81. I think our whole country is in a celebratory mood after the last year, and this dress is perfect for the party. Safe travels to see family – it’s been too long for many of us.

  82. That dress is amazing! So fun and flirty!

    Have a great time with your family. 🙂

  83. This looks great on you but…would not look so great on me….LOL Love the wind blown photo you included to show just how fast it can make a peek-a-boo !

  84. Totally loving this outfit! Very flattering for variety of body shapes. I can think of several places/occasions to wear it. I also would wear it on a hot summer day, .. to grocery shop, with flats. Thanks for sharing this outfit and have a safe vacation.

  85. You look fabulous. The dress is beautiful.

  86. this dress is you! so fun and flirty, love it.

  87. Love ,love ,love the colors in this dress!

  88. Tammy Gravis says:

    I may get that dress for my 57th bday. Did you wear a slip or anything? Thanks

  89. JodyPete Edwards says:

    Love the dress. I am thinking about ordering to wear to my daughter’s baby shower. Definitely a time to celebrate after she has tried for over 6 years to get pregnant!

  90. Love the dress! You look so happy! Have a wonderful family time!!!

  91. Definitely a dress that would draw attention. It would be great for a Cinco de Mayo party!! Or an evening on the beach!

  92. Love the dress snd color!

  93. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    OMG! That dress is beautiful!! Love
    Love Love and it looks Gorgeous on you.

  94. This dress looks fabulous on you!

  95. The dress is beautiful and the wind tip appreciated.

  96. Lainee Lazos says:

    This dress is so cheerful and just what I need

  97. Beautiful dress!!! Love the scenery too! Your posts always make me smile! Hope you are having a great trip!!!

  98. donna92864 says:

    Have a great time with your family! That funny pic of you is priceless!

  99. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I love this dress. I have something similar. The high low hem line is so cute. I am definitely getting this dress. Have a great visit with your family.

  100. Christine F says:

    You are just too funny gurl! 🤣

  101. Barbara Wilson says:

    Love that cute “hint of summer” and fun dress! Have a safe trip to see your family.