The Best Trending Platform Shoes and Boots

Platform shoes are so on trend right now! The great news is that almost everyone can wear them. While some elevate the heel above the ball of the foot, many are level. Wondering where to start? I’ve got you covered! Today, I’m sharing the best trending platform shoes and boots. I’ve got everything from casual to dressy.

The other day, I posted about the best affordable designer inspired activewear clothing, and I mentioned that I was wearing a pair of Keds Platform Sneakers. Someone left a comment that they didn’t know Keds made platform sneakers, and she had to get a pair since she is petite. I get it…jeans are so long nowadays, and we all need a little extra height every now and again. These sneakers are leather, and I’ve had them for several years.

Yes, platform sneakers are a thing. Where are my petite gurls? Now’s your chance! These lace-up sneakers will look great with a pair of jeans or a tracksuit. Hey, you can even wear them with your dresses and skirts! If you don’t like black, you have another eleven colors to choose from.

Platform UGGs are HUGE right now. Everyone is wearing these boots. UGGs are known for their plush lining, and these are no exception. Because of the thick lining, they may fit a bit tighter than other boots, so keep that in mind. Reviewers say that they are very warm and cozy!

No, I didn’t accidentally post the same boot twice. These are a different, VERY similar bootie. They make look the same but the cost certainly isn’t. These are $100 dollars cheaper than the UGG version. They are 100% genuine leather, with a premium suede upper, and are waterproof. They also come in several other colors.

I think these are among my favorites. Yes, they’re a platform, but I like the wedge shape and the Chelsea style. These are leather and 2 inches at their highest. These run true to size and are pull-on, so take advantage of the tab!

These are very similar but have a higher shaft which makes them a bit dressier. I love the buckle on the side! These boots are available at Nordstrom and are Blondos, which means they are waterproof! The black goes with just about everything, but these are also available in brown, olive, and others.

Do these count as platforms? I say yes! They are more of a chunky heel than a platform, but either way, they’re very cute. These are inexpensive at just $32 dollars and come in fourteen different colors. But what I like best? They are available in wide sizes! Boots can be so narrow and tight, so I always like to either get them in wide or size up a half size.

Loafers are a classic, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. These platform loafers from Coach are proof of that! I love the leather strap that goes across the top featuring the Coach logo. They have a 1 3/4″ heel and a 1″ platform. These are gorgeous shoes you’ll be able to wear for years to come.

I hope you’ve found something you like! Whether it’s platform sneakers, boots, or loafers, you’re sure to look modern and on-trend in one of these great options. Comment and let me know your favorites!

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  1. Judy Wallace says:

    enjoy your outfits

  2. Arlene Mascarenas says:

    I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter for a while now! Thanks for all the fun outfits and jewelry you try in for us!

  3. Patt Dyal says:

    Definitely getting the lounge set and Keds!! Love the look. I am 5’5″. What is the inseam of the bottom?

    1. Patt, I honestly don’t know. I usually wear a 32″ inseam, and these were fine for me.

  4. Ann Kraft says:

    I’m only 5’3″ – so always on the lookout for great platform shoes. I love all of the shoes and boots you posted. Also, I’m new to subscribing to your website – and I LOVE the Scripture quotes!! Blessings to you …. and thanks! Ann

    1. Welcome! I’m so glad you could come and join us. I hope you stick around for a long time.

  5. Gretchen Hawkins says:

    I love my platform Keds and wear them several times a week. I also have a pair of Keds platform slip ons. They look super cute with skirts, jeans, casual wide leg pants. The Keds website is offering $30 off with keds30.

    1. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. sue koren says:

    I think I would have to try these on in a store and see how comfortable they are.

    1. Lol! Moto boots can be stiff. The pair I have on it the photo isn’t made like those, so they aren’t stiff.

  7. Having balance issues, I don’t wear platforms of any style. But, you gave a good selection to choose from.

  8. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I love, love, love platform shoes!!

  9. This was eye opening. The platform shoes look really weird. I am only 4” 7’ so I need all of the height I can get. Thanks for showing.

  10. I like the Dakota boots. They’re not over the top with the platform.

  11. Ginger Hiller says:

    I like the UGGS, but I cannot justify the price. Maybe the ATHMILE ones have arch support. I have numerous pairs of platform sneakers in my closet that I enjoy wearing. Even though I’m 5’6”, I like that they make me taller and my legs look even longer.

  12. I Love the platform Uggs. Bought a pair for my niece for Christmas. she is obsessed with them.

    1. My granddaughter has them too, and she LOVES them!!!

  13. Linda Baker says:

    Please show how to wear the Chelsea boots with jeans.

  14. Love the Keds platform shoes!
    Even though the platform boots are cute, they would not work for me. I have little, narrow feet and the chunkier styles make me look like I am wearing “gun boats”.

  15. Love the wedge heel boots. I have a similar pair I’ve worn for years. So comfortable!

  16. I really like the keds platforms sneakers and have had my eye on them for a while. I just wasn’t sure how much of a heel it has. I like the look of those so I may try them anyway.

  17. Barbara Forney says:

    Love all these platform footwear!

  18. Love the platform sneakers!

  19. Pam Bowling says:

    I am not a big fan of the platform trend, but to each her own. They do look good on others. I just don’t feel they would suit me. I might wanna try them on before I judge too much.
    I would go for the white Keds version. I haven’t worn Keds in years. You brought back a good memory.

    1. I was surprised that I liked the platform Keds. They are clunky and look so cute.

  20. Black wedge ones are my favorite.

  21. Great selection! And at different price points for all shoppers.

  22. Loving the black wedge boots and white KEDS. This shortie just might have to grab them! 😜

  23. I like the white ones the best