SPRING AND SUMMER TRY ON HAUL BY FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLDI love your gurl’s! Thanks so much for all of the cute and funny jokes that you left on the blog. They kept me laughing all day long, and I shared them with Joe every time he walked through the room. Joe now thinks that all of you are as crazy as I am. Lol! He said that he could see how we all get along so well together since we are so much alike. Haha! I am going to share my picks for the top joke on my Instastories, and let everyone vote on the winner. I’ll announce it in the Pt. 2 sessions on Thursday. Today, on the blog post, you will get the first glimpse of my new office. Not much of a glimpse, but you will at least see the paint color that I picked out.

I put a poll up on Facebook and one also on my Instastories asking which everyone would rather see as my next try-on. The choices were either shoes or jeans under 100.00. There was a tie for the longest time, but finally, shoes were the winner. Because I need to try and make everyone happy, I’ll be doing the jeans try-on session next week. So, as Oprah says, “everybody wins!”

We are in the middle of making me an office, and I couldn’t wait to take a few photos with the new paint color. Ignore the molding, because it hasn’t been painted yet, and also ignore the old flooring. The floor that is showing today is one that was under another floor that I had. I have new flooring that will go down as soon as we get all of the painting done. Be sure to tell me how you like the paint color.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING NEUTRAL COLORED SLIDES For those who love the videos of these sessions, you will find that at the end of the post. We are starting today’s try-on session with a square-toe slide sandal by Lucky Brand. These are a great neutral color and are some that you could wear with anything.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING SUMMER SHOES These sandals have a block 1 1/4 heel for just a tiny bit of height. These will be super easy to slide on and head out of the door. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these, and they fit perfectly.
NEUTRAL COLORED SLIDES BY LUCKY BRAND FROM FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD All of the close-ups of the shoes will give you a much better photo. In this photo, you can see the woven material and color, plus you get a better look at the square-toe style. You can also see that the shoe does have a small amount of padding for comfort. These shoes also come in black, orange, navy, or rainbow colors, so you are bound to find something that you like. Here is the link to these shoes.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING RUBY RED SHOES FROM ROTHY'S These are indeed a pair of Ruby-Red slippers, just not the high-heeled version. Lol! Adorable! That is the one word that I would use to describe these shoes. They are just too stinking cute! These shoes will be great to wear with jeans, crops, and shorts all summer long.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING RUBY RED SHOES FROM ROTHY'S These shoes are made from recycled plastic and other sustainable products. They are knitted together instead of cut from the material, and that saves on waste. The knitted material has a lot of give to them when you walk, which makes these shoes very comfortable.  Oh, and another great thing about these shoes is the fact that they are washable. They have a removable padded insole, and you can throw them in the washer. FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD HOLDING RUBY RED SHOES FROM ROTHY'S If you haven’t already guessed, these shoes are by Rothy’s. It has taken me a while to figure out the sizing on Rothy’s shoes, especially since each pair has a different sizing chart. I usually wear a size 9, but in this pair, I ordered a 9.5 and they fit me perfectly. I was worried since the shoe has a round toe, but they fit great and are so comfortable. Here is the link to the Ruby shoes, which also come in eleven more colors.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING BLACK FRAYED SHOES FROM SOLE SOCIETY This pair of sandals are perfect for summer. You’ll see what I mean in the up-close photo. They are an espadrille wedge sandal, and if you are not a fan of heels, the wedge is the best one for you to wear. These have a 2 1/4″  wedge heel, but I think that a wedge gives you more stability than other heels, so most people find it easier to walk in these.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING BLACK FRAYED SHOES FROM SOLE SOCIETY I hope these photos do this shoe justice. The frayed material is tied in a knot across the foot. I think “Beach” when I see these shoes. I can see wearing these with a flowy maxi dress, with a bathing suit and a cover-up, or with shorts. These run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9. I think they fit great, and they are another easy on and out the door type of shoe. Here is the link to these espadrilles, and they also come in beige.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING COGNAC FRAYED PLATFORM SHOES I might have had a blonde moment when I ordered these espadrille platform shoes. Yes, I think they are super cute and adorable, but I ordered a size 8, which is NOT my size. Lol! I could make these work, but I would be more comfortable if they were my usual size. Haha
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING COGNAC FRAYED PLATFORM SHOES These frayed raffia espadrilles do look like a pair of shoes that you would wear on the beach. They are lightweight, which was shocking since they looked so chunky. I was also shocked to see that the platform was only 1 3/4″ high. For some reason, I think that they look higher.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD HOLDING COGNAC FRAYED PLATFORM SHOES Look how cute these look up close! These have a nicely cushioned footbed, and the sole will make these easier to walk on wet surfaces. These also come in black and navy if this cognac color is not to your liking. If these look like something that you can see yourself wearing this summer, then here is the link.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING LINEN LOOKING MULES FROM TARGET I love these linen looking mules. These have to be the perfect summer shoe for almost everyone. They slide on, so there is not having to bend over to put these on, and they have a 1 1/4″ heel so everyone should be comfortable with it.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING SUMMER LOOKING MULES FROM TARGET I am wearing my usual size 9 in these shoes, and they fit me great. I love the cream color of these shoes because they will go with everything. These shoes will be perfect with jeans, crops, shorts, dresses, and anything else that you can think of to wear.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD HOLDING LINEN LOOKING MULES FROM TARGET They have a nicely padded footbed, which is somewhat surprising for the price of these shoes. Don’t you just love the material of these shoes? I also love the matching wide band that goes across the top of the foot.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD HOLDING SUMMER LOOKING MULES FROM TARGET Here is a better look at the way the shoes are made from the side, and the height of the heel. Brace yourself…these shoes are from Target, and they are under 23.00!!! I told you that they were perfect. Here is the link to these woven mules.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING LINEN LOOKING PLATFORM WEDGE FROM TARGET This pair of espadrille platform shoes are the only “dressy” pair of shoes on the post today. But, there are a couple more dressy shoes on pt. 2, which should be on Thursday. These shoes look almost identical to a pair that I already own by Michael Kors. Here is a blog post of me wearing my Michael Kors shoes, and you let me know if you can tell the difference.
BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING LINEN LOOKING PLATFORM WEDGE FROM TARGET This wedge espadrille platform has a 3.75″ wedge heel. They are higher than any of the other shoes that I am showing you today. These have a gold zipper up the front, and the zipper makes these shoes look expensive.
BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD HOLDING LINEN LOOKING PLATFORM WEDGE WITH A GOLD ZIPPER FROM TARGET These also have a linen look material. You can’t see in the photo, but there is a metallic thread that runs all through the material. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these shoes, and they fit great. These shoes also come in black, and for under 35.00, you can afford to get both colors. Lol! Here is the link to the shoes.
BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD WEARING SLIP ON WHITE SNEAKERS FROM ROTHY'S Here is the last pair of shoes for this post. These are a pair of pull-on sneakers from Rothy’s. To me, nothing says summer like a pair of bright white sneakers. These remind me of the Keds that I used to wear when I was younger, but an updated version.
BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING SLIP ON WHITE SNEAKERS FROM ROTHY'S These have a stipe of blue and black up the back of the heel to give them a unique detail. They also have a bright blue lining that runs across the top of the heel. I am wearing a size 9 in these, and they fit perfectly! I love the stretch to the material and how they feel on your feet.
BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD SHOWING SLIP ON WHITE SNEAKERS WITH A BLUE AND BLACK STRIPE FROM ROTHY'S Here is a great photo of the stripe that runs up the back of the heel. Look closely, and you can see the knit of the material. You wouldn’t think that recycled plastic bottles could be soft and comfortable, but you would be wrong.
BLOGGER 50 IS NOT OLD HOLDING SLIP ON WHITE SNEAKERS FROM ROTHY'S The wide white sole looks very modern and stylish. But, the fact that the entire shoe can be washed is a big plus for me, especially if you are wearing white. These sneakers come in 8 other colors, including hot pink, leopard, and camo. Here is the link to these shoes.

Neutral Slides from Lucky Brand//Ruby Red Round-Toe Rothy’s//Black Frayed Espadrilles by Sole Society//Cognac Frayed platform shoes by BEACH//Linen Looking mules from Target//Linen Looking Platform Wedge from Target//Bright White Slip-On Sneaker from Rothy’s//

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  1. Debi wrote:

    Love your post, thank you for taking our minds off all the craziness for a brief moment!!! Since my husband will be home a lot more I’m looking for projects for him ?? and thinking of painting our bedroom, what’s the color & brand of paint you used in your office??

    Posted 3.20.20 Reply
  2. carol wrote:

    what is a blonde moment?

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Sorry, Carol, that is what Joe calls it when I forget things.

      Posted 3.18.20 Reply
      • Liane wrote:

        We call them senior moments also. There were all those blonde jokes back in the 60s and 70s before people got offended by every little thing. I asked a person in Petco just the other day if he was a cat person or a dog person and he gave a look like I’d asked him to take his clothes off. Sheesh. When did people get so thin skinned. You probably can’t tell a blonde joke these days and not offend someone. I have blonde AND senior moments daily. It’s probably benign. I haven’t put the car keys in the fridge yet. I once forgot the winder in the fridge — cleaning up some leaked out meat juice — phone rang, I shut the door and left the windex and paper towel in there. That’s a blonde moment. And I’ve been a blonde for 70 years. So I’ve had my share LOL!

        Posted 3.19.20 Reply
        • Tania wrote:

          Liane, I am a true blonde too, and I have never been offended by blonde jokes. I know that they are accurate, so why get offended. Actually, it takes a LOT to offend me, I think that I am part duck…it rolls off my back easily.

          Posted 3.19.20 Reply
  3. Julia Purtill wrote:

    Tania you have done a great thing by lifting our spirits these days! I love your paint color! Darling shoes, thank you for being there for us!

    Posted 3.17.20 Reply
  4. Eve wrote:

    I love them all. How can I wear different color shoe laces though if you don’t show lace up shoes? Jus kidding. I have some sperry topsiders that have coral tips on the laces and I think it’s so cool. Shoes that I can slip in and out of work good for me because I’m always having to run outside to take garbage can to road or go to maibox or go to store on corner. I live semi-rural. Love the black rag shoes..

    Posted 3.17.20 Reply
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