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The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall

I blogged back in June with suggestions on finding the perfect shade of lipstick. That was great for summer, but with the change of seasons, it’s time to rethink things. No worries! Today, I’m sharing the best lipsticks to wear this fall!

Yes, just like how you start to lose the pastels and wear darker nail colors, fall is a great time to wear deeper shades of lipstick. I’m sharing some great shades, and you’ll find more in the shopping widgets below each one!

The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall – Mauve

Mauve lipsticks have a purplish undertone, but it’s really quite subtle. They look good on medium skin tones. It’s hard to be sure of the exact color when shopping for lipsticks online, but the reviewers say this is as pictured and not too dark. L’Oreal is one of my favorite brands, and this is under $7 dollars.

The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall – Berry

Berry lipsticks are trending this year, and like the mauve version above, look good on medium skin tones. You can wear lighter berry shades than this Blackberry by Bobbi Brown, but I wanted to include a shade that would work for nights out or when you’re looking for something more dramatic.

The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall – Deep Red

This lipstain might be the only thing from Chanel that I’ve ever bought, but I’m sure happy with my purchase. I’ve worn Chanel Lipstains for years, and I’ve not found one I like better. Lipstains can be drying, but this one comes with duo ends one for the stain and one for a clear gloss. The colors I wear on repeat from Chanel are Daring Red, Sensual Rose, and Light Mauve. I use the Light Mauve one to sometimes tone down the Daring Red or Sensual Rose for a muted look. Just apply it before the first color dries.

Deep reds are my jam! I love a dramatic lip and wear red tones most of the time. I do get a little deeper and darker as winter approaches. Most everyone can wear red, but the shade will differ. If you have fair skin, stick to brighter versions. Deep red looks good on medium and dark skin tones, and if you have darker skin, you can wear basically all of the shades! This is a waterproof lip stain and just $10 dollars.

The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall – Nude

Okay, I admit it…I ordered this lipstick because of the leopard print case. Lol! But I kept the lipstick and wear it all of the time for the great nude color.

I love wearing lipstains from Chanel because they don’t need to be reapplied as often as lipsticks. However, lipstains can be drying. My favorite lipsticks are by Charlotte Tilbury; in fact, I’m a huge fan of all of their makeup. The first Charlotte Tilbury product I bought was Pillow Talk lipstick which is a universally flattering nude lipstick. It is still one of my favorites, and I wear it a lot in the summer months, and then switch to Glowing Jen in the fall and winter since it is a deeper shade. Here is a list of all the Universally Flattering Lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury that have refills available, and I suggest buying the Lip Kit, which comes with a matching lip liner. I use the lip liner all over my lips before applying the lipstick, and I find that it helps it to last longer.

This is the one exception to wearing a darker shade for fall. Nude lips are supposed to mimic your skin tone, so you want to keep that in mind as the season changes. What looked great in the middle of summer with a tan may look different in the fall or winter. FYI, the reviews say this is a bit darker than pictured. The great news? This lipstick is only $4 dollars!

The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall – Red Orange

Red lipsticks with an orange hue are great for fall! This is a great shade for warm and neutral skin tones. If you have a cooler skin tone you’ll want to try the true reds and darker hues above.

The Best Lipsticks to Wear This Fall – Brown

Do any of you wear brown-toned lipsticks? I stick to reds, but my sister is a huge fan. These hues look great on people with warm skin and neutral skin tones. Brown lipsticks are trending thanks to all of the celebrities on TikTok so give it a try!

What about it, Gurls? Are you ready to change out your lipstick for fall? Let me know your perfect shade in the comments!

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  1. I don’t like reds or browns. They seem to be too much for most people. A tint of pink makes your teeth look whiter. I like Charlotte’s skin care but haven’t tried her makeup. Looks like I need to try her lipstick!

    1. I think you will like! It is one of my favorites!

  2. Lipstick is a must for me. Not a fan of the browns, but the others are fabulous!!

  3. sue koren says:

    Is the glowing jen lipstick a matte lipstick or does is have a bit of a sheen to it?

  4. Love your mauve options for any budget!

  5. Georgann Whitley says:

    Very nice!
    I like the saucy mauve!

  6. My favorite is Merle Norman’s plush lipstick in Stylish with Ballerina Pink lip liner. Loreal is a great brand, too. Nude colors are hard to get used to!

  7. It’s time for me to buy new lipstick. Thanks for sharing all of these!!

  8. What color do you have on in the picture with cream sweater and black top?

    1. Patti, it is the Glowing Jen. I linked to it under the photos

  9. I love lipstick, especially one that stays on!

  10. The very first one, L’Oreal Saucy Mauve, is a favorite of mine. I have bought that one many times. I agree with you as the seasons change I changed my lip colors as well. I do have some darker almost browns, actually the only ones I sell them where are red. I am not brave enough to do it yet lol!

    1. And browns are what I wear least! 😀

  11. Robyn Staton says:

    Happy Labor Day Tania,
    I’m so happy you get to spend time with you dear friend. That time spent is always good fir the soul.
    I was wondering you could suggest the correct color red lipstick for me? I have always shied away from wearing red. I think , for one it’s too bold a color for me. Two- I look dead in a Christmas/tomato red.
    Thanks in advance for your professional input. 💄

    1. Robyn, I’m not sure what color would look best for you. Try choosing one that is not quiet as vivid or bright. Maybe this one: https://amzn.to/45XsiAM

  12. Finding the RIGHT color is SOOOOO hard!!!!

  13. love Charlotte Tilbury lipstick.

  14. I’m not much of a lipstick wearer, but some of these shades are so pretty. I think I’ll try the mauve.

    1. Let me know how it works out if you try the mauve lipstick! Thank you for commenting! 😊

  15. Love the leopard lipstick tube. I like the red orange best. I look best in lipstick with orange or coral or peach. I try other shades but I just look drab. I do want a nude lipstick with a peachy tone not brown. When I find a shade I like I stock up and put them in my fridge. Sooner or later that shade is no longer made.😞

    1. Yes, it’s always good to stock up because they do get discontinued!

  16. Suzanne Guilliams says:

    L’Oréal Saucy Mauve is one of my go to lipsticks, as well! Thanks for the post, today. I need a new fall lipstick and will be checking out some of your suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Suzanne Guilliams

  17. Stella Gustafson says:

    I was just looking at fall nail colors yesterday not thinking about my lipstick thanks for sharing

  18. Karrie Knutson says:

    I changed the nail polish on my toes to red. However, forgot about changing my lipstick color. I am so glad I read your messages daily!

  19. I only wear mauves in lip color. I’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to lipstick colors. No red no browns for me. They don’t compliment my skin tone. Thank you for showcasing Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Beautiful shades!

  20. Joanne McMurray says:

    Absolutely love those lip colors.

  21. I have such happy memories of my mother and her bright red lipstick – bright red is not me tho. I love the lip stains and my fav is Covergirl. I get compliments all the time and the top coat is great! I like you I have tried several kinds. Stains are for me because reapplying lipstick lots during the day is not “my thing”.😀

    1. Thanks for commenting! 😊

  22. Cheryll Sampson says:

    There are so many beautiful shades out there. Thank you for narrowing the selection.

  23. I LOVE lipstick and have multiple colors to go with what I’m wearing. I call the nude colors ‘Why Bother’ since you can’t see them! I still use them but do like to see the color.

  24. Louise Kenoyer says:

    Tania, I loved the lipstick info. The mauve is my favorite. Thank you.

  25. Carol Hill says:

    Can’t wait to try the Charlotte Tillbury. Thanks for the tip.

  26. Thank you for this post! I have added 3 lipsticks to my cart to try. I never know which ones are good and you took the guess work out of it for me.

    1. Great! I hope you enjoy them! 😊

  27. Karen Daniel says:

    I love the lipstick choices and hope you do more posts like this!

  28. All beautiful for fall

    1. Lipsticks brighten the entire face!

      1. So true Tania. If I’m at home and don’t plan to go anywhere I don’t wear makeup except for lipstick. Now that I’m older I might use eyebrow pencil too. Lipstick is something I can’t do without.

  29. Ann Seely says:

    Brown lipstick gives me flashbacks!!! 🤣

    1. Lol!!! Ann, that made me smile!

  30. Cathy Coon says:

    I have always worn the same color of lipstick year around. This post was perfect timing for me. Thank you! 💕

    1. Cathy, maybe you can find one or two that will work for you.

  31. I love lipstick. I need darker colors because they seem to disappear when I put them on. Ones I think I will like that look dark go on too light.