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Talbots Friends And Family Try On Haul

Is there anything better than finding the clothing you love on sale??? Maybe a few things would be better, but the list would be short. Lol! I ran into Talbots last weekend and did a try on haul. I asked the lady at the counter if any sales were going on, and she told me about the Friends and Family sale, where you will enjoy 30% off your entire purchase! So, I left empty-handed, but I racked up once the sale went live. Haha! I’m nobody’s dummy!

This entire outfit was what I was the most interested in. As soon as I saw the crop pants, I fell head over heels for them. The jacket was icing on the cake! This outfit screams summer to me, and it is so versatile. You’ll see more about that later in this post.

When doing a try-on haul in the stores, I take a photo of the tag on the item so I can look it up on the website. I was shocked when I saw the photo of the blazer and pants on the website because the stripes looked smaller and lighter. This is correct on how the outfit looks.

I paired the suit with a sleeveless, no-iron button-up shirt. The shirt is a basic essential for summer and can be worn with anything. It is easy to dress up or down and layers wonderfully under a jacket or cardigan.

I kept on the shirt and changed into a pair of blue wide-crop pants. I love this color, and it will go with a lot of items this summer. This blue color looks great with pink, green, yellow, orange, and so on.

Well, well, well…look how nicely the blue crop pants go with the striped linen blend blazer. I love it when you can mix and match clothing because it extends your wardrobe.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul16

I loved this satin shell with the crop pants, but I ordered the sleeveless non-iron perfect shirt in the same print instead. The non-iron shirt is more casual, and I think I would get more wear from it.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul20

However, if you want something somewhat dressier, this satin shell is perfect. It would also look great with all the colors I mentioned above.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul-4

Switching out the satin shell, I added a Madras Plaid one that still has the ruffle at the neckline but looks more casual. I think Madras Plaid is another print that screams summer!

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul - 3

Here is what the shell looks like when worn with white. Everyone loves longer shorts, and these are 9″ long for misses and 7 1/2″ long for Petites. These shorts are also available in two other denim washes; you can find them here.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul 5

Hmmm, have you seen this top before? Lol! The shorts would also look great with the white sleeveless shell and linen blazer. One of my favorite things to wear is a column of color and a blazer or cardigan. That is such a flattering silhouette because it tricks the eye into thinking you are taller and thinner than you are.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul-6

How about a classic look with the shorts? I layered the sleeveless shirt under a linen blend vest for a preppy look. You can wear the vest without a shirt, but I wanted to see how it looked with a collar.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul-9

Here is how the vest looks with wide-leg trouser jeans. The wide leg looks great with a slim silhouette, as in the vest.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens, did a Talbots friends and family try on haul-7
LINEN BLEND SLUB VEST (Size 14 – Needed a 10)

The funny thing was I grabbed the wrong size. I knew the vest was way too big for me, but I didn’t bother to get another one since this was the last outfit I was trying on. Instead, I’m holding the vest in the back to show you how it is supposed to fit. Lol! I already have this vest in tan, and a size 10 fits me great.

I hope you enjoyed this Talbots Friends and Family Try On Haul! I’ll link a few more items I liked but didn’t see in the store.

More Talbots Friends and Family Items On Sale

Here are more items from the Friends and Family sale, where you will enjoy 30% off your entire purchase! The discounted price will show up once you add the item to your cart.

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  1. My favorite is the madras halter with the blue wide crop pants.

  2. I love your hair color and the outfits really look good on you. Thanks for trying on Talbot’s clothing. It gives me a different perspective.

  3. Hi, did the ruffle neck on the Talbots satin shell stand up for you?

    1. It did. I didn’t have it buttoned in the back.

  4. Talbots has a great collection this season!

  5. Love the blue tones, too!

  6. Mary Carol says:

    You look amazing in that dress. I once owned pink high heels!!

  7. Ruffle neck satin shirt is my favorite.

  8. Very nice clothing from Talbot’s! Everything looks great on you!!
    Paula K.

  9. Talbots is my favorite! The striped crops and jacket is a winner!!

  10. You look beautiful in everything you tried on, I love Talbots!

  11. Diane Holley says:

    Love the dress on you! Your shoes set the dress off nicely. You always need a pop of color. I love pink or red heels to offset an outfit. Love all the outfits.

  12. sue koren says:

    Love the pinstripes – perfect for the spring!

  13. Sharon Steinhoff Smith says:

    I love every outfit in this post! Classic styles with fun colors. (I can’t do muted.) I wish I had more places to wear suits – now that I’m retired, I miss them!

  14. I love everything you tried on! Talbots is my go-to store any way, but I appreciate how you paired things together. Headed out shopping now…

  15. Linda Williams says:

    Tania! All of those pieces are just beautiful. I love Talbots. They have such classic styles. All of the outfits look beautiful on you. Have a great day!🌷

  16. Beautiful clothes!! They made me think of summer. I loved the blue jacket & it would go with lots of things in your closet.z

  17. Stella Gustafson says:

    I like that one pair of pants can go with so many different tops. great for capsule packing

  18. Bernadine says:

    You had me at BLUE! Love all the outfits and your makeup looks awesome

  19. Hi,Tania. I enjoyed seeing the haul. I really like the crop pants. I wondered where you lived in southwest VA. I live in the Castlewood area and did student teaching in the Grundy area.

    1. Carolyn, we lived in the Vansant area, and now we are in Abingdon.

  20. Colleen Cavalieri says:

    WOW! Love those outfits on you! And I would buy that dress in a heart beat if you had a link for it!

    1. Colleen, all you do is tap or click on the picture of the dress, it will take you to the website. Those are called a widget, and you just have to tap on them.

  21. I need a QVC return store near me! Lovely outfits & your hair is great in all the pictures! Perfect bangs! (Retired hairdresser lol)

  22. Georgia Taylor says:

    You looked stylish & fun in everything you modeled ‼️. I think the black ‘Cancun’ dress with the knockout pink shoes stole the show ‼️

  23. Patti McDonald says:

    The linen suit is very nice and very crisp looking. I like the blue crop pants with all the different tops too. I am 5’1 and not sure about the crop pants style for me. Love the pink shoes!

  24. I love the blue crop pants and the blouse you are wearing with it. I really like Talbots pants and crops!!

  25. Nice! Love the vest look. 😊

  26. Picture perfect!!! I love your hair!!! Happy Thursday❤❤❤

  27. Roberta Schwandner says:

    Love these cute options.

  28. Kerri White says:

    All very nice but the halter shell is so cute

  29. I like the pinstripe pantsuit and shirt. My best buys are Talbot’s clothing finds at a consignment shop. A dress for $19 and wide leg jeans for $18. The dress is navy and it’s my wedding/funeral summer dress. The bomber jacket I am wearing now I got for $5.

  30. Tania the blue pin stripe suit looks beautiful on you. Also the blue pants and blouses you picked out to go with them are a good look for you. All good!

  31. I loved all of these when the latest Talbots catalog arrived at my house. It’s my favorite!

  32. Thanks Tania. I love the outfits and the pants remind me of a pair I had in high school long ago. Always in style with the stripes. Love the vest too. I’ve seen them in many stores and now I have to buy one.

  33. Dottie W. says:

    Girl you still look awesome! No worries!

  34. Love the Talbots try on’s!!

  35. Love the vest and the Talbots sale!

  36. Lisa Luciano says:

    I love this wardrobe package, and I am gaining a renewed appreciation for Talbots. Reviewing your blog posts has now become a daily habit! Thanks for including scripture in each one.

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog.

  37. The striped linen blend blazer reminds me of seersucker, which I have always loved. Do you remember that fabric?
    The satin shells are cute and versatile.

    1. It does remind me of that! It is gorgeous.

  38. Where is there a QVC return store? Sounds interesting.

    1. Lol! It is in Grundy, but I’m sure there are more of those kind of stores.