Taking Care Of The Girls

Years ago, I participated in a Breast Cancer Awareness Event where we all decorated our bras and wore them on the outside of our clothing. I decorated my bra as “the girls,” but the puppies, boobies, ta-tas, and hooters were all represented. While it was fun wearing my bra on the outside of my clothing, that’s not how I normally wear one.

Bras are not in most of our conversations when we talk about fashion. But, they are one of the most important items we choose that can make or break the way we look. You want to look enhanced, smoothed and lifted. Plus, you want to be comfortable and not have your bra digging into your skin.

When I think about a great bra, it is like a great haircut; I don’t want people to notice it. A bra should fit you well, with no visible bumps showing through your clothing. When someone looks at my outfit, I don’t want them to notice that I’m wearing a bra. That is when you know you’ve got the perfect bra.

I recently purchased the Warners Easy Does It® Underarm-smoothing With Seamless Stretch Wireless Lightly Lined Comfort Bra #RM3911A because I was looking for a bra that would be comfortable. Many of you might think that bras and comfort don’t go together, but I’m here to tell you that it is possible. I wear a 36C, and each bra fits perfectly.

I liked the Easy Does It® Bra so much that when Warners asked if I wanted to try a few of their other bras, I immediately said YES! They sent me three more bras to try, and I love them all. I asked for all of the bras to be in the same Toasted Almond color because I knew they wouldn’t show if you were wearing a thin shirt. I’m not Madonna wanting to wear pointy or bedazzled bras. I’m going to show you how each bra looks from multiple angles wearing the same shirt.

I’m starting with Easy Does It® Underarm-smoothing With Seamless Stretch Wireless Lightly Lined Comfort Bra #RM3911A since I already knew that I loved this bra. I’m a HUGE fan of wireless bras because of the comfort level. This bra is lightly lined and doesn’t add any bulk. I was afraid that it might be too comfortable and that it wouldn’t do its job…I had no reason to worry.

As you can see, there are no lumps, bumps, or bulges in any of the photos.

As I mentioned above, I rarely wear underwire bras. In the past, I’ve had the wires escape the confines of the bra and poke me. Plus, they just seemed too rigid and structured. But, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try the This Is Not A Bra™ Cushioned Underwire Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra #1593. When my husband looked through all of my photos of the bras, he told me that I needed to be wearing this one all of the time. I think you’ll see why when you see my photo that has a side profile. Lol!

I believe he used the words “perky” and “lifted,” and those are not words I hear often at my age. Once again, there are no visible lumps, bumps, or bulges, and the bra is very comfortable.

The No Side Effects® Underarm-Smoothing Comfort Wireless Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra #1056 has nice, wide sidebands that are a little higher and help to control side bulges. The straps are thin and would work well for tanks or sleeveless tops. I love the comfort level and how the cups are flexible. I don’t think I’m as perky-looking with this bra, but it still does a great job of keeping everything in place.

The Cloud 9™ Super Soft Wireless Lightly Lined Comfort Bra #1269 is true to its name. I like the slightly longer section under the cups, the decorative design on it, and the straps. You can tell by just looking at this bra that it is comfortable, and the photos below show that it is also supportive and does a great job of controlling lumps, bumps, and bulges.

Each of the bras fit me great, and all of them did a great job of controlling the bulges and creating a smooth surface. The This Is Not A Bra™ Cushioned Underwire Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra #1593 seemed to create the most lift, but my overall favorite was the Cloud 9™ Super Soft Wireless Lightly Lined Comfort Bra #1269. It was super comfortable, and I liked the design on the bra, which made me feel pretty.

The best part is that you can find all of these bras on Amazon at an affordable price. None of the bras are over $30, so you can try all of them and see which is YOUR favorite.

Warners Bras’ mission is to make sure women feel comfortable on the outside and confident on the inside. With Warners Bras, you can always find a style and fit that meets your needs. Warners Bras invites you to share with your audience how their products offer everything you could want in a bra in every style–from underwear to wireless to t-shirt and lifting! 

Let me know if you wear Warners Bras!

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  1. Teri O’Brien says:

    I’ve never tried Warners but I just ordered all three, so I guess we’ll see how it goes.
    Thanks for the suggestions. It’s always so hard to keep up with all that’s out there.

    1. Teri, I hopw they work for you!

  2. Theresa C says:

    I have worn the Cloud 9 bras for years. They are super comfortable & provide good coverage. I have found them at our local Kohl’s store & buy them when they have their white sales.

  3. Karen Burns says:

    I have several Warner bras and they are all very comfortable.

  4. Forget decorated bras and other pink silliness. Breast cancer treatment is hard and isn’t always successful. Go have a mammogram, please!

    1. Shaza, I do think that breast cancer is hard, but that doesn’t mean that it is silly to do things to draw attention to the disease. I do have a mammogram regularly.

    2. I loved the one with the different bra styles. very informative and useful. As we age, our bras seem to have to change too. I thought you did an excellent job of showing us the different styles and how they affect the way we look.

  5. I just bought two Warner bros and I like them! Will be checking out your suggestions.

  6. I’ve never tried Warner’s bras. I’m a big fan of Wacoal as they support my 36 G size. But I’m open to new things! Thanks for the info.

  7. This came at the perfect time!
    I have stopped wearing bras around the house because they are so uncomfortable. I will definitely try out Warners bras.

    1. Have fun shopping! 🙂

  8. I do like Warner Bras. Very comfortable!

  9. Alexia Maben says:

    Warners is a good bra brand. I have wore some of them.

  10. Christina Janvrin says:

    Tania, I purchased the bra “Joe” liked… 🤣 Thank you for all you do!

  11. All the bras look very comfortable. I have always worn wire bras but think I may be ready to try a wireless one!

  12. I have had very good luck with Vanity Fair bras, have bought many. But would be interested in trying another. Off topic Tania, when you wear Chelsea boots with say a midi dress, what type of sock do you wear or none? Would like a pair of those also, something like the Target ones, faux suede, since they could be a fad only.

    1. Kim, I rarely wear socks, I’m just not a fan.

  13. I love Warner’s bras. They’re so comfortable and the price is right!

  14. I’ve been wearing Warner’s bras easily 20 years now and love them! Very comfortable all day, good support, and yes with the right style give you that “perky” look. I did get a chuckle about how you don’t want your bras to show. I remember my grandmother once telling me, “A lady never lets her undies show unintentionally.”

    1. Lol! A grandmother will never steer you wrong. Hahaha!

  15. Pam Plunkett says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I’m always looking for more comfortable bras!

  16. I’ll be looking into these bras. For years, my go to bra has been the Soma Vanishing Back Front Closure bras. But, they’ve changed the design and the fit is all off for me now. So, I’m on the hunt for a comfortable, supportive bra once again.

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    Yes, I do wear Warners bras and I order them from Amazon.

  18. The underwire one will arrive tomorrow… yay!

  19. I want to find a bra that helps underarm bulge but they aren’t in my size. I’m a 32DD in my postmenopausal age. I put the under wire bra in my cart since it’s the only one in my size. This will be first time I order clothing or anything to fit my body from Amazon. I’ve never done a return with Amazon so I hope it fits well.

    1. Terri, Amazon is super easy to do returns, you don’t have to worry. They do usually offer a 30 day return window, so make sure to pay attention to that.

  20. sue ann koren says:

    This is a great brand and at a great price point too!

  21. Jenniffer Grtoski says:

    I don’t have any now but you can bet I’m going to order some!! Always on the look out for a great bra!!

  22. Tania, I love the wirefree no side effects bra. But I may need to try some of these other bras. If they can help to lessen side boob it would be great to have some other options.

  23. All great options. Great posting to keep for reference when shopping.

  24. Janice Nagle says:

    I’m always looking for a comfortable bra. What kind of back closures do these bras have?

    1. They are hook and eye.

  25. Christal Maria Yowell says:

    Bras are so personal and tricky. When you find the right one- after trying a dozen, you buy a dozen!

  26. Always on the lookout for a good bra! Thanks!

  27. I have a Warner’s strapless bra that is the best strapless bra I have ever owned. I’m going to have to try the under wire bra. Thanks for the post. I hate shopping for Bras so this makes it easier.

    1. I may have to try the strapless bra from Warners.

  28. Gabrielle says:

    I have always worn underwire. I have tried on (never purchased) non wired bras and am always afraid they won’t provide enough support. Do you find the Warner’s style you posted is lifts up “the girls”? Also, the straps look skinnny – are they comfortable?

    1. Gabrielle, you have to realize that I’m not large chested, so my lift and someone else’s lift would be different.

  29. I love a front hook bra and an underwire. The wire really does lift and hold in the sides. They stay put! Bras without the underwire tend to rise and crumple under the breast having to make adjustments all day. Annoying!
    I noticed on the warners “this is not a bra” the narrow 2 hook back and the narrower underarm area. Most of the lumps and bumps are because of this issue. That absolutely drives me crazy!
    I have actually taken 2 bras and combined them to get what I want. It’s a mystery to me why any bra maker couldn’t come up with that idea!

    1. Cheri, you might be the next Sara Blakely! I didn’t have an issue with the 2 hook closure, and it didn’t show any lumps or bumps.

  30. I love Warner’s Bras. If you want to go to a store and try them on Belk normally has a good selection!

  31. Great post. I purchased all new bras from Soma two months ago. I’ll try some of these next time.

  32. I love an underwire bra, to make things perky once again. Joe is on to something. I have tried (in vain) to convince my 85 year old mama that she needs a smooth front bra. She is going to wear her lace front Playtex cross your heart bra and look like she has a bag of sea shells under her shirt, because the lace is so bumpy. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, great timing!

    1. Teresa, that bag of sea shells comment almost made me spit my coffee out. Lol!

  33. I love Warner’s bras. So comfortable and smooth.
    Been wearing them for years

  34. I love Warner’s bras. So comfortable and smooth.
    Been wearing them for years.

  35. I love Warner’s bras. So comfortable and smooth.
    Been wearing them for years.

  36. I love Warner’s bras also.

  37. I have a hard time finding a bra that gives me the lift and support I need. When you’re in a DD lift is very important. I would like to go without an underwire, but the ones I’ve tried in the past do not give the lift I need. Thanks for your post. Very informative.

  38. I need new bras so bad. This post is just what I need. Side views and such. I want something to keep the girls where they should be and not poke me or break the bank in the process. Also hate bras that come up so high under the armpit that you can’t think of anything else when you wear them. Ugh. Gonna give a couple of these a shot and hopefully restock the drawer!!

    1. Good luck, Sheli! These are great bras, and the price can’t be beat.

  39. I need some new bras so will definitely keep these in mind. Thanks

  40. I’ve only worn bras from Soma for years… I guess I might need to deviate…Happy Wednesday❤

    1. Happy Wednesday! ❤️

  41. I usually wear Bali bras, but recently switched to the Warners “This is Not a Bra” and it immediately became my favorite. So comfortable and Joe is right about how it looks under clothes—very flattering.

  42. This is timely, needed, and so appreciated! I can not imagine at my age and state of losing to gravity that I could wear wireless so I ordered the wired one to try out. It was great to see the different ones and how they looked in real life on you. Thank you!

    1. Coburn, when I started the blog, I never thought I would be styling bras. Lol!

  43. Lori Laurin says:

    I just recently bought two new bras from Selma that I really comfortable. But when I order another color, I will definitely give the cloud nine bra you recommend it a try.

  44. Brenda Thompson says:

    Hallelujah! Bra struggles are real and I so appreciate this post. Thank you! I also look forward to shopping the storefront.

  45. Gurl… thank you for this post! My go to bras have been Bali underwire. Shopping for bras are as much fun as shopping for bathing suits. lol I will definitely check out Warner’s next time.

  46. Very informative post. I appreciate it as I hate bra shopping.

  47. Lori Lorenzini says:

    I’ve had such a hard time finding a bra that is both comfortable and supportive I like the look of the This Is Not A Bra underwire bra that I am going to give it try! Thanks for this post!!

    1. That was Joe’s favorite, and it is very comfortable while being supportive.

  48. I just bought the first one. I did buy a really comfortable bra from True & Co. which fits really well! I have to confess that I have not worn a bra for years. Hated them! but the bra from True and Co. was perfect. But now it is discontinued (why do manufacturers constantly change their styles? drives me nuts!) but I was lucky to get 3 of the same style!

  49. Hey Tania, you said you are a 36C but it looks like on Amazon, the bra comes in SML sizes. Got any advice on where you land in there?

    1. Cathy, sorry, I forgot they sized that way. I’m wearing a large.

  50. Linda Shearer says:

    I do like warners bras but I dont have the ones you mentioned so will have to try them. Im small chested and into comfort so the first one is the one I will try. Thank you for posting.

    1. That bra is very comfortable. I’m wearing a large.

  51. Love Warners bras! I just ordered a new bigger one due to 50 yr old weight gain 🙄 The underwear are also very comfortable & good quality!

    1. I’ve been thinking about trying their underwear, too!

      1. Melissa Dorn says:

        Tania, you look even younger and thinner than your “years ago” photo. I think you must be aging in reverse. ☺️ Thanks for sharing about good fitting, comfortable undergarments. Because of you, I did some shopping and now my undergarments are much prettier and much more comfortable! Life is too short to wear uncomfortable panties and bras! Warner’s no muffin top briefs are awesome. They stay in place all day and are so comfy. I also love Fruit of the Loom Fit for Me cotton underwear. They are super comfy too.

        1. Melissa, this has to be my favorite comment of the day. Lol!

  52. Robin Pickett says:

    Thanks for the blog on bras. As a really hard to fit girl, I am unable to find my size at regular department stores. Most don’t carry G or H cup size. 😳 There is a store in Kennesaw, just north of ATL called LivieRae’s and they are amazing! When they fitted me, it was the first time I wore a bra where my shoulders and back didn’t hurt! Also one on the square in Decatur called Jeannette’s I think. Thanks again. I find great ideas as one of the Gurls!

  53. Nancy Ingalsbe says:

    Yay!! I am so glad you did a post on finding a great fitting bra. It seems so difficult to find the right one. Looking forward to trying your recommendations.

    1. Nancy, I hope you love them as much as I do!

  54. Dana Smithmier says:

    im going to try a wireless-wish me luck😀

  55. Thank you! The Warner this is not a bra is my favorite! I was pleasantly surprised to see the toasted almond color was on sale for $19.00! I normally pay $35-40.

    1. Woohoo!!! It is your lucky day! Stock up while you can.

  56. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I love Warners bras but have not tried any of the ones you shared today. I need to take a new look at them. Thanks for all the work on your storefront. I have bookmarked to go back and look at everything. Love your blog and it helps me so much.

    1. Lori, that makes me very happy! I love making everyone’s life a little easier when it comes to shopping.

  57. Awesome post! Thank you. I am heading to the store front asap. I hate bra shopping – it is so nice to have a great perusal shopper named Tania – I am recommending her to all my friends!

  58. My mother loves Warners bras. Maybe I will try.

    1. I bet you will love them!

  59. Donna Brown says:

    This is a fantastic article…..very helpful…..and yes I wear the warners “ this is not a bra” and have for years. When looking for a t shirt bra I happened to try in the warners bra and was hooked. Not only is a great bra for under everything…it gives u that little oomph ( or lift) that looks natural and underwire does not feel like it it even there. Way to go Tania!

    1. Donna!!! That is a fabulous testimonial!

  60. Karen Daniel says:

    Just couldn’t resist buying one of these bras. A new bra is so…literally uplifting!

    1. Karen, that is the best comment of the day! Lol!

  61. Susan Brandenburg says:

    I love Warner bras. You can also get them at Kohls and with a 30% coupon and a sale they are a great bargin.

  62. Bra shopping is not my fave kind of shopping, but it’s so important to have a good one! I want to try at least one of these, for sure. 👍🏼

  63. Hey, lady, thanks for all the work on your storefront. I can be an absent-minded gal, so when I forget exactly which thing you posted that I liked, I don’t have to go through a week’s worth of posts to find it!! 😀

    1. Lol!!! That is exactly why I’m doing the curation. It helps me find something too!

  64. Donna Epps says:

    Thank you for this post! Bra shopping is so frustrating .