Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sticking out her tongue while wearing a black Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt and a pair of jeans

Woohoo!!! The 2nd shot is in the books, and so far, I am feeling fine! I’ve been sitting in a recliner listening to the Rolling Stones’ top songs, and could it get any better than that? I forgot so many of their songs and was shocked at how many great ones they had. Joe and I sometimes tell each other, “you can’t always get what you what, but if you try real hard, you get what you need.”

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt and a pair of jeans

Actually, I think that mine and Joe’s version is more like you get what you deserve. Lol! Do you gurls remember me telling you that I had recently gotten on a telemarketer call list, and they think my name is William Blevins? It is ridiculous how many calls that I get each day asking for William Blevins. I’ve answered the calls, ignored the calls, and nothing seems to work.

Finally, I just started blocking the numbers of every call that comes in that I don’t recognize. However, yesterday I saw a call come in from a number that I didn’t recognize, and I almost declined the call, but I decided to answer the call instead. The lady on the other end asked for Tania Stephens. Then she explained that she was in the accounting department for a company that I recently did a sponsored post with and wanted to confirm my payment information. Lol!

That dang William Blevins is costing me my sanity with telemarketer calls, and he almost cost me money also. Lol! Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get these calls to stop? They don’t come from the same phone number or city, so I am slowly going crazy!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black vintage style Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt

I wore this Rolling Stones sweatshirt to get my shot yesterday. After my shot at my local Food City in the pharmacy, I decided to grab a Gatorade to stay hydrated. The store manager asked me if I even knew who the Rolling Stones were? I told him that the Stones were from my generation of music and that HE was the one who probably didn’t know who they were since he was in his 30s. Lol!

I have to admit, this is the most that I have ever paid for a sweatshirt, but I am truly obsessed with this shirt. It is so comfy, and it feels like I’ve had this sweatshirt for years. It is a vintage black shirt with a bright red logo that already has some distressing. The fit of the shirt is relaxed and oversized, I am wearing a medium, and it is still really oversized, which is the look that I wanted.

This is a shirt that I will grab repeatedly, and I think it will be perfect for the nights when we sit out on the patio around a fire pit. In my head, I see wearing this at the lake, roasting marshmallows, or visiting friends and sitting outdoors. As you can see, I have big plans for this shirt. The shirt also comes in white and blush, but I am partial to the vintage black.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt with the North American Tour schedule on the back

I thought you might like to see the back of the shirt, which has the 1989 North American Tour schedule. I was very pregnant in 1989, so you wouldn’t have found me at any of those concerts. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt and a pair of white jeans

Here is another way that I plan on wearing the sweatshirt. When I purchased the shirt several weeks ago, I knew that white jeans would be one way to wear the shirt. It is amazing to see how different the outfit looks by just changing the color of the jeans.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt, a pair of white jeans and espadrille shoes

I also changed my shoes and put on a pair of espadrilles with black toes for this look. The espadrilles are more ivory than white, but they still looked great with the pants. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these shoes, and they fit great. The shoes are under $30.00, and these will be something that you can wear all spring and summer long.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of jeans and white sneakers

The Joe’s Jeans that I am wearing today are in a darker wash, and they have a raw hem. These are the Luna jean, and they are cigarette jeans. That means that they aren’t exactly skinny jeans, but they aren’t straight leg either. They are more skinny than straight, but they also have a loose fit. These are a great combination of skinny and loose. I am wearing a size 31 in the jeans since I know that I have to go up one size when I wear Joe’s Jeans. Here are some other jeans that are in a more affordable price range.

I didn’t get a great photo of the white sneakers that I am wearing, but I’ll try to upload a photo from the website so that you can see them better. These are by Superga, and I love the simple style of these sneakers. I had read that they were a favorite of Meghan Markle, which I have no idea if that is true or not. But, it intrigued me enough to give them a try.

I really like these sneakers, but I am going to send them back for a smaller size. I ordered my usual size 9 (40 UK), and they are a half-size too big. They are a great price, though, so if you are looking for a great pair of sneakers, you should give them a try.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of white jeans and espadrille shoes

I am wearing a pair of Vince Camuto white skinny jeans, and this is a great pair that isn’t too thin. That is what I hate about white jeans; you have to be careful about having the pockets shine though or having your underwear on display. There is nothing worse than having someone say, “so…we are wearing polka-dotted underwear today.” Ok, I was wrong; there is something worse; they could say, “so…you’re NOT wearing any underwear today.” Lol!

The website recommended sizing down in these jeans, but I ordered my usual size. When I buy white jeans, I don’t want them fitting me skin-tight, so ordering my usual size 30 worked out great. They fit great, but they aren’t too tight. These have a 30″ inseam, and I rolled them up today to show more ankle.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black Rolling Stones tongue sweatshirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers

You might have noticed the watermark on some of my photos. I’ve had so many people steal my photos and create spam accounts that I thought I would experiment with a logo on my photos. But, do you think that they are too big or distracting?

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  1. Janet H wrote:

    The watermark is barely noticeable. When I get calls now-if I don’t recognize the name or number I don’t answer. Nowadays-those people are so sophisticated that they can use a number in your area to fool you. I figure if the call is for me, the person will leave a message. I haven’t missed any important calls yet. My daughter was born in 1989, so I was pregnant then as well. I like the sweatshirt. The casual look is my style. Just that particular one is too pricey for me. Glad to hear you have gotten your 2nd dose of the vaccine.

    Posted 4.18.21 Reply
  2. Kathy Johnston wrote:

    Here’s what I did when someone kept phoning me asking for Al. I said, just a minute, I’ll get him. Then I just left the phone off the hook for a long time. They never phoned again!

    Posted 4.13.21 Reply
  3. Gina wrote:

    Love the watermark – very pro! I wish I had a fraction of your clothing budget, but I love to see the looks since I am from the RS generation myself! Glad you got your 2nd shot and hope your side effects were small!

    Posted 4.13.21 Reply
  4. Yvette Goodman wrote:

    I look forward to your positive attitude. It just makes my day and reminds me to be kind.

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  5. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    My all time favorite bands!

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  6. Donna Mcmillin wrote:

    Love the sweatshirt! Keep the watermark, I don’t think it is distracting at all.

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  7. Gardeningmama wrote:

    Keep the watermark – it’s pretty w/the watercolor flowers & I hate the idea of someone stealing your work. Have a blessed Sabbath 🙂

    Posted 4.11.21 Reply
  8. Barbara wrote:

    LOVE this sweatshirt too! Although out of my price range! I went to one of these concerts – San Francisco! The Stones were and still are -IMO- one of the best rock n roll bands ever! Absolutely, keep the watermark! It’s perfect! You might even want to make it bigger! Keep those hackers away! Have a great Sunday!

    Posted 4.11.21 Reply
  9. donnaing wrote:

    Great shirt! Love the Stones
    That’s awful about your phone call problems. Hope it gets resolved soon.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  10. dianeh820 wrote:

    Happy birthday one more time to your sweet Joe!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  11. Nancy M. wrote:

    LOVE IT! I saw the Stones twice; once was second row seats at the Spectrum in Philadelphia! I don’t even remember the year, but it was not 1989. I was pregnant too!
    Fabulous sweatshirt! Talk about young at heart! Love the post Tania! I sometimes question whether I dress “too young” for my age. That’s why I like this post so much. Anything goes…really!
    Watermark looks fine. Don’t blame you for doing it.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  12. Gayle wrote:

    Beast of Burden and Waiting on a Friend are my top favorites. Love the Stones.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  13. Karen wrote:

    Love this look!! I would never think to try it..but I might just go for it now!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  14. Laura wrote:

    I love, love, love the sweatshirt, jeans, and white sneakers on you! I’m recently retired and dressing casually now and this is youthful looking, fun look.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  15. Katherine Ann Allan wrote:

    Yes, no side effects so far, the score arm is a given, in two or three more days it should dissipate.
    Oh my goodness that telephone person has to be reported and and need write down all the phone numbers used to bug you. Do you have an iPhone?

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  16. Leslie High wrote:

    Love the sweatshirt! Almost spit out my coffee when I saw the price! Lol😆 Good for you!
    Like your watermark. I think it’s a bit hard to read, but shouldn’t be any bigger. Also think it would work better on left side, where lamp top is. If not, it will always cut off your cute shoes. Love your posts. You inspire me. Keep up the good work!! Leslie

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  17. Teri wrote:

    You go, girl! Awesome sauce!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
    • Liane wrote:

      Warning to my fellow gurls. I have a droopy eyelid condition. It runs in the family. Both my grandma and my dad had eyelid surgery. I read up on it and went to a plastic surgeon who did a Botox brow lift. It really works, I don’t have black shadows hanging over my eyes now. While I was there yesterday my doc told me she’d had lip injections and when she got the moderna shot her face swelled up terribly. This can be disfiguring and permanent. My warning is do not get that brand of COVID shots if you have facial or lip fillers.

      Now for the fun stuff! I went to a Rolling Stones concert in 1966 (about, was still in high school) at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. And again at the Oakland Coliseum about 6 yrs ago. Again foggy on dates. Needless to say the first one was a gas! The second one they all looked OLD and wrinkled. Sounded the same though.

      Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  18. Jenny Meier wrote:

    I still have my original 1989 Rolling Stones Steel Wheels concert sweatshirt. I saw them in Detroit. It’s still like brand new since I have never worn it.
    Just goes to show…
    What’s old is new again.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  19. Connie wrote:

    What a wonderful outfit today. You look great.

    Thanks for this Bible verse today. I needed this one.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  20. Deborah H wrote:

    The best way to stop the calls is to not answer a number you do not recognize until after the third ring. These companies use a computer generated dialer that dials random numbers – sometimes the prefix will be similar to your number, or even a ‘borrowed’ number of someone you know, so you might pick up. If there is no answer the computer will disengage. As soon as you pick up the phone, the computer identifies your number as a ‘good’ number and you will continue to get calls.
    Why do I know so much about this – my son-in-law’s phone number was stolen and used to call thousands of people. Unfortunately he also received call backs from the people who received the calls and he received death threats, etc. The police had to get involved and it was alarming for my daughter and their young children as calls were coming in at all hours.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
    • Liane wrote:

      If you have an iPhone all you need to do is press in on the volume down button on the left. I’m not sure about android phones. And landlines – who even has those now!

      Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  21. Mary Jo wrote:

    The sweatshirt is super cute! The watermark looks great and is not distracting at all. Love your quote about getting what you need! It’s a good reminder.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  22. Holly wrote:

    Love the Stones sweatshirt, jeans & superga tennis, you look very young in that outfit!
    Glad you got your second vaccine , me too! What relief, huh? 🤗

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  23. Laura wrote:

    Hi Tania!
    Love the rock ‘n roll sweatshirt! The kids nowadays may like our music and tee shirts; but we got to see all the good bands! Lol
    For your spam calls, try installing Hiya or Truecaller. It’s worked wonders for those nuance calls.
    Congrats on the seconds shot!
    Stay cool Girlfriend!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  24. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Wow I’ve never been a Rolling Stones buff but I love that shirt on you, especially w those jeans! Very young and flattering!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
    • Gayle M Davis wrote:

      Watermark looks very classy!

      Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  25. MaryT wrote:

    I saw that concert in Boulder!!! Love the shirt!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  26. Melanie wrote:

    I had to go back and look for the watermark so it’s perfect…classy. The outfits you highlight ALWAYS look great even though they may not be something I would think about. It’s your confidence that really shines… working on stretching mine!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  27. Deanna wrote:

    Good comeback to the thirty something guy in the store! Love this outfit-shows your spunky, fun loving attitude. Do your thing, gurl!!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  28. Jeni wrote:

    Really like the Stones but liked Beatles, Beach Boys and Monkees a little more. Went to a few Beach Boys concerts and loved “California Girl” best cause always felt they were singing it to me. LOL! Did not notice watermark, so good job!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  29. Phyllis wrote:

    Actually I didn’t even notice the water mark until you said something, lol.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  30. Darlene wrote:

    I’m happy I read your preemptive line about not having any coffee in my mouth before clicking on your link. Made me laugh and it’s super cute on you.

    I’m including a link for you to a government run site called The National Do Not Call Registry. Simply register your cell phone, and up to 5 or more other numbers, and you most likely won’t receive those pesky calls. You will need to reregister every 6 months, but so worth it.

    All my best,


    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  31. Joy M. wrote:

    Love music from that era! One of my favorite Christmas presents was tickets to a Bon Jovi concert. We were seated next to some really young guys that I think were very amused by my rocking along to the music! 🎶

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  32. Linda L wrote:

    1989 New York City & I was at that concert! Thanks for the memory! I can still see Mick strutting his stuff on that very hot summer day. You always manage to bring a smile to my face! Watermark is perfect!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  33. Marlene wrote:

    Love, love, love The Stones —favorite rock band of all time! And, you are rock’in the sweatshirt, girlfriend!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  34. Carla wrote:

    I had to go back and look for the watermark, so I don’t find it distracting. I hate the actions and bad choices of others, that make it necessary!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  35. Janice C wrote:

    Love today’s rocker chick look…great Stones sweatshirt! Sounds like you couldn’t “get no satisfaction” from that smartass store manager!
    I don’t think the logo is too big or distracting in your photos.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  36. Coolie wrote:

    Until you mentioned it I didn’t notice the watermark, so I guess it’s not to big for me!

    Love the sweatshirt, I may have to check to see if I have an original one from that era.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  37. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    Loved the blog today.
    I also had to scroll back up to see the watermark.
    It is perfect.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  38. Rebecca Simmons wrote:

    I just love you! Love your your style, your hair and your faith in God! I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures on pinterest. You are so beautiful and confident and being the same age as you i look to you for inspiration. 💕

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  39. Alicia Wilson wrote:

    Thank you for all your posts. Like you, I love color. What is your favorite fingernail polish color and brand? I’m looking for a fuchsia pink

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  40. Chris wrote:

    Great outfit! Love the variety of looks that you post! The watermark looks nice!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  41. Gina Ryals wrote:

    It’s funny how the kids today listen to music from our generation…Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Journey…I think it’s because the music now just isn’t as good! I get those crazy calls from all sorts of numbers too. If they don’t leave a voice-mail so I can tell who it is, I block the #. Don’t know how much it helps since they’ll call back on another #, but at least I feel like “HA! TAKE THAT!”

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  42. Diane R wrote:

    I honestly didn’t even notice the watermark as I was looking at the clothes and had to scroll back up to see. I think it looks fine.
    I had the same problem just the day after you mentioned your calls. I got 13 in a row, all different numbers and all from CA. I blocked each and everyone. I’m getting a random call maybe every other day now which just goes to voicemail and then I go in and block it too.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  43. Barbara W. wrote:

    Oh, my how I love that Rolling Stones top, and yes they were in my generation, too!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  44. Tracy Abraham wrote:

    The watermark doesn’t bother me at all. Looks great!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  45. Fiona wrote:

    Love the outfit. Liked it with the white jeans.
    Glad you are ok after your 2nd shot.
    Have a lovely weekend

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Yes! I am thrilled that I am not having any side effects so far. My arm is slightly sore this morning, but that is all. I am saying a prayer that it stays that way.

      Posted 4.10.21 Reply
      • Lorie wrote:

        I prefer the sweatshirt with the denim over the white jeans, but it is a cute option. What stands out for me in this particular blog is not the fashion but rather your quote. “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you get what you need.” How many times have we maybe wanted more, when we have been truly blessed when our needs are met? It made me stop and think how fortunate I have been. I’ve never gone hungry, I have a comfortable home, a decent wardrobe, I have friends and family that I love. And ya I’ve worked hard, but really could I ask for anything more??

        Posted 4.10.21 Reply
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