Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a beautiful tunic sweater with a large floral print, ecru cuffed dress pants, and neutral kitten heels

Sometimes you forget how awesome you are, so let me remind you…YOU’RE AWESOME! It is Friday, and it will be a great day, so let’s all take just a few minutes to celebrate the good. Negative thoughts can be the ones that stick around in our brains, but we can choose to think of the good also. The good for me today; I woke up, and that is enough!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is moving the hair from her face while wearing a beautiful tunic sweater with a large floral print, ecru cuffed dress pants, and neutral kitten heels

Since I share so much about my life with all of you, I am sharing that today I am receiving my second Moderna vaccination shot. I haven’t seen my mom and dad in over a year or the rest of my family in Tennessee, including my son, DIL, and three grandchildren. I have already warned Joe that a trip to Tennessee is my first stop, and I plan on staying there for several days. He will have to fend for himself, but I don’t think that he will starve. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a beautiful tunic sweater with a large floral print

You know that I love bright and colorful clothing, and this floral tunic sweater was calling my name! The decision to order this sweater was a no-brainer for me. Lol! My only problem was trying to decide on what pants to style it with first. The gorgeous floral print is a big statement, and it is sure to grab lots of attention when you wear this sweater.

I love the tunic length of this sweater, and it will look great with leggings as well as with jeans. I saw several ladies choosing to tuck the sweater to create a shorter look, which is also easy to do. The sweater is a size 1 which is a size 8-10 with other brands, and I think the sweater fits me very well.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a beautiful tunic sweater with a large floral print, ecru cuffed dress pants, and neutral kitten heels

I told you that this sweater was a great length for wearing with leggings! Look how well it covers the part of me that needs to be covered!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing near a tree wearing a beautiful tunic sweater with a large floral print, ecru cuffed dress pants, and neutral kitten heels

I thought this sweater would look great with the Ecru pants I’ve styled on here several times before. These ecru fly-front ankle pants are some of my favorites. I love the color of these pants, and I love the length also. But, the sewn-in cuff on the pants is the unique detail that keeps me grabbing this pair out of my closet.

These pants are perfect for work, church, baby showers, or any other time you want to look polished and put together. I am wearing my usual size .5 in these pants, and they fit me well. The only issue that I have at all with these pants is my large calves. You will see me stomping with ALL my pants since my calves are larger than I would like.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a tunic sweater from Chicos with a large floral print, ecru cuffed dress pants, and neutral kitten heels

Another favorite of mine is these kitten heels. The neutral color is perfect for any outfit, and I will wear these when I am unsure about my shoe selection. It doesn’t matter what color pants or dress that I wear, these shoes would go with my choice just fine. These shoes run TTS, and they are at a great price right now and are at 40% off.

Chico’s is having a huge SPRING Sale with prices starting as low as $19.00. I started to pick out several items for you to choose from, but it would have been easier for me to pick the items that I didn’t like. Lol! I kept finding more and more items that were great deals, so I finally just decided to give YOU the link and let you go shopping yourself. You can choose to search by $19, $29, $49, or $59 range, and I know that you will find a lot of great deals for your spring and summer wardrobe. Let me know what great deals that you find!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sitting on a bench in a tunic sweater with a large floral print, ecru cuffed dress pants, and neutral kitten heels

Wish me luck with my shot! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how I feel.

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To God Goes The Glory!

1 Corinthians 13:13

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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  1. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    Beautiful outfit for Spring! Love the colors.

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  2. Karen wrote:

    Beautiful outfit, the outfit is so cheerful!

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  3. Sue wrote:

    Love, love that top! You really do where color well.
    I got my second shot this. Unfortunately it mad me sick, wishing you better luck. Hopefully it is all uphill from here.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  4. Angie wrote:

    You look so beautiful in today’s outfit! Hope all goes well with your second shot. I think I’m going to wait on the sidelines for now.

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  5. Christine Falk wrote:

    Hi Tania,
    I love seeing this Chico’s outfit on you!! The bright colors are beautiful on you, they make your skin pop! I am excited to hear how your 2nd Moderna shot goes. I have mine on Thursday and, like you, I have not seen any of my family in Wisconsin. My parents are all really to come here to visit after having their Pfizer 2nd round a couple weeks ago. I can’t wait until I can see them again! We have seen our children just a few times. Our son and DIL live in Little Rock. We are hoping to drive there next month. Our daughter and her boyfriend live about a half hour from us but we are all being careful. All of our kids and mates will be vaccinated over the next month. We are going to have to call upon their help within the next month. My Joe has to have a hip replacement so we have my parents coming to help us out next month. And after he is able to manage and help me somewhat, I’m having open heart surgery to have a valve replaced. Who would have thought either of us would need parts replaced before age 60?! Have a great weekend!!

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  6. Kathy wrote:

    Best outfit in over a month …. love it!!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  7. Gayle wrote:

    Love the colors in the sweater. I need to get those kitten heel shoes.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  8. Kim wrote:

    I was lucky enough to get the J & J shot since I work in a school.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  9. Debbie Brown wrote:

    Loved today’s outfit.
    We also got our 2nd Moderna shot this afternoon!
    Good luck!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  10. Woo Hoo second shot! I can’t wait to be able to register for one this week!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  11. Jena wrote:

    Will pray you don’t have a reaction to the second Moderna shot. We’re due for our second this month yet. Can’t wait to start seeing extended family again! Enjoy yours! Super cute sweater–will be keeping an eye on it!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  12. dianeh820 wrote:

    Oh, how do you find such cute items day after day? Is it exhausting or exhilarating?

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  13. Katherine wrote:

    You look so pretty in your colorful sweater. It’s so you, it just spells happy.
    I hope all went well with your Moderna vaccine today.
    I received my second Moderna vaccine on Wednesday. Have not had any flu like symptoms so far, just a score arm like I experienced from my first shot. I am sure you will do well, hopefully with no side effects.
    Sending smiles,

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  14. Phyllis R. wrote:

    Beautiful outfit, so cheery and gay, definitely speaks Spring. Good luck with your second vaccine shot.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  15. Liane wrote:

    You look so slender and cheery! Plus the colors look great with your hair and skin tone. I love the sewn cuff idea. My dry cleaners presses my pants flat and I can’t ever recreate the original look.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  16. Rosalinda Salcedo wrote:

    It is a beautiful sweater!! I hope that all goes well with your second vaccine!! I get mine next Tuesday. Enjoy your visit with your family!! 🙏

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  17. Laura wrote:

    I absolutely love your outfit and am headed to Chico’s today to check out their sale. I’m scheduled for my second Moderna shot on the 22nd and can’t wait. Good luck today!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  18. Jean wrote:

    You look great in this outfit. I am happy that you will be able to visit your family soon. My husband and I distanced for a year too so I know how hard it has been.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  19. Joy M. wrote:

    You look fantastic in that outfit! I’m getting my second Moderna shot today also. Cheers to getting life back to normal as soon as possible!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
    • Valerie Blaine wrote:

      Wow, love the colors in that sweater! Saw it the other day at Chicos. Passed on it then, but seeing how nice it lays I will have to get it! Of course the sale they have going on is a big plus!
      Thanks for showing off clothes with color, they look great on you!
      Had my second shot a few weeks ago. I had tingling in my hands with both shots. Doctor said it was my body reacting to the shot because I had had covid this past November. Feeling great now and no problems. Praying you will have no major reaction.

      Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  20. Jeni wrote:

    Love that sweater! The colors are gorgeous! A tad expensive for me. Will have to wait for it to go on sale.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  21. Bernadette wrote:

    I really love this sweater. As soon as I opened your email this sweater caught my eye, couldn’t stop looking at it. It looks very slimming on you. Hope it looks that way on me too, I have to get one.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  22. Deanna wrote:

    Best of luck with your second shot today. I had my second dose of Moderna on April Fool’s Day. True! LOL. No side effects, but maybe because I’m 66 years young and they say we may react less to it? Who knows! But I can’t wait for you to have the opportunity to see your family when it is safe to do so. Enjoy that trip with all your heart!! Maybe Joe will have to make do without you for more than a couple of days. Stay as long as you need to! I would love to see your postings with a background of Tennessee!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  23. RORY wrote:

    That sweater and white pants are awesome on you. I like the shoes too but hot pink flats would look nice too. Good luck with your shot. I felt a little sick after my 2nd shot but just took some tylenol.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  24. Jen wrote:

    You look awesome- got my first shot yesterday and also feel like we are one step closer to some normal- that being said as I sit her in a Shelter At Home Order!
    Thank you for the hope you share everyday.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  25. Holly wrote:

    You look darling! So happy you’re getting your second shot. My husband and I got the one & done J&J about a month ago, and it gave us such a boost knowing things should soon return to a more normal state!! Yahoo, happy to be alive! Have a great weekend!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  26. Can’t wait for you to let us know about the shot. I am getting my 2nd one on Thursday of Moderna. Can’t wait.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  27. Delilah Shobe wrote:

    I look forward to your blog every motioning. Love today’s tunic!!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  28. Barb🇨🇦 wrote:

    First I feel for you not being able to see family in such a long time. Video calls help for sure but not the same hugging kids and grandkids.

    Second, you look so awesome! You usually do, but today you shine!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  29. Coolie wrote:

    I had the SCJ-one and done shot two weeks ago with only a sore spot at the injection site for a day. Hopefully you will react well to your 2nd shot. It is all worth it to see family again. Enjoy your visit with them all

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  30. Cheryl Sampson wrote:

    Good luck with your shot. Had mine February 3 and had slight fever and aches after about 12 hours. Just lasted about six hours and then all was well. Went to see my son and family and friends in AL for Easter. Had not seen them in over a year. Love the colorful sweater with ecru pants.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  31. Ellen wrote:

    I love those shoes – they look great with those pants! I had my second shot (Pfeizer) yesterday – so far so good! Good luck!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  32. PAULA J PRESBREY wrote:

    Seeing your styling every morning always makes me smile! This outfit though….. this is a “why is this not in my closer NOW?” outfit for sure! Best of luck on Shot#2,

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  33. Carol wrote:

    Absolutely love the kitten heels. From your recommendations, I bought both colors and totally love them. THANK YOU! I’m off work today so I’m heading to Chico’s to check out their sale. We have a store here in town and I’ve never stopped there so it will be an adventure today. Good luck with the shot. I got first of Pfizer and get the second next week. Enjoy the weekend.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
    • Melanie wrote:

      Love Chico’s! I’m going to check out the ecru pants as the pair I have a wide leg. My hubby and I have had both shoots and did fine… you will, too! Blessings!

      Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  34. Holly Hansen wrote:

    This post was so timely for me! Thank you. I don’t know why this one in particular…all your posts are so upbeat. It just made me feel inspired to celebrate this life! I plan to show myself some kindness, put some effort into getting dressed today, give myself a mental hug, and appreciate all of the good in my life because there is a lot more goodness than I remember to recognize..

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  35. Anne Haslam wrote:

    I had my second Moderna shot 6 weeks ago with no reaction after either shot. I love the top it looks great with the white pants.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  36. Gail Daniel wrote:

    Thanks for the post on being positive.

    I need to get to a Chico’s store to try some things on and get familiar with sizing again, so I can order in the future without question. It has been so long.

    Two good reminders!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  37. Janice C wrote:

    What a beautiful sweater! Your outfit looks very dressy but comfortable at the same time. Congrats on getting your second vaccination and enjoy your time in the near future when you can visit your family.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  38. Michele wrote:

    The sweater is fabulous! I have it and wore it on Easter with the pink ankle jeggings. I also had the Moderna shot with the same reaction as Sandy that commented. It was a terrible 24 hours but so worth it!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  39. Alison wrote:

    I’ll be interested in hearing your reaction to the second Moderna shot – I get mine at the end of the month and have already blocked off the following day for “just in case” reactions. Congratulations – so excited for you to see your family again! This tunic is really pretty on you… thanks for sharing it!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  40. Teresa wrote:

    Wow! That tunic looks great on you!!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  41. Sandy wrote:

    I can understand your excitement for seeing your family in Tennessee as that’s how I am about seeing our son who we have not seen in five months. I got my second Moderna on Tuesday and eight hours later it kicked in and I was down for 24 hours and like someone else said, it was like a bad case of the flu with a migraine headache. Yesterday it was like I never had anything so just know that it will pass and you are one step closer to seeing your family!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  42. Mary Lu B Belote wrote:

    Getting my second Moderna today too! Praying we will both have little to no side effects but still worth it!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  43. Brenda Young wrote:

    This is one of my favorite outfits on you. So excited that one day soon you will see your family in Tennessee.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  44. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    You look beautiful in this ourfit.
    Your right evey day we wake up is a great day to Thankful for.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  45. Fiona wrote:

    Hope your shot goes well. I had my 1st Pfizer yesterday.
    My win everyday is getting up and getting dressed. I have M.E. so anything over and above my getting up and dressed is a fab win.
    Love the whole outfit, the sweater is great on you.
    Have a lovely trip when you go.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  46. Carolyn wrote:

    Love the shoes!!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  47. Christine F wrote:

    Tania, this is a very slimming outfit on you! Love the colors in the sweater

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  48. Holly wrote:

    Hope you are feeling okay the day after your shot. I just got my second Pfizer shot on Tuesday & was sick on Wednesday, just felt like I had the flu, headache, chills, body aches, nausea. But today Thursday feeling much better, just a little weak.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
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